23 Best Free Business Software Solutions for 2022

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Wave: Free Accounting Software

For Bookkeeping and PayRoll, automates many accounting functions, such as inventory and purchase-part pricing, with easy-to-use spreadsheets, so you can enjoy more free time.

Square: Free Point-Of-Sale Software for Small Retailers

Square (formerly known as Squarespace) mission is to make it easier for small retailers to grow their businesses. Square is very popular in the restaurant industry, but it can be used for different kinds of business as well.

It’s a free mobile payment, point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management software that’s designed to make running a small business much easier.

Square is very popular with restaurants. It allows them to accept payment, as well as maintain their inventory and meal and drink menus on the go. Plus, they have an online ordering system that allows customers to place their orders online without leaving their seats. Within a few years, this mobile payment solution has been used by more than 100,000 users.

Other businesses that use Square are photo studios, law offices, convenience stores, sports concession stands, and even shipping and printing service businesses.

The app has two versions: the free LCD and the more sophisticated iPad Mini. The iPad Mini version also includes a printer, scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer.

Zoom: Free Video Conferencing Software

Zoom is a free video conferencing service that allows users to connect with other people virtually, using their computers, smartphones, or tablets. Zoom was founded in 2007 and has offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Zoom’s mission is to create a free, online communication platform that allows individuals to connect with others freely, and its value is the quality of its connections.

The best way to use the Zoom app is to use your devices to video chat with individuals you already know, rather than attempting to connect with strangers. You can find the Zoom video chat feature by opening the app and searching for ‘Zoom’ on your smartphone or tablet. The layout is quite intuitive and should be easy to use.

The voice quality on Zoom is excellent and the video quality is also quite good. With the video feature on, you can adjust the quality settings of each participant, making the video stream more or less clear. However, the quality of the video can also depend on the device that you are using for the video chat. Zoom is a free service that doesn’t limit your network usage or capture any information about you, so you can use the video chat feature as often as you like.

Google Docs: Free Document and File Storage

When you’re searching for a free alternative to Microsoft’s office products and you’re not sure if you should move to LibreOffice or OpenOffice, you can’t go wrong with Google’s Documents. With its robust document storage and clutter-free user interface, Google’s free office suite, which is known as Google Drive, has become the defacto platform of many new startups.

Google Docs offers document and file storage and comes with a robust product list that includes applications for spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and graphs. The suite also has a multitude of collaboration options – as well as the ability for multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously. The free version of Google Docs also comes with a variety of pre-installed templates – like blogs, online surveys and newsletters. There’s also a Google Forms app for creating surveys.

Zoho CRM: Free Customer Relationship Management Software

Zoho CRM is a powerful and free CRM software that gives you a set of tools for managing all the customer-facing aspects of your business. Zoho CRM software is developed by Zoho Corporation, a global web software and services provider.

In this software, you’ll have access to powerful tools that enhance your productivity and help you get the most out of your next sale. With Zoho CRM, you can create highly customized sales reports online, manage your customers with multiple lines of inquiry, and set up tasks and workflows. If you need to track your company’s performance and create reports for your customers, Zoho CRM is the right tool for the job.

You have options when it comes to free CRM software. Zoho CRM is excellent for small businesses, but it may be overkill for larger companies. That said, it’s absolutely free to sign up.

All you need is a .edu email address to get started with Zoho CRM.

While Zoho ERP is mainly a commercial software, Zoho CRM is free to use for both personal and business use.

One of the key features of Zoho CRM is that it outputs reports by the minute, hour, day and week, hence allowing you to track your sales efforts in great detail.

Homebase: Free Employee Scheduling Software

Homebase is a flexible and affordable employee scheduling software. This application makes it easy for you to organize all your team members and create efficient schedules. You can even create and share your team's calendars together.

You deserve to have a deeper impact in your workplace by being more productive and helping every team member you have work as efficiently as possible. Homebase makes that possible for you. With this flexible software, you can collaborate with your team members to write tasks, organize schedules and resources and share them all together.

The biggest benefit of this customizable scheduling tool is that it is accessible to everyone. Whether you need a simple task management tool for your personal productivity or for your business, you can install the software and use it to keep track of every workday, from the day before to all the monthly holidays.

Homebase is equipped with a powerful scheduling tool that can be used by everyone. This application will help you and your team seamlessly and efficiently handle all your scheduled activities. One of the things that make this website stand out is its unique calendar sharing tool.

With this calendar control, you can add reminders, calendar events and events within Homebase. This simple calendar tool is accessible for everyone so you and your team can use it on the go or at home.

Freshdesk: Free Customer Support Software

Freshdesk is a customer support and business software for all your business.

Freshdesk is a robust all-in-one solution for business that mounts the best free features of all the other systems in the market and puts it all together in one application.

At it’s core, Freshdesk is a professional helpdesk, where you can handle the support requests for your clients with one click. It fits into your business like nobody else does, but the clean, intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use.

Freshdesk’s strength is in its simplicity and its open API. It’s simple enough for a new business without much of a technical background to get things moving, and the API is the key to how companies can make the most of Freshdesk.

Freshdesk has been recommended by Internet Hive, Wipro, Temple-Inland, Intuit, and many more.

Mailchimp: Free Email Marketing Software

MailChimp is a social media marketing and automation tool that’s worth a look for anyone with email software and auto-responder needs. MailChimp offers free email templates, analytics, and segmentation tools, so you can focus on your marketing…while MailChimp takes care of the rest.

What you won’t find on MailChimp, however, are powerful marketing and automation tools. MailChimp is great for anyone who needs a marketing service that’s free or inexpensive. It can handle up to one million subscribers and it accepts almost all email systems. In other words, it’s easy to set up and manage, which makes it a perfect first email marketing tool.

MailChimp also broadcasts your Rackspace emails worldwide, so you don’t have to think about any geo-blocking issues. It’s browser- and device-independent and works seamlessly with your phone.


  • Informative tool, but pricey for small businesses
  • Blends into website instead of generating advertising

Payroll4Free.com: Free Payroll Software

When it comes to starting a small business, the use of a payroll program is a required expense. For most small business owners, this area of business management can seem like a series of confusing complexities and pitfalls.

Fortunately, Payroll4Free is a free small business whole paycheck payroll package that can come to the rescue. This simple payroll software package provides the basis for a very basic payroll process. In its simplest form, you can use the payroll software program to generate checks and print reports. The payroll software package includes some initial screen prompts, which guide the user through a few steps and answer some basic questions like name and location. In this way, Payroll4Free becomes a convenient tool that can help a homeowner, small business owner, or other small-business individual create a record of employee hours, earnings, and payroll. The program does record your payroll data and manage taxes, but you may need to add other programs, such as a payroll software program or a tax software program, to your business lineup to make sure that you have everything covered.

Canva: Free Graphic Design Software

Canva is a free, online graphic design platform that allows you to create professional quality graphics and artwork. You can use Canva’s design templates and tools to create presentations, infographics, business cards, posters, logos and other graphics with minimal effort.

Canva has become extremely popular in recent years and is frequently the first free design software bundle that I recommend to new designers. Canva is available for all major platforms, which means that you can create graphics on your phone or tablet, on a different computer or at a friend’s house.

Canva has a massive library of free design elements, overlays, icons, templates and fonts. The library contains over 7,500 unique icons, 600 shapes, 150 different fonts, and a library of over 3,800 premium photos.

You can even import your own images. Although Canva doesn’t offer a photo editor, you can edit and adjust images using Canva’s built-in tools.

Organise and add text to designs by using Canva’s built-in clip art. Canva’s image library includes over 6,000 clip art images that you can tweak and manipulate according to your needs.

Sumo: Free Website Tools to Automate Growth

Sumo is a groundbreaking SaaS solution for growth hackers designed by growth hackers, for growth hackers. It’s a marketplace of growth hacks, with over 2,000 growth hacks and hundreds of thousands of new customers joining each month. It’s also a fast growing community of hackers helping each other.

Coolest Features:

Copy and paste Facebook Advertising directly into your profiles and Facebook pixel insights

Create automatic landing pages and grow your traffic on autopilot.

Define growth goals for every new member and send personalized emails.

Find Facebook’s best influencers and share their content in your Sumo profile.

Measure audience and grow your audience in a straightforward way.

Beginner Friendly:

Sumo grows in the most organic way, organically. It’s not connected to any ads or marketing services…that would spoil the product.

Add Sumo badges to your website and put the badge code anywhere, without custom coding, special design or a complicated setup.

Discover more innovative ways to grow your traffic, cool talks and best practices.

Hootsuite: Free Social Media Management

Here at eZanga, we are huge fans of social media. With social media, anyone can market his or her business 24/7, all year round. However, managing social media is no piece of cake.

If you have ever tried managing social media for your business, you know it’s time consuming and a task that takes experience.

Getting the right software can make managing social media for your company easier. Most software tools have features that streamline your ability to manage social media.

Some of these features may include analytics, scheduling, scheduling for different platforms, analytics, and content management. Two features you should focus on when selecting the right social media management software are scheduling for multiple social media locations and analytics.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at the top free social media management software for small businesses. If you haven’t decided on a social media management tool yet, we’ll give you a good shopping list of tools to help you on your way.

WordPress.com: Free Website and Blog Builder

Trustpilot: Free Tool to Get Online Reviews

If you need online reviews for your business, then Trustpilot offers free tools to help you get yours online. The trustpilot Reviews tool allows you to get reviews from reviews platform Trustpilot (Only for websites). Reviewers will evaluate whether your business provides good service and they will leave a review after a genuine interaction with you or your business.

Trustpilot Reviews is absolutely free software to use. It is a simple process to install the software for free. Please follow the instructions in the Software Installation Guide provided before use.

Once you’ve installed the software, it will start sending visitors from your desired platforms to the Trustpilot Reviews platform, where it will ask reviewers to evaluate your business with Trustpilot. If they find it to be a trustworthy place to shop, they’ll leave a review on Trustpilot.

The software will place the reviews, all of which you can see in your dashboard on Trustpilot.

Rating of Trustpilot: * As discussed above, the ratings of Trustpilot are one of the top feature of this software. Also it is a free tool to use. So why not give Trustpilot Reviews a try.

Nav: Free Business Credit Reports

Here’s a quick list of free businesses software for small businesses. The list is in alphabetical order.

Trello: Free Visual Project Management Software

Evernote: Free Note Taking and Organizing App

Evernote is a note taking app for your phone and computer. You can use Evernote to take notes, voice or text record, create checklists, and also sync notes with your preferred desktop applications.

Evernote is available on every major platform and it also come with some powerful desktop software. If you’re looking for an app that can do it all – a place for you to take a quick note and never lose it again – then Evernote is your best bet. Evernote is also free, which is another perk.

Hunter: Free Email Address Finder

Find People Who Went to Your Website

Our hunt tool will find the emails of visitors who signed up at your business website. The way that this works is that you are in control of your own email service, so you’re responsible for being able to provide the email addresses that you want to download from your website. We cannot provide the email addresses for you.

Once you download an email address from this free tool, you can run a hunter on these addresses to find your subscribers and potential customers. When you run a hunter on your list, it looks for all email addresses from your email service, all email addresses with the same domain, and all email addresses that have the same password.

Growing a mailing list is the first step toward achieving any significant business. This becomes critical if you are planning to sell products and services online. The current method for emailing a list is the only way to get your message out to your subscribers. It is time to upgrade to a mailing list client that is designed for today’s specific business needs. Most mailing list clients take your trading season off, and a number of the clients limit the number of emails that you can send per year. The limitations prevent you from building a sizable mailing list.

AND.CO: Free Proposal & Invoice Software

JotForm: Free Online Forms

JotForm is a free online form creator that lets you create free online surveys, polls, forms and much more. It has a vast collection of pre-built customizations and a fantastic tool for adding media and dynamic data to your forms. And all of this will be completely free to use – you’ll never pay a penny to use this service!

While JotForm definitely has its fair share of critics, there’s no questioning its single-form solution is flexible, free, and packed with tons of great features. And at the same time, it’s a very easy way to create a basic form and embed it on your website (or share it via email) with minimal effort.

The only downside is that you can’t import and use existing forms which you’ve already built in other programs like Excel or Google Forms.

If you’re looking for a free form builder that’s easy to use, JotForm is a perfect solution. It’s responsive too, so it looks beautiful and functions wonderful from a mobile device or desktop.

Mailtrack: Free Email Tracking for Gmail

SurveyMonkey: Free Online Surveys

If you’re in business, why not give your customers the satisfaction of surveys?

SurveyMonkey is an online survey software service that helps businesses gain valuable feedback on their products and services. From analyzing customer reviews to gaining insights into how your business is performing, SurveyMonkey can help you reap the rewards of in-depth research while keeping things simple and easy to use.

SurveyMonkey’s free-to-use online survey service lets you create and distribute polls to your business’s customers and prospects. You can use this tool to:

  • Scrutinize your competitors’ products and services
  • Get immediate feedback from existing customers on new ideas or their favorite stores
  • Tell a story about your products and services while shedding light on your customers’ opinions
  • Offer a reward for qualified feedback

Learn more about your customers’ opinions and see how your business can improve by reaching out to SurveyMonkey today.

Evite: Free Online Invitation Software

Evite is a free online invitation software for people to host a private party, event, or festival. It’s a little different than most other online invitation software in that it allows users to create and manage events on your website instead of their own. This means their site visitors can stay on your site and check out your collection of shindigs. That’s an awesome freebie, as we’ve found that people want to see where the party is being held.

Other cool features include the option to send an email invite with a link to the Evite page, where the user can RSVP and print out or fax the response, and the ability to add a “cancel RSVP” button so you can stop anyone from showing up on your doorstep.

Why Does Evite Stand Out?

Evite helps your event stand out because of the use of the Evite system: this is not your run-of-the-mill online invitation software. It’s integrated with your site, which means you have access to everything from ordering to managing an Evite invite, RSVPs, cancellations, and more.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a new business starting out or a corporation looking to invest in a new piece of technology it’s important to consider the growing need for data analytics, data analytics reporting and integration.

As a corporate corporation looking for the most efficient solutions there are a lot of options for integration that can potentially minimize your costs ensuring you will get the most out of your investment. This is one of the many reasons why we would love to have a discussion with you.

We will discuss both the business and the IT environment and how we can work together to help maximize your growth. I know that there is a demand for cost-effective solutions that reduce the complexity of the information environment and effectively meet the needs of business users.

Some of the software we can discuss is:

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And why it is important for your small business to integrate it into your existing administrative systems.

KIS … KIS Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide is intended to assist startup's, small businesses, actors and self-employed persons with setting up their environment and implementing their own unique employee numbers.

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