15 Best Email Apps for Business

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Edison Mail

Edison Mail is one of the most advanced email apps for Android. It handles files and folders, offers mobile access to Google Calendar, keeps your contacts on-hand, and gives you the flexibility to compose with a keyboard, phone or track pad.

Edison Mail is a lot like Apple’s iOS Mail app in terms of style. It’s also packed with a number of helpful features for business users such as snoozing Gmail messages, easy calendar access, and reliable on-the-go access to your outlook.

Edison Mail also looks great on tablets, which is pretty impressive. And with over 200 different themes available, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your email.


Have you ever found yourself struggling to access the information that you need in reply time because of the huge amount of emails that you have to manage? You may think that there are not enough of resources to help you with your email marketing but maybe you are just not aware of the answers. With Frontier College, you can now regain time and energy and take over the email management part that you have been struggling to do.

Our approach is to integrate all the tools that you would need in an email marketing process, so that you can feel good about sending out those highly desired emails.

Frontier College’s Email Marketing Solution

Frontier College’s email service is designed to provide you maximum security and sports a wide range of attributes that would make you look forward to working with us.

> Secure… Frontier College’s email system uses two-factor authentication (TFA). This ensures that the access to your account is strictly only for you.

> Efficient… Frontier College is designed to give you quick access to your email marketing data. You can access your data from your Frontier College email account.


The Spark app is a great option for one on one, and small groups. One unique thing about Spark is that it allows you to include a video in your email – so you can record and send a video attachment to your recipients.

If you are working on a business plan that requires you to include video or other multimedia content you need a tool that can help you do this easily.

Spark is an easy to use tool that also has a very beautifully designed interface. Not all email platforms have an equally elegant interface, and Spark is one that does. They have one of the best email designs and it’s very simple to use.

Certainly, Spark works very well when you want to send emails to small groups of people but if you need to send large emails to large groups of people Spark is not the right choice for you. For larger groups, we believe that HubSpot Inbox is the best one to use.

Spark does have one feature that we love and we think that it is a necessity to add to the email platforms, it has a virtual assistant. This means that if you do not have the time to write multiple emails sending emails can be done by one click.

Spark also has a visual content editor, which allows you to make visual really easy when you are ready to do so.


Is an email app for business people made for them. It’s easy to use, simple, free, and there’s no learning curve. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, setting up an email account on Spike is a breeze. It’s one of the fastest ways you’ve ever sent and received messages.

Everyday Work Life

You can start with your personal Gmail account or sign up for a new business account, which is infinitely better than dealing with multiple mailboxes you have to manage. Both options are secure, with end-to-end encryption and also spam protection.

One common problem all employees face is the need to manage the email for a company but also for your personal life. This is the main reason why a lot of companies end up having a complicated and messy email address management scheme. So when it comes to the email apps for business, it’s always a good idea to look for an email app that keeps things simple.

With Spike, this is not a problem.

All you need to do is set up one email address and start using it right away, which is exactly what you do with your personal, or personal/business email setup.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a perfect mix of Email and Marketing Automation, that takes the pain away from any marketing team. It's designed specifically to be a landing page for your Sales & Leadgeneration. It also eliminates your email noise, so your contacts can be found, organized, and managed.

With HubSpot CRM, you can access all your data anytime, anywhere, on any screen. Connect contacts, move email to inboxes, create templates, mail merge into CRM, track open and click rates, create prospect lists and send scheduled blasts, track post-chasing, followup with prospects… and more. At the same time you can manage the entire sales cycle, from target to close.

HubSpot CRM makes your business more efficient by seamlessly connecting your sales and marketing, eliminating the need to create duplicate leads, and enabling you to get more responses to your messages. Increase your conversion rates and raise your revenue.

Real-time email tracking, proven sales and marketing processes.

Query, segment, and segment against contacts based on interactions.

Import, export, and search through your data.

Integrated with HubSpot (customers, leads, and contacts).

Create Templates and Newsletters to Reduce Your Email Volume

Work seamlessly with partners: Segment existing contacts by partner's tags or custom fields

Gmail for Mobile

Google’s Gmail is a great free web-based email service to help you with your organization and tracking of business communications. Whether you’re on your desktop or on your smart phone, everything is in one place.

You can create and share calendars, folders, tasks, and you can automatically transfer new emails to your calendar as they arrive. There’s no need to consult a calendar for your appointments since everything you need to know is available at a glance. You can even use Google Calendar to synchronize your desktop and mobile devices.

Each account can have five separate email accounts that you can send and receive messages from. Google also provides extra web apps that you can use to access Gmail on your mobile device and vice versa.

When you’re sending out a press release about your new product, a promotion that just went live or a new client, your recipients will appreciate your ability to send straight to their inbox to avoid their inbox from becoming spam. With the ability to seamlessly integrate your email marketing across a range of platforms, you’ll be sending more targeted emails and stocking up on new customers.

Outlook for Mobile

If you’re a huge user of Outlook on your PC, you’re probably wondering what the mobile version can do. Obviously, it’s not the same, and I’ll get into that in a moment.

Outlook on the web is the actual Outlook application you’re used to. (It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera.) If you’re a business user and use Outlook as your primary email client, you should start by checking out Outlook for Mobile Devices. It’s available across all major mobile platforms, making it extremely easy to manage your inbox wherever you go.


If you are looking for an Email App for your business as a sole proprietor or an entrepreneur, then myMail becomes your ideal solution. myMail is an app which empowers users by helping them manage their email with ease.

MyMail is a web-based email solution which helps you manage your emails with both features and ease. The app comes equipped with the forward exchange folder, to create personal and team folders, to apply labels from your to-do list quickly, and to create smart filters to curate your inbox.

So if you are searching for an email app which incorporates the ideal features to help you manage your emails, then myMail is your ideal solution. The app is also available for both Android and iOS to help make the app accessible to every user on any of their mobile devices.

The app allows you to create an inbox for each of your team as well as personal for yourself. The app also comes equipped with a search friend feature which lets you identify your most contacted with recipients. The app is also quick to set up with its browser configurable configuration, which could be very helpful for businesses who wish to make it accessible in their work space as well.

Chuck Email

We live in a world of constantly evolving accessories. When was the last time you saw people use something like snail mail? For one, you have the invention of the smartphone. No one even knows what it is to feel the movement of a physical key pad anymore. Features like wireless charging and the removal of the headphone jack are examples of recent innovations that proved countless times to make things easier. The less frequently you open your device, the happier you are. When you have someone sending you an invitation by email, you can simply scroll to the side and respond. You don’t need to open a new app. There is no need for you to even feel the surface of your phone. It is becoming more and more of the norm, which is why new apps are created for it.

App marketplaces have been booming with new ones popping up in record time. The variety available can be overwhelming, but it’s worth sticking to the ones you enjoy. You’ll never know how many emails you delete if you delete them all. All through the convenience of using an email app, there are some features that only certain applications provide. This means picking and choosing carefully what you search for.

In this roundup, we have looked at those email apps that kick ass across a number of different aspects. Thankfully, there are several that are multifunctional and work as an all-in-one application.


BlueMail is an email client for Android developed by Blue Systems SRL. BlueMail is based on the email client Lightning which is used by millions of people worldwide, with a great number of translators, and has garnered an excellent reputation for stability and functionality. The goal of the developers is to create the most complete, functional and reliable email application, simple, convenient and fully automatic.

CAPTCHA, Due and Threaded View.

CAPTCHA and / or passwords are an important protection against spammers. CAPTCHA is also a good way to tell whether you have robots vs. a human processing your message. You can use the standard CAPTCHA which is 10 random symbols. There is also a first sign on / contact CAPTCHA and a second CAPTCHA after a certain time, if you receive a response.

You can select which fields you want to display email content under in other words click for more details.

On the bottom right corner you can find the built in attachment viewer which allows you to view the contents of an attachment without having to download it.

Automatically flag important emails, quick replies, and speed replies.

Auto tagging, sorting, favoriting and sorting in the inbox.

Session sync.

Drag&Drop Support

For not so good use which should be more like "save this for later use" you can use the bookmarks.


Newton Mail is a web-based email client with a unique twist … it is split into two different apps. One app is a desktop app that gives you all of the benefits of a native Outlook experience … the huge list of features and the flexibility to integrate with virtually any desktop application. The other app is a web-based interface that works much like Gmail, but without all of the distractions.

With both apps, you can setup contact groups for business contacts, and send scheduling emails. The calendar view is especially useful for teams or departments to track important deadlines, and organize work days. And of course, you get all of the filters and features you would expect when working with a web-based interface.

Newton Mail also supports tasks and to-do management, as well as integration with your favorite apps like Trello, Wunderlist, and Slack.

The Newton Mail web-based interface has all the features you would expect from a modern email client, including push notifications for messages that are important or urgent, and simple custom notification options.

You can also integrate the web-based interface with other email apps, such as Outlook.

Integration with Google Calendar gives you a seamless interface that lets you access all of your important appointments, and lets you share this calendar with your coworkers.


Boomerang is a smartphone app that supports desktop sync. It features a simple layout, easy setup and collaboration, a focus on security that allows you to create customizable permissions and it’s free. Boomerang has recently been given the business-focused makeover it needed and it is now as important for users as it is for business. With the new Boomerang Mercury, Boomerang has added a great deal of flexibility and room for customization. If you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use application that supports collaboration and viewing across multiple platforms, Boomerang is your best bet.

Google Apps for Work

With Google Apps for Work, which is now known simply as Google Drive, you can get simple one-click access to your files, the ability to share files with a few people, and multi-user access for up to five people. You can also send files as easily as attaching a file to an email. The downsides? Drive is more for sharing files and emailing than for collaborating with co-workers. Google Apps for Work also relies heavily on Google Docs. Google Docs is one of the most popular documents editing tools on the market. However, many alternatives are available at similar prices and will allow you to smoothly transition to Google Busines for Work.


ProtonMail is an award-winning email service that lets you securely access all your email from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Security and privacy are paramount in this day and age, and for businesses that want to reach out to their global customer bases it’s a necessity to protect their business communications. ProtonMail’s emphasis on strong end-to-end encryption to ensure high levels of privacy and security has made it sought out by the business world.

The ProtonMail app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Snovio, is an Email Marketing Platform that helps to automate the whole process of Targeted & Personalized Email Marketing. They can help you get listed on the best industry mailing lists as well as with the Snovio dashboard you can make your email marketing more attractive and personalized. It is one of the Best Email Marketing Platform available.

Snovio allows you to easily manage all your marketing campaigns by hiring the best online marketers available. You can hire a lot of designers or copywriters to create the different templates for the different types of recipients. They'll own their own niche, and they could take several months to refine the design based on their proposition. A mass email is never going to be quite successful, so it's excellent to create these plans to keep the initial launch as effective as possible. You can use all the different types of providers from Snovio to be sent to the users.

The company is not open for controversy and they simply want to provide their users with the best tools available in the market.


There are numerous email app options available, some with additional functionality and email management features while others are free simply for the sake of being free. We’ve narrowed it down to the best 15 email apps that will help you check your messages even while on-the-go, manage your email communications and also offer you the option to manage your various accounts.

What features do you look for in the perfect email app? If you asked a group of individuals, you’d probably get a variety of responses. But as far as features go, almost all of the apps on this list meet the following five criteria:

  • A customizable email template
  • Unlimited web access to sent emails
  • Customizable app background (preferably a photo of your choice)
  • Easy access to reliable, reliable and secure email account integration
  • Store and access your email messages as data on your mobile device rather than pulling in local memory

With these objectives in mind, 15 best email apps for business have been identified. In this list, you’ll find a variety of different capabilities that come in handy, with some even featuring shared email accounts (the list features social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GMail and Flickr).

Frequently Asked Questions

What size email do you need?

It depends. But generally, 30% of your audience will be filtering your message as junk. If you have 10,000 subscribers (for example), every email you send to those 10,000 subscribers will be considered a junk email by at least 30% of the recipients.

Because of this, you may not always want to send a mass mailer to everyone in your list. Instead, try sending emails to a segment of your audience. For example, if you want to grow your new business’s website traffic, try sending emails to people who already follow your blog or your Facebook business page.

With that in mind, if you have 10,000 subscribers, and only 5% of your emails are getting sent to your spam folder, you’ll still be losing 5,000 potential subscribers each month to your junk email filter!

In general, the smaller your list, the smaller the email. If you plan on sending 50,000 emails to a list of 10,000, your email will be about 450KB. If you have a list of 100,000 that you send to, your email will be about 300KB. In both cases, this is what has been found to be the magic number when it comes to sending your emails to your audience.

What are the best email marketing tools?

Email is a great way to communicate with your subscribers and allows you to keep your business top of mind. Rather than trying to remember to check the blog, the company Facebook page, and the marketing emails, you can send your subscribers all of these things through email.

But this ease of communication with your customers doesn’t come without a trade-off: email marketing actually takes time and effort. There are more things that can go wrong than right when you send emails to your subscribers, but these email marketing tools help you save time, automate the process, and get more chances to win.

Here are the best email marketing tools that will save you time and help you deliver high-quality, personalized email marketing.

How do I get a business email address?

Getting your first business email address is not only a big step in the direction of professional enterprise, but this early moment is the beginning of a productive online relationship with a company. After signing up, you can begin downloading apps that will bring you one-step closer to professional email marketing.

As you begin building your business, you’ll find that more and more programs and handheld devices will pick email as your primary method of communication. Using the specialized software that’s available, you can communicate with anybody in any format, from your home computer to your phone and from 15 feet away to 15 million miles.

What are the best email tools for business?

These days the fastest way to communicate with both colleagues and clients is to send emails. It’s not always possible to meet face-to-face or even take a phone call at any given time. But emails can bring your business one step closer to your prospects, current customers, and everyone in between.

Sending emails that are effective and that catch your prospects’ attention is not an easy feat. But the following email tools can make the job a little easier for both you and your prospects.


MailChimp is one of the most popular options for building and sending mass emails. Designed for smaller businesses, it’s user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

They have easy-to-setup templates for your brand and their email service sends 500,000 monthly actions to your customers.


Boomerang is an advanced scheduling tool for Gmail and other email clients. It’s a built-in extension for Google’s email client that’s designed to send customized follow-ups to the leads you’ve generated.

It’s great for following up with prospects after they’ve opened your initial data room.


Bottom Line: Best Email Apps for Business

People always say that you can’t manage your email on your phone. The truth is that for most people, it’s easier to manage and archive email on their phone than it is to wait around for the computer or trust the web interface provided by your business’s email provider. (And yes, that includes Google and Yahoo!)

So let’s take a look at some of the best email apps for business that allow you to save time and control your email more efficiently. Of course, you can always check out more in our roundup of the 25 best email apps.


Polymail easily helps you stay in control of your messages from any device. You can set specific labels for important threads, automatically mark your important emails with a VIP tag, and sort your messages into folders.


Of course I’m going to mention Gmail! The resource that started the trend is still the best option when it comes to email. The Gmail app on iPhone allows you to access messages through push notifications…the default option (but I still prefer email alerts for new messages)…or via a widget.

Microsoft Outlook