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Here are 15 of the best free open house flyer templates.

These templates were created by graphic designers for their own personal use and cannot be redistributed for monetary gain. Please check the terms and conditions before using these free flyer templates.

To use these flyers, you may have to alter the images if you are using a different address. Additionally, you will need to resize the images to a width of at least 5.5 inches if you want your flyers to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

{1}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{2}. You can use free open house house flyers as a checklist
{3}. Create a free open house flyer with a QR code URL
{4}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{5}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{6}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{7}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{8}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{9}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{10}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{11}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{12}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{13}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{14}. Download and print a free open house flyer template
{15}. Download and print a free open house flyer template

The first step is to plan your Home Open House. Its seems very easy to create an open house event. However, It does not mean that it’s easy to get a great attendance. So friends, if you want your open house to be a success, then you will need to have a creative and a catchy open house flyer to get more visitors.

In case you don’t have much design knowledge, then make sure to employ someone who know how to make good poster designs online. It will give the visitors a great visual of the upcoming home event including all the details.

The images on the flyers are another key point. Visitors will see these images first, then proceed to read all the content over the flyers, so make sure to use quality photographs to make the best open house flyer template.

The language on the flyer can differ to the needs of the target audience as well. Keep in mind that a teenager going to participate an open house event will not want to know about the latest appliances that you’ve installed on the home, however, if you talking the seniors, then mention about the latest technology.

You can include all the major media in your home on your flyers. If your guest will need any concern on the home, just include all the information on your Flyer.

This time, we're going to check out some great Open House Flyer Templates for both professionals and amateurs to use. Everybody needs a proper Open House Flyer Template. These designs can be used for business cards, ads, newsletters, etc. On the other hand, this time we've also picked 15 Open House Flyer Templates for both tradition and modern home decorating.

Exactly, is there an important Open House event going to happen? These open house flyer templates are suitable to use. If you run an office or other business, use these templates to promote some events.

Four Image Open House Flyer

This one is straight forward and would need little editing. The font option of your choice as well as the image background should be the only additional work you perform. You can hire a designer to help you with the lettering and coloring if you do not have enough knowledge in design.

QR Code Scanner Open House Flyer

Total: 7.54 MB

Size: 61×10.3 banner

Download Now

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Images With Headline & Location Open House Flyer

The flyer is designed in pdf format. It has LIGTHENED PSD file and JPG files.

You can use the flyer for your open house.

Two-property Open House Flyer

This flyer outline is SML compatible (4 of the 6 sheets are combined into one, so the print orientations are flipped) and has the templet for the attachment. It’s a great flyer for sellers who are hosting two open houses.

Open House Flyer Templates

Open House Flyer Templates – Templet Template This Templete is for the attachment of the 2-property open house flyer.

Block-style Open House Flyer

You can download this one here.

This style of open house flyer is very common and definitely doesn’t look out of the ordinary which makes sense because it’s not so busy that people feel overwhelmed when they first look at it but it also doesn’t look bland and boring either.

If you’ve noticed, this 5-column open house flyer template has two different headers and two different footers. But their placement on the template isn’t always the same.

Because the header is placed under the main head, it changes up the layout of the mock flyer a bit. When that happens, the footer is moved under the page footer. In the end, the template always looks clean and tidy no matter what.

Multiple Property Listing Open House Flyer

Are you thinking about launching a Multiple Property Listing Open House in your neighbourhood? Here’s a list of 15 of the best free Open House flyer templates that you can use to create your flyers:

  • 6-Page Flier Template
  • 15-Page Flier Template
  • 8-Page Flier Template
  • 9-Page Flier Template
  • 10-Page Flier Template
  • 11-Page Flier Template
  • 1-Page Flier Template
  • 15-Page Flier Template
  • 16-Page Flier Template
  • 18-Page Flier Template
  • 13-Page Flier Template
  • 14-Page Flier Template
  • 16-Page Flier Template
  • 12-Page Flier Template

Feature-focused Open House Flyer

Like us, our Design students need space to showcase our projects and show off our skills and knowledge. But we struggle to find a suitable way to publicize these events. After all, the most important thing for us is to make sure that we get as many people to the open house as possible. So how do we make sure that visitors see our flyer and take advantage of the opportunity to come and see our maps,

A diverse range of artifacts and specimens, diverse range of artifacts and specimens, and insights into the various fields that we work in?

After all, the most important thing for us is to make sure that we get as many people to the open house as possible. So how do we make sure that visitors see our flyer and take advantage of the opportunity to come and see our maps, a diverse range of artifacts and specimens, diverse range of artifacts and specimens, and insights into the various fields that we work in?

As college students looking for a way to promote our events, we know how important it is to communicate the features and attractions that we have to offer. Make your job easier and get free poster templates, flyer templates, and display boards that help you advertise your event.

Broker-branded Open House Flyer

According to the real estate sales association, "there are three broker groups in the United States: franchise or national brokerages, independent brokerages and regional brokerages". The former two are listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and can offer free templates, the latter mainly work offline. … Open house flyers they need to print or download are available on real estate agents’ websites for either a one-time use or a subscription. … In the event that you are not interested in using free open house flyer templates, you are permitted to use the open house flyers available on the real estate agents’ websites. However, you cannot sell or re-distribute them. To print them, you need to be a registered real estate agent.

Agent Highlight Open House Flyer

If you are new to the agent business, you can start by creating a beautiful flyer and could provide your prospects with an agent to contact. This flyer can be used to promote your Open House.

Luxury Open House Flyer

Open House is a time for showing your home to all and sundry. It is a great way to attract potential house buyers or tenants. The best opens are when you also have a fallow home. It gives the event a sense of community and community is something that will attract the right type of buyers.

There are many ways to make Open House a fun event and the best way to make your home stand out is to create the most creative promotional material. Either way there really is no excuse for not creating your own Open House Flyer Templates.

Double-sided Open House Flyer

Landlords know the importance of showcasing properties online. This means the key to excellence is to match the online property details with the interior and exterior characteristics of the given property. Making accurate property listing may not be that difficult, if you are using the right property flyer template.

The given free online flyer templates come with all the information as shown in the property details. You can use these templates for the whole life cycle of your property, whether it is rented or not.

As the renting businesses grow, more and more landlords are concerned to find the best free online flyer templates.

If you have any interest or you are a landlord, close one of the following templates in your browser and fill up the blank spaces with your desired property details.

These Open House flyer templates are especially designed for commercial purposes. So, you will not find any templates for residential properties. All these templates have an option to determine the property dimensions.

Intro & Feature Spotlight Open House Flyer

As the intro to our open house flyer bundle, this free open house flyer template is ideal to kick off your open house flyer design with great quality and ease.

In this bundle, you will have access to 15+ open house flyer templates made and designed by professional graphic designers.

Features of The Open House Flyer Templates:

  • 15 x A4 Layered PSD Open House Flyer Templates
  • Total Size: 5.8 MB
  • Well Organized Layers and folders
  • 75%+ Professionally Printed on 25-105gsm Paper
  • Professional Design Concepts
  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • CMYK Color Mode
  • Customizable Wording Placeholders
  • Free Fonts Used (Check Appendix)
  • Print Ready Files
  • Easy to use
  • Time Saving
  • Additional Information

Included in the Open House Flyer Templates are five popular houseflyer designs that are suitable for many real estate marketing purposes or Open House Marketing.

Before we jump into the templates here’s a short introduction about the open house flyer design and what to consider when designing your open house flyer.

Open House Flyer Design:

Visual Amenities Open House Flyer

Open House Flyer Design: What makes a good open house flyer? Glad you asked. Because there is no doubt that a good open house flyer can boost your marketing copy writing skills. Make the right open house flyer design for your property and people will experience a pleasant stay; of course this is the aim of all real estate developers. Owners can meet the thrill of their target clients and seek the appreciation from the prospects as well. As a result, it will be beneficial for them in the end.

Since you are searching for open house flyer design templates, you can make a choice to get free open house flyer templates here.

A good open house flyer not only delivers the information about your property, but also gives a feeling of the property that makes the prospects happy with their decision.

To make the open house flyer design look new and attractive, it is important to choose the right design template. You can look for open house flyer design templates from various websites. They are all easy to customize. Also, the open house flyer design templates can be downloaded for free. You will get a high quality open house flyer design template.

If you want to have the best open house design, you can use the smart experience open house flyer design template. This open house flyer design template uses a combination of the colorful components. So you can get the best open house flyer design template with the great features and a well-known open house flyer design.

What to Include in Your Open House Flyer

Sometimes it is a struggle to create a great all-in-one flyer. Even if you are using a creative flyer design, chances are your text lacks quality and content. In these cases, you can create a flyer with a fully packed layout that is ideal for an open house.

Despite the absence of unique images, you can achieve this goal by incorporating your company information nicely. This flyer can also be helpful for you when you run an open house from the same brand.

Here’s how to create your own flyer with completely readable text. As far as the design of the flyer itself, you can also use fresh and positive colors.

Company Information

This guide suggests that you can start your path in the content section by posting your company’s foundational information. This can include your business name and location on a map.

Once this has been included, try grouping adjacent information to the left of the company’s name. This can include the industry you are in, your services, the unique qualities of your business, and your contact information, such as phone number and email address.

Call to Action Text

Once you have finished with the fundamental information, you can move on to the substantial and essential part, the open house.

Where to Distribute Your Open House Flyer

You can hand out your free open house flyers at your door step. You will need to order a minimum of 50 flyers to cover all the mail boxes in your area.

You can also place your free open house flyers around the area. You need to order flyers in bulk to gain a firm impression on all your customer prospects. You also need to know the most effective distribution areas for your product.

Most home builders have a pre-printed order form or form that you may use instead of reproducing your marketing material. You can also form your own free open house flyer from your computer, or type up the necessary information from a Word document.

You can place your free open house flyer along with a free home brochure. This is for your website customers to find your listing information for the open house. It’s also a great marketing tool that you can use to pull in more visitors for your open houses.

Your free open house flyers can be used on your website as well, with or without a brochure. The reason why you will need to order a minimum of 50 flyers is so that your website visitors can print them out and pass them out for you. You may also want to have your flyers listed on your host’s listings for free.

Pro Tips for a Successful Open House Flyer

There are several ways you can market your house if you’re struggling to get buyers to the house…you can put a sign up in front of the house, you can send out flyers, or you can put together a house brochure. The problem with sending out flyers is that you are only reaching a small amount of people. How do you reach hundreds of potential buyers? If you are planning to have an open house to sell your home, you’ll need to put together an open house presentation that will be sent to hundreds of potential buyers.

To make sure that an open house flyer is effective, you need to make sure that it is printed out in a nice color so that it will look good. Another thing you should do for the flyer is to make sure that it is formatted correctly. Make sure that the text is readable and the font is clean and the flyer is easy to fold up. Make sure that there is a good picture on the flyer. You want buyer’s to be able to see the house.

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Make Your Flyer a Virtual Tour Sheet

When it comes to designing a house flyer, the most popular layout is a scrapbook styled layout with everything from the floor plan to pictures of rooms and all the house details described in text.

A layout style that combines photos, text and the properties’ features in great detail is the most sought after for both agents and home owners. But it’s not the only one!

The great thing about digital layouts is that you can use your creative freedom and play around with the design. This also means that you can promote your home through photos, a Youtube video, and even videos of the outside of the home.

Having a digital flyer is not only better and more beneficial to customers, but the result will be a better reception for the property.

Add Your Image & Logo

Need to invite all of your friends to your open house? Here is the best Open House Flyer Templates you are looking for.

All these templates are available for free under a Creative Commons Attribution license. That means you can freely modify and use them for both personal and commercial projects.

These free Open House Flyer Templates can be used to easily create your own flyers and invitations for parties, bar mitzvahs, college events, company opening and any other kinds of party.

By using the free template, you are not limited by the template, with a little creativity you can create the exact design you need to make your flyer unique.

You can customize your template with your own images and logo. We have covered them all, from clean and minimal templates to vibrant one.

Add a Clear CTA

Even though it’s free, you need to tell your audience exactly what to expect. Your Open House flyer needs to have a CTA, which is short for Call to Action. This means you’re asking your audience to help you with you to make an appointment.

The call to action should ask for a phone number or a specific date and time. You will set up an appointment first and then show your home.

If the call to action is just to attend an Open House and nothing else, they are done when they receive a flyer. They don’t need a call to action at that time. If you want them to come back to your Open House on a specific date and time for a showing or an appointment, then you need to create an appointment by adding a CTA.

Promote Your Open House

Add a weekly or monthly schedule. Most people who like to buy homes find out about Open Houses at least one month in advance. Try to give them an idea of what you’ll have on display. Putting an Open House flyer in the mail box 2 days before the Open House is a bit like putting the meal on the table on Thanksgiving. You wouldn’t do it until the last minute and you would have just a few choices. You want to provide your potential buyers with options.

Include Crisp, Professional Images

Design an attractive and tasteful open house flyer and you’ll get more potential guests than you can handle! When it comes to drawing potential guests to your open house, you can’t afford to go for the generic open house flyer. Instead, you should create one that uses professional images and crisp and succinct descriptions that tell guests exactly what you have to offer in terms of services and product.

The open house flyer is your chance to entice and attract the attention of your buyers to up your conversion rates! Making a good impression from the first moment a potential buyer sees your open house flyer is critical. Whether you’re in the design or the marketing department for your open house, you’ll need to put your best foot forward. This is why you should include professional and attractive images of your open house on the flyer. Don’t just throw an image of your house on there. Instead, include an image that shows exactly what your services and product are. Show buyers what they’re getting and how it will benefit them from the moment they arrive.

Make Sure Your Information Is Accessible for International Buyers

A lot of countries around the world do not allow the sale of goods without a clear way for the buyer to reach you. They want to hear from you before they’re allowed to purchase your home and must have their contact information easy to locate.

There are many different ways of handling this, such as a dedicated phone number, landline or cellular, or providing a link to very specific information about how to reach you. Even if such a system is unavailable in your country, would you be willing to provide any of these methods?

Be sure to check the local laws, if there are any, in the countries you plan on selling to to make sure this is possible.

Resources & Tools for Open House Flyer Templates

Who says business cards are the best way to promote your open house? Poster, flyer, billboard, advertising, etc. are all trendy in market. You may display posters on streets to get your attention to come to your open house. Nowadays, only the internet can be a help to you to share your news. Those posters cliparts with different size and you may also use them for your business card.

Open house flyer templates will always help you to spread news on the internet in no time. They are among my favorite resources to use for my business promotions and business advertising. Poster, flyer, etc are always lovely resources to promote your open house events while you may use also for your advertising.

They are famous for your open house event in some specific places. You have an office in some specific buildings where you see flyers you need to promote your open house. You may advertise your open house promotion with flyers, posters, etc.

I love using open house flyer templates to promote my business. I believe these templates are easy and quick to use. Open house flyers may help you to make your business promotion easy and beautiful. These templates are always awesome resources to create your business promotion or contract.

Here are the 15 free open house flyer templates I have selected for you to promote your open house events.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to increase the response rate of your Open House letters, you are encouraged to get more creative with your letter design and template. Our Open House Flyer Templates would let you do just that.

Our templates are all editable in Microsoft Word and they can be customized to fit your needs. Each template has a different design. You can change the wraps on the open house letter and add your contact details to the bottom right side of the letter.

All the open house flyer templates above will surely help your open house letter stand out. Look, and pick the best one that would suit your needs.