32 Best Free Job Posting Sites for 2022

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Best Overall Free Job Posting Sites for Businesses

Reeder is a powerful job board and social media RSS reader that allows you to be informed on the latest opportunities.

They offer an extensive list of free job posting opportunities (both on their site and other job sites through partnerships) and allow you to filter for jobs you would most likely be interested in.

You can show you are a looking for a job by including your resume. Reeder also gives you all the tools needed to manage your job search, including notifications of new opportunities and tools to research the companies you are applying to.

Other Great Job Posting Sites:

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  • Best Job Posting Sites to Find Remote Work Opportunities & Work From Home Jobs
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  • Best Job Posting Sites for Fashion, Interior Design, and Designers
  • Best Job Posting Sites for Medical Professionals
  • Best Job Posting Sites for Writer Internships
  • Best Job Posting Sites for Music Professionals

1.Indeed: Best Free Job Posting Site

Wisestep: A Popular Free Job Posting Site for Social Recruiting

Job seekers are seeking for rewarding career, and they have to struggle so hard to get it. At the same time, search for such high profile job is not so easy.

So, they may rely on job portal sites, like Wisestep to get online job.

Taking advantage of this ecosystem, Wisestep provides job seekers with plenty of job offers and also helps employers in searching workers to fill up the vacant positions. This online job portal is committed to make this site a perfect and popular platform between employers and job seekers for free. As one of the best online job posting site, Wisestep guarantees its users with top-notch sites and well-established network to make excellent recruiting and job hunting more effective and easier. In addition, Wisestep provides verified profiles to help employers save time on search of a job candidate.

Therefore, Wisestep is one of the leading job portals.

Ladders: Post Free Management & Executive Jobs

Ladders is an online career site that aims to help people build their careers and find rewarding jobs. A great resource for new job seekers, the job listings are searchable by category and location.

The diversity of jobs listed on Ladders is impressive, and the site even features a job search engine. When you browse jobs, you can save your favorite ones for easy reference.

Ladders offers both free and paid membership options which increase the number of listings.

SimplyHired: Share Open Jobs on Over 100 Job Boards Free

SimplyHired, or simply known as SimplyHired is by far the best job seeking website for job seekers. SimplyHired adds over 100 job boards and allows job seekers to post their job. If you don’t have a SimplyHired account you can create one for free.

SimplyHired includes the best sites that allow more people to find themselves a job. This includes sites like CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Monster and the Career Network. SimplyHired allows you to display your resume and your job regions right on your homepage, all that you need to do is fill in the blanks.

SimplyHired also features job alerts and career advice. SimplyHired not only allows you to post a job on their site but you can also search through their job posting and search through job postings in other job boards plus see how your profile is performing.

This is the sites main feature and one of the main reasons they are worth reading.

SimplyHired is definitely worth using and their pricing is just right. The sites free plan allows you to post your job on 2 job boards and allows you to create up to 10 job alerts.

The pay only plan allows you to post your job on the above job boards and allows you to create 20 job alerts.

The premium plan allows you to post your job on all 100+ job boards and allows you to create 40 job alerts.

JobSpider: Free Job Posting Alternative to Craigslist

Job Spider is a useful website used to look for job postings. It is a free alternative to Craigslist that allows you to post your job online for free.

Job Spider makes use of a modern, mobile-friendly design and is easy to use. Post your job on Job Spider and see it appear in the search results in mere seconds. Job Spider also allows you to create your own URL shortener to get your job listed everywhere.

Most importantly, Job Spider allows you to post your job and resume to 50 online platforms such as Monster, Indeed and more to create your job search landing page.

If you are looking for other job sites, we have some valuable insight for you below.

PostJobFree: Access to a Free Resume Database

Looking for a cool, working resume template? BlankResumes has made it easier than ever by creating one of the best resume templates that is free to use for employers and job seekers. This website offers a free resume database to the public. All of the resumes are in PDF format and have the necessary fields for applying for employment. It also includes information that distinguishes the resume from the others. There are even tips that tell job seekers how to apply for jobs. By signing up for an account, users can claim their resumes and upload them to their account. Then they can save and download the resume to their computer and take it to their next job interview. Employers can download the resume on the spot, too. As they access it while on their computer, they save a lot of time that they would waste by typing the information.

PostJobFree has been around for a long time, and the site has been redesigned recently to make it simple to navigate through. Users can access the list of jobs posted on the database and apply for employment. The website has a very user-friendly interface, so the job seeker can easily find information about the job and contact information with ease.

If you are looking for an online resume database, you can use PostJobFree. For users who don’t have internet access, the company also has a free hard copy of resumes. You can plan to visit your local library or visit a career center.

JobInventory: Post Jobs by State Under Free Account

On our blog, we always will show you the best free job posting websites that you can use for your job search. Good free job posting websites make job searching a lot more convenient. Once you've found a great job, you can always use the same site to make a resume. At the same time, it will help you to save money. A free job posting site is the best place to find a job because it is the place where employers post jobs.

So today we are back with the most valuable free job posting service. It is JobInventory. Some of the people may wonder why we don't use Indeed. The reason is that JobInventory has a better UI. Moreover, it has more categories. In terms of the filter by industry, JobInventory is better than Indeed. Free filter by industry is one of the important features that we should pay attention to.

Tip of using Indeed, is that it is the best site to find job postings. We think that JobInventory is the best site to find more job postings, and Indeed is the best site to find job postings.

You can sign up with JobInventory by following the steps below:

{1}. Visit >>> JobInventory and enter your basic information.
{2}. Click to continue.
{3}. Click to start posting jobs.

After that, you can go back to the main page and add one or several industries to your account.

Hubstaff Talent: Free Postings to Find Full-Time & Contract

Jobvertise: View Up to Three Free Resumes Daily

One of the best niche job posting sites on the internet is Jobvertise. JobVertise has been in the market for a while and has recruited millions of candidates. JobVOTISE has several types of jobs and jobs categories and provides various free job posting options.

Jobvertise provides with many features that help you to find the job that fits your requirement.

To get Jobvertise free trial read the following steps:

Step 1: First click on the Begin your Free Trial link.

Step 2: Fill the form that displays in the pop up window.

Make sure that you fill the form correctly having all the mandatory information and details or by placing the Mandatory Fields box with a tick mark.

After filling the form appropriately, click on the free trial button.

Now you can see all the companies' details regarding Jobvertise. Also, you get the ability to view the free resume of the candidates.

After everything is completed, you can cancel the free trial any time according to your wish.

You can also browse the various types of Companies online that are live on Jobvertise. All some of the companies display on the platform are from the USA. You as a candidate can also apply for the job and for that you have to pay the application charges.

Job Sites That Offer Free Trials

Sign-Ups or Free Sign-Ups.

There are many job sites that offer signups for free or free signups for a limited use, among other free offers. Here are some of them:


Referralscope is a job-matching engine for expanding your tiny network. By referring your friends and listing their jobs, you can help them gain access to new job opportunities, making your network more useful.

Referralscope gives you access to millions of profiles and job listings, hand-selected by professionals. Your network will grow automatically, based on whether or not you’re interested in each job.


Workit offers job-searching help in a cloud-based flat file format and is available for use online or locally. It allows you to search for job postings based on many criteria.


Jigsaw is a job-search system that gives you an idea of what someone else has seen on the web. This is done by gathering five hundred most viewed search terms and determining a spam index score. The site is free to use and has two main options to register:

{1}. Get 5 FREE job searches and access their small database of over 13 million jobs.
{2}. A paid subscription allows you to search the full database, and sort and rank jobs by many criteria.

ZipRecruiter: Get a Free Trial of This Popular Paid Job Site

You probably know that two of the toughest struggles in the job search are locating relevant job postings and crafting killer resume and cover letter materials that will land you those coveted job interviews.

The good news is that ZipRecruiter’s online job board and the resume and cover letter tools on their website help you target your search and create superior professional materials for your job search and your overall career.

As an example, imagine that you are job searching in the area of corporate finance. ZipRecruiter’s job board will help you find all the numerous jobs within that industry, from Bank Mergers to Venture Capital to Financial Planning. If you click on one of the job postings, a quick registration process will help you access tons of free resume templates, including professional finance resume templates, and information on how to write powerful and relevant cover letters.

Glassdoor: Find Professional Talent in 30-Days Free

Glassdoor is the leader in jobs and career search and an easy way to discover hot career opportunities in your local area.

You can research and apply directly to job openings on Glassdoor from anywhere.

Employer ratings and reviews, salaries, job descriptions, and qualifications are just some of the data Glassdoor can help you find. You can also apply to companies that partner with Glassdoor.

Because they’re working to connect job seekers with opportunities, they partner with a few employers and they’re adding more every day.

The job board is free.

You can post a job.

You can search for jobs or become a company sponsor.

Glassdoor hires more than 50 full-time employees to work in customer service, engineering, marketing, business, finance, programs, IT, operations, and even logistics.

They’re experts in delivering unbeatable recruiting solutions in personalized online job search.

The opportunity to grow and build a career with a company recognized as a leader in recruiting solutions.

Employer Reviews are the backbone of Glassdoor.

Companies also have the opportunity to send recruiters, reporters, and business staff to apply to jobs posted on Glassdoor‒s site to recruit.

MightyRecruiter: Post to Nearly 30 Job Boards

With One Sign-Up .

You can post to nearly 30 different online job boards with the same simple sign-up process. The website is also color coded by job type so you can easily choose jobs that fit your skills. You can also filter your searches by location, date, and more.

MightyRecruiter is one of the fastest growing online job boards and is used by over a million job seekers each month. Tens of thousands of companies are using the website to post their job openings to the most popular job boards including Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and ZipRecruiter.

Free Job Posting Sites for Hourly Employees

Does the humiliating post on your website of you looking for a job make you wince? Or is it that your friend asked you for some recommendation letters because he is in the trenches looking for longer term employment? If you are looking for a job, you need a way to reach the right people. You want to reach the right people to help you get a job. A quick tip for you, or an intelligent staffing company, to save yourself the heartache and scratch your head and head to a blog post. They also have a podcast.

The number one way today to land any job, anywhere, anytime, is to get and write a resume. The old days of the resume being the magical way to land a job are gone. The resume is a bare minimum document that shows you have at least tried to dress up your experience. If you look at a resume, you will notice that everyone’s resumes look completely different.

The resume is the way to get your foot in the door of a potential employer until your phone starts ringing off the hook. After that, it is interviews. A resume is a one-time hit. Interviews are what you want to do as often as possible. People who can’t get interviews are not applying to enough jobs. Most people can’t get an interview in the first place.

1.Homebase: Free Job Posting & Applicant Tracking

Homebase is a UK based Job Board and has been running since 2010. If you have been looking for a job and are frustrated with some of the unwieldy and expensive applications provided by large companies (such as LinkedIn and EventBrite) then Homebase is a great free alternative. Homebase offer a range of free job posting options to suit just about any need.

Indeed: Free Job Posting & Applicant Tracking System

Indeed is a US based Job Board and has been around since 1998. It is also a great alternative to the expensive and complex applications provided by large recruitment companies. Indeed offers a large selection of free job posting options that you can use to get a headstart on your job search.

JobPilot: Free Job Posting & Applicant Tracking System

JobPilot is a US based Job Board and was founded in 2006. It has been in operation for a number of years and has a solid user base which means that you don’t have to register to establish a successful job search platform. With JobPilot you can search jobs by category, location, keyword and industry, edit your resume and apply to jobs directly from the site.

Glassdoor: Free Job Posting & Applicant Tracking System

2.When I Work: Free Job Board + Shift Scheduling

If time is on your side, then it’s always best to consider taking matters into your own hands. While this might sound great in theory, it’s not feasible for most people unless they have several hours free each day to look for their jobs. When I Work seeks to change that by allowing users to shorten that time and space required to find a job by helping them out with the initial job search.

When I Work started its operations in 2012, and it now has more than 200,000 active users. The site ranks among the most commonly used job boards on the web, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an available position. It’s easy to use, but does come with certain caveats.

Recently, the site made headlines when a student landed the first full time job through the site. Also, the site was slow to respond to early users’ feedback, and it was acquired by Verizon. But although things are looking great for this startup, they don’t have everything figured out just yet. For one, the site requires users to regularly create an account, which a lot of people assume is a step they don’t need to invest in. Even with the account, it might take time to find an available position and even longer to find a job.

Free Job Posting Sites for Developers & Tech

If you’re looking for a career in programming, then you know that writing code is just a small part of the process.

Applying for a job is also a big deal, as you want to make a great first impression.

Not only that, but you need to study what the company is looking for, as well as prepare a proper resume.

Considering all this, filling out a job application on your own is a big hassle. So, hiring companies would definitely know what they’re doing and give you the best possible answers.

And when you’re trying to find a job, in addition to filling out a job application, you’re also going to have to be proactive in your job search.

You need to get your job posting on job portals and engage with recruiters. Therefore, you’ll need to have the tools to help you with both the job application process as well as the job search process.

The good news is, there are numerous ways you can find jobs, as well as use free tools to help you with both the job application and job posting process. Below, we’re going to look at the best job posting sites where you’ll have to listings of jobs in every major industry.

1.AngelList: The LinkedIn Alternative That’s Free for Job Posting

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is still the biggest and most popular job posting site in the world. However, if you’re looking for job offers that don’t cost you a dime, then AngelList AngelList is a great choice.

AngelList is the brainchild of entrepreneur Naval Ravikant.

If you’re looking to get hired at a startup, then seek out the founders of the company and look them up on LinkedIn. Set a company profile on LinkedIn and include it in your individual profile. According to AngelList, 12,000 companies currently list jobs on AngelList.

AngelList also has a three level evaluation system that helps startups to rate job applicants.

Scouted: Pay for Top Candidates Upon Hire

Scouted is a marketplace for translating resumes, researching job seekers, and filling in the blanks for employers. With easy-to-use platform and a scalable pricing model, it’s one of the best job-posting sites out there.


When it comes to hiring, the process can be costly and complex, both for companies and job seekers.

Companies: Employers spend considerable investment in training, sourcing, and choosing the right personnel for the roles they need. Sometimes they need to go through several rounds of interviews and assessments to shortlist the best candidates for the team. If the right person does not apply for the job, they can spend up to 6 months waiting for the right candidate.

Job Seekers: In a constantly changing labour market, it is no longer enough to have a great resume for your CV, you need to update it frequently to keep it relevant in this job market. In addition to that, you need to spend a substantial amount of time on LinkedIn, social media and with recruiters.

Scouted’s Vision

To make the hiring process more efficient, transparent and cost-effective for both employers and job seekers.

Scouted’s Mission

To build the largest, fastest, and most accurate hiring marketplace dedicated to finding exceptional candidates and helping employers fill positions with the best possible fit.

Free Job Posting Sites to Find Freelancers

If you’re looking to find a freelance job, the best place to start is with a job board. On these sites, you can browse through several job titles, relevant skills, industry-specific jobs and reviews from previous employers. You can also use these job boards to create a profile listing your experience and your strengths.

The following are the 32 best free job posting sites to find freelance jobs or find freelancers in different niche websites:


Elance is a leading global marketplace for freelancers, and the most popular name in the online job market. Elance is available in 26 markets and has an incredible 2.85 million freelancers. Searching for keywords on Elance will ensure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to landing your next job. You can find projects from all the major categories like Web Design, Apps, Design, Writing and Design.


Guru offers a great selection of tasks in a wide variety of categories. With more than 65,000 skilled professionals to choose from, these are the sites to get the jobs done in times of need. It’s your one-stop site for finding freelance help in design, marketing, programming, writing, illustration and more.

Freelance Gig

1.Fiverr: Projects Starting at $5 per Task

This is one of the most highly sought after online platforms for setting up your complete business or for simply finding work. Lots of new freelancers are signing up for Fiverr to get some freebies and for getting their work done. Fiverr is one of the most in-demand websites for beginner freelancers as setting up your online business on any freelancing site is not an easy task. Several freelancers are getting frustrated with freelancing sites and the various drawbacks present in them.

One of the most motivating factor for people to join Fiverr is that Fiverr allows freelancers to set up their own projects online and for people who do not know how to set up their own projects, they can search through Fiverr projects and request them. Positives:

Everyone can create his own projects and get paid for it. There are many services to offer online for a price.

There are several categories to choose from, such as design, voice over, translations, data entry and more for business owners.

As long as you offer a good service, you will be able to get projects and start earning money.


The payment system is not easy to start with and the payment options are not convenient or your preferred payment option.

You will have to work hard or signup to Fiverr with a trusted profile.

2.Upwork: Screen Freelancer Ratings & Post Jobs

The answer to the question is straight forward: Upwork. It is the right option for independent professional developers and designers; fulfillment workers; and free thinkers.

Unlike other site such as Freelancer, Upwork questions a three-minute test to evaluate your education and experience. The test concentrates on completing tasks and projects with the help of clients.

In general, the test takes 10 minutes. If Upwork sees that you have interest in your selection, they contact you for more information. Only after passing the test, they forward your profile to the clients and lets them decide.

You can find freelancers across your field from skilled programmers, graphic designers, writers, and accountants to project managers.

Generally, Upwork provides all the answers you need in return to set a good position, and it is not only for United States, but also for Canada, Brazil, Australia, UAE and many other countries.

Upwork’s international coverage makes it easier to find and hire freelancers in many different countries.

The difference between Freelancer and Upwork is that Upwork gives you ratings and reviews of each member, and they provide more information about them.


Forbes is probably the second best paid job board for developers where you can post your job and find both professional and part time workers.

Some of the key features of Forbes:

3.Guru.com: Find Technical & Design Free

Guru is a life-changing community with highly-customizable features, premium I.T jobs, and innovative business opportunities. Learn more

Guru helps YOU find an I.T job. I.T Clients find you. Find a job. All post jobs get searched by the Guru. We help you win jobs you need. If you have a technical job, you'll probably find it here. And we have all the features to help you succeed.

The Guru Advantage:

  • Search over 9 different job sites, in one easy search
  • Technical jobs search
  • Helpful search results
  • Preferred listing in Jobs section on site
  • Advanced filtering

Guru Job Submission Site:

  • Job posting content like resume and details required for submission
  • View all jobs posted by a Guru Member

Find all free job listing sites for jobs that require I.T certification including:

HBS EMT Software Engineer U.S. Military Engineer Camera Operator Risk Management Analyst Network Security Engineer Aviation Maintenance Administrator Mechanical Engineer Database Administrator Electrician Sales Engineer Model Maker Trades Supervisor Technical Support Engineer Cold Calling

4.TopTal: Share Freelance Jobs With Vetted Talent

5.Giggrabbers: Post Open Gigs & Crowdfund

The giggrabbers help you to find the jobs that you are looking for. It is a place where employers post gigs and unemployed people post their resumes. It is also a crowdfunding site where employers can crowdfund themselves and the customers can back the employer to get more chances to get back the job done.

The giggrabbers platform have various job categories in which the employers or the jobseekers can post their gigs on their profile and browse over the platform to get the available jobs. It is also helpful in finding the employer ‘s that are looking for talents and skills that you want to work with. On the other hand, if you are an employer looking for various talents of your company’s, this giggrabbers platform will also help you get your jobs.

Anyone can post his/her gig on the giggrabbers platform for free. If you are a jobseeker, you can browse through the gigs on the giggrabbers platform by the different categories. Otherwise, you can also post your gigs by paying some fees for your gigs. This will help the gigseeker to get more chances to get their desired jobs. You can also help the employer to crowdfund the employer by donating some amount for the employer.

6.Freeeup: Post Hourly Projects for Self-employed Workers

Freeeup is a popular job posting site where self-employed workers post hourly projects for free. It is a favourite amongst beginners and experts looking to work on various projects. Freeeup is similar to Upwork but is more geared towards hourly projects and less towards permanent work. In other words, if you are looking for work you might prefer Upwork. Freeeup is ideal for people looking for short to longterm projects or for people looking for a side hustle.

The website is easy to use and registration is fairly painless. To post a new project, click on the Post Project button and write down the post type and project description. The project description can be as long as you want it to be. It’s also a good idea to include your availability and expertise. While this can vary somewhat, it can make prospective clients more likely to click on your project. You can also submit this information to your client after you receive an invitation from them.

Freeeup is free to use but does require a working email address. You can also upload a picture of yourself. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so by clicking on the Signup button on the website. You’ll be asked to fill out a personal profile, including an email address and uploading a profile picture. Once you submit your profile you can start posting projects.

7.AileenSoul: Post Artistic & Creative Jobs Free

You can browse the job postings on various fields through the jobs tab on the site. They offer a lot of listings on departments in various areas. You will find a lot of different career opportunities in your area of interest.

The job listings are listed on the homepage and easy to find. The ads are submitted in categories like Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Ad Sales, Customer Service and more.

Employees can update the job postings. Sign-up is free and only requires an email address. You can participate in open forums and browse through the YouTube Channel for even more information on the positions.

For most of the positions they provide the basic requirement as well as the company information. Some positions may require local work experience. You can also make an application directly from the website to reach out to the employer.

The rates may vary depending on the position and the requirements. Employees can choose the percentage of payment needed by the employer.

Sign up to the website and see the list of available jobs.

Free Niche Job Posting Sites

If you happen to work with social media, or simply just love finding information on online jobs, the number of online job posting sites has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade alone. Millions of people worldwide use these sites as a way to find part time and full time jobs from all walks of life … from everything to working at home to technical roles requiring a master’s degree to working in the medical field.

The number of online job posting sites is no where near to being complete, but we here at the Bro Code have handpicked a respectable selection of niche job posting sites where you can find opportunities that fit your needs. Expand your your network and build a varied profile of the types of jobs you’re interested in by checking these sites out.

Internships.com: Post Summer & School-year Internship Jobs

My Remote Developers: No Fees for Employers to Post Jobs

Automate Hiring.

Remote workers have expanded at a rapid rate across the globe according to 2017 survey done by global job search company Indeed. An estimated 20.77 million U.S. residents work from home and within remote teams of 27.8 million people a day.

The OECD predicts this remote work force will rise to 21.7 percent of the global workforce by 2025. That’s over 2 million more remote workers.

With the expansion of remote work have also come more jobs. Today there are more remote jobs posted on remote job boards like Digital Ocean, Remote OK, and Work from Home than there are traditional job boards.

These remote job boards free remote employers (businesses) of posting job listings and reduce fees by offering free or cheap solutions. So that’s where I came in.

Two years ago, I created the world’s first free remote job board, remote developers, to promote and connect remote workers with employers seeking developers or software engineers. The rapid expansion of remote workers has inspired my next project.

Instead of posting jobs on remote job boards, employers can post jobs on remote developers and rely on this remote job board to find and hire remote workers.

National Labor Exchange: Post Your Open Job Free to State Workforce Systems

National Labor Exchange (NLE) – They are a non-profit that provides national access to local job listings in any industry (except agriculture and the private sector not regulated by a state’s workforce system). But they do provide a very easy way to post your job openings.

You can post your job opening for free and/or use NLE for your state’s Employment Security system. Currently I live in Nevada (have lived here since June 1, 2017) and their WBOP – WorkSource Nevada Online is working an upgrade. Here is the link to our WorkSource Nevada online system.

Unlike other job search sites that get all their information from job boards, Google, etc., National Labor Exchange operates very much like a job board (or job classifieds). However, all the stats or information about the job posting is free so there is no cost involved.

All you had to do was register and post your job offers. Then, you receive up to three phone calls a day from registered candidates to apply for your available job openings.

Click here to view National Labor Exchange Job Postings for Free.

Learn4Good: Post Jobs to College Students for Up to Six Months Free

Learn4Good is a job posting website for college students. Over the past several years, this job site has recruited grassroots recruiting specialists and online college students to help companies find good hires. Awareness is high among successful college students and seasoned professionals that students can be a source of high quality entry-level candidates and fresh perspectives.

Learn4Good offers organizations and college students the opportunity to post job ads, set up interviews, and find the ideal candidate. The ads are reviewed by Learn4Good moderators who screen them for appropriateness and relevance.

The Learn4Good screening process ensures that you are reaching the top candidates, making it a great resource for companies looking to hire quality employees. Learn4Good is the skilled labor marketplace.

Hire Veterans First: Job Site for Veterans

There are so many job posting websites for professionals and those who are still in the search of job. There are many websites for free hiring, and some of them are exclusive for professionals who have basic experience and who can speak own language. The problem comes when one need the job, he or she cannot access the job because others are requiring the same skills to use the website…

Free job posting websites are not for veterans! Veterans who look for a job in the first place in the USA are facing many challenges. One of the most important things to do before your job search is to take care of your schedule.

Youve got a job. Youve got a normal life. Youve got to go to work, and you have bills to pay. You can’t afford a loss in your income you have to do something.

Your first step is to build your resume. This is the step you have to take to create your job search more effective. You can start it by using the internet to your advantage. There is a good chance that a recruiter or hiring manager at a company you are interested in will use this medium to post the available jobs.

How to find these job postings?

Virtual Vocations: Find Remote, Home-based Employees

Upload your resume and start applying to jobs today! We’ve liberated an amazing data set from Glassdoor and data-crunching service Visualize.ly to reveal the 32 best virtual job posting sites.

Candidate solutions Monitor all your job postings on our homepage. Looking for something new? Insert a new job today, and you’ll be alerted when that post has new listings.

Hiring solutions Hire today in 4 easy steps! Upload your resume, filter by location, apply to jobs, and win contracts.

Benefits of using Virtual Vocations are:

  • You can get hired today with no risk
  • You can search for jobs you qualify for through profiles of over 20 million home-based and telecommuting professionals
  • You can filter your search to your desired location.
  • Use the graph to find the nearest job to your location for the best proximity for an interview.
  • Learn how to write a perfect resume from hundreds of thousands of tips and solutions.
  • Manage and organize all your job applications on a single dashboard, and see the new jobs that match your interests and experience.
  • We help HR executives, staffing executives and HR recruiters with all kinds of solutions regarding remote work, freelancing jobs, telecommuting jobs, and off-site executives.

Wahve: Post Jobs for Seasoned Experts

ExpoTor: Event, Trade Show, and Marketing Jobs

If you’re a job seeker, ExpoTor is certainly worth your attention. It’s a search engine aimed at helping job seekers and employers find potential job opportunities, events, and trade show networking opportunities. The site’s specialized community-driven platform lets you connect with the person you want to work with and keep your job search on track. Unlike other job sites that tend to be dominated by employers, ExpoTor is a community-based job bank where you have a greater chance of finding like-minded people who are seeking your skills at the same time.

Since ExpoTor’s platform is community-driven, your job search could benefit from using special search tools such as current job postings, special event listings, and trade show networking listings. In addition, ExpoTor’s modus operandi includes a small project directory for users who are looking for an extra source of income. If you’re looking for a flexible job with low hours and flexible working arrangements, ExpoTor may be the right call for you.

After all, with over 105,000 professional job listings (and counting) and an estimated 2.7 million members, the site’s already advanced to a level of self-sufficiency where the job seeker’s becoming the search engine.

Handshake: Firm Up Campus Recruiting Efforts With Free Job Ads

With over a million members and more than 600k students across the world, Handshake is one of the biggest job portals on the web. And it’s free. That means, neither you nor your university has to pay to post a jobs post.

Handshake is also a powerful company when it comes to recruiting. The company boasts of 10,000 startup companies and tons of corporate recruiters as its members. Students can follow and advertise their resume and applications to Handshake’s network of potential employers.

Still, Handshake is the largest job portal on the web that’s free. And, it’s easy to use as well. If you’re preparing for a job search after your university years, no matter what your background is or where you are in the world, Handshake might be for you.

While Handshake is free, the company does prefer some information to be provided by the job posters to ensure sensitive information isn’t shared. The company also reserves the right to approve or discard the post.

Posting Jobs with Free Job Boards

Handshake works on a job posting model where job posters have to register and sign in and post their job ads. To post a job, job posters can choose from 3 types of ad:

Job Posting Tips to Save Money & Maximize Recruiting Efforts

Job seekers can easily find a lot of job posting sites which offer free job posting services. However, many job seekers simply click on the first site they hear, without looking at the other sites for free job posting. With this, they miss out on top-notch job posting opportunities. So here is the list of some of the top job posting sites for job seekers with the option for free job posting and the reasons for downloading the site.

{1}. CareerBuilder – This is a great resource for both job seekers and employers of the transition market. The site offers a great array of jobs in a variety of industries.
{2}. SimplyHired – This site also offers a wide variety of options for people looking for free job postings. Some of these options include job alerts, and job postings found through different job search tools.
{3}. The Ladders – This site has a great overall understanding of the transition market and what different job seekers look for in an employer side of the spectrum. It gives users plenty of options and also creates short profiles with links to websites.
{4}. Shiftgig – With the Internet's impact on the labor market, there is no better time than now to post your job online. Shiftgig opens up that platform for job seekers to find potential employers and offers a wide range of jobs in all industries.

Obey Free Job Posting Site Rules

If you plan to use any of these great sites for a job search or want to post a job on one of these sites, be sure to follow the site’s guidelines for free posting. You should read and follow their rules for free job posting, which includes your obligations to provide accurate and complete information on your job postings on these sites.

The last thing you want is to have your job showing up on job boards on these sites. At the same time, you also don’t want to be penalized if they find out you haven’t been honest with them.

Even though these sites provide a free posting feature, posting your job will cost a little money; it’s not completely free. Depending on where you post, the cost for posting your job will be relatively cheap or relatively expensive. Some of the sites allow you to free job post part or all of your job posting, while other sites request for you to pay a small fee to post a job.

Also, some of the job sites will not accept all types of jobs, while some will accept jobs from different countries. This means that if you want to offer or accept certain positions, you will have to abide by specific site guidelines. This is a great example of why you should always read the guidelines for a job board before you post a job.

Advertise on Free Job Boards Only When Needed

There are other, more reliable options for job hunting. Instead of advertising on free job boards, sign up for a paid job search site, like Monster. They will do the work of searching the internet and presenting job opportunities to you. That way you can save your time, effort, and money.

More importantly, you are less likely to fall for scam ads and avoid wasting your time on bad leads.

Bottom Line

Here is the bottom line. Your best chance to land a free job in 2022 is via a targeted job posting or classified ad on a free online job board. For job seekers, these websites are a treasure trove of job opportunities as well as a place to network, hunt down mentors, learn new skills, and establish a career network of your own.

If you're a job-seeker, you'll find hundreds of career directories, links to job sites, and job banks to explore. If you're a job-seeker, you'll find hundreds of career directories, links to job sites, and job banks to explore.

Job search boards can also be a great way to find a job, especially if you’re interested in working for a company in a particular niche that doesn’t have a career site of its own, but has traditionally hired its staff through traditional posting services such as craigslist and Careerbuilder. Job search boards can also be a great way to find a job, especially if you’re interested in working for a company in a particular niche that doesn’t have a career site of its own, but has traditionally hired its staff through traditional posting services such as craigslist and Careerbuilder.