7 Best Free Applicant Tracking Systems To Consider in 2022

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Top 7 Applicant Tracking Software (Free)

Applicant tracking software is a must-have for the staffing industry. It helps screening recruiters quickly search and find the right candidate. read more

This comprehensive list of the seven best free header software resources is listed alphabetically and is FREE. There is no cost to download and configure these programs.

Perfect for spreadsheet and donor mailing tasks, you can forget about using Microsoft Access, Quicken or Excel to process your job application applications for recruiting. All of these title screen software support web browsing and save your jobs right to your computer.

I do not, however, endorse any programs as perfect or as the best application screen software.

There are other great application screen software listed at the end of this post.

All you have to do is download and upload your file on your job application application software for recruiting.

You will receive detailed instructions on how to use these software to get your job application applications sorted out.

These are commonly used for hiring, employee selection, lead generation, survey, donor mailing and more in the staffing industry.

These programs can be classified as free software (you have to pay a subscription fee), or dedicated software (you only have to learn).

This free application screen software list is based on the following criterion:

Browsing, searching and management.

They are very suitable for home use and help recruiters quickly find and load job applications.

Which Applicant Tracking System Is Right For You?

What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

The world of applicant tracking systems is served by many organizations; however, they all share a part of the same role. They control the stream of applicants that come and go from your organization. With the help of a robust, well-maintained system, you can control your employee’s movements through all steps of the application cycle, from reviewing resumes to making a final decision on which qualified candidates to pursue.

Holding your company accountable for your hiring decisions can be the best way to ensure that you hire the right people for the right position in your company. However, the process of hiring can be a lot trickier than it looks; every position in your company has a rigid hiring process that must be adhered to to ensure that you and your company are making the right hiring decisions.

The question you’re probably asking yourself is: how do I make sure that all the necessary information is gathered so that I’m making the best hiring decisions? Unfortunately, with the influx of job seekers, your company can’t get feedback on each application. The only way to examine the source of any inaccuracies is through your hiring system, which can help you create a more streamlined process to review and interview your applicants.

How Do I Choose the Right Applicant Tracking System?

Question 1

Are you a recruitment firm, staffing firm, headhunter or executive search firm?

If so, then you no doubt want to use an applicant tracking system (ATS). In the modern world of hiring, it’s just so much easier to use an ATS to manage your candidate profiles and even the initial screening process.

But, you can’t manage the market just by using ATS.

{1}. You need to seriously consider source codes of already successful recruitment firms and staffing firms so you can copy their business successfully.
{2}. In order to be successful, you, as a new recruit firm, need to rely on your own branding. Without a branding strategy, you will not stand a chance in this market.
{3}. You need to pay attention to your competitors and always be one step ahead in the market. If you don’t, then you will soon find yourself out of business.

These are just some reasons why you need to select a decent recruiting software right now. And these are just some of the ATS platforms you can choose.

In this article, we will discuss 7 best ATS platforms that you can use for success.

Question 2

Is the Applicant Tracking System Efficient and Secure

Companies today, especially those that are performing more technology-intensive business operations such as tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others, are using online applications to run their recruiting and workforce management processes externally. The online recruiting and applicant tracking systems have revolutionized the recruitment industry, with the number of people applying to jobs and the number of recruitment agencies increasing too.

With the rise of online applications, the recruiting and applicant tracking processes have become more efficient and cost effective. The applicant tracking system can work on an already growing applicant database to help agencies and companies to streamline the recruiting and applicant tracking processes. This helps recruiters, and companies to map the most important information on a candidate, like resume, application, and experience. This helps companies, recruiters, and firms to make better recruitment decisions, get an efficient workforce from their applicant database, and have a good pipeline of potential candidates for their jobs. The applicant tracking system also helps companies, and recruiters, to save huge costs on recruitment advertising by automating the recruitment process. With the applicant tracking system and its data insights, companies can prioritize their recruitment process on top priorities and focus on the candidates with most potential and skills. The applicant tracking system can also help to identify the best candidates faster, which can help everyone to get the best candidates.

Do you also need employee scheduling and time and attendance software?

Planning on hiring employees in the near future? It’s a good idea to have a system in place that keeps track of applicants, interviewers, and job applicants, and makes sure that applicants are called back in a timely manner. In 2080, it may be possible for firms to rely solely on AI to handle all of this; for now, however, we still need a system that can quickly track applicants, be efficient in a small business, and keep track of interviews. Applicant tracking systems can help with all of this.

In the past 20 years, applicant tracking systems have seen a number of technological advancements and changes. Many companies, both big and small, have moved to cloud-based programs, replacing the older systems with faster and more efficient systems. Over time, as technological improvements occur, systems like these may become obsolete. But for now, they’re still the best systems available.

So with that said, here are the seven best applicant tracking systems that small businesses should consider.

Question 3

How many positions do you hire for per month?

When posting a job on the internet, how many applications do you think you get? The number is staggering. There are hundreds, if not thousands of applications every time you post a job. After reading all the wonderful resumes, the owners of these companies look at them all and narrow down the applications they want a closer look of. The owners will judge the quality based on these criteria.

Forget about the minimum salary you can pay! The number of applicants, the quality of the resume, and the average salary are not your top priorities at this point. Your main concern is to hire the most qualified, talented employees.

Today, you have to consider the candidate yourself.

What if the potential employee is a mere number in the hundreds? Him/her doesn’t have even your attention, he/she doesn’t have your tiniest bit of your time when reading the thousands of resumes. Most companies cannot cope with all that!

Can you really throw all those applications in the trash because you can’t even look at them?


That’s a fact. And that’s where a proper applicant tracking system comes in!

Question 4

What is a Matching error rate (E-R)? What is a Response rate?

A Response rate is the percentage of sample that responded to a survey, and a Matching error rate is the percentage of records that should be in your file that are not. If this percentage is high, it is an indication that some records are missing or do not match.

A Matching error rate is calculated by taking the number of records which should be in your file and dividing this by the number of records you have received.

Do you need to push new hire data from the ATS into your HR Payroll System?

Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in our view. Now that you have a clear idea of the kind of benefits to the HR manager, the selection process is as simple as finding the right candidate, building a functional ATS to help you filter them and pushing the resumes into a suitable LMS such as Marketers Assistant or Revue. In order to look for those candidates you can try out a

How We Evaluated the Best Free Applicant Tracking Software

Freshteam: Best Overall Free ATS for Small Businesses

FreshTeam is a free, easy-to-use, basic applicant tracking system (ATS). It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a solid option for any small business that needs a free ATS that’s simple to use.

FreshTeam is a great ATS for a number of reasons. First, it’s free to use. If you’re worried about investing time or money into an ATS, FreshTeam makes it easy to track applicants and hire new employees.

Not only is FreshTeam simple to use, but it’s also secure. FreshTeam makes it easy to protect your business and business data. You can also customize your site using templates.

Don’t want to deal with navigating the platform? No problem! FreshTeam has created an easy to use tutorial to guide you and explain how you can set up your account and start applying to jobs. The detailed tutorial is great for those of you who are unfamiliar with ATSs and for those of you who are new to the hiring process.

FreshTeam is also available across multiple operating systems and devices (Windows desktop as well as Mac OS and Linux).

Freshteam Pricing

Freshteam’s trial pricing provides unlimited support, real time chat and support, and up to three projects.

Freshteam’s pricing is approachable and ideal for small and medium sized companies.

Freshteam’s pricing includes monthly billing, support and a 7 day money back guarantee.

Addition services such as Freshteam’s email marketing and Slack Integrations are available by subscription. These services revolve around a recurring cost, with a minimum 1 month contract.

Freshteam’s pricing is flexible and billable per number of hours, per month.

Freshteam’s pricing includes free credit reports and free credit monitoring. Applying for freshteam isn’t only a secure website, it’s also a secure way to get a free credit report and a free credit monitoring profile. Both services can be accessed by clicking on the –Freshteam Registration” button.

Freshteam has an affiliate program, which John’s Income Plus is a member of. With the Freshteam affiliate program, John’s Income Plus receives 20% of all Freshteam subscriptions purchased through the affiliate link. Freshteam uses a 7 day Greenlight Money Back guarantee for new customers.

Freshteam Features

A cloud-based applicant tracking system allows employers to manage an applicant tracking system (ATS) that’s accessible from a wide range of devices and from many locations across the globe, regardless of where their employees work. Employers can also maximize the benefits of cloud-based ATS technology by implementing a business process management system (BPM) in tandem with their ATS system. A BPM allows employers to automatically assign tasks to each employee based on their position, department, role and location. They can then use this information to budget and plan assignments as well as evaluate an employee’s performance.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of a Freshteam ATS and BPM as compared to other cloud-based ATS vendors:

Screen & Manager

Freshteam’s Screen & Manager software streamlines an employer’s hiring process, including the ability to identify and evaluate job applicants—especially those who are already working at a company in another position. The software also allows employers to manage their own recruitment campaigns. Freshteam’s software is also used to screen the applications these candidates submit, identify and rank promising applicants, and manage an applicant’s job application.

Positions and Groupings

Freshteam Customer Support

Quick & Professional Customer Service.

Freshteam is the No.1 Applicant Tracking Software with over 8 years experience. We provide world-class experience in implementation and support. Best pricing, customer support, and satisfaction support. Having experience over 8 years, we have received more than 1,000,000 customers all over the world. We provide free trial download. Trial period is free for up to 30 days.

7 Best Free Applicant Tracking Systems to Consider in 2021

Applicant tracking is an application that allows teams keep track of the progress of each applicant on a hiring or recruitment process. It’s a requirement not only in an applicant tracking system (ATS), which is an online system that is used in applicant recruitment. ATS also can be used in the recruitment of employees and for managing resources management.

ATS is an online system that records and monitors the recruitment process from recruitment to onboarding. Its sophisticated and reliable system allows you to manage your recruitment process efficiently. It also allows the potential applicant to track their application and field their questions. An ATS provides you with the capacity to track key performance indicators such as the number of job applications, information on resume reviews, and the progress of applications leading to complete applications and resumes.

The best applicant tracking systems have established processes that cut down the chances of human error. It also allows recruiters and staff to track the progress of the applicants from submission to selection and on-boarding.

What Freshteam Is Missing

Work in a professional environment with the best applicant tracking SaaS (Software as a Service) product on the market. Project management software that helps your team work flawlessly. From self-service to on-demand hiring, you’ll find it all inside the Freshteam applicant tracking software.

Efficient tracking makes your work easier, and smart project management tools help you work efficiently and effectively. Freshteam’s applicant tracking SaaS (software as a service) helps your team find, fill, and manage every job opening with no hassle at all. Friendly dashboard tools and fast response times significantly lower the chances of error-prone hiring.

What Users Think About Freshteam

FreshTeam is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). The FreshTeam recruiting and marketing platform helps organizations automate recruiting processes. The software can be integrated with existing HRIS systems, including talent acquisition, payroll, and time management applications. Freshteam can also be integrated with top-notch software applications to enhance your recruiting, employee and applicant management.

Freshteam offers a variety of features that can help your recruiting process. For starters, the software offers a Designer tool that allows you to create your own jobs. Users can apply for jobs, participate in surveys, and securely attach files. It also has report templates that help you keep track of applicants. Developers can do the same with candidate management.

Freshteam also offers Job Alerts. Job Alerts allow you to send emails directly to a job applicant when they match a position on your talent pipeline. Once they respond to your job alert, you can set up an interview. The job posting can also be backed up to other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Freshteam platform also has a chat room where you can meet and engage your prospects. You can use the chat room to send text messages and share videos. You can also create a group chat.

There are a variety of integrations that can help you with accounting, business analysis, recruiting, and candidate enrichment.

OpenCATS: Best Free Open Source Applicant Tracking System

While some companies may run complex applications, their resume pools are so small that the extra expense isn’t warranted.

For instance, if you have only a handful of employees, then giving your IT department a complex applicant tracking system to work within is a big responsibility. They’ll need to be experts in installing frameworks, databases, and software onto company computers. And if you have lots of employees, your company could end up paying out a lot of money for an expensive package to run it.

Fortunately, there are some great free and open source applicant tracking systems to choose from. Some of them might be right for your company and its current needs, so you should take a look at them.

OpenCATS Pricing

Plans, and Starter Guide.

The applicant tracking system industry can be confusing and expensive. Never mind the compounding costs of user support and maintenance, which can run into the thousands annually. For some companies and small firms, this expense can prevent them from adopting a computerized applicant tracking system.

One level in between is vendor comparison platforms. Their price is significantly lower than the business market leader, and their products are similar to the competition. Vendor comparison platforms are the perfect solution for a place with an average company size and growth.

Here’s a look at the industry’s top player, OpenCATS, pricing, plans, and starter guide.

OpenCATS Features

A robust applicant tracking software solution that manages your hiring process and applicant data with great flexibility.

Great for businesses including startup companies, freelancers, contractors, and others that are raising capital or are looking to automate their applicant tracking process.

OpenCATS Customer Support

The idea of the application is that you would add data of all your candidates to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet would be tracked by a CRM. OpenCATS can do this by using CSV files, allowing you to migrate data easily to your CRM.

It also has a simple and easy to use interview form and web chat that can be used for interviews.

I would highly recommend this especially because it allows for custom sections for candidate notes. It will help make your interview process a lot easier.

Some drawbacks to consider as well is that it is not as flexible in terms of building forms and customizing the look. Competitors like HiRec and OpenJobMetrics do allow for more control over your candidate application but come with a steeper learning curve. OpenCATS is definitely worth checking out if you are starting out, but if you are an experienced team that has had a lot of time with certain tools, then it may not be best for you.

What OpenCATS Is Missing

Using The Advantage of Streamlined Factors for CATS.

Every evolving business is in search of methods for handling the overwhelming complexities that are inherent in application review. The application review process can be the most laborious task that can be involved for a digital business, especially with the increased number of candidates vying for the same position. In this environment, the basic requirement for a company is to not just determine the best candidates, but also to reap a maximum return on investment within a minimum duration. However, this becomes increasingly difficult when you consider the workforce that comprises the criterion for such a job.

Here are the top 7 applications of a successful way to streamline those who are matched for a job as well as provide the necessary support for error-free review of the candidates.

What Users Think About OpenCATS

Indeed: Best Free ATS Built Into a Free Job Board

Indeed Pricing

Indeed Features

Example: Glamp Hassle List

The employer gets an email reminder the day before the interview requesting that the candidate submit a resume.

Example: Filebox

The candidate submits their resume through a bulletin board system, where others can post questions or reactions about the resume.

Example: UserVoice

After the candidate submits his/her resume, he/she receives a template email of why you're interested in the candidate (based on the individual's profile).

Example: Unlawyers

The candidate submits their resume through a bulletin board system, where others can ask questions or react to the resume.

Example: Chimpbox

The candidate completes a form by answering a series of questions about their background, interests, etc.

Example: My Resume

The candidate submits their resume through a bulletin board system, where others can ask questions or react to the resume.

Example: Junglebox

The employer uses a message board to let the candidate know what's going on, whether it's discussion about the job or a team-building activity.

Indeed Customer Support

Applicant tracking is an awesome way for a company to track and give feedback on all the applications received. In this article, we list the top 7 leading applicant tracking systems available online.

Some of them used to be free, but are now paid. However, you can always use their free trial to decide if it really is worth it.

What Indeed Is Missing

In the Headhunting Industry of Today!

Free applicant tracking systems will gain even more ground in the coming future, that’s for sure!

All recruiters know the frustration of filling out dozens of applications. Free applicant tracking systems help recruiters streamline the process, automate it, and save time when going through hundreds of applications.

What Users Think About Indeed

Indeed vs. Stackoverflow


Indeed is an online job listing service. It lets employers post jobs and recruiters find potential employees. Launched in 1999, Indeed is the third most popular job site in the United States. In 2015 alone, Indeed reported some 75 million unique visitors and over 113 million jobs viewed.

Major Company Findings:

Indeed claims to have over 1 million customers, including over 89% of the Fortune 500.

Indeed has a whopping base of over 1 billion job listings.


Main player here is a content database that is the result of over 365 million questions, 8 million answers and 1.3 million tags. The Stackoverflow database is home to not only jobs, but any question, problem or topic that people would like to learn about, and also business, IT and computing advice from experts.

Major Company Findings:

Stackoverflow has over 12 million monthly visitors.


This search engine aims to boost the career search of both employers and recruiters. The company is founded by a former Yahoo executive and that reveals a lot about how they do business. The main players here are personal websites and social job boards.

Major Company Findings:

JobScore: Best Applicant Tracking Software for Background Checks

JobScore has established itself as the top-notch applicant tracking solutions software among businesses and recruiters. The software allows businesses and recruiters to carry out accurate background checks and relevant job applications and even the candidates in a candidate pool. The system integrates well with a range of job application systems.

JobScore is also equipped for a range of recruitment functions. It’s linked with the applicant history database, which allows businesses to get basic company information along with the employment status of the candidate. It enables businesses to assess the credibility of a candidate and to check for any criminal records. The software comes with a HR Workflow module, which allows businesses to match the relevant documents to each candidate’s profile and to record their movements and progress towards a job vacancy. The software also integrates with various other HR and recruiting software systems.


JobScore is positioned as a best, versatile and user-friendly applicant tracking software for both businesses and recruiters. The solutions software is available across handhelds, tablets, and online. Customers can choose to buy the software or can avail of JobScore’s free trials.


JobScore’s prices vary based on the package, time and requirements of customers. The company offers free trials, so customers can also determine if the software fits their needs before they decide to buy.

JobScore Pricing

If you are serious about your recruitment or vacancy management, you need to completely optimize all aspects of your recruiting processes. You need to work with the most outstanding software that can help you to greatly advance your recruitment processes. JobScore applicant tracking system can help you in your recruitment.

JobScore Pricing

You need to Read our post on JobScore Pricing.

JobScore Features

A hybrid system that allows job titles and descriptions to automatically show in the system. As a result, all relevant candidates will be displayed in a search when a job title is selected.

The system includes a VisualCV – a top 10 resume component. It includes up to 3 versions of a resume – the original, a shortened modern version and a visual content version.

Applications are tracked in realtime. The system is adaptable and can be customized for any job search.

ToxicFree features an Applicants Tracking module. The system helps protect the job seekers. This includes counting job seekers, speed limits and other security features to ensure that a job seeker who isn’t a valid candidate, can’t throw unfit candidates at a company.

The company includes a job seeker who can be upgraded to a candidate.

The system can be designed for venues and organizations. People can be added or removed as a job seeker.

The system includes a link to a candidates work history. This information can be used by recruiters and companies to filter suitable candidates.

You can check out these 7 Free Applicant Tracking Systems in just 3 easy steps.

JobScore Customer Support

Our Average Response Time is under 3 hours and our agents are on chat pretty much 24/7.

Please feel free to check out our community and talk with other JobScoreers to share your thoughts, ask questions.

What JobScore Is Missing

Monitoring and scoring all applications. Never miss a great talent opportunity. Wherever your job openings are – career or C-level, you can quickly scan for, track, and score candidates applying in only a few seconds. No matter whether you’re looking for entry-level talent or superstar C-suite and business execs, you can find them.

Finding top candidates is not enough if you want to hire them. JobScore connects you to recruiters of established companies and lets you screen, track, and score their applicants you meet in a few clicks.

Furthermore, thanks to JobScore you can find top candidates even if they are applying for jobs you don’t know about – such as new senior college hires, Chief Marketing Officers, new SVPs, new executives – because JobScore connects you to recruiters of established companies.

The combination of a brand new cloud-based technology with the pre-existing network of recruiters make JobScore a powerful one-stop solution for finding top candidates. JobScore also built in business intelligence that gives you actionable insights to: …

  • Combine the power of top candidates and recruiters;
  • Increase your time to hire by 200%;

What Users Think About JobScore

Some JobScore users found it easy to set up and install, and it only took them about 10 minutes to get it up and running. Many of its users also found the Dashboard feature to be very helpful. They could keep track of their progress and easily see how many applications they had sent out and the status of their applicants. Overall, JobScore was very easy to use and many users gave it a thumbs up rating.

Homebase: Best for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Like Restaurants and Retailers

Homebase was born out of the frustration of contractors who were finding it difficult to track and lead the progress of their contractors and employees. So they set out to create an easy, yet powerful, applicant tracking and team management solution.

Homebase is all about helping business owners better manage their employees and contractors and, at the same time, improve employee engagement by providing the tools to seamlessly integrate remote staffing into the hiring process.

Homebase understands that Businesses are busy. They don’t have time to manage their workforce, which is why most of their customers set up their applicant tracker on a dedicated server, using their own domain names and emails.

Homebase’s dedication to simplicity extends to its interface which is designed to work flawlessly on any tablet or device. And Homebase is a great choice for businesses who are interested in using a cloud solution to manage their applicant tracking system.

Homebase Pricing

The Homebase is the simplest of AcceptanceHQ’s applications. It’s completely free to use for companies of all sizes.

The Homebase is perfect for companies who want to manage applications, but don’t need full feature set of Automation and Sales.

Homebase Is Solely Focused on Simply Routing and Inviting Data …

Homebase is essentially a … Customer Onboarding System.

Customer Onboarding System can be used by companies as an alternative to traditional applications.

Straightforward layout allows Events to be added in a few simple steps.

No need to log in… All your data is auto stored.

One of the main features of Homebase is that with a single click on submit button job can be marked as Completed.

In free version, all event Fields are added for free and there is NO limit on number of users in Homebase.

In case of Paid Version, users can add their own fields if needed.

Homebase Does Not Allow Access to Sensitive Data

In case of password reset, it takes ONE CLICK to reset your password.

One of the noticeable benefits of Homebase is its pricing. Homebase is absolutely free for all small and medium sized companies.

Homebase Features

What do people like so much about Homebase? Well, it’s a fully customizable work-from-home system so that you can make your system most effective for the company’s needs. There are few other companies that provide this level of customization.

If your company is small and doesn’t have a lot of support needs, then you might not need a powerful HR application as much as Homebase. However, if your company is large and has a variety of special support requirements, Homebase may be the best solution for you.

What’s really unique about Homebase is that it can track and help manage almost every aspect of your business. In addition to selling products, you can use both comprehensive recruiting and application tracking solutions.

One of the most basic but very important functions that is included in Homebase’s scheduling software is time time-tracking. You can also do this as an option in some other systems, but Homebase is the only one that makes time tracking a core function of its application. This makes it a bit better than other systems for time clock recording, which has always been a pain for many businesses.

Homebase Customer Support

With the right recruiting tool for your company, you’ll be able to improve your hiring process so your applicants have a more efficient experience. You should consider these tools for your recruiting needs and more.

Homebase Employee

With decades of research by O’Reilly, Research Analytics is able to create customer support software that’s effective and easy to use for everyone at the company. Your applicants will be impressed with their first impression of the company as they will brand their own online space. The software will provide instant, direct contact with applicants by email, phone, and chat. The sales funnel in their system will allow them to get in touch with these qualified applicants and ask them further questions.

With employees interacting with customers, it’s easy for them to become part of the application and interview process. Along with their easy to use system, this integrates with both applicant tracking systems (ATS) and applicant relationship management systems (ARMS).

Homebase Employee

Do your recruiters have a reliable and responsive customer care system? Set your applicants at ease that they’ll be comfortably contacted by your company through this service. With an intuitive platform, your recruiters will have all their customer information in one place, making the entire recruiting process seamless.

Homebase Recruitment Agent

What Homebase Is Missing

Are you dissatisfied with your current applicant tracking system implementation?

I've felt that way too and have had to remedy that with 6 different companies since 2015.

Most contractors today use the singular term "applicant tracking system" to describe all of their automated software logic for finding, evaluating and routing qualified job applicants into the hiring pipeline.

So that's the homebase I've created for myself ever since launching my recruiting business in 2010.

The following 7 systems are the websites where I have successfully signed up in the past, paid, and discovered applications that have interested me.

For each of these recruiting websites, I have personally signed up for the PowerPath and PowerSearch features, and have gotten to know each system's functionality over time; or, I have been referred to the same version of an existing system by a colleague and have adapted the solution accordingly.

What I'm not certain about is the reliability of the info below. Furthermore, there is a bit of bias shown in a few of the descriptions, since I have had success with certain platforms, and not others.

That said, here are the 7 best reviewed free applicant tracking systems a candidate can choose from, as of the publishing date of this article – November 2018.

What Users Think About Homebase

Summary: One of the top rated hirings systems in our survey is the vendor which has a rating of four and a half. It is a stand-out in the small business segment class and caters for every hire that triggers it, from a temporary or permanent staff member.

There are plenty of hirings systems in the marketplace and one will always promise a solution to a problem just when you might need it the most. Some of the best hirings systems offer easy to use technology and leave you with enough room to design and structure the layout for your office according to your needs.

It does not matter if your business type is a small business or enterprise, it is imperative that your business hirings system tops their segment in order to gain a competitive edge.

But that is not the case with all hirings systems and everyone has different needs and expectations.

The hirings systems in this survey were sourced from a company called Applicant Tracking (ATS) system which is an industry leader in the hirings industry.

Here are seven hirings system which are promising features but that we boiled to four hirings systems to help you make an informed decision on which one you would want for your small business. They are free and they are all available for download.

SmartRecruiters: Best for Growing Firms With Professional Recruiters

SmartRecruiters is an excellent Applicant Tracking Software for growing customer service organizations that need to manage and maintain a large customer base of over 10k applicants.

SmartRecruiters is the premier applicant tracking software that helps businesses manage their hiring process efficiently by providing seamless visibility of applicant activity. The system provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows the user to sort talent, sort opportunities and provides a calendar view of the hiring process.

A SmartRecruiters Subscription is available in three different plans: SmartRecruiters: SmartRecruiters Start, SmartRecruiters Platinum and SmartRecruiters Gold. Since SmartRecruiters is easy to install and requires little time to configure, it is the best applicant tracking software for enterprise companies that need to use applicant tracking software for their customer service workforce.

SmartRecruiters is designed to optimize the time for the entire hiring process from the first phone call to onboarding. Once the user confirms and sets up applicants, personal data is automatically synced into database. The SmartRecruiters Dashboard allows all users to see the most recently viewed and upcoming applicants on the system. The SmartRecruiters Recruiter fills out the short and long-term hiring plan with your company’s hiring targets. The SmartRecruiters Recruiter immediately can see the hiring plan and the system will automatically assign the applicant to each opportunity.

SmartRecruiters Pricing

SmartRecruiters expertly understands that for a small business owner, every cost can make a significant difference. As a self-funded software, SmartRecruiters understands the significant money spent on hiring a new employee. With the SmartRecruiter’s business start-up proposal, you can get the exact details of SmartRecruiters’ pricing model.

SmartRecruiters has a customer satisfaction model that includes the following 3 ways of selecting the flexible pricing plans:

Use of SmartRecruiters: This is the core of the model. They can be differentiated or aligned based on the number of candidates that get hired using SmartRecruiters

Focus on a specific vertical or geographic region: Hiring over email can be very effective as compared to a phone call that might take time and may not be productive. Hence they come up with regional focus like e.g. –North America”, –Global”, etc.

Focus on functional/category expertise: If you are a sales and marketing driven company you might want to provide the freelancers on hiring some level of focus on the functional expertise to be asked

SmartRecruiters also understands the financial/business implications of hiring employees and maintains a balanced balance between the start-up costs and the actual hiring expenses.

SmartRecruiters Features

SmartRecruiters is a recruitment software that is based on the AI and machine learning industry. With a smart recruiting process, workers can be apps in minutes. It comes with 25 uses and uses the various scenarios of hiring. Compared to other software tools, SmartRecruiters has a friendly interface and a lot of advanced features.

Smart Job Feed

According to AI, the Smart Job Feed will push your ideal candidate to you the same time. When your job listing is published, Smart Job Feed will send it to the important people of the industry.

Hiring Power

Get top candidates which are linked with the current job instead of just sending a shoutout.

Chat by job.

Instant chat, quick resume, resume, and website tour.

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What SmartRecruiters Is Missing

Before I talk about our company’s SmartRecruiters alternative, let me explain what SmartRecruiters uses its users for. It is a web-based applicant tracking system. No surprise there.

When your organization is hiring workers, you need to know who is applying for a position. SmartRecruiters tracks the applications, dings you when an applicant produces new ones, allows you to browse them, and otherwise helps you manage them.

But it also supports recruiting software that is listed. Like other applicant tracking systems, it is versatile and gets the job done.

The SmartRecruiters alternative we’re going to talk about today has that same attribute. That’s why when you run your search for it, you’ll find a variety of software and a few services that are similar to what SmartRecruiters does.

Still, let’s talk about how the SmartRecruiters alternative measures up to the competition. But before we can discuss how SmartRecruiters compares to some of the top choices, here are a few important things to know about SmartRecruiters first.

Built-in Email Communication Tools

Good integration with major hiring channels such as CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, TalentJet, and more.

What Users Think About SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars and has been awarded an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

SmartRecruiters … understands exactly what recruiters must manage, where and when they have the most crucial data, and gives them full flexibility to create highly customized views of their data in order to keep their campaign efficiency on track. With SmartRecruiters, you can create detailed code highlighting for job descriptions, save time with targeted site search and intelligent informational notifications, and use automated email responses with clickable links. is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars by its users.

SmartRecruiters is one of the largest ATS (automated talent-acquisition systems) in the market accounting for more than 50% of the ATS market share. This system is known for its advanced search capabilities, ease-of-use, and ability to automate and scale. While the search functions are really good, this system really shines in finding in-depth details about the applicants that have applied for a particular job. They also have a targeted site search that allows you to narrow down the search according to a particular job requirement.

When I Work: Best for Small Businesses With Field-Based Workers

Workfront: We’ve written before about Workfront , a great system for e-commerce businesses and nonprofits … but also perfect for field-based workplaces with sales reps and contractors. With Workfront (also called Fieldglass), you can manage all your sales and field-workers from a dashboard. Couple that with calling and texting, quotes, quick customer service and invoicing, and you’ve got one of the best solutions for managing field-based workers.

Workato: Yes, Workato is used by a wide range of companies, but it’s a great tool for small businesses too. A virtual assistant using the software can manage projects, tasks, and invoices for your business. Start-up costs are typically high, but the cost per user comes down after a few months as the software scales up.

Slack: With Slack , you can keep your business in one place, with a team of colleagues, developers, and sales reps working together. Linking it to your Google Drive and other cloud files makes it pretty much the only option for sharing a lot of data throughout your business. Plus, Slack’s ability to link to products and invoices makes it the best program for companies who sell software products.

When I Work Pricing

Someone is filling their office space with making hiring quicker and easier: When I Work. When I Work offers a free applicant tracking system (ATS) solution for businesses that want to accelerate their hiring needs and better manage their team members. As the result of this positioning, users can login to the site and look across over 8,000 jobs expanding to more than 16,000 regional jobs in the near future.

When I Work is backed by a team of top recruiters in the space. These people have 25 years of experience in the candidate recruiting field. They have worked for some of the top agencies but are now making their own niche.

When I Work offers four different types of membership:

Free: Free members are limited to five candidates per week. However, they can submit any number of resumes.

Regular: Regular members can submit up to 30 resumes.

Gold: Gold members can upload up to 10 times a day and 365 days a year.

Silver: Silver members can upload up to 7 times per day and 365 days a year.

There are also several pricing plans available based on the number of resumes.

Key Features to Look For:

When you are searching for a candidate recruiting solution, there are several features you need to take into consideration.

Support: Look for a solution that offers professional support. When I Work features a live chat and email that you can reach out to to get more information.

When I Work Features

Applicant tracking systems are software that helps employers manage and organize the recruitment process. It saves time and helps eliminate tedious processes.

There are several types of applicant tracking systems, particularly on the Applicant Tracking system providers list:

  • Applicant Tracking Software
  • Applicant Tracking Software as a Service
  • Workforce Optimization Software
  • Employee Engagement Software
  • Applicant Relationship Management Systems
  • WorkFlow Automation Software
  • Workforce Management Systems

Free applicant tracking system software or free applicant tracking software as a service are designed to help small to mid-sized businesses manage their recruitments. In their free applicant tracking system software, there is built-in Employer branding and communication tools.

On the other hand, applicant tracking software as a service allows companies to massively scale their recruiting business as their recruiting load grows along with the number of applicants.

Free applicant tracking system software and services help employers reduce the hiring costs and handle all their recruitment processes on a single platform.

The most sought-after free applicant tracking system software are ones that have a point system application form, automated applicant screening system, and applicant matchmaking tool. It can also include the company’s social media profiles, as well as a mobile application available for iOS and Android users.

When I Work Customer Support

Like most companies, I work from home. And I am usually the only support person who is troubleshooting and providing customer service.

So when I get the call, the person is expecting an email response or a phone call back, but for some reason I can’t respond, I’m the first support person they reach. And then they ask why I am not answering. In the beginning, this is frustrating.

So what do you do if you have no support person available, like I did? Well, the best thing. You handle the situation.

So I call on Google Suite. And when the call comes in, I shut off the chat voice notifications. I let the computer system answer the phone , and when they figure out who I am, they transfer the person to me.

If it’s a real emergency, then I call back. But I make sure to let them know I’m working by keeping the call on speaker.

This allows me to take notes, type, and answer the call while I’m walking around the house.

What When I Work Is Missing

In Quotes?

The application is one of the most important aspects of your business. Please do not forget the logic of the order:

The first work – to bring people who are ready to buy.

The second work – to promote the sale.

And the third work – the sale.

Therefore, I get the logic of the recipe – every work, every sales should be made.

If the application is not done, it is better not to start. And as a whole, the income of the company will not be large enough.

The main thing is that the application is made only for the employees and applicants. This is the start of the work. This is the gate to the next step.

So, the first application – candidate. The second application – a candidate.

And so many strange things will happen.

It is said that the first application will be offended. Second application will be kicked out. A good candidate – ‘Rats!’.

In this situation, the work is going to drop when you get applications!

So it is the first application, the first application, the first application.

The application making is very important. It is one of the vital things to be seen by all people.

What Users Think About When I Work

An applicant tracking system is an important component in the recruitment process … it’s really a great tool for helping to manage and store applicants and manage the process of getting hired. These offices have been an important part of my toolkit as a recruiter since the beginning, and I know that without an application tracking system, many of the functions that I must perform on a daily basis would be much harder to manage.

However, with any system, there is always an element of compromise. And as I’ve heard in the past, there is a point between … would you rather have a system to integrate applications versus one that is more focused on customizing the process? There are a lot of times when I’ve seen recruitment agencies go with a system that is not well-integrated. Some of the issues I have seen are that companies have a difficult time integrating an applicant tracking system into their business model. They often time don’t want to … they are more interested in integration than they are in customization.

Additional Recruiting Alternatives To Free Applicant Tracking Software

Bottom Line

Tracking systems play a pivotal role in the background of the recruitment process. Your talent management team will rely on these systems to take a more proactive approach in sourcing, hiring and managing candidates throughout the process.

If candidate tracking fails to provide any further information, you may require a different talent management system that can provide you with increased flexibility and functionality.

This year, we witnessed some major changes in talent management technology. Some of the major contenders have upped their game by incorporating features, which will significantly improve recruitment processes.

Simply put, the competition between candidates has increased and the industry is more dynamic than ever. As a result, companies are shifting towards leaner talent management systems that are comprehensible, secure and easy to use.

In the following article, we will look at the top 4 free talent management systems which will help you hire top talent in the coming year.