6 Best Free Ticketing Systems for Help Desks

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Top 6 Free Help Desk Ticketing Systems 2019

Ticketing systems enable you to pump tickets into a help desk or ticketing system. This can be a huge time saver. In addition, it enables you to manage and monitor the tickets that come in. It gives you more insight as to how your systems are performing. For example, if you find that 90% of the tickets are being closed, you can then sit down and redesign your processes to eliminate that as a trigger point.

If you are a service provider or a software business owner, you may think of help desk ticketing systems as a necessary cost. However, there are lots of free or low-cost solutions that offer a lot of value.

So, if you are looking for a reliable help desk ticketing system, here are our top 6 picks:

Zendesk / Helpscout

Best Value for Money

If you’re looking for a low-cost yet quality ticketing solution, Zendesk and Helpscout are the ticket.

Both the systems offer a lot of value and can be operated for free. Both the systems take the form of an Apps for your phones that allow your users to submit tickets as and when required. Both also work as a live chat tool so that the users can report the problem.

How We Evaluated Free Help Desk Ticketing Systems

Gone are the days when help desk technicians could manually enter every single help desk ticket into a ticketing system to record tasks, escalations and meetings.

Building a help desk ticketing system today means taking advantage of software that’s designed for ticketing … helps desk ticketing systems can eliminate wasted time and paper from your help desk process.

Top Ticketing Systems for Help Desks

The Top 5 Ticketing Systems for Help Desks were all evaluated to see how they compare:

JustWorks is the winner of our Top Ticketing Systems for Help Desks evaluation. Because it’s free, easy to set up and deploy, and can be used with all major help desk platforms, JustWorks was our best ticketing system for help desks.

The 5 rd place winner is ClearContext, and it was selected as a top choice for its simplicity and ease of use. It’s also free and easy to set up.

The 4 th place winner is Cigna, and it was selected as a top choice for its simplicity and ease of use. An additional point was awarded to it because it has a mobile version that can be used to create help desk tickets.

The 3 rd place winner is HelpDesk, and it was selected as a top choice for its flexibility, ease of use, and cost.

Freshdesk : Best Overall Ticketing System for Small Businesses

Freshdesk is dedicated ticketing application for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s completely free to use. Freshdesk supports 100+ languages and is available for small businesses in 11 countries.

With Freshdesk, you can manage any kind of requests from customers across the globe. Its primary functionality is to manage your ticketing and customer communication. It’s a complete system that includes online support, mobile app and email support. There’s also ChatOps that takes place in real-time. This means you can supervise your support session, chat to agents, share documents, and collaborate on projects. Freshdesk handles everything from standard support cases to complex projects like Smart Service and Enterprise-level engagements.

Freshdesk’s user interface is highly customizable, meaning you can use it as a closed group on your own intranet. It has a flexible and customizable system, and its agents’ availability is monitored by an automated system.

Freshdesk’s ticketing system is customizable and quick to integrate with your existing customer databases and systems.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk Features

Focused at handling mostly small ticket size, Freshdesk is one of the most popular ticketing systems in the industry.

It offers features such as the following:

  • Social ticketing system;
  • Email ticketing system;
  • Employee ticketing system;
  • Call center ticketing system;
  • Online chat ticketing system;
  • Call center for remote access;
  • Email ticketing system for remote access.

Free tickets:

Under the category of free tickets, Freshdesk offers the following free ticketing system:

  • Service request ticketing system – tickets are assigned to an employee and multiple tickets can be accrued from a single customer request;
  • Remote troubleshooting ticketing system – tickets are assigned to a customer service representative and multiple tickets can be accrued from a single customer attack;
  • As a result, multiple tickets can be accrued from a single customer attack.

Apart from that, Freshdesk is also able to provide ticketing system for the following tickets:

  • Priority tickets;
  • Urgent tickets;
  • Service Tickets;
  • Accounts Tickets;
  • Product Tickets;
  • Pre-sale tickets;
  • Technical support.

On top of that, Freshdesk is open about its popularity, which also includes the high number of clients for its free variety.

What Freshdesk Is Missing

Freshdesk is a Feature-Rich, Open Source CRM and Help Desk Solution. It is designed for on-premise deployment and can be custom-tailored. They have some of the best documentation available in the industry.

Freshdesk helped me along my journey into Help Desk software, with great documentation and a flat, easy to use interface.

Freshdesk has some great ways to manage customer tickets!

Each Help Desk employee has their own private inbox.

The ticket can access by the employee directly, or by email address.

Each ticket can be assigned to multiple employees.

A ticket can be assigned to multiple departments.

Each department can have multiple employees.

Each agent can be assigned to multiple tickets.

Each agent can be assigned to multiple departments.

Each employee can rate and approve tickets as they work on them.

If an issue is assigned to an employee, it will be color coded to show their status.

A ticket can be assigned to multiple users, teams (PRO only), departments and even different time zones.

The ticket history is maintained for each user / customer by the agent, with a detailed chronological view of the changes and activity.

Customer Support Agents can view the ticket history and work on a ticket from previous weeks.

Users can view the ticket history to see previous versions and changes of the ticket in question.

What Users Think About Freshdesk

Ticketing is a nearly universal service to most companies. Ticketing can increase your service hours or add value to the overall service experience. A ticketing system at your help desk is a great way to log and manage support requests.

There are a lot of ticketing systems to choose from, but there are only a handful that have a lot of success with cloud based help desk software. One such system is Freshdesk.

Freshdesk is an enterprise-class help desk software and is used by companies such as Microsoft. Freshdesk Tickets are easy to set up, and are completely customizable. There are various ways to set up ticketing in Freshdesk, to suit any situation.

Freshdesk also has an affordable option with no long term contracts.

What Users Think about Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s ticketing system is easy to set up. Its website gives you the ability to connect to your contacts. It’s also easy to attach files to your ticket so the user can complete or attach what is necessary.

The ticketing system also makes it easy to allow users to update support tickets. Users can also create custom fields.

There’s a lot of flexibility in ticketing and creating custom fields. They also keep the data that you enter into tickets for longer than other options.

Where to Find Freshdesk

In order to know about the type of ticket system that is available with Freshdesk, you will have to log in with your account. The newbie will be facing lot of difficulties while using it. So if you are a regular who is facing difficulties while using it, you can find better solutions with Freshdesk and avail the ticket and makes it easier. The ticket system can be used not only to help you solve the issues that come up on your support desk but also can treat the customer well.

Freshdesk’s ticketing system is completely free and you can easily find the best solution for every problem that rises in your support center. You can get the product even if you do not have the bug for making any changes in your business, and can make everything simpler. The product is so simple and it can be equipped with all the features you want to make things easier. So Freshdesk can in many ways make the user experience awesome and help them even to the most important issues.

There are many great things which can be eaten even at a cheaper rate. You can find the best way of doing things or the best way of handling the tickets so that the tickets can be sent to the customers and only properly handled tickets will get into the right hands. This is truly an amazing thing with a great help for the people and loyal customers.

HelpSpot : Best Free Service for Very Small Teams

HelpSpot is an amazing, free service. It’s from the same people who developed Help Scout. If a single member of your team needs help, they can create and share a short video that provides a clear and detailed explanation of their question.

The simple interface makes it easy to create videos. You can add screencasts and annotations by clicking on the standard screen capture icons.

Not only that, but HelpSpot is very good about automatically transcribing the content of your videos. Or if you prefer, you can add your own notes directly in the text. You can also add a transcript for individuals to evaluate if they can’t watch the video.

If you need super simple helpdesk setup, the video chat option coupled with the transcript option make HelpSpot a great free resource.

HelpSpot Pricing

HelpSpot is only available on the HelpSpot network of real-time collaboration vendors, and it’s free for the first 100 attendees of every session. So give it a try and invite your team for free to one of our connected sessions.

So What Exactly is HelpSpot Anyway?

HelpSpot is a real-time collaboration toolkit that gives support teams a single point of contact for their customers. It helps you deliver responsive, expert support to your customers from the moment they call you by providing the foundation for goal-based customer service. It’s aimed at knowledge workers like web developers and plumbers that have to provide these kinds of services, and it’s designed to make your workflow faster and smoother.

HelpSpot consists of three main components: Social, Support Manager, and Helpdesk.

The Social component enables you to write, plan, and execute social media campaigns that drive customers back to your website. The Support Manager component enables you to set professional standards, track the performance of your experts, write FAQs, and restructure your HelpDesk to match the standardization of your service. Finally, the HelpDesk component enables your staff to provide expert, high quality help to your customers from the moment they call you.

HelpSpot Features

HelpSpot employs a system of small agents, as users call them. Each agent in HelpSpot is an automated ticket management system, which is the only component of the help desk that is not computer based because they originate from the HelpCentre Module. Details about each agent follows.

Agent: This agent is the page that appears when a user visits the help section of HelpSpot. The contents of this agent tend to be the most detailed information available and is commonly referred to as the help worker. This agent contains files which may be opened, such as documents or images, and are not available in the HelpCentre Module.

Ticket: A ticket is generated by the HelpCentre Module and then supplied to an assistant operator to enter data pertaining to the help agent. The data content can include HTML-formatted text, images, hyperlinks to websites and custom form fields. The content of this agent is the most user-friendly information available in the HelpSpot Module. This agent also contains files which may be opened and do not need to be within the HelpCentre Module.

What HelpSpot Is Missing

If you’re looking for a helpdesk software that offers an option for you to set up complex ticketing from the system, then HelpSpot should be your first choice.

However, HelpSpot lacks the simple ticket feature that Isadora has.

If you’re looking to help users with something as simple as a paper mail, help desk software that offers a simple ticketing feature should be your first choice. That’s because, in addition to tickets, these tools can help you manage tickets, action items, notifications, responses, followups and followups*. These tools are used to facilitate task delegation, and can be useful for getting the job done quickly and effortlessly.

In HelpSpot, tickets and action items are part of the same list.

To keep this helpful post at a length everyone can read, I’ve divided this into sections so you can easily find the information you want to read.

The ticketing systems below can help you create a simple ticket for each user.

What Users Think About HelpSpot

Give users a simple interface and they’re happy. Provide them with loads of features and they’re bored. It’s called the Curse of Knowledge.

The more technical a tool, the more likely it is that users will give up on it.

And for businesses, the trick to creating a great help desk ticketing system is to provide a feature rich system with an easy to use interface. This balance is hard to strike, but the right tool can help you create a successful help desk ticketing system.

What are the best free ticketing tools? Let’s take a closer look at the current crop of ticketing systems and see which makes the most sense for your particular situation.

Where to Find HelpSpot

Ticketmaster software is stable. Tickets are traveling necessarily to your help desk. It is tickets software that allows you to search for them that can make the process a little less accurate when you are worked with ticketmaster's help desk representatives.

Subject ticket blocks information in a help desk when they are working with tickets is obsolete if there is not a clear system in place to find the requested tickets when they are inevitably asked for. If this is not the case, without a ticketing solution that helps your help desk workers find the right ticket, then your help desk has no reason to hold onto a ticket that has nothing to do with your help desk.

And if it's not even necessary for the help desk to keep tickets for a help desk because it's not routing tickets to a help desk, then why can't dispatch the tickets from the dispatch queue?

There are, however, many good ticketing systems that can help answer these questions. Let's take a closer look at some of the best ticketing systems that are free and also help desk ticket systems.


HelpSpot is one of the most popular ticket types in the help desk ticketing world. It is fast becoming the ticketing solution of choice because of their claims to provide the best support agent time management systems.

HelpSpot was developed by T7systems Inc.

Zoho Desk : Best Ticketing System for Zoho Customers

If you’re a customer of Zoho Suite or Team, you can signup and create your account easily in a matter of minutes. Once you have, you’ll be able to use the free version of Zoho Desk, which is an all-in-one customer service software for small businesses.

Zoho Desk uses cloud-based CRM portal and ticketing system (1:1 ticketing) to track important information, such as service history, previous interactions, repair records, and other relevant details.

Zoho Desk works on a per-user basis, which means that everyone in your company will need to have their own Zoho Desk account. This can be a little more of a hassle if the staff is large, but it can also speed up the process of checking in and out, if staff members agree to use their own Zoho Desk accounts, which is a big plus for self-employed professionals.

The system’s attractive price will also be a huge factor for new customers. Zoho Desk’s free ticketing system can definitely be a great alternative to traditional help desks.

Zoho Desk Pricing

Zoho Desk lets you run your own help desk, your way. It provides a comprehensive platform that's highly customizable and comprehensive. From the way you want to view your tickets, to collecting payment, and defining ticket workflows, Zoho Desk provides you with the tools you need to manage every ticket. With ticketing solutions that are simple, affordable, and comprehensive, Zoho Desk can give your organization the ticketing system you need.

Cloud-based ticketing made easy.

Zoho Desk offers a complete set of application options ranging from completely free to subscription-based.

With a completely free solution, you can do everything from a web browser or handheld web device. Customize the application by using wholly integrated, customizable templates or adding your own custom content.

Premium solutions include a free Subscription-based Subscription plan which includes the Subscription plan features detailed below.

Work smarter, not harder.

Zoho Desk Smart Workflows add the ability to automatically collect payments based on user permissions of your tickets. Allow users to view and take action on tickets at your own pace. Set due dates and email reminders, and share your templates with other users – all automatically with Zoho Desk.

Add our graphical tools, powerful ticket types, and many configurable workflows for advanced ticket management.

The right experience for every ticket.

Zoho Desk Features

Zoho Desk allows businesses to automate the ticketing process to provide comprehensive help desk services. Zoho Desk software is a ticketing solution for small businesses and will help them monitor and track their customers’ interactions with their helpdesk.It is designed for remote agents and includes a live chat feature.

Promote brand awareness: A help desk can be integrated with social media and other digital marketing systems to ensure all your agents have a platform to promote your brand or product.

Improve work efficiency: A help desk can be used by any department, from marketing to HR, reducing the need of staff for duplicate or unnecessary work.

Meeting response time and tracking: By assigning tickets to agents, you can track down the caller and respond immediately.

Centralise all emails, invoices, tickets, conversations with agents and other preferences: With a help desk, you can store important data in one location that can then be accessed by staff.

Complaint handling: A help desk can help you resolve customer complaints and maintain the price you are selling for.

Integrate with your CRM: A help desk is an ideal way of bringing the CRM to the helpdesk, making a consolidated customer database.

What Zoho Desk Is Missing

Forging strong connections between your sales team and your customers is one of the most important functions that any support team should have. When making a solicitation to your support team, accompanying them on a call, or providing them the necessary information when they are on the road, send them a ticketing system that is easy to use, friendly to work with, and intuitive to the team.

Zoho Desk is the popular support and sales productivity tool that keeps your team on track with modern workflow and communication processes to take care of customer requests better. Zoho Desk’s help managers can also use the system to create services and create quotes for the customer. This system is today one of the top and most effective apps for managing tickets and work requests from your support and sales team.

Leading organizations use Zoho Desk to manage tickets efficiently, and you can too. The app helps businesses improve customer services on several dimensions including the following:

Customer Engagement

Zoho Desk helps organizations engage customers by providing enterprise-class data and analytics through a customer service support app. In this user-friendly app, customers can search and send an email to helpdesk with their issue. Using the available metrics, the app helps companies anticipate the needs of the customers and gage their performance.

What Users Think About Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a web-based help desk software that allows you to manage your help desk support tickets. The free version of Zoho Desk doesn’t provide a number of advanced features, but it can help you create tickets, assign them to users, and view a Help Desk Dashboard. It works well for small-scale support teams.

Follow the steps below to utilize Zoho Desk to your benefit:

Make a Help Desk at Zoho Desk

At the dashboard, click on the Help desk icon to establish a help desk.

Screenshot a Funnel to the Help Desk

Add a first-time ticket and create a screenshot funnel at the account creation page.

Add Users by Signing Up for Zoho

Click on the Users tab, click on the ADD user button, and sign up for a free Zoho account.

Add Tickets to Zoho Desk

You can also add tickets to Zoho Desk by creating a new ticket and sharing a screenshot to the Help Desk page. You can then assign tickets to users based on things like their role.

Where to Find Zoho Desk

The first thing a professional call center needs is a Ticketing System. Really important for the team efficiency and productivity. So the Ticketing System plays an important role in any call center and its goal is to help the customer with his queries in the best possible ways and that will minimize the time of a staff member.

The Ticketing System is the back-end tool that will kindle the team efficiency and effectiveness.

Zoho Desk is a best and widely used software which based on Cloud technology. It never fall the hardware and software failure. Zoho Desk will cover all your automation system and you have it all in touch within your Team.

Currently, Zoho Desk serves 500,000+ companies and helping around 250,000+ clients to reduce their cost by up to 20%.

So that’s a reason why you need a Ticketing System which is reliable and responsibility for Call Center Staff to complete the ticketing process.

Zoho Desk also provides alternative for the Ticketing System. For example, you will not have single instance failure in a system like a computer or a terminal which coming under your organization. Also, Zoho Desk is simple that’s why it’s easy to manage for your Call center and its ticketing system.

osTicket : Best Free Help Desk Software for Tech-savvy PC Users

Download oSticket software free @osticket is a free ticketing system for tech-savvy PC users.

Change log (Version 3.6.3) : (Sep 01, 2018) :

Fix Limit 2 tickets per user created

Fix SharePoint ticket referencing the new security code (pwauth).

Fix Limit 2 Tickets per User Created

Fix SharePoint ticket referencing the new security code (pwauth).

osTicket Pricing

This SaaS-based ticketing solution is great for small businesses that don’t deal with a lot of tickets. The most important feature is the high scalability limit which makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes. That means that you can start small and grow as needed, which is great for startup companies.

It’s also very easy to manage across devices, so you can use a single link for each ticket. The mobile apps are great and you can even assign customer service agents for each location. osTicket has everything you need for small and large business

You can customize the look and feel as you see fit, but it has a great mobile web app and a great online interface. Overall, osTicket is a pretty impressive free ticketing system.

osTicket Features

The oSTicket help desk ticketing system combines the best of open source ticketing software with the power of a work-flow automation platform. It helps companies reduce the cost of ticketing and provide superior customer service.

OSTicket is designed to run on your local system, any LAMP stack. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to create your own themes, configurations, and integrations. It’s secure, supports ticket archiving, and integrates with the systems that you might already use.

OSTicket has been designed with simplicity in mind and includes key integrations so that you can use it with leading software and ticketing systems. It’s super simple for an administrator to create custom fields and custom views to meet your specific needs. The software itself is designed around your business workflow, which means your resources will receive help desk tickets from anywhere, at any time.

What osTicket Is Missing

OsTicket is not a ticketing system, it’s a tool that allows you to create and interact with, still, tickets for your help desk.

OsTicket’s free solution needs no installation, is hosted for free, and customizable too. Those are the assets that make a ticketing system for free software.

Pretty much any ticketing system will do what osTicket does, with some modified definitions on their terms of use.

OsTicket comes with a whole bunch of features in the app itself, but a lot of these features have to be disabled in order for you to be able to install the solution.

The problem is – as soon as you turn off the features you want your ticketing system to have in order to work as desired, you lose your ticketing system.

at least, you can’t install it anymore. That’s the only option.

Also, you can’t password protect the tickets, so I guess you might have to come up with a solution to prevent users from sharing their tickets, in order to preserve the confidentiality of your data.

How Much Is It Actually going To Cost You?

What Users Think About osTicket

OsTicket is an easy-to-use ticketing system that was initially designed for internal company use. However, it was quickly adopted by many organizations and companies. While you can use osTicket for any business purpose, it is mainly used as ticketing and help desk application. osTicket is a multi-user help desk application that can be used by almost anyone, regardless of their skill level.

Where to Find osTicket

OsTicket is a free ticketing system developed by OpenText, a Canadian company with offices in San Jose, CA, and in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. It’s an open source solution that can integrate with most online ticketing software. It’s also fairly flexible and supports multiple types of tickets including single-use, nonexpiring, and permanent event tickets.

OsTicket has a few useful features for event coordinators including:

It provides a customizable “customer view.”

Events can be set up to “roll over” to the next day or the next month with a single click.

It’s a simple-to-install, web-based application with no software requires.

It supports multiple currencies and tax settings so it can be used in a global marketplace. It’s also budget-friendly because you can start for free and only pay for what you need!

It’s also simple to set up different ticket types, including coupons and membership cards.

Request Tracker : Best Self-hosted Ticketing for Mac & Linux

If you’re looking to run a more advanced ticketing system for your helpdesk staff, Request Tracker (RT) is the ideal (and free) choice for both Mac and Linux users. RT is a great tool whether you need to handle thousands of tickets (like the largest enterprise helpdesks) or need something more customizable for small ticket numbers.

RT is a ticketing and issue tracking tool that’s both web-based and can work fully independent of any IT systems you have. It’s ideal if you want entry-level ticketing for casual staff or need full capacity to tackle high ticket numbers.

It’s not the most flexible system (you can’t link issues to tickets or create custom fields) but it’s simple to set up and easy to use, even for the Luddites on your help desk staff! RT takes care of workflow, subcontracting, and email generation for you, so you can focus on your core support tasks.

Request Tracker Pricing

Most Help Desk software solutions require some sort of Help Desk ticketing system and a Help Desk Software can be hard to configure without a Request Tracker Ticketing system that never. It’s the most preferred Help Desk ticketing system amongst Help Desk software solutions, because of the added flexibility it gives to help desk agents to handle their own tasks in a way that’s more beneficial to them.

The Request Tracker Ticketing system does a lot of integrated functionality which can be difficult to configure manually. It’s also very flexible and can be configured in a way which suits your ticket needs.

Request Tracker is a cross-platform ticketing system developed by Request Software, designed to be a scalable door-to-door support ticket system, which helps manage and resolve customer and technical tickets. It’s built with the latest Java technologies and acts as an automated ticketing system to help improve and expedite your customer support. It makes your Help Desk support faster and more reliable.

Request Tracker Tickets can be created for support requests both internally by your help desk agents and externally via tickets sent via email or other medium. It also supports project tracking and has a highly configurable work process for your help desk agents to follow.

Request Tracker Features

Request Tracker is a free project management tool that is used by over a million people across the globe. It’s an effective tool for this purpose, but might not be appropriate for your needs, if you’re looking to handle a large number of requests coming from field workers. But if you keep your number of ticket requests low, Request Tracker is a great tool that’s free and allows you to track all the requests you get.

What is Request Tracker?

Request Tracker is a project management software tool that allows you to manage your requests and assign them to the right person. Over the years, it has developed into a powerful tool that’s also free to use. Request Tracker’s functionality is quite simple to learn and use. It’s not considered a full-fledged project management software, but is the perfect tool for gathering and assigning requests from your field operations team and for regular reporting.

Sometimes, you should request tracking software.

Request Tracker is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Request Tracker might not be suitable for organizations that are handling over 2000 requests in a year. Also, Request Tracker does not allow for real-time updates on project progress and will do one thing well: it will help you manage your requests.

What Request Tracker Is Missing

When dealing with multiple users or departments on a help desk, you’ll often find that certain requests will not get resolved. However, because those requests were not properly tracked, it’s hard to easily determine which users generated the problem. This can be dangerous for the help desk team since incorrect or falsely generated tickets can cause staff to spend too much time trying to resolve the matter. With the help of Request Tracker, you can ensure that every request is followed through with. Free tickets provide valuable feedback to the users who generate the ticket. This specially requested feedback allows for swift response to the user’s concern, resulting in a happy co-worker. Request Tracker is the best program to use for free ticket requests. Its easy-to-understand help desk interface allows the user to post a new ticket with ease. The unique graphical display aids the user. Request Tracker also offers the benefit of being able to create these free tickets before escalating a user to an administrator (someone with a higher ticket priority) if necessary.

What Users Think About Request Tracker

Request Tracker is an open source project and according to users who have tested it, it’s quite easy to get started with and rarely needs any outside help due. However it’s not so great with performance.

The only downside users have faced in using Request Tracker is that it is not so great with performance. But this is a problem that many open source tickets systems face – unfortunately, creating a ticket system is not a very heavy task and can’t really take much of your computer’s resources.

Users of Request Tracker state that it’s an ideal system for the non-IT people who want to create a helpdesk system. It’s simple to learn and easy to use.

Regular users typically work with Request Tracker for no more than 2 years. It’s quite common for users to move away from Request Tracker after two years if they don’t want to use it for some other reason, but not because there’s anything seriously wrong with it.

Where to Find Request Tracker

Request Tracker is a popular software program for managing and tracking all your ticket requests, regardless of whether those requests are for help desk or service desk operations. Its web-based interface lets users work from any computer with Internet access.

After deciding on a ticketing system, the next step is finding Request Tracker and other ticketing systems. This allows help desk and service desk staff discretionary time to focus on the tickets that are received, which will reduce the time it takes to get back to customers. There are several questions to consider:

What ticketing system do I want to use?

Request Tracker is a good ticketing system these days, but there are alternatives out there. It’s a commercial product, which means that you’ll have to purchase a license to use it, but the cost is low. Whatever you decide to use, make sure that the ticketing system supports the hardware and operating system in use.

What software for the ticketing system?

Whether it is Request Tracker or another ticketing system, there are back-end and front-end applications that allow ticketers to enter their requests. Ask the help desk vendor about these as they may be cheaper or more robust than the ones recommended for the ticketing system.

How do I set it up?

Hesk : Best Free Help Desk Ticketing System for Knowledge Bases

If you ever have a need to build a help desk, I cannot recommend Hesk enough. Hesk is my personal favorite help desk ticketing system, as it gives you a great degree of flexibility and customizability and does so at no cost.

The system itself is Java-based, which makes it easy to install and run on any machine.

A basic installation requires only an Oracle JDK providing normal SOA services up to 11g.

The system works with all OS, and as a result you can create a help desk on a Windows machine without any problems. It also works as expected with all major Web browsers and all major Microsoft Office applications.

The system does not come with any requirement to have a database, so you can work without one if you don’t have any.

From its user interface you can easily add a million-dollar, drop-dead simple help desk with no additional software required.

Many users choose to work in a traditional desktop environment with a software such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Exchange.

While you can add Hesk to any of such programs, it’s much more intuitive to work with it in a desktop environment.

Hesk is a fast, reliable help desk that will fit your organization’s needs perfectly.

Hesk Pricing

Electronic cash register systems, or hesk, offer benefits and savings to your business. Knowing them will help you make the best decision for your organization.

Electronic cash register systems offer benefits and savings to your business. But there are some key concepts you need to understand before you choose your system.

Hesk pricing is a formula which divides the number of sales or transactions that the system will handle per month by how many products and points of sale the system includes.

This formula divides the total number of sales, which can be for one product, or by a total of the products you sell. For hyrdesko, for example, the average gross ticket value (which is a total of the products sold multiplied by the unit price) is 4.9. The result of the hesk pricing formula would be multiplied by this value to determine at how many transactions per month each system would handle an average of 4.9 gross tickets.

The result is the sale number. Once the sale number is calculated, you can consider the other three factors in selecting a pricing structure for your system.

A system with low customer service personnel costs will cost less per transaction than a system with many agents (each of whom costs more to hire and manage).

A low inventory cost will be more favorable than a system with many products or items you have to stock.

Hesk Features

So, you’re looking for a ticketing system and need help. The following tickets systems, are easy to use and have good support that can quickly answer your queries.

Despite being free of cost, all these ticketing system comes with in-depth pdf manual, so that user can quickly and easily install them in their server. For quick and neat installation, you can go for these ticketing systems that comes in different flavours and use them to get rid of your helpdesk.


In the end, there are some important key differences between free ticketing system, which forces you to decide.



If you’re searching for a Ticketing System to your admin work and not for helpdesk, then you can go for SAP HCM.

That’s a perfect Ticketing System for Administrariate work.

What Hesk Is Missing

You’ve probably encountered a bunch of Help Desk users when your Ticket System is down.

Without Ticket System they are lost because they can’t resolve the issue. While most of the times they have to wait for their turn to get a free ticketed number but not always.

So what hapens if you will be able to free Ticket System instantly for them ?

They can keep their job going and you will waste less time of the call attennition.

Don’t you think thats great ?

It’s true that it is not a simple feat to work this for all the department whether they are different teams or not.

Well, as simple as it sounds, you can do this with the help of a CRM tool and one of these Free Ticketing Systems.

What Users Think About Hesk

There are over 45,000 different ticketing systems to choose from, but only a few have the flexibility to cater to a wide range of needs.

Before I reveal the 6 best free ticketing systems, I want to spend a moment explaining what most companies offer, and what users want.

When you’re searching for a ticketing system, you’ll find tons of ticketing systems that fall under the following categories:

  • Desktop Software (Software as a Service)
  • Cloud Hosted Software (Software as a Service)
  • Self-Hosted Software
  • Mobile App / Web Application

You’ll also come across ticketing systems that can be customized to suit your needs.

Self-hosted ticketing software is the most flexible of the above options because it allows you to gain full control of your tickets. However, this type of software is considered more expensive than the other options.

Cloud hosted software may offer a more cost-effective way to sell your tickets but it comes with the downside of hosting your data on a third-party server.

Where to Find Hesk


On the Hesk website, if you land on the Ticketing Solutions page, you’ll see directories for more than 20 state and municipal law enforcement agencies across the United States. The system works particularly well with small agencies with fewer than 5,000 employees, but you can check it out and see how it works with sector sizes as small as 1,000 and as large as 80,000 employees.

But if you’ve got thousands of employees or don’t have the budget for a ticketing system for a central location, the next best option is the Online Request for Support (ORFS) system.

Hesk’s ORFS system is designed to replace the three different phone systems that agencies use to handle calls from users: internal service phones, a public-facing phone line, and a special phone number for the Help Desk.

Hesk ORFS provides enough features to handle all three functions, including an internal-facing phone system, but it also makes the job of managing and answering the calls simpler than before. There are two options, which Hesk calls the Open ORFS and the Pro ORFS.

Bottom Line

Accurate and dependable information is vital for customer service professionals. The effective use of a ticketing system ensures quality service, happy customers and professional teamwork. Ticketing systems help desks to manage all the tickets and allow employees to track the status of their customers’ requests.

Here’s a list of 6 best free ticketing systems for help desks.