14 Best Free Time Tracking Software Options

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When I Work : Best for Large Teams

The number one free time tracking software for teams is When I Work. The software helps teams collaborate on projects, set goals and track their time. With millions of users, When I Work is also one of the most tried and trusted time tracking software companies online.

Other Helpful Free Time Tracking Software Options

The following are other time tracking programs worth considering. Each one has unique features and may be or better suited to suit your needs.

This is a project management time tracking software used by over 7 million people. It helps you to create reports and reports can link to your Google Drive. It’s ideal for freelancers who have several clients and want to track their working hours with each client.

This time tracking software is free and works with both Windows and iPhone. Use it while you are in the office, home, or while on the go. It tracks up to 300 users and has the option to automatically create reports upon project completion.

This time tracking software for laptops and desktops is free and easy to use. With this time tracking software, you can easily chart your working time and get access to your time logs. Timeak converts time cards to time reports in a simple and reliable way.

When I Work User Reviews

Harvest : Best All-in-One Time Tracker

As a central hub, Harvest takes advantage of its web-based and mobile interfaces, displays its clocks, interfaces with other apps, and connects users to their social networks with ease. Though it lacks some web-based capabilities, it offers a cloud option, which can be handy if you have large teams and want to create a more inclusive environment, providing everyone with their own unique clock.

Harvest offers a variety of additional modules so you can create and manage projects, enhance the database, schedule meetings and invoicing, and refresh the calendar. It also boasts of flexible sharing options based on search, email invitations, and even the ability to create custom groups.

Unlike some of the other options below, Harvest doesn’t just offer an online suite to allow users to see their time. It also allows them to see where they spend the most time and have the option to allocate the same amount of time to various sub-parts of the app, should they prefer to break it down further.

Harvest’s comprehensive and customizable time tracking feature means that users can keep up with the day’s tasks…no matter how large or small. It also allows for easily tracking your budget by allowing you to break it down. Though you have to keep tabs manually, it does offer flexible recording choices to keep your time automatically accurate.

Harvest User Reviews

Harvest is easy to use and ready to go out of the box. If you’re looking to track time spent on tasks, organize tasks, and quickly see your assignments, this time tracking program is right for you.

Even though it’s easy to set up, when it comes to actually tracking time, you’ll need to switch back and forth between the application and a browser. However, most users who used the program said that they preferred to use Firefox, whereas others reported that they like the Google Chrome or SeaMonkey browser.

Data entry is done using a drop down menu and a set of labels on a grid. If your team features more than one person, you can create notes for each of them with special tags. Over time, you can click on different categories to see how you spend your time. You can add photos and sketches as well.

In addition to time tracking, Harvest’s functionality includes accounts with the option to create estimates, pay attention to deadlines, and use calculations and formulae to read and modify data.

Additionally, time tracking can be applied to projects. As a result, you can see how much time was spent on each task in projects. Moreover, you can proceed to calculate items such as time spent on the creation of the software, investing in a business, and so on.

todo.vu: Best for Accounting Software Integration

Collaborative Features and Time Tracking.

Do you want to keep track of all your projects and tasks, and you want to do it on the go? If so, do not go anywhere and get the best free time tracking software right now. Do you want to make sure that you are not running late? It will help you in doing so.

Todo.vu is going to be a good choice for you. All you need to get this software is a free and open browser. The software is going to be available on your desktop or even in your smartphone. This is a web-based freelancing tool that is going to help you build time sheets and track tasks.

The thing that you would like to know about this software is that it is going to work on the basis on contracts. This means that you can group tasks associated with the same client. For instance, you are going to be able to create a group of tasks, and all the tasks under that group will be billed to a specific client. You can also assign tasks to a group, and you can add due dates to tasks associated with a specific group.

If you want your time sheets to be more organized, you can take help from the software. This is because the software is going to allow you look at your tasks in detail. You are going to be able to track time, and that too in simple and convenient steps.

todo.vu User Reviews

The software is 23% of the review. Since the app is free, and there’s no registration process we decided to stay away from the review of the software. A couple of reviews we noticed that you get a 60 day trial, but after that, you get charged.

We believe that the todo.vu user interface is simple, colorful and has a clean layout. We also like the reminder option it has. And if you ever feel that something that’s not working, you can contact them.

The ease of use is pretty good. But at the same time, it’s got some cute features which make the product more appealing to me. There’re plenty of customization available. You can write your own notes and attach them to your tasks. You can also set your reminders, it’s very convenient.

The best thing is that you can share your list or your tasks with your team, and a 6-month subscription plan is included in the package. The free version has a lot of features, but you can’t customize the UI. You can, however, add a shortcut on your desktop to the app’s icon so it can open all the time.

toggl : Best for FreshBooks Users

toggl User Reviews

They are the simplest time tracking software. toggl is a free time tracking service. as of 2016 toggl is a freeware with 6 million users all over the world. It is an easy to use time tracking software that helps you track your spending and work times using a time log.

It is designed in a way that it never requires any technical setup. You can use it right away, without any internet connection. toggl is feature rich and is the easiest time tracking software to manage.

It is simple and easy to use. it requires no technical skills. Also, it is cross platform. toggl is free and free of cost.

It is a must have for any small and medium sized business.

Homebase : Best for POS Integration

Homebase is packed with a good variety of powerful features to help your business run more efficiently. It is built to help employers and employees track a variety of work-related data, such as time spent, reports, and alerts.

Although Homebase's user interface seems the most complicated at first glance, it’s actually pretty user friendly once you get used to the data entry system. Another great thing about this time tracker tool is that it can actually integrate with your company’s point-of-sale software for faster, easier time tracking.

Promise: Homebase will automatically sync to your computer with your choice of browser, Android or iOS, or by an FTP/email account. Or you can download and install Homebase on its own and run it in a virtual machine or on a server.

Key Features:

  • Engage team members with automatic time tracking to reduce the chance of time theft and increase productivity
  • Create or assign projects for easier and faster planning
  • Employees can easily submit time cards by using an employee log-in or a quick scan through the screen
  • End-of-day reports show who's worked the longest and who's worked weekends
  • Users can easily manage their time entries to increase accuracy
  • Employers can use the calendar to work with projects, plan hours, and assign tasks

Homebase User Reviews

In a survey from 2017, Homebase was rated 3.4 stars out of 5, which is an average rating for a range of most popular and best reviewed software availability on the App Store.

Excerpt: Best app for managing tasks and time, highly recommended.

However, a few reviewers didn’t like it for the reason that they couldn’t open or view the app on their Mac after downloading it. This happened even after they exited the app and restarted it. It’s not clear whether this was caused by a bug or by a state of being incompatible with MacOS Sierra 10.13.

There are currently 1,569 ratings for “Homebase', which comes out to be an average rating of 4.4 from the 324 unique users.

With 4.4 out of 5 stars and 315 user reviews, it’s now clear that enough people have been satisfied with the app and its functionality.

On the other hand, one of the app’s features which its users liked the most, was the app’s ability to record the time spent on-screen.

AccountSight : Best for Multiple Levels of Approval

If you want complete control of your time tracking and approval process, AccountSight is the way to go. With this software, you can set up different approval levels for your projects. This way, you can not only approve all your time entries today, but also delegate different levels of approval to your manager, for example. You can even set up rules for when and how you need to request approval from your manager.

The interface is not quite the prettiest, but it’s not bad either. The options for setting up your own projects and for editing and adding new tasks are all there. From the project management view, you can see the project schedule and all your tasks. On this view, you can also set up your employees’ projects. The task manager view lets you see the tasks and their deadlines, assign tasks to the employees, and also manage their approval process.

One of our favorite features of AccountSight is the custom reports. With these reports, you can easily generate time reports, profit and loss reports, and more. The plugin options are wide and include exporting to Excel as well as many other databases, apps, and services.

AccountSight User Reviews

Reviews And Rating: AccountSight is rated 4 out of 5 stars from recent user reviews on the official website.

You can check out more from the official website, or feel free to leave your own review.

PRO: Email A Copy Of Your Invoice When you buy something online, you receive a PDF invoice which you have to understand and print on paper. These invoice are huge in size. If you try to send those to your paying client, the client may not open and may get hacked by some virus. That means they might lose a lot of money because of you.

If you buy something online, you receive a PDF invoice which you have to understand and print on paper. These invoice are huge in size. If you try to send those to your paying client, the client may not open and may get hacked by some virus. That means they might lose a lot of money because of you. Make Payment With Simple clicks: You can pay for your purchases online in anytime. All you need to do is sign-in your account and click on payment option. It automatically charges and deduct bills from your account and your client receives his/her money in his or her account. By doing this you avoid a lot of hassle and time.

Hubstaff: Best for Payroll Processing

Hubstaff User Reviews

Hubstaff represents the most complete technological free time management and time tracking software. This software enables you to cut out the hassle of having to log in to your computer every time you need to enter data. The software gives you a dashboard and a combined portal to the social media sites you’re using.

Hubstaff is both a web and mobile software and gives you a Windows that is web based. You can run Hubstaff from your desktop computer or from your smartphone. However, you can also run the application side by side on different systems.

The challenging time monitoring package offers you a native Android and App iOS as well. The instrument helps you to report into your time online using your Web browser, smartphone’s services, and mobile program.

The consequence is you can view your results using your preferred online consumer programming. When you go over an employer, Hubstaff automatically converts all of the time you spend on that project right into payroll time.

An Important Feature of the Survey is the Time-Tracking Feature. With Time-tracking, you can see your productivity in real time. This time tracking feature gives you the power to take a note of when you become work. This will make sure that your tasks are properly planned.

TSheets by QuickBooks : Best for GPS Tracking

Quite similar to Evernote, TSheets is a work-time tracker app suitable for various people and businesses. TSheets is a very user-friendly time and attendance app which provides users with extensive time and attendance tools and impressive reporting capabilities. It is capable of tracking all types of time worked, including standup meetings, data entry, and phone surveys.

For organization, TSheets allows users to create different roles, projects, departments, and assign team members to each of them. This helps grouping works correctly and also streamlining tasks on-the-go. TSheets offers self-service timekeeping which can easily be managed by users and the administration of the app.

TSheets also provides users with several safety and security features. For instance, users can block travel using stops, dates, and times. All employees can receive a login access to the mobile app and use it to keep time and enter data even when they are not in a secure network.

Though the TSheets app is paid, the free version enables users to create 500 work entries instead of 20. This means employees can access the app quickly since they already have the necessary info to log in. With this free version, users can enter employee name, department, and any corresponding notes. However, they cannot edit time, add real-time tracking, or use any other advanced features.

TSheets User Reviews

While TSheets may be considered the gold standard amongst time tracking software, there are some reasons that it might not be the best fit for your organization.

As I showed in the introduction to this post, TSheets has come a long way in terms of features, integration, and responsiveness, but the premium price tag still raises a few eyebrows. And this is precisely the point where TSheets has made a considerable impression on the market: it’s one of the most popular time trackers out there for a number of reasons.

First off, this is the only company that’s able to offer an integrated database (no add-on features required), which is something that is highly appreciated by its users. You can easily track time of multiple users as well as different roles, which is only possible with an integrated database. Furthermore, its user interface is refined and highly intuitive. It’s simple to use even for people who are not technical. Furthermore, it is backed by a team that is knowledgeable in the time tracking industry and stands behind its product.

In other words, it might not be the one for you if you have a small company. But if you run a small business or if you have a lot of employees, it is certainly worth giving a try.

Here are 14 best free time tracking software options.

Google Calendar : Best for Existing Google+ Users

Google calendar allows you to manage all your schedule and events with ease. It keeps track of all your visits and meetings with its highly sophisticated organizational features.

It is available to download for both desktop and mobile devices. It is a powerful time organizer which allows you to view your schedule in different groups like work, home and social activities and events.

Its latest Google calendar feature is Google calendaring which allows you to share your calendar with other users. Google calendaring feature greatly helps you in managing your social events and meetings with its easy to use organizational tools.

Google calendar is perfect to create a team or company calendar where the managers, employees of the company can access the calendar and see the schedule. It is an extremely useful calendar which fits best for those who are involved in meetings and events.

With this calendar application, you can view all your appointments irrespective of what kind of device you are using. It has two modes … one is for desktop and other for mobile.

The calendar may also be used for other purposes like managing your timing, organizing and reviewing your assignments of the workplace, planning family and holiday events and managing all your personal activities.

Techies and engineers will love the fact that it has 200 different functions.

Google Calendar User Reviews

Google Calendar is a free-to-use time management and task management program that lets you create, manage and track your personal, academic, business or professional activities in one place.

The system also lets you create reminders, set dates and times, and perform tasks in a chunk of time.

The interface is quite intuitive, and learning to navigate the program is quite easy. But if you’re used to using a particular time management system, you may find it slightly challenging to adjust to Google’s take on it.

There are several options for exporting your activities. You can export them manually or automatically, which can be helpful if you’re constantly on the move and need to carry and access your activities from other devices.

If you’re a task monkey, you can manage your time, tasks and multitasking with your multiple devices from a single dashboard. You can also set recurring tasks, execute them on a schedule, or use a task scheduler.


Five-star customer rating.

Cross platform compatibility.

App is completely free.


Interface may be difficult for new users.

Menus may be confusing for advanced users.

Timesheet : Best Automatic Time Tracker

If you need to track your time, Timesheet is a great choice. This software not only tracks your hours, it lets you deduct time for other activities. You can track your day, week, or month. It allows you to shift your hours as needed. Not only can you manually record how much time you spend on a project, but you can also build in an automatic log based on the time that you need to meet a deadline.

Another great option is iClocker. This free time tracking software allows you to create project-based time sheets like Timesheet as well as your typical work and personal time sheets. What is nice about this program is that it has a mobile tracker, which can be quite handy. You can set it up so that you can quickly and easily transfer your tracked time to the documents that you need.

If you want to opt for a more organized option, you can try OutTime. This free time tracking software allows you to track your work hours, personal hours, and availability. This makes it easier to manage your time by assigning all of the tasks associated with one of these columns. In addition to tracking your time, you can quickly export your time sheets, which allows you to send them to your supervisor for approval.

Timesheet User Reviews

The timesheet logger is meant to be used by project managers to track the time their staff spend on a project. Timesheet tracker apps are suitable for small as well as large companies to ensure productivity of the employee.

This logger can be used to track a variety of projects. The timesheet tracker app will also record the employee’s level of efficiency and will track down mistakes made accidentally.

Unlike other time tracking software tracked by a payroll service, the timesheet logger works independently without the need for a payroll service provider.

The best timesheet software app helps manage projects easily as well as the time of the employees by keeping a proper record. These apps record the time that is being spent by an employee.

The timer is a tool that helps in tracking the time of the employee in a proper manner. As it is more and more difficult to manage the time of your staff, the timer comes in handy. The timer is a tool that gives a detailed record of the employee’s time.

Some of the timesheet tracking software options include timesheet app for time tracking, timesheet add on for payroll and timesheet logger. The best timesheet software will conclusively help in the time accounting of the employees who are working for an organization. It will help in keeping a track of the total times being worked by the employees.

Timetrack : Best for Multilingual Support

Real-Time Collaboration.

Multi-industry project management software. Teams can work in real-time collaboration using projects, tasks, and tasks. Real-time dashboards and notifications regarding activity levels and work statuses.

If your time tracking is only limited to your office, or needs be only require team members who work in your office, Timetrack might be a good choice. Timetrack can track time and tasks across different locations and on different devices. This means teams can track in office and on the go.

Easy installation and setup. No technical support required. If you need quick deployment and support, you might want to look at other options, but you should be able to resolve most issues on your own without a technical expert.

Real-time dashboards. Create real-time dashboards to view when your team is active, how much time they are working, and how their productivity is going. Real-time notifications for your team. Let managers know when to give them a break or even supportive feedback about their performance. You can even enable automated emails.

Create sub-projects. Subprojects allow you to create more specific arrangements. For example, if you’re working on a new marketing campaign, you may want to create a subproject for the advertising campaign, in addition to the main project for “marketing campaign.”

Timetrack User Reviews

This time and attendance software is very easy to ad due to its new user friendly interface. It has a lot of features that are also free. This is a great time tracking software for the employees who are in large companies. Timetracker is an exceptional and inspiring time tracker. It is user-friendly and keeps track of your statistics. It lets you compare your time records with co-workers quickly.

It is a great time tracking software that helps you to keep tracking your time and rounds the clock. It is a great way to track your time and save your time. You can use it with any type of iPad. It is one of the best time tracking tool for sale and also one of the best time tracking software.

This is one of the best time tracking software and also a great data collecting software in this world. It is a high power time tracking software we can also call it an impressive time tracking software. It is one of the best and cool web technology time tracking software. It is a great time tracking software, you can access it from any device.

This is one of the best package tracking software for employee and is a great tool. It is the way to go for remote team members and can also track the value of your labor. This is one of the best time and attendance tracking software you can use for your business.

aTimeLogger : Best for Tracking Professional & Personal Time

The aTimeLogger time tracking software is for professional and individual use. It comes in an easy-to-use desktop and smartphone app. What makes this time and attendance software special is that it provides data reports as well as the ability to fill out timesheets online. This gives the administrator and the employees more control over the timesheet itself.

The reports include payroll, auto-entries, daily employee information and more. This gives the user a lot of information to help make payroll and general management much easier.

The employee scheduling application allows the user to invite other employees, set when a shift should start and end as well as an end of work. This is great for staffers who work irregular hours.

There is a time clock, so that staffers can pay attention to their hours and thus keep them in check. An automatic time log means that the device will record the employee activity. To use it, the user simply connects to the time and attendance system through a QR reader.

The device is mobile, and it works with QR readers to give you a hassle-free experience. You can use the machine easily.

The aTimeLogger system is very reliable, and you can use it to track your time while at work. As technology continues to improve, it is sure to continue to improve and give you insight.

aTimeLogger User Reviews

TimeTracker is the only time-tracker that keeps track of time spent on the computer. TimeTracker software is an essential tool for all those who are into Internet marketing and own a computer.

Feature-rich time tracker for every goal.

Tracks the time that you spend on your computer for all purposes such as work related tasks, personal tasks, daily routine tasks and Internet time.

User-friendly time tracker software with an intuitive interface that comes with several templates to track your daily, weekly and monthly time.

Free trial trial version with a 7-days trial period for every time tracking tool. You can use free trial version for up to 7 days to test the TimeTracker software. During this period it can be used free of charge and without any limitations.

Easy to use time tracking software with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Easy to use time tracking software with an extremely user-friendly interface. Simply start a new time-sheet, press a button and TimeTracker will record all the details of your time. You will see the current date and time at the top of the TimeTracker screen.

Add the tasks that you have worked on as well as their duration and will be able to see the time spent on each task. The software will also allow you to edit manually your time sheet each time and make further corrections.

Paymo : Best for Online Payments

One of the best free time tracking software options you can consider is Paymo. If you are looking to manage employees and customer billing, this is among the best free time tracking software options you can consider.

The biggest advantage of Paymo is that it’s an online payment system. The software also makes it easy to manage multi-user time tracking and employee billing. If you need to manage several employees and billing, this will be helpful.

The other advantage is that it’s a free time tracking software. The software is adequate enough to help you manage your time and billing. And the software is completely free for use.

Like the other free time tracking software options, this one will allow you to assign different time costing per task to measure your time. And to measure and track your time performance, simply download the software and get started.

Paymo User Reviews

Paymo is a free time tracking software that works with Windows and Mac operating systems. It tracks your time for different tasks on your computer and lists it in an intuitive table. You can add various columns and use various colors to better distinguish between various tasks and categorize them.

The software also supports adding additional columns. These extra columns can include extra notes, a unit cost, a category, or any other column you might be required to use. The software saves the information under its tab, so there is no need to add it directly into your payroll software.

You can also track time of various employees and determine your payroll. Paymo allows you to easily start and stop tracking time and save the data right within the software.

The software is easy to use and is free. It allows you to customize any of its settings and Printout reports for your records. There is a paid version called Paymo Business which has some extra features without too much additional cost.

TMetric: Best for Small Teams of Five or Less

TMetric is a free time tracker that is good for small teams of fewer than five people. All of the reports that are generated from your tracked time can be exported to Excel, so you don’t even have to use TMetric if that’s not your cup of tea. When you’re not working with Excel, TMetric has several built-in charts, graphs, and templates. You can also set up email notifications, collaborate with team members, and use this time tracking software to create recurring tasks.

TMetric’s strict time allocation policy helps you not only get everything done, but also cuts down on wasted time. The in-app calendar keeps you updated on everything you need to work on, so you can prioritize your tasks before you get started.

TMetric User Reviews

You can Rate TMetric free time tracking software from here:

TMetric review.

TMetric is a very simple to use for QuickTime tracking and free. TMetric have everything you need in one reporting tool including Compensations, Team Sharing, Auto-Submit and as an added bonus it is completely FREE!

"One of the problems in learning how to manage productive hours is that it is difficult to know if you are actually increasing your productivity."

"Comparative statistics (hard numbers) do not tell the whole story because everyone evaluates things differently and their own personal productivity may or may not be very close to what others estimate. "

"The key is to be able to use your free time and allocate it for the tasks that will create the most value for you and for the business."

"I actually use a combination of the two. When I’m working on prioritizing a task, I tend to go with the natural flow of things while I come up with the business value."

"I'm bullish on using brain-dump scheduling (pre-30-day calendar). But my goal doesn't necessarily mean paying as much attention to the 30-day calendar as I would to the first/last days of each month."

Bottom Line

Another useful software is Time & Expense (T&E) that’s been designed to help you manage your daily time. You can record and categorize time you spend with family, friends, business activities and related expenses. And you can get complete reports of all the time expenses.

You can quickly add your activities, photos, and locations which helps you to track your daily expenses and share your reports with others. And this free time tracking software can help you to identify your gaps and activities to increase your productivity.

Basically, there are many options in free time tracking software, and most of them are easy to use. And all of them can help you to organize your time effectively.

If you want to manage your personal or work time efficiently, and you need to record, track, and categorize your time hours, you will find these 14 best time tracking software (free time tracking software) as the most suitable choice.


Toggl is a cloud-based free time tracking software. It logs your time by recording the start and end date and the amount of time you spend in each project/task. And you can log and record your daily and monthly expenses.

It allows users to customize their reports to suit their needs. The time reports are available in spreadsheets or web widget. And you can export the reports in PDF,CSV,XLS and HTML formats.