8 Best Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

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8 Best Employee Scheduling Software for 2021

Employee Scheduling Software is the one of the most popular solution to custom employee scheduling. It is used by hundreds of companies and organizations to manage their employee schedules effortlessly.

As a team member, you would need to be assigned to a shift and have your work shift timer started. For many employers, it is one of the biggest challenges of managing staff for over a hundred or more employees.

One of the toughest aspect of managing a business is to manage the staff as well as other responsibilities. Scheduling can be a really tough task for any business owner or manager to do. Managing the different shifts to employees is really important and for this purpose, scheduling help is required.

Best Employee Scheduling Software Ease of Use

The employee scheduling software will have exclusive features that make it easy to manage the work schedules. Some of the key features include:

{1}. It will have a powerful scheduling engine built-in, which will help to schedule the shifts. This helps you customize the schedules according to the requirements.
{2}. You can save the schedule as a template and use the same for other employees. So in future, you will not need a lot of changes in your schedule.
{3}. It will have a powerful feature of creating a shift manually and assigning it to employees. Manual scheduling is important when you and your employees need to have say in the schedule.

How We Evaluated the Best Employee Scheduling Software

With a startup or just a few employees, creating an employee scheduling software can be a Herculean task. Depending on the type of business that you have, there are two scheduling techniques that may be more suitable for your organization:

  • Fixed Schedule: A fixed schedule is a schedule with predetermined days and times for each employee. For a fixed schedule type of employee scheduling software, you can either have each employee designated to work every day of the week (each Monday through Sunday), or you can have the employee schedule to switch between days of the week.
  • Rotating Schedule: A rotating schedule is a type of employee scheduling software that allows for an employee to work on more than one day of the week. For the rotating schedule, the employee will be scheduled to work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. In this type of employee scheduling software, employees will be able to choose the shifts that they will work. Additionally, a rotating schedule will allow the employee to pick which days they would like to work (with weekly pay).

When I Work: Best Overall Employee Scheduling Software

When I Work was established to solve a problem, and it’s clear to see it’s done exactly that. It’s small business focused, and its scheduling software is designed to help small business owners and managers manage the day-to-day operations and effectively plan and allocate employees.

Besides its scheduling software, When I Work offers a number of other productivity software solutions for small businesses. You can integrate When I Work with payroll software and inventory software as well.

When I Work is available on a subscription basis. You’ll pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of employees that work for your business. Employees can work whenever they want, so a business with fewer employees may not need the scheduling software as much.

People who are on When I Work have an average of three job assignments. This way, you can easily manage your childcare, medical appointments, sports events, and errands. If you’re wondering if When I Work’s scheduling software is right for you, you’re in the right place because we’ve reviewed the most popular employee scheduling software.

When I Work Pricing

Over the past few years, there have been significant improvements in the scheduling tools offered by employers. And the more improved versions are easier to use, understand and require less time to complete.

These scheduling tools have helped to create more flexible schedules in general. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average length of the workweek has declined from 47.1 hours in 1950 to 43.1 hours in 2011.

For small business owners and managers, this is great news because it means that there is more room for them to have their employees work remotely or on a partially flexible schedule.

In fact, there has been a 17% increase from 2005 to 2010 in the number of employers offering flexible and part-time scheduling options to their employees. And the trend is increasing as many employers are choosing to offer employees the best scheduling options available. As the number of part-time employees increases in a company, so does the success of the business.

When employees feel like they have control over their everyday schedules, they are more involved in the projects with which they have responsibility. This makes them feel valued.

Employers are sometimes concerned that there isn’t enough time in the day to provide flexible scheduling because of deadlines. When a company can develop a good strategy for scheduling deadlines, it will be able to set a schedule with more flexibility.

When I Work Features

While the idea of an employee management system for parents can sound daunting, it’s really not too difficult to set up and maintain when you have the right features. However, off the bat you’ll have a better employee management system if you’re willing to pay a premium for your small business employee scheduling software. Since these systems can be overwhelming at first, we’ve put together this guide to help you narrow down the field and choose the software that is right for your needs. The software providers included here have proven to be the top in the space, so you can feel good about your small business choosing any product from our list.

The first thing you should do is decide what you want from your employee scheduling software. The best way to do that is to take the time to really understand the features and functions you’re looking for. That’s a process that will take time, so don’t worry about rushing it. After all, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain by making the right decision.

An employee management system for parents should be among the following:

Predictable and Strict – You don’t want someone to take your entire day off on short notice because they’re running late. Having a strict policy regarding who can take off when will help eliminate this problem, which will help you avoid a big mess later on.

Homebase: Best Free Employee Scheduling Software for Brick & Mortar

In a world where big companies and CIOs want to centralize all IT functions including HR and payroll, open source HR software is a breath of fresh air for small companies. Homebase is a perfect example of such software.

This free employee scheduling software gives small businesses an easy alternative to their larger counterparts. Running small businesses can be a lot of work, and it’s not always easy to handle all of the various HR tasks alone.

Another huge advantage of the Homebase Open Source Employee Scheduling software is the company’s commitment to the Open Source movement.

A large reason why proprietary software was so popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s is because it was cheap to purchase and supported by big companies who could afford to set up a white-label platform to support it. Homebase gets its costs for the software by charging developers a small fee that’s fixed for every installation. Think of it as a fee for hosting the platform for the software. In the end, this is cheaper than licensing a proprietary solution, which can be thousands of dollars more for as many users as you have.

Homebase is one of the most reliable employee scheduling solutions available. The website boasts the following privacy and online security features:

Homebase Pricing

Homebase Features

Chronoflex is an advanced employee scheduling software solution with various features to simplify your business and make your work more efficient. The scheduling software is easy to use and takes the hassle of planning staff hours out of your hands.

The help and support of the company is also very user friendly like any other similar system. They also have an online training platform where you can access the step by step walk-through of various features.

Chronoflex Features

Chronoflex is a time clock software that is easy to use and has many great features if you want to make your work easier. The system saves your time, money and is very user friendly.

Unlimited Employees and Employees data. Even with an unlimited number of employees, you can still use Chronoflex. This is because it allows you to upload the details and name of people in different departments that have different jobs.

Multilingual support. The various localization language support is helpful in multi-cultural environments. The company ensures that each language is dual coded with support for nine major languages.

Record and forecast employee employment hours. For scheduling, it is easy to record the start and end of the working hours of staff and record in the designated start time box. In forecasting, all the details regarding hours of staff, breaks, holidays, training and tardiness can be easily calculated.

Print and email helpful reports.

Humanity: Best for Managing Performance and Labor Costs

Humanity is a straightforward, easy to use, and effective way to manage business performance and labor costs. It’s designed to integrate real-time information into a uniform labor budget, helping you streamline and optimize your business. All the data is organized to help you get the most from your employees. Humanity is the best payroll software for small businesses.

In addition to being easy to use, Humanity offers advanced features, such as:

  • Direct Deposit, Round Robin, and D-series options
  • 5% Deductions (tuition and scholarship reimbursements)
  • Elimination of overtime tax liability
  • Employee and Manager flexibility
  • Labor Statistics
  • E-Tax

The best thing about Humanity is its features that save you money. The Humanwork feature eliminates overtime tax liability and reduces labor costs. The Link feature allows you to pay your employees directly with your account. Humanity enables direct deposit, common payroll taxes, and post-employment taxes (Social Security).

There are no hidden fees or fees added that you have to track and account for. Humanity is free for the employer since you can be using the software on a business account.

Other payroll software for small businesses will cost you reporting fees, maintenance fees, and sometimes even fees just to use the software. HumanWork provides an all-in-one pay and benefits system that eliminates both tasks and headaches.

Humanity Pricing

A New Way to Charge for Your Work

I imagine a few scenarios in which I might be enlisted to create a pricing structure for a small business. They may involve creating a price specifically for an individual product or service, working with fixed-rate contracts and calculating average figures based on a varying number of providers. Either way, I’ve never really been asked to price per hour or per the work completed or even to figure out how to price the results of a project without setting a specific dollar value. I’ve also never really thought to create individual prices out of my own personal repertoire of knowledge. Is that because we’re trained, through some sort of forced masochism, to be so rigid with our business models? Or because that’s the way things are?

When I started building Humanity Pricing, I knew it was going to be the first tool I’d ever created that would enable me to truly understand pricing on a semantic level. I knew that, as a small business owner, there’s always a number I could produce that would work in my favor. But I also knew, before I started writing this article, that I wouldn’t be able to get there easily or necessarily even with any success, simply because there’s a lot to develop a concept of price.

Humanity Features

Humanity is an employee scheduling software solution designed to help small businesses efficiently manage aspects of their workforce. We’ve already gone over how it helps small businesses with time tracking, employee benefits, human resource management, and accountability.

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the awesome features that make Humanity one of the best employee scheduling software solutions for small businesses.

The Best Integrations

One of the biggest challenges FTS will face in the future is the encroaching tech landscape. There are many software solutions out there, and many of these solutions are going to be spearheaded by up and coming platforms.

In this battle of software, Humanity has a lot going for it. Not only does it operate on top of an easy-to-use platform, it also offers seamless integrations with other popular software apps.

The great thing is, when you use Humanity with other software apps, you can manage your small business in a way that reduces wasted time making sure you don’t miss important events.

Humanity has integrations with:

  • FreshBooks
  • Harvest
  • LogMeIn
  • Quickbooks Online
  • WayPoint
  • Asana
  • Zendesk

To name a few.

Paycor: Best for Businesses Managing Hourly Workers

Paycor provides small businesses so look after their employees and helps them cut costs, increase productivity, and relax. This employee scheduling software is tailored to manage hourly workers and its large range of features make it inexpensive for businesses to maintain.

The system gives businesses the necessary tools so that they can fully manage their employees and keep track of everything. The easy-to-use interface of a cloud-based tool makes it user-friendly and convenient for businesses to organize employee absence, work shifts, time off, and so much more.

Some of Paycor’s features that are beneficial for companies of any size include:

Employee Scheduling: It helps businesses schedule their employees for various projects.

Employee Scorecard: It ensures that employees are consistently and effectively working.

Automated Time Tracking: Help businesses get an accurate picture of the hours worked by their employees.

Staff Cost Estimator: Assist businesses in finding out how much money they need to spend on their employees.

Where is My Time: It helps businesses monitor their time off to ensure that employees are regularly taking their time off.

Salary Distribution: It gives businesses the ability to accurately spread out their employees’ salary and distribute it according to the employee’s performance.

Benefits Tracking: It can help businesses stay on top of their healthcare and retirement plans for their employees.

Paycor Pricing

Cost: Varies by {{ app_price }}

Overall: 5/5

Flexibility: 4.5/5

Time Tracker: 5/5

Calendar: N/A

Mobile: N/A

Skill Tasks: 4.5/5

Support: 4.5/5

Cost: Varies by {{ app_price }}

Overall: 4.5/5

Flexibility: 3.5/5

Time Tracker: 5/5

Calendar: 5/5

Mobile: 4/5

Skill Tasks: 4.5/5

Support: 4.5/5

Cost: Varies by {{ app_price }}

Overall: 4/5

Flexibility: 3/5

Time Tracker: 4/5

Calendar: 4/5

Mobile: 4/5

Skill Tasks: 5/5

Support: 4/5

Paycor Features

Tight budget? Not ready to shell out big bucks for a cloud-based scheduling software? Instead, leverage an employee scheduling tool and start scaling up your scheduling practice with Paycor, one of the best employee scheduling software.

Paycor is a cloud-based time-recording, employee management, employee scheduling, attendance management, payroll and benefit administration software that is customizable to meet the needs of small business owners. It provides you with a full suite of employee scheduling tools from which you can easily monitor, manage, generate reports and secure your company’s operations.

Manage employee schedules and work schedules with ease

Analyze and make key decisions based on employee trends and performance.

Set up a full suite of tools designed for easy employee management.

Time-clock employees to avoid work-related injuries and accidents.

Monitor employee attendance and productivity.

Secure your company’s operations with custom-made reports.

Control labor costs with an automated and streamlined payroll process

Increase employee retention rates with flexible work schedules.

Manage and regulate time-off policies to maximize employee productivity.

Get a quick overview of time-off usage.

Generate payroll reports to support your taxes.

Automate employee attendance

Automatically capture employee attendance and lunch breaks with automatic badge log-ins.

7shifts: Best for Restaurants Scheduling Shift Workers

8Shifts is a restaurant scheduling software designed for the restaurant industry.

It is a must have application for any restaurant that is running for 24 hours as well as has employees working in shifts.

It is a flexible new age scheduling application which integrates with the front end of your restaurant’s website. It helps you to manage all the shifts for all your employees without any problems.

It’s a free application made by the professionals for the professionals. It consists of different features which make the employees happy to work with the application.

Features of 8Shifts:

  • Time and Attendance reports. (Time and Attendance tracker which enables you to manage your employees’ time off, attendance reports and deductions)
  • Shift specific reports. (Employee schedule – detailing the time of your employee by shift, attendance reports and tracking employee attendance)
  • Employee scheduling. (Easily create and schedule shifts for your employees)
  • Shift Communication (A shift scheduler which notifies you when an employee is scheduled and by the shift he/she is scheduled for. Also helps you to manage your employee schedules without any difficulty)
  • Employee time cards. (Time clock software which helps you to have an easy and powerful time and attendance function for your employees)

7shifts Pricing

If you are looking the best employee scheduling software with cloud based software, 7Shifts is the best option for all Small & Medium business owners.

XSITE Self-Service Portal Pricing for a Typical Business Week

7Shifts believes in making your life easier by reducing the number of people that have to take care of administrative tasks. To give you that feeling of freedom as a business owner, 7Shifts has brought to you Xsite Self-Service Portal.

BiShake Brings out the Best in Org–

BiShake is a very effective employee scheduling solution that can be easily implemented for any business. We will take you through all the features and the things that you should understand before you choose to get BiShake.

7shifts Features

It is relatively easy to switch jobs and alter schedules for a small retail business. However, this is not the case for larger companies. In order to make the transition as seamless as possible, you need to have a reliable scheduling software that will help generate the reports that you need in order to book employees. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find, as there are plenty of scheduling software options available. However, a few things to keep in mind with employee scheduling software, if you are a small business owner or you are going to be starting up, include these features:

Patience a part of any scheduler’s job

Deputy: Best for Businesses Scheduling Across Multiple Locations

Although most businesses are small and handle only a small number of employees, even a small shop with a few employees can benefit a lot from an organized approach to scheduling. It not only serves to maximize productivity, but also to help you avoid the embarrassment and expense of giving your employees too many days off at crucial times.

The best employee scheduling software for small businesses does this by allowing you to manage scheduling across all your branches or divisions, with just a few clicks.

This is called a multi-location solution, because it will let you manage schedules for all your branches or stores in one location, making it easy for you to keep track of them and stay informed without having to visit each place you own.

It also makes it possible for you to store shift splits and other employee data so that you can see what is currently happening, in real time. This is especially helpful if you have both shifts and vacation time available.

Multi-location scheduling makes it easy for you to manage tasks, see the full schedule, and manage time off without having to go through too many steps. You can create schedules and put in vacation request with one click. Also, this will help your employees as you can see their id, shift schedule, time off, and much more.

Deputy Pricing

Deputy pricing is the process of basing the price on another item which you think is less competitive and have higher margins. If you’ve developed a high-margin product that is less competitive than your other products in the market, invest in discussing with the management to get the product included in the budget and have your best sales person put it across to the customers.

By doing this you will force your competition to cut costs and lower their prices to compete with you and this becomes your competitor’s opportunity to make a sale.

Deputy pricing is one of the different tools in the pricing arsenal of top companies. A good number of businesses use customs as a way to beat through the competition and offer better pricing and benefits to their customers. Such businesses try to become the top of the line in the market and gain customers who would never have thought of looking to them in the first place.

By 2021, the industry of importing and exporting goods to and from China is expected to reach 10 trillion USD. The growing trends in buying flexible products from China makes easier to do business there. If a product is in demand and there are not any other big firms in the same niche, you have the upper hand to make more money and grow faster.

Deputy Features

What is scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software is a comprehensive solution to help businesses in organizing their employees efficiently and effectively.

It is a comprehensive solution that is custom made to serve the unique requirements of different industries and businesses.

The scheduling software helps businesses manage their employees effectively and efficiently and consists of assorted modules that help businesses deal with the diversified necessities of their business operations.

The scheduling modules are built based on the unique and diverse needs of the business.

What is the difference between the scheduling software and other employee scheduling software types?

The scheduling software is designed with a comprehensive view of all business operations.

We can easily understand the unique business operations for better management.

The scheduling software helps businesses manage and organize their opportunities, tasks, and obligations in an effective and efficient manner.

The scheduling software is a comprehensive solution to make a business scalable and flexible.

Do I need to invest in scheduling software or can I use an offline scheduling system?

The scheduling software provides complete solutions to manage business operations efficiently and effectively.

The scheduling software is highly recommended as it comes with a user friendly interface.

We can always maintain the budgetary budget for investment in scheduling software.

Is the scheduling software compatible with the requirement of my business?

The scheduling software is compatible with all computer devices as it is compatible with all operating systems.

Shiftboard: Best Employee Scheduling Software for Regulated Industries

Shiftboard is a flexible cloud-based scheduling software for small businesses. Originally, it was developed for businesses in regulated environments such as casinos. In addition to having strategic features that help building a stable, predictable and stable work schedule, it was also designed to ensure compliance with background and criminal record checks.

It also offers a live chat function that allows the scheduling manager to engage with his or her employees and track their progress throughout the day.

In the past few years, Shiftboard has been expanding its scope and is now ideal for small businesses that need a centralized scheduling tool. It also offers a few optional features that aren’t needed for smaller businesses but that can come in handy for medium to large companies: timekeeping, payroll, and integration with Salesforce.

Not only scheduling but also payroll and timekeeping are managed in Shiftboard.

Shiftboard also integrates with a payroll service, which handles the payroll of smaller businesses without a payroll department.

Shiftboard also integrates with salesforce, the company’s timekeeping system. It also has a system-wide chat function.

Some of the key features of Shiftboard include:

Shiftboard was designed for casino use, and it features several tools that allow casinos to manage employee schedules and comply with security requirements and regulations.

Shiftboard Pricing

Shiftboard Features

Shiftboard is a comprehensive employee scheduling software for small businesses, logging day to day shifts with the most effective times and breaks for your employees. From scheduling and tracking shifts to monitoring and managing staff productivity, Shiftboard online software manages department calendars efficiently.

As your employee scheduling software, Shiftboard is yours to utilize as you wish. With multiple scheduling strategies, access to your complete employee database, and full reporting options, Shiftboard has all the tools you need to effectively handle the scheduling process on one, easy-to-use platform.

Shiftboard Features

Shiftboard has scheduling strategies to suit your needs. For example, the Staff-Pro FIFO strategy is the most time efficient and provides an even distribution of work throughout the day, while Fixed-Starting Time lets you tailor each shift’s schedule to the current needs of your department.

Access your employee database from any computer with an internet connection and manage your schedule on-the-go throughout the day. With Shiftboard’s mobile app, you can also access your schedule from a compatible device for added convenience on the go.

With Shiftboard, you can track overtime, allow yourself to add days when necessary, and filter your schedule by department.

Manage your schedule and easily access reports. Shiftboard allows you to generate shift reports, including full calendar state, shift reports, and aggregate state reports.

TSheets: Best Employee Scheduling Software for Service Businesses

If you’re a small business owner who can’t afford to hire someone to manage your employees’ schedules, and your employees are responsible and do their own work, TSheets is one of the best employee scheduling software for small businesses available. It enables you to manage hourly employees independently, including timesheets, time off requests, and biweekly payroll all from one software program

What’s the best employee scheduling software for small businesses?

Aimed primarily at service-based businesses, TSheets can easily be utilized and fits the needs of a small business, regardless of what type of business you run. It will manage your staff and payroll, allow for time off requests, and report time worked and time off taken.

The features in TSheets include:

  • Predictive time-off scheduling
  • Input employees’ biometrics
  • Create actionable employees
  • Track time off
  • Employee biometrics and time-off requests
  • Employee report time worked and time off taken
  • Employee actionable time tracking
  • Employee management
  • Time-off requests
  • Time-off requests

TSheets Pricing

TSheets Features

One of the major benefits of an employee scheduling software program is that it streamlines your entire payroll process. TSheets is a cloud-based scheduling application that allows you to see everything from day to day and task to task in one easy-to-use system … and eliminates the need for you to manually enter and calculate payroll information. Everything is stored in a secure, easily accessible, and highly reliable cloud system, which means that data in TSheets is always up-to-date.

TSheets features include:

Divide and Conquer: TSheets lets you break down your tasks into the smallest units possible to save time and find employees faster.

Trustworthy UI: TSheets automatically takes a photo of the attendance sheet at the end of the day, which helps ensure missing information doesn’t slip through the cracks. It also automatically generates timesheets for you, so you never deal with the anxiety of a manual time sheet again.

That’s not all, though. We’ve also thrown in some bonuses below that help you run your business efficiently.

Calendar-based management: Create automatic time sheets for payroll, which can be set to recurring.

Notifications and reports: Use email, SMS, and mobile apps alerts and reports to check up on your employees… when you need them.

Alternative Employee Scheduling Software Options

With small businesses moving from sole proprietorship to incorporating, it truly is a must to have a Flexible, Accurate, and Timely Schedule to help maximize productivity and workable hours. It is imperative that you have the best scheduling software available to help you navigate your daily affairs. Here are some of the most popular employee scheduling software for small businesses.


As its name suggests, you simply enter the hours of each member of your team and SimpleTime will do the rest. Simple timekeeping means the user only has to input their work hours once, and the app will create a daily schedule for each member of staff.

It’s suitable for any type of schedule, as a business owner can simply input their own schedule and have all their staff members generated for them.

The app is mobile friendly, easy to use, and easy to manage. You still have to input the weekly hours you expect them to work, but administration is a breeze with simple, user-friendly interface.

SimpleTime is categorized under the employee scheduling software for small businesses with an office size of 4-5. Remember, this is an effective and efficient system for a small to medium size business.

Bottom Line

There are a variety of 2D/3D Time and Labor scheduling applications available. Some are designed specifically for small business owners and some are designed for large corporations.

Choosing which software to use will depend on the budget and size of the business. There isn’t a –one size fits all” kind of solution to schedule your employees’ time.

In the end, the best scheduling software will suite your business, your budget, and your internal processes.