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Top 6 Email Finders for 2019

How We Evaluated the Best Email Address Finders

There exist a variety of different products that you can use to find email addresses. When searching for a new product to evaluate, we looked at whether the product worked as advertised, if it was easy to use, and whether its features were useful. We also considered the costs associated associated with purchasing the product. Lastly, we looked over customer reviews before making a decision.

There are some email finders that are free to use, while some require you to pay a fee to use the service. Within a set price range, we found some email finders that were more effective than others, and determined that better email finders were those that were more cost effective and those that were easier to use. We found some email finders that were more effective and less expensive than the majority of the email finders we surveyed. At the end of the day, we picked our favorite product, but not necessarily the most popular one. Our pick was actually the most cost effective and provided the most useful features.

Best Overall Email Finder for Small Businesses: FindEmails.com

FindEmails.com Pricing

You probably know how your inbox can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you get a lot of spam. But how many of you have actually spent a significant amount of time sifting through your e-mail? I know my inbox always seems to be drowning in useless spam flyers and newsletters, and how I hate it when people just won’t stop sending me the same spammy e-mails every day. See how you feel because I’ll bet like 90% of you are basically thanking me for saving you from having to spend a significant amount of time every day to sort your mail, which would essentially take up much of your precious time.

Instead of spending the next hour sorting your e-mail and thank me when you’re done with your inbox—a nightmare scenario for many who I know….

Here are some cool ways you can easily find emails from your personal and business accounts in a snap.

FindEmails.com Features

What FindEmails.com Is Missing

FindEmails is not designed to find emails addresses. It does not even have advanced search. In short, there is no more data that a Gmail free account provides. Simply, searching for emails does not make sense with this tool.

FindEmails works extremely well on laptops, tablets, and Smartphones. All you need is to have the Gmail application installed on your device.

Install the Gmail application on your Smartphone or Tablet and instantly have the features that many paid email finders offer.

What Users Think About FindEmails.com

Best Email Finder That Only Charges for Verified Addresses: Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder Pricing

Anymail Finder is a personal email tracking software tool that places your email imap and smtp logs in the database of the tool. You can access through your browser at any time to see all emails sent/received by your accounts.

Finder searches your email accounts to find out:

Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook boxes, etc.

Any Active IMAP/POP3 and ActiveSync Accounts

Any online boxes, known open later, txt.txt, etc.

Any Currently Being Opened Boxes

Any inboxes on a hotmail account, hotmail address, etc.

Anymail Finder Features

Any mail finder allows me to quickly see which email accounts have new mail (or any other type of mail) that you might be interested in. The mail finder can be added to the toolbar and it has three additional features as well.

The mail finder is the first thing you see when you run Any mail finder, and it's there to help you quickly access mail accounts that are important to you, like your email account, social media accounts, and some others, by searching for email addresses, organizations, social media names, and other types of mail.

A mail finder can also notify you when a new email is available in a certain group, like your Gmail account.

The last thing the mail finder does is warn you if you're using an old version of the standard Gmail application (or when you're using a different email service, like Yahoo, on your Gmail account.

These are just some of its functions.

The mail finder can be added to the toolbar to make it very easy to manage. It doesn't mess with the way you normally work, and it's more or less invisible until you need it.

The mail finder can be set to appear when you hover your mouse over the toolbar. You can also choose to have it appear whenever you click the toolbar.

The add-on works with all browsers and is automatically updated every time you open it.

What Anymail Finder Is Missing

Anymail's users are faced with a very annoying problem: it's impossible to mark all found items. Yes, you may mark each of them, but what if you discover afterwards that you have ignored a number of items? In spite of this imperfection, Anymail is a powerful and reliable email finder which is in use by many folks.

You'll get an answer six days later; a week's time interval is more than enough for most regular correspondents. And in the meantime you can busy yourself with more important business.

Anymail can speed up email scanning by setting an exact period of time. If something has been found, you will be informed of the results in a form of extension notification. This item is located on the wizard's main page. You can set only one period, but the time can be extended. The longer the time, the more resources are used for the job.

If you use the famous Re:Find add on, you don't have to start new appointments after finishing the email search. You can select a new set of newsletters to find.

The only disadvantage of Anymail, if there is one, is the test version scan. First of all, you can't set the period of time. Second, it's unclear where these items are stored and in what format they are saved.

If you need a reliable trick for quick and swiftly finding the needed email, turn to Anymail.

What Users Think About Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is one of the best email finders that we have tried so far, even though it does not offer a desktop application. But you won’t have to install Anymail Finder on your computer to be able to use its services because it also offers web based email finding.

It is designed for Windows OS only.

Its interface is simple enough to find emails, names, addresses, and more and it offers email addresses in a number of ways.

The interface of Anymail Finder does not need any tutorial and is really user-friendly. It offers a lot of advanced features but basic ones are sufficient for anyone to start using it.

Anymail Finder comes with an automatic email finder which run in the background 24/7 to find emails. It can also find emails based on modern technology like in your address book or installed on your computer. It has several options available, you can either scan from your messages or emails spam traps. It can also read emails you download from web based email service providers.

Anymail Finder is a very simple and handy email finder, to start using it, all you have to do is to download Anymail Finder and register it. It will take more time to find emails compared to using other methods but it is ideal for beginners.

Best Email Finder With Advanced Search Parameters: Hunter

With all the spam in the world, it’s important to have a good email retrieval software. It can help you find your emails from many email accounts in a few minutes.

One of the best email finders with advanced search parameters is “Hunter.” This email retrieval software is our current favorite.

We like the simplicity of the interface and the ease of use – it’s the ideal tool for the novice and the seasoned user alike.

Hunter boasts 100% open-source code. So thanks to the developer’s community, you will get compatible software with unlimited email attachments and attachments of any format. This post will give you a detailed breakdown of how to use it and what it is best suited for.

Hunter Pricing

As a Hunter property management software user you will be entitled to a discounted member pricing.

To use your free offer, you must first create an account.

Once you have your account, visit the Hunter Pricing Policy page and click validation code below.

Next, you will be asked to enter a validation code. Enter the code you just received from our site. The discount will take effect on your next usage of the software.

If you have any questions about this offer please either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message on this number.

Hunter Features

  • Fast Free Email Finder Finds Emails Instantly
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Set Up
  • Fast Emails Finder Searches A Large Database of Unknown Email Addresses
  • Hunter Features
  • Find & Search Email Addresses
  • Find Email Addresses by Name, Phone Number, Address or City
  • Search Unlimited Number of Emails & Attachments
  • Scan Email All Files

Hunter Features

Find Emails Instantly

No more time lost trying to find emails from your friends, family members and co workers. You can always count on Hunter.

Easy to Use & Easy to Set Up

Hunter is so easy to use! No prior knowledge of Internet is required. In only a few short minutes you can have your own Hunter account and start searching for emails!

Fast Emails Finder Searches A Large Database of Unknown Email Addresses

Hunter emails findser is the fastest emails finder available. No other emails finder can match the speed of Hunter emails finder. You can search emails instantly wherever you have an Internet connection.

Hunter Features

Finding someone’s email address or getting in touch with your friends and loved ones is now easier than ever. Hunter emails finder searches over 500 million emails. You can search all messages in Web browsers, email clients, address books and companies’ contact lists.

What Hunter Is Missing

Your email inbox is rarely less than 5 percent unread, depending on the choices you make. This means that the Facebook notification you’re about to shut off tells you that a new message has arrived, and you’re going to have to endure the obnoxious intro music just to check it.

So if you’re serious about conducting all your business through email, we highly recommend a quick download of one of these email finders.

What Users Think About Hunter

I was kind of skeptical of this email finder but it is so useful that I couldn't bear it when I got a job email and it went unknown to me! The email finder was and still is FREE!! I'm trying to find time to come up with a review for this great hunter email finder.

Hunteremail finder takes me to my email finder if I don't enter my email address. For example if I'm at a site and need to take a picture I will likely enter my initials instead of my email address. This hunter app right there is great for that. And if you are trying to contact someone and don't want to be known to them, then this is a great way to find their email instead of being spammed with emails that you don't want.

I use this email finder for a job I have a lot and I also use it at sites I go to to look email to phone numbers. you can't a find a better free email finder than this one for sure. so if you like to find emails, or you don't want people to email you, then this is a great email finder. Thanks hunter!

A must-have for every email addict. I decided to find the email of the customer when I couldn't find a lead from a particular country. First thing about this app is that it's very straightforward and organize.

Best Email Finder for Finding Influencer Email Addresses: NinjaOutreach

Email finders are amazing utility tools that will help you focus your efforts on the most relevant people and helps you create a mass mailing list that is targeted and credible.

So, here are some of the best email finder tools out there.

NinjaOutreach Pricing

A year will bring you amazing results that will boggle your mind.

Here are some of the great features that NinjaOutreach has to offer:

  • Over 200 customization options in rubric and sliders
  • Huge collection of characters and symbols … 2900+
  • Built-in NinjaBackup for security and ease of use
  • Customizable waysto capture emails and send out campaigns
  • 24/7/365 support team

NinjaOutreach Features

The NinjaOutreach email finder service is your complete directory of all the best people to contact or send email to. It’s designed to take the guesswork out of finding contact information for celebrities, business contacts, and celebrities (you might want to log out and change your email settings not to see those).

According to a study by Open mail research the average person gets 830,000 emails per year and only opens 10%, so your precious time and effort to find contact info is wasted.

NinjaOutreach helps you cut down on this and other searches, making it simple. NinjaOutreach is also a great tool for sales, as it’s proven to increase conversion rates up to 100%, even with new leads.

In all, NinjaOutreach is the most advanced and effective email finder service on the market.

What NinjaOutreach Is Missing

Are you one of those busy, busy people, who is looking for a little help with their busy schedules? You know, the ADD people, who can’t sit down and do one thing at a time. Well, while you can’t control whether you have ADD or not, you can control how you handle it. I’m going to give you the NinjaOutreach Quick Click Tool that I’ve been using lately, and you’re going to absolutely love!

You see, I was using NinjaOutreach to find prospects and customers, but it was getting me nowhere. And I mean nowhere. I was testing out all the options myself, trying different landing pages, and the whole time I was literally getting nowhere. It was not helping me get the results I needed.

That’s when I stumbled across the Quick Click Tool in the NinjaOutreach FREE 7 Day Trial. You see, when I was searching online, I had a few keyword ideas in mind. Well, when I first tested the Quick Click Tool out, I ran it over three of my keyword ideas and least likely to buy products.

Guess what? The Quick Click Tool found my customers and my prospects. That’s right, it found prospects overprospecting for the same kind of products I was promoting.

What Users Think About NinjaOutreach

Best Email Finder for B2B LinkedIn Prospecting: GetProspect


Looking for contacts in a specific industry? Check out GetProspect.io, a LinkedIn member service that allows you to search any and all people in the LinkedIn network by company, position, location and more! You can also filter your search results in many ways, including types of jobs held and the relationships between the people you are looking for and the ones in your network.

You can use GetProspect.io to research any company, and it will show you everyone you should be targeting in their employee network … and their connections and the relevant places for you to find them.

Here’s how it works:

Find at least 200 people in the target company’s employee network related to your industry.

Select the company from the drop-down menu.

This will bring up the relevant contacts you can reach out to now without actually searching for them.

Click the ‘Entity Relationship Diagrams’ to see anyone you know in common, mutual connections and mutual connections by industry.

GetProspect Pricing

GetProspect Features

GetProspect found database and manage their profiles. GetProspect allows you to either import existing contact lists in bulk or manage them using an Excel spreadsheet.

GetProspect comes with a multitude of features that make it a popular choice among users. For instance, the bulk importing feature is easy to use for all users and the alerts and reminders help find forgotten contacts. Search the profile, customize the reply and forward emails and store responses in .txt files, and much more.

The search feature is easily accessed and the search results can be viewed immediately. The search includes contact names, email addresses, websites and social profiles. The search can also be based on keywords.

GetProspect is a comprehensive email finder that can find sending emails to senders, including Microsoft Outlook users. You’re also able to customize the email message and exclude contacts from the email list. You can customize the email subject and select from several templates.

The import function is helpful when you’re trying to organize emails or if you have a large mailing list that you need to search. With the export function, you can save the import .csv and export to .csv.

What GetProspect Is Missing

GetProspect is a very promising tool to help you get email addresses from your website. It has many different features to help you as your prospecting campaign. But one of the most useful features that it lacks is its ability to help you find specific names from the information you receive.

In order to raise your ROI, you need to have one very important thing ․ your conversion rate. To get conversions, you need to educate your customer as to why your product is important to him. But it is not easy to engage in a conversation with your current customers online!

Email Finders helps you find prospects and customers from your website in a more effective way. It helps you find names of social media profiles, website and blog names, Facebook names, etc from prospecting data. You can easily use the name of Twitter profiles to search Facebook.

So whenever you have a lead which has a landline number, Facebook name or Twitter handle, you can quickly find your prospect using this tool.

It is one of the best email finder tools as it helps you find emails at the same time. Most email finders just help you find recent email addresses.

So if you own an ecommerce website, send email offers to your prospects, you have to find your leads and customers campaigns at one time. Using this tool, you can easily find emails. It helps you find emails with any special keywords.

What Users Think About GetProspect


I will say I was a little nervous about using the GetProspects.me platform. After all, aren’t some of the challenges associated with getting prospects on the internet?

I have my trusty email autoresponder, but it’s a manually-initiated comms method, and I found that it worked well only twice. So, I spent money on the GetProspects.me platform. I got busy with other things about that time, but when I told people about the platform they were amazed that it worked so well. A couple just used it to land a prospect and score a sale. So, it worked!

Best Email Finder With a Free Plan for Small Businesses: Snov.io

Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to email. Whether you are simply overwhelmed with a large volume of emails, or you are just looking for a way to stay organized. The free version of Snov.io helps you get things under control. Snov.io boasts a fully searchable history and the ability to set up rules and filters.

Snov.io offers a free plan. If you try out the free plan and find it helpful, Snov.io also offers a paid plan. The paid plan offers priority support, inbox grouping, advanced analytics and unlimited storage.

Snov.io’s priority support is provided by email marketers in Germany. This is important because they’re likely to have training in how to use the program.

Another advantage of Snov.io is the … integrated with Gmail …. While it has a strong search engine that will allow you to find specific emails with ease, you can also search your inbox without opening your email program.

Snov.io is a great option. It includes all of the features you expect and none of the … exorbitant monthly rates… to make managing your emails a little less painful.

Snov.io Pricing

The alternatives to Snov.io are quite limited considering that Snov.io is free. As such, Snov.io is the best of both worlds, because (1) you’re get free email finder services, (2) the word of mouth makes this email-finder an insanely popular one and you’ll be able to find out about someone’s email address if you’re browsing Google and you stumble upon someone that has their own profile on Snov.io.

Snov.io Features

Snov.io is one of my top picks for email finders and this is because it is very easy to use for beginners. More importantly, it is extremely ergonomic and does not bug up your computer. It also has various features like click to win, share widgets and easy social sharing.

What Snov.io Is Missing

According to the official website, Snov.io is a combination of a browser and an email finder. What it does is grab your emails from the popular web services and stores them (via a plain text file) in your local machine. The idea is that you can keep them in your computer, make a backup in case of a hard disk crash and even work from there if you want.

There are 2 things that Snov.io is missing.


Integration with Gmail

Sending email via Snov.io is a pain, and the reason is that you can’t integrate it with Gmail. Instead, you have to install a 3rd party app on your Google account. The app allows you to log into your Gmail and send messages using Snov.io. The problem with this approach is that it meant I had to install yet another app on my Google account and this is not ideal.

Since 99% of the emails I receive go to my Gmail account, the setup is such that it makes little sense for me to use Snov.io. For the other 1%, when I receive a message on my mobile or out of office reply from my personal phone, I won’t want to enter my email address. In both cases, Snov.io would become a thing of the past for me.

What Users Think About Snov.io

Snov.io has 6.3 stars from over 2700 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5. Snov.io is an online application that helps to automate email verification.

Here are some of the questions or concerns some of the users had with Snov.io:

Can`t use it with Gmail

Most users with Gmail accounts have trouble getting their emails verified. Snov does not support Gmail accounts for whatever reason. However, there are alternatives like Grammail that you can try instead.

Limited Features

More advanced email verification apps offer more features than Snov. The downside is that you may have to pay more. The app has a free and paid version. The free version is the perfect choice for beginners. You will find Snov easy to maneuver. The paid version offers more support, training, and other useful features.

Not Suitable for Large Email Lists

Snov is ideal for small to average sized email lists. If you want to save a lot of time, it may not be the right option for you. For larger lists, you will be better off with other email verification software.

Difficult to Use

Many users came to the end of the road with Snov because of its heavy limitations and weak features. If you want to verify all your emails, you will want a more robust mail verification solution.

The Benefits of Using an Email Finder Service

There are two aspects of email list building: building one and finding and collecting those emails. While the former might be pretty straightforward, the latter can be a bit tricky. And that’s where an email finder service can be extremely handy.

Using an email finder service may require signing up for a number of services, but it’s well worth it. Email finders help boost your email list by:

  • Adding contacts to your mailing database
  • Sending out reminders and emails to your existing list
  • Adding social media users to your email marketing list
  • Collecting a leads list
  • Collecting a opt-in list
  • Collecting a forum members list

This goes without saying, but it’s important to remember that these services add new contacts to their database and that they already have a database of existing contacts to work from. If you’re looking to add more contacts to your database, it may be better to do so manually.

That being said, using an email finder service is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add new contacts to your mailing database. And if you want to gather specific information, an email finder can help you gather an audience for online surveys, social media data, or even contact/opt-in information for promotion opportunities.

Bottom Line

Which Email Finder is the Best?

For more than a decade, Google has been maintaining one of the world’s most robust and reliable search databases. This database is used by many search engines for both their products and their competitors. With this being the case, and given that email addresses are particularly relevant to finding emails, it only makes sense that Google is a leader when it comes to finding email addresses.

The first thing you should understand about finding emails is that there is no single best email finder. While Google’s ability to find email addresses can’t be touched, other search engines such as DuckDuckGo and Yandex offer important benefits for the privacy conscious.

If your main purpose for being an email finder is to get emails for SEO purposes, then you will only need one tool, and that’s Google. If you’re a regular user of email outside of SEO, then Yandex and DuckDuckGo will be ready for you.

While there are quite a few options, we wanted to present the best email finders to you so you can get started. But we can’t just present the best email finder; we also wanted to explain how they work and how you can use them.