Best Freight Brokers for Small Businesses

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Best Freight Broker Companies 2019

Freight Broker Services can cater you with industry best Hauling Management Company, carrier and customer service. Here you can find out freight rates.

Security is the key feature for freight transport business. When things go missed or damaged, the business loss is significant & very difficult to recover. Freight Brokerage Services- freight services are the best way to minimize the losses, minimize the risks.

As the principal risk, the client should know all about its freight broker company by asking them some questions like what they are business, their mission, employee’s total commitment and background questions.

The business success does not depend on the economic condition, but it depends on the customer, for the customer satisfied, for the customer more business, the business will get. With a customer satisfied, the company’s business success will get high points.

The most important job of an agent is getting the orders. The gross margin in the freight shipping business is low. For customers, it is dangerous to depend on the agent, but it is necessary, for the agent’s gain is big profit. As the agent, the profits are also big. So, the agent should have strong sense of commitment.

FreightPros : Best Freight Broker for Small Businesses

FreightPros is a name that should be on every small business’s mind. Not only is FreightPros your go-to source for shipping, but they also have access to thousands of shippers. FreightPros specializes in small business shipping but keep in mind that it does not mean that you can’t use them for your large business shipping needs. FreightPros prides itself on being able to ship anything, anywhere and they do it for free.

The best feature about FreightPros is that they offer free consultations to all clients. They are one of the biggest names in the shipping industry, so you can always turn to them for help.

If you are a small business owner, then you will have to deal with shipping at some point. Whether you have a shipment leaving on a truck, going to a different state or you’re looking to find a more effective way to ship, FreightPros is your one-stop-shop when it comes to finding the best trucking companies and the best freight bill of lading. They offer a free comparison service to help you determine the best prices for your shipment.

UShip : Low-cost Freight Exchange for Experienced Shippers

UShip rounds out the list as the second best freight broker due to its low costs and openness. UShip is great for professionals who are looking for a lower cost solution than the other big name freight brokers. For a low monthly fee, you can process your shipments quickly and receive quotes for shipping. The low prices are good for small businesses that do not have a lot of volume, but they are not willing to pay a small fortune for small businesses shipping via a freight broker.

Redhawk Global : Traditional Freight Broker for Experienced Shippers

Redhawk Global acts as an agent at International Air & Ocean Cargo (IACO ) and the Pan-American freight center in Louisville, Kentucky (USA), and is not a direct-hire Air & Ocean Carrier. Redhawk specializes in the shipping and handling of small-to-medium sized freight from domestic and international customers to any destination worldwide.

Redhawk offers freight customers various shipping (freight forwarding, point-to-point, consolidation, pick-up and delivery) solutions, including collect-on delivery, economic-volume (E-V) and non-economic-volume (X-V) shipping services. In addition to consolidating shipments and delivery of a customer’s global shipments, Redhawk offers customs clearance and door-to-door delivery services.

Redhawk also offers warehouse- and distribution center-related services, shipping direct into and out of the United States as well as through international freight forwarding agents, including full duty-free lumber, general merchandise and completed vehicles. Exotic products may be shipped via air and/or ocean cargo, customs bonded clubs and bonded manufacturing plants. Shipments must be smaller (full container or less) and suitable for ground delivery through Redhawk’s network of national, Wien Air Alaska or Northwest Airlines freight agents (nationally) and Redhawk’s international freight forwarders (internationally).

In-depth Freight Broker Review: FreightPros vs UShip vs Redhawk Global

FreightPros and UShip are considered to be the best freight brokers in the industry. Both of them provide everything that a business owner wants in a freight broker. They have large databases and contract carriers to ship goods, save businesses money, beef up their offers, and provide advertising services.

FreightPros is preferred by businesses as it offers the best choice in carriers and the industry’s biggest number of dollars saved per transaction, which could help businesses cut costs.

But UShip stands out against FreightPros since it also offers a lot of advertising and an easy-to-use software interface that could help businesses save money through direct ordering, advertising assistance, and a wide selection of carriers.

But there isn’t any disadvantage for FreightPros that shows why UShip is better than it.

The software interface of UShip is good but FreightPros has more options than UShip, even for new merchants with very little experience of using freight brokers.

Businesses that are beginners may not have an idea of what they need. But FreightPros provides an explanation of what’s required, and what they need to do as requirements change. FreightPros also has a prompt customer service support, which is extremely useful. Businesses at their early stage can rely on Quick Quote form and freight broker specialists to answer any question they have.

Pricing & Freight Quote Comparison

This is a pretty common question to ask. Generally speaking, the two main freight companies are:

{1}. DAT (Direct Dealer Add-on-Tracker). They are an online broker and are considered a combination of free and pay for services.
{2}. ParetoLogic (formerly Pacer). They are an online broker that charges per transaction fee.

Considering the lock-in effect they can cause, it is important to look at both the DAT and the Parelogic brokers price quote functionality before making a serious decision.

Information for DAT Broker

To begin with, some of the key features of DAT and what they could potentially affect the price quote.

{1}. Freight Discounts through using the DAT network of freight partners.
{2}. Create the quote with only one box click.
{3}. Create the quote with special pricing for specific freight carriers.
{4}. One stop resource for freight carriers or freight brokers that uses DAT.
{5}. eQuote management.
{6}. One click tracking of the freight shipment.
{7}. DAT searches are customizable
{8}. DAT is compatible with all freight carriers and freight brokers.

Freight Broker Billing Options

Freight brokers are brokers that facilitate automated shipping of goods for manufacturers, brokers, and trucking companies. As a broker, the freight broker acts as a middleman between the shipping company and the customer, providing the shipping company with the necessary information regarding the customer’s shipping needs and billing options to the customer.

A customer places an order with a manufacturer (typically with a broker) for a product. The manufacturer forwards the order to the customer’s freight broker. The freight broker contacts the shipping company and provides the shipping company with the information regarding the customer’s order. It also provides the shipping company with the billing information to the customer. Then the shipping company contacts the broker, and the broker passes all of this information along to the customer.

After shipping, the customer must pay the freight broker for the service. Once all payments have been received, the broker credits the manufacturer for the value of the shipment.

The broker then charges the customer for the service. This process may take up to a month, depending on the broker’s billing rates.

In this post, we will take a look at two of the most common options for freight billing: the flat-rate and the per-mile fee.

Freight Broker Website Ease of Use

The best freight broker websites are easy to use and work on mobile devices. A freight broker website that’s not easy to navigate can be a deal breaker for many small businesses.

How easy is a freight broker website to use?

The lower the number the better. We took a look at the most popular freight broker websites in the industry and ranked them based on ease of use (shown in the easy-to-use ranking chart below).

Freight Wiki Ranking Chart:

Yes, we’ll be comparing the website of entire industry. The scale for this is from 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

Thanks for getting so deep into the freight broker websites. Here are the actual results.

Number of Carriers for Each Freight Broker

There are over 100 freight brokers in the country and most of them have 2-6 carriers on their roster. The largest freight brokers have more supported carriers and hence the long list of carriers on their roster of service providers.

If you are a business owner that needs a freight broker to help you find cheaper freight costs and discount shipping rates, getting in touch with a broker with more carriers is always a good idea.

As a business owner, you should never be picky when it comes to freight rates and discounts. The more carriers a freight broker can refer to you, the more likely they are to make you save money on freight costs.

So if you’re looking for the best freight brokers for your business, a good place to start is by checking out the number of carriers carried by each freight broker.

Recently, we came across a freight broker named 1st Choice Freight with 71 carriers on its roster. That’s a pretty large number of carriers.

On the other hand, we also came across a freight broker named Pacific Freightquote with the same number of carriers.

So while that is certainly an impressive number, when it comes to delivering freight rates and discount shipping rates, who do you think will deliver better service?

Freight & Service Types

Becoming an account holder with a freight broker is a great way for shops and small businesses to handle the shipping on their own. But if you’ve never considered using a freight broking service, here are some things to consider.

Whether you are a one-man outfit or a small business, the odds are that you are not a freight shipping expert. In fact, you probably know little about shipping, packaging, and logistics. With the help of a freight broking service, however, there is less chance of shipping errors. Freight services are not only perfect for larger companies with established shipping departments but also a great solution for smaller business owners who lack sufficient warehouse capacity.

What makes freight services such good values? Small businesses realize the value of freight services when they are faced with the prospect of how to manage shipping and transportation on their own. Brokerage companies take care of all the logistics, packaging, and shipping, leaving you to focus on your business.

Getting Your First Established Business Account

Even though you are acquainted with the concept of shipping and delivery, you may not yet be familiar with how freight services work. That’s why it’s important to start by establishing a basic relationship with a freight broker.

Freight Broker Online Resources & Tutorials

Freight Broker Customer Support

Any small business owner will precisely know the need for good customer support. Without the support of the freight company, it is very difficult for a company to function and flourish.

This is why it is essential for companies to focus on establishing a good relationship with their freight broker. Small business owners should always do their own research, then communicate with the freight broker company they choose.

This research should include acquiring information about the customer support services of the company, and the benefits they have to offer to help the company in their order process. The research can also include information about the financial planning offered by the company.

These are the key things to look at when making a decision about the freight broker the business will work with.

Another area of investigation is to look for the business credentials of the company, their competency, and their experience in the freight industry. This research allows the small business owner to be sure that the company they select has the professionalism to handle the business efficiently.

To avoid possible difficulties, the company needs to be sure that the freight broker they choose is certified. This certificate will ensure that the freight broker the company chooses is steadfast in the business and that they have met industry and quality requirements.

Another option, although not a mandatory requirement, is to look for the freight broker a company will work with in the military.

These brokers are trained to deal with the fastest and most efficient logistics options for military and government business.

All Freight Broker Options

In this article we're going to take a closer look at selecting the best freight broker for your delivery needs. This is useful information for any small business or startup. Whether you’re shipping for a business or your personal use, finding the right freight broker can help you save plenty of money.

Fortunately you don’t have to spend hours combing through dubious websites or spending hours talking to scammers. Our research and experience has shown that there are a few reputable freight brokering companies out there that offer excellent service. Today we're going to explain some of the different options and give you a few tips on how to select the best one.

Top 7 Freight Broker Options for Small Business

Small businesses usually have fewer options when it comes to shipping. That’s why it’s important to be able to find a reputable freight broker for your small businesses. In general, a freight broker is a company that arranges for the transportation of goods between one place and another. This happens by using either their own employees or those of a third-party.

There are different reasons why a business may need to use a freight broker. These include:

  • not having enough experience in transporting goods
  • the business not wanting to haul or handle the actual goods
  • the company not having the resources to transport the goods themselves
  • the business is competing against larger companies that can afford to hire their own freight brokers

The company prefers to avoid the hassles associated with working with a freight broker.

If the company does not need to transport many goods and does not have any extraordinary shipping requirements.

When the business does not have the track record that would be required of a freight carrier.

One drawback of working with a freight broker is the lack of control a business has over where the goods are going. With this in mind, business owners should try to keep in mind all of their risks and be sure that hiring the right freight broker will mitigate them.

Bottom Line

The Customer is ALWAYS right!

Bottom Line: The Customer Is Always Right!

Many small businesses, have been facing difficulties while dealing with large manufacturing companies for the past many years. Here are some of the most basic and important changes for small business to do so that they are not cheated by the manufacturing company.

Here are a few pointers that I would like to share.

1-Prior to the Manufacture

The first thing that you must make sure is that the company you are dealing with is reliable. After all, image matters to us and if you are dealing with way too many small businesses, then there is always a different set of problems in each job that we do.

Also, see the size of the company you are dealing with. If the company you are dealing with is a huge company with an international unit, then make sure you check on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and make sure there are no complaints or bad ratings.

Also, Understand Everything About The Company.

After all, there are many businesses which are very small and still managed to deal with certain issues with the manufacturing company. But there are also a few very big companies which have a huge history of dealing with various issues with the manufacturing company.