6 Best Customer Portal Software to Help Your Customers

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Top 6 Customer Portal Software 2019

A customer portal is a great software that helps companies to connect, engage and interact with their customers in real time. A customer portal is a web-based customer service application that can be accessed on the customer’s home computer.

A customer portal has benefits such as a lower cost of customer service delivery, enhanced customer service experience, higher customer satisfaction, and simplified customer management.

Additionally, customer portals are utilized by businesses to help customers communicate their needs both via email or live chat. Once a customer has entered simple details into the customer portal, it is easy for the business to reach back out with the needed information or solve the customer’s problem.

Although most companies with a customer service department have a web-based customer portal component within their call center, it is rare for a customer portal to function as the sole customer service solution. A complicated use of complex app and software often prove unfruitful, unless accompanied by extensive phone support.

However, the importance of a customer portal is real. By using an intuitive mixture of web apps, online forms and live chat, a business or organization can offer easy access to all communications, customer information, and order status, either via the web or on mobile devices.

Therefore, below we have compiled a list of the highest rated and most popular customer portal software in 2019.

How We Evaluated Customer Portal Software

For this analysis, we examined 18 different customer messaging and feedback management (CMFM) tools: the top channels to communicate with customers today.

We reviewed each tool to assess if they offered a cohesive experience that allowed you to integrate messaging into your other business functions. We focused on a CMFM tool’s ease of integration – not only in terms of APIs, but also in terms of other processes you may be already using.

We also assessed the mechanisms each tool provided for customer engagement and feedback collection. We used each tool in our typical scenario to see how easy it was to set up and how intuitive it was to use.

And finally, we took the tools for a test drive by evaluating how they performed in transaction-based and/or known-supplier environments. For the transaction-based evaluations, our team used our Customer.io platform, which is for real-time customer feedback. For the known-supplier evaluations, we used internal product knowledge and external sources.

Finally, to ensure each software was evaluated on its own merits, we assigned each tool to just one category. This allowed for apples-to-apples comparison.

FreshDesk : Best Customer Portal Software for Small Businesses

FreshDesk is an online collaboration and project management system on the cloud that helps small-to-medium-sized businesses collaborate in a productive way.

FreshDesk also makes it easier for customers to engage with the company by enhancing the customer engagement process with a self-service portal for your customers (Customer Portal), allowing them to communicate, get support, and even schedule appointments online. FreshDesk allows customers to register, search for products and services, order products and services, and map a schedule with the company for regular appointments directly from your Customer Portal. All the data is completely stored in the cloud and available for you or your customers to use and share.

FreshDesk was recognized by the 2013 B2B Lead Generation Awards and was named one of the best tools for the marketing department and the CRM solution by software lead generation magazine.

Businesses using Freshdesk:

  • FreshDesk helps small-to-medium businesses to grow their businesses
  • Use it to make your business more efficient and to allow your employees to be more productive
  • Create customer-centric, yet personalized experiences for each of your customers
  • Make better decisions based on rich data and customer insights.

Freshdesk Documents:

  • Freshdesk FAQ
  • Freshdesk Pricing Guide

Why Customer Experience Teams and Software are Needed?

a customer is not a roving-amotivational-device. They don’t walk into a store they need something, and then after your staff have sufficiently handled their emotional needs, they walk out and their need is satisfied. They will not come back and buy from you.The principles of good customer service are a science. A customer’s brain is like one of those newfangled automated grocery store checkout machines. Human bodies are becoming less and less reliant on the brain and more and more well-behaved robotic machines. That doesn’t mean we’re not emotional anymore, it just means that we’re less likely to exhibit unruly emotional behavior outside our ability to process it. More specifically, in a supermarket we use a much simpler shopping model. We walk in, we say what we want, we grab it and leave.

A customer service system isn’t only about information any more, it’s about emotions. It’s about being able to deal with an emotional customer.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk offers the Freshdesk Corporate plan as a part of their Enterprise plan which allows a company to create its own customer portal. The Freshdesk Customer portal allows clients to view and manage their online customer support tickets.

The Freshdesk Corporate Plan has three packages:

The Freshdesk Enterprise Plan includes all Freshdesk features, including one Freshdesk license in each department. In addition, it includes a 100% uptime guarantee and technical support during office hours. For more information, we recommend visiting Freshdesk•s website.

A Freshdesk license is required to add Freshdesk as a third-party app to your website or app. If you do not have access to the admin panel of your website or if you are adding Freshdesk to a new website, we recommend contacting the owner of your website about the possibility of adding Freshdesk to their website.

Freshdesk is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese

Freshdesk Tiered Features

Pricing, and Customer Portal.

Freshdesk is one of the widely known customer care software. Freshdesk offers different tiered features and pricing packages which are helpful to customers. Freshdesk also offers different customer portal to manage customer accounts and contact details. Freshdesk provides Freshdesk customer portal in basic home package and Platinum package. Freshdesk offers advanced features in Enterprise package. Freshdesk provides basic features in Starter package. Freshdesk customer portal is helpful to manage customer accounts and contact details. Freshdesk customer portal provides different Tiered features and Platinum Package with different pricing packages. Freshdesk customer portal provides basic features with different pricing packages. Freshdesk offers Manage Customer Portal and Ticket system in basic Features. Freshdesk provides additional feature in Features & Apps and Online App. Freshdesk offers additional feature with different pricing packages. Freshdesk provides best feature in Advanced Features and Corporate Edition. Freshdesk customer portal features are best customer care portal software. Freshdesk Customer portal is a great software for customer support. Freshdesk customer portal is easily and likepecs. Freshdesk Customer portal is the best support software. Freshdesk Customer portal is a powerful contact management software. Freshdesk Customer portal is easily functional customer portal. Freshdesk Customer portal is a great customer portal software.


CRM vs. Salesforce

Salesforce is an enterprise class customer relationship management platform (CRM) designed for business professionals. Its features include account management, email marketing, social marketing, forecasting, lead management, customer analytics, etc. As a customer service software software, salesforce with its enormous customer data storage capacity helps you deal with numerous customer issues, and it simplifies and accelerates the customer service process.

SproutCRM, in comparison to Salesforce, is cost effective and customer centric. Sprout CRM offers a professional and robust, an advanced set of sales tools, enhanced collaboration and a full suite of marketing tools. It offers up to date features in the CRM arena and provides deeper insights and analytics for your organization. It also provides an all-in-one platform that enables you to manage every phase of the sales cycle, from onboarding to closing.

However, with both Sprout and Salesforce, it depends on what you need to get done.

In comparison to Sprout, Salesforce is more targeted toward small business and enterprises.

Additionally, Salesforce has a wider reach, has a wider market CRM solution and is more geared towards enterprises.


Customer Portal : The best customer portal for small businesses

The world is nowadays learning how to communicate with their customers through the use of the best possible tools which has led to making customer communication a must.

Customer service is one of the most essential qualities of a successful business. Customers want to know that you are responsive, that you care about their business, that you have their best interests at heart. The importance of customer service is especially clear when you are small business, providing more personalized attention and personalized care that your big-name competitor doesn’t.

This is why it is important to maintain a customer portal, which is a centralized location where you can communicate with your most valuable customers. For a small business, maintaining a reliable customer portal is an important part of customer service.

The Customer Portal for Quick and Breezy Responses

You should give your customers the ability to contact your business immediately. A customer portal is a central location where customers can contact you by email, phone, or chat, and you can contact your customers immediately. If you set up your customer portal correctly, you can easily reach every one of your customers that you want to contact while eliminating the need to communicate over and over again until you’ve gotten the type of response you needed.


It’s easy for your customers to communicate and interact with you online through a customer portal. It’s not only a great way to stay in touch online, but also a way to get your customers’ feedback on your products and services.

Garden Gnome

This customer portal is a very attractive tool with the clean interface that can help your online business. It is easy to use and user-friendly. Groovy Toolbar functions well with Garden Gnome. It has numerous parts that can serve you a variety of multiple users of different levels, leading to both a more efficient way and to finally lead to your store promotion activities.

The portal is available for all equipment brand users, electronic payment, online shopping, complete help desk and customizing information with plenty of third-party applications. It can be used by single customers or an extensive number of potential customers; even for an entire community. It also has utility features and services that allow you to do as you please.

The tools and features section has different utilities for each kind of user for your business to use. It is very useful for users because it can help them to learn how to use each of the tools. Of course, it is convenient and effective for your business as well.

The main focuses of Garden Gnome portal are:

First in line payment system.


An automatic way to transfer your account information to your family upon death. The next generation of estate planning software.

Guideline to sign the right documents.

The ability to produce your documents in various forms, from standard to PDF, for print and electronic delivery.

Mobile apps for mobile devices that make it easy for your clients to access their accounts, sign documents, and review and update their information.

Document signing for family members who may live in other locations.

Mobile and remote services to help your customers sign documents anytime, anywhere.

What Freshdesk is Missing

Most of the time we are using email for the communication with companies. Most of the times we see it in the client’s dashboard. It was always a pain for most of the businesses to see the incoming emails into the dashboard.

It was a tedious job for us to search for the emails by searching either the client’s name or the customer’s name that we have received the call. Sometimes we search for some special words like Reasonable amount, good day or Fixed Price. The problem was when the customer sent the special words or the company name and we couldn’t find it.

Sometimes we forget what we want to say, and there was no enough time to write the reply in the dashboard. And the most important thing is, we had to reply to every single one of them.

As a business owner, we must be thinking what freshdesk is missing for us. Let’s have a closer look at it.


It is very difficult and annoying to search for the customer’s budgeted amount while we talk to them or even in our own email. We get the email from the customer and we can see that they have applied for the Fixed Rate. It would have made it very easy for us to reply to them asking them to confirm their budgeted amount.

What Users Think About Freshdesk

Freshdesk is by far the most popular customer service software today. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing all the customer-related tasks at your organization, over the phone, via e-mails or web chat. It also supports all the channels of communication for the whole customer care process.

It offers the tools for responding to customer support queries, both in real time or after hours. The call centre can be monitored from a distance via an admin console, after installation on the server. Freshdesk training videos are available on the company site as well as on YouTube. The product is available in both free and commercial versions.

To use Freshdesk, you’ll need an external database to manage customer information. For the purpose, Freshdesk is also available with own built-in data management. It supports different data and record types for different customer needs. Users can categorize them, search in the system and use the reports accordingly.

Another strong point of Freshdesk is its intuitive interface. You can create tickets (or emails or chat records), communicate with customers, manage the employees and tasks in one window. It helps speed up the process of handling customer queries and makes their interaction with the support system as easy as it can be.

Where to Find Freshdesk

Customer, or customer portal software, is free, cloud-based software that allows all your customers to smoothly contact you. Best of all, it’s available for all your customers from any device.

Freshdesk, the leading customer portal software for remote support, has a unique feature that makes it stand apart from the competition – it’s free for everyone, even the customer.

{ “The Awesome Thing About Freshdesk Ep. 2

The best feature of Freshdesk is its customer portal software for free to every customer. Let’s start with the basics. Support and support ticketing solutions help businesses interact directly with their customers, which is the easiest way to get any customer’s problem fixed. You might be thinking, couldn’t we just phone them and call them directly a phone, here are some things to consider that make Freshdesk the clear choice for all of our customers and partners. ”

TeamSupport : Most Customizable Customer Portal Software

Best software customized to your needs. While infusing any given business with a customer portal is not easy, there are dozens of painless ways to help your customers such as tracking their orders, stimulating their feedback, or offering them other customer care assistance. TeamSupport offers customers in the enterprise an easy way to assemble all this documentation. We provide a customizable customer portal software that integrates with on-premise systems such as Salesforce and Workday. With the help of our software, reps can record all customer inquiries from features to problems, both before and after a support ticket. TeamSupport provides a one- to-one interaction with your customers and rep-friendly platform to run your customer support with lightning speed and efficiency.

TeamSupport Pricing

So I'm guessing you've heard of financial software and quite literally anything to do with money. But have you actually heard of shopping carts?

Whether you're looking for a solution for your small retail business or you're starting out as a sole trader or freelancer, create an online storefront, or online store, online customer relationship management (CRM) software can be a game-changer.

Shopping carts, customer management, web forms, reporting, and everything else related to web sales can be simplified and streamlined using a CRM.

For example, with TeamSupport, your customers will no longer have to communicate with you via email, you'll have the ability to manage your leads efficiently, create profit and loss statements and more.

Plus it's affordable! You'll also be able to:

  • Generate leads from a variety of sources including email, your website, and social media
  • Offer your customers a variety of product options right on your website, including customisable product options
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices

Create your account, upgrade your account to a TeamSupport Monthly Account, and activate your subscription within minutes.

TeamSupport Tiered Features

TeamSupport’s Tiered Features Customer Portal Product is a well balanced Customer Portal Software that is ideal for any business that needs a set of high level tools to help their Customer Support team.

With TeamSupport’s Customer Portal Software, customers can connect to you easily over the Internet. No need for fax machines or expensive equipment.

In addition to the Customer Portal project management tools, you can add social networking tools, inventory management tools and digital asset management tools to help your business achieve workflow efficiency and build deep customer relationships.

Make use of an underlying framework that supports and is built upon industry standard technologies and tools. Powerful mobile devices, web browsers, and powerful search capability make it a great fit for any business.

TeamSupport’s Customer Portal includes a set of tools and technology that can help you save a lot of money on your IT budget and achieve greater customer satisfaction at the same time.

So if you need a Customer Portal Software for your small business, TeamSupport’s Customer Portal is a great choice for you.

What TeamSupport Is Missing

I use TeamSupport twice daily. Since the TeamSupport team started, the number of leads has increased by about 400%.

TeamSupport also handles customer surveys to our customers. They are much more qualified than other surveys I could buy.

We use the surveys as a means of discovering what our customers are thinking and how to improve our product, as well as getting feedback that can help us choose what products to better focus on.

TeamSupport is improving. I didn’t know what to expect from the initial start of TeamSupport, and we are now seeing additional features that theoretically will be added.

TeamSupport is the perfect solution for my company, and my company’s customers.

But there is one thing we need from TeamSupport, and it is yet to be added to the software.

I want a customer portal that is like a perfect team. TeamSupport is like a great coach, and I am the athlete.

A portal should be able to track my progress and schedule of my work. It should notify me when I am not doing my due diligence of what it is I need to do.

A portal should be intelligent. A portal should be able to recommend a better way of doing things for me, and it should be able to search my data from a database.

What Users Think About TeamSupport

TeamSupport is a Customer Portal Software which is very easy to use and helps to register and serve customers more easily. There are many reviews from users who love our Customer Portal Software and it has a very user friendly interface.

Where to Find TeamSupport

One of you most important tasks is keeping your Customer Relations Manager’s and Customer Service Reps on the ball and jumping into action when needed. Customers are looking for immediate satisfaction when they contact your company, and you need to make that happen. However, vital information can be lost in the chaos of phone calls, websites, support portals and the like. Customer support software can label, sort and track customer concerns and requests so that they can be directed to where they need to go.

TeamSupport Portal Software can’t resolve your customers’ problems directly, but it can help your employees deal with issues faster, gain more information, and improve customer satisfaction. To cut through the clutter your existing Customer Relationship Management software is quickly becoming inadequate, and you’re looking for a remote solution to support your team through a customer portal.

All of the companies listed below provide software, clients, services and resources that can help you and your employees better support your customers. As a web-based remote customer portal software solution these 6 companies can help you develop, maintain and manage your own remote support portal.

OneHub : Best Customer Portal Software for Security

Onehub , a SAAS customer service portal software, is ideal for customer service companies that need simple, robust access control for employees to manage customer inquiries. It features a simple, user-friendly user interface, along with customizable, reusable workflow templates and scripts.

With OneHub, you can choose to manage your customer service activities on your website, smartphone, and tablet apps. You can also use the mobile edition of the app, or OneHub on the web, to see your lists, contacts, conversations, and agents, all in real-time.

This customer service software platform connects sales and support teams by providing them with a secure and fast interface to manage customer services. To conduct an effective customer service program, it’s important for customer service representatives to have 24/7 access to live chat and phone support.

Onehub provides customer service representatives with the tools to make customer service simpler by providing an easy access portal to interactive features. These features can be accessed by phone, chat, and email. The tool includes a group chat feature, which provides customers with a secure, private chat portal for customer service agents to assist them.

Why Customer Experience Teams and Software are Needed?

a customer is not a roving-amotivational-device. They don’t walk into a store they need something, and then after your staff have sufficiently handled their emotional needs, they walk out and their need is satisfied. They will not come back and buy from you.The principles of good customer service are a science. A customer’s brain is like one of those newfangled automated grocery store checkout machines. Human bodies are becoming less and less reliant on the brain and more and more well-behaved robotic machines. That doesn’t mean we’re not emotional anymore, it just means that we’re less likely to exhibit unruly emotional behavior outside our ability to process it. More specifically, in a supermarket we use a much simpler shopping model. We walk in, we say what we want, we grab it and leave.

A customer service system isn’t only about information any more, it’s about emotions. It’s about being able to deal with an emotional customer.

OneHub Pricing

Pricing for OneHub customer portal software depends on what package you select. The pricing plans are simple and flexible. For complete pricing details, please click on the ‘OneHub Pricing’ tab on the menu bar.

Onehub Free Trial

You can try the OneHub customer portal software fully functional for 15 days for free. If you decide to use it after your free trial, you can re-download it anytime for free.

OneHub Customer Portal Software Is Easy and Affordable

All of the available pricing plans are simple and affordable. You can explore more information on the pricing plans and how they work in the Universal Onehub pricing plans tab.

Add Consumers

Onehub helps you track, manage, track consumer information and sales performance. Onehub makes it easy to update customer information for financial and accounting purposes, as you grow your business.

Sales Support

Onehub delivers sales team support anywhere you choose. Let’s face it, many businesses are not set up with customer service. Onehub addresses that by letting you deliver support for marketing and sales activities with the latest in technologies.

Customer Marketing

Onehub can help your business by helping you make the best selections for your customers and get the message out effectively and cost effectively.

OneHub Tiered Features


TeamSpeak is a Software as a Service (SaaS) text chat program that can be used to communicate with anyone using the program. The program can be used for groups and individuals anywhere that internet access is available.

TeamSpeak Chat

TeamSpeak Pros: easy to set up, control, and monitor

TeamSpeak Cons: can be lacking in features and customization

It is fair to compare TeamSpeak to Skype or other Internet phone applications because TeamSpeak will allow you to make a voice or video call to another current TeamSpeak user and to send voice mail. Add-on software can also be purchased to facilitate file transfers, mobile phone calls, and file sharing.

TeamSpeak Pros: free for small businesses

TeamSpeak Cons: extensive software setup process is required

TeamSpeak Pros: mobile phone carrier options available

TeamSpeak Cons: text-only interface lets you send and receive text messages

TeamSpeak Pros: inexpensive for feature-packed program

TeamSpeak Cons: relatively new program can be confusing to new users

TeamSpeak Pros: plug-in versions of TeamSpeak are available

TeamSpeak Cons: requires a Microsoft Live account

TeamSpeak Pros: free for small business

TeamSpeak Cons: text-based program lacks features of other chat options


A Customer Portal is a tool provided by the company to help the customers to interact with your business, to solve their problems and requests anytime, anywhere. A software provides the ability to create a secure portal for the customers. The most important thing which a business owner cant do with a tablet or a smartphone is to manage the business process; the need of creating a customer portal software came into existence in the industry.

A customer portal software can be used for multiple purposes like for tracking an order, retrieve the information about customer, review and feedback, Make a payment, solve the Complaint, to be on the top in the search engine list, help to implement their business process for meeting the client’s requirements; create a free email address email id and contact the client.

Now-A-Days, everyone use the smart phones to login on their social networking sites; Shopping sites and to manage some of their works. So it’s hard to believe to use the smart phones for the business purpose. There are few options available for the customers which are mentioned below.

A simple login portal with the mobile browser, uses the redirection page for the data retrieval and the mobile browser for the coding and programming. Some mobile phone users find the complex mobile browser coding and programming little bit hectic. The No. 1 disadvantage is that not all the browser platforms are supported.

What OneHub is Missing

Any customer relationship management system, whether it be an ERP, CRM or CRM has a set of features and functions, which all are aimed towards serving the customers of the enterprise. Any business with customer relationship management system would usually have access to automated emails, SMS, and phone calls like in Customer Relationship Management software; Any business with a CRM would also have the ability to connect to the database and get in touch with their employees based on their CRM system; and also, any business with a CRM would be able to connect with third party applications and consider the set of functionality available to them. It sounds like a great combination of features which all a customer would ideally want. The truth lies somewhere else: many times, all of these features are lacking which makes the customers feel more frustrated about it. The technology of the CRM industry is not mature to help a customer feel engaged with the brand. The primary motive behind these functions and features are for their better management and not to engage their customers.

The modern methods of communications and channelization has improved the customer relationships so that companies can connect to their clients in a better way. The nature of the communication is such that the customers are looking for more engagement rather than a quick solution to their query or problem. They want a company that is not just able to manage the queries but can build the relationship with them.

What Users Think About OneHub

OneHub gives you a centralized and real-time view of every visitor who comes to your website. The way the OneHub user portal works is that it requires all visitor information to be captured in one single place. This way, you can have easy access to everything that each of your visitors has signed up for. This is best done by creating a user center.

You can choose the user center to work with your visitor’s account, credit card details, preferences, email address, product lists and much more. Since OneHub has the ability to manage the most popular social media platforms, having your visitor information in a centralized location enables you to have real-time interactions on social media.

OneHub is mainly designed for travelers who would not want to make a second request for hotel information while searching online for it. As soon as a visitor comes to your website, they will be immediately redirected to OneHub.

The visitor’s information will be available in real time and will include where they come from, what the previous location was, and whether they would like to be redirected to a booking module page.

Where to Find OneHub

OneHub's customers are always asking, "Where can I find your best piece of software or service?" If you are like many of OneHub's customers, this is a common question "If you are here, chances are you are looking for our software that we provide and then sell.

So far, we have sold 3 of our software packages to customers worldwide. Our software is purchased through our Desire2Learn PD Store.

These 3 packages were developed in OneHub 1.0 and have been developed to provide customers with a flexible and easy-to-use online training and teaching tool for their students. They are fun, engaging and easy to use.

Desire2Learn PD is the best option to purchase these packages to use in your own Desire2Learn platform.

If you like Desire2Learn PD, you should also take a look at Desire2Learn. Desire2Learn is OneHub's primary online learning platform to use for professional development courses for instructors and marketing professionals.

To purchase our software, please visit our Desire2Learn PD Store.

One more software package we offer through our Desire2Learn platform is one Hub Notebook.

Hub Notebook is a great way to track your class progress and student progress. It allows you to set up lesson plans, keep track of your students progress throughout the semester and even set up grading for individual papers. Try Hub Notebook today!

Zendesk Guide : Best Customer Portal Software with AI

Snagit Guide : Best free customer portal and free customer support software

Zoho Guide : Best CRM software software and free CRM software

Xero Guide : Best way to organize your business data to use as a CRM software and to make more out of money

Evernote Guide : A very useful tool to organize your tasks and keep track of your business materials!

Why Customer Experience Teams and Software are Needed?

a customer is not a roving-amotivational-device. They don’t walk into a store they need something, and then after your staff have sufficiently handled their emotional needs, they walk out and their need is satisfied. They will not come back and buy from you.The principles of good customer service are a science. A customer’s brain is like one of those newfangled automated grocery store checkout machines. Human bodies are becoming less and less reliant on the brain and more and more well-behaved robotic machines. That doesn’t mean we’re not emotional anymore, it just means that we’re less likely to exhibit unruly emotional behavior outside our ability to process it. More specifically, in a supermarket we use a much simpler shopping model. We walk in, we say what we want, we grab it and leave.

A customer service system isn’t only about information any more, it’s about emotions. It’s about being able to deal with an emotional customer.

Zendesk Guide Pricing

Zendesk Guide Tiered Features

A feature driven, highly customizable solution, Zendesk’s functionality and support includes the ability to build web-based support requests, tickets, chat conversations, knowledge base articles, direct messages, and more. With tremendous vertical integration, support users can zoom their efforts straight into customer data, and work with CRM, analytics, and other tools in real time.

Zendesk, a worldwide leader in customer support solutions, is the easiest way to deliver your customers a high level of services at your fingertips. Zendesk is build to align business goals with its technology, and was created specifically to eliminate barriers and to make customers a priority.


LiteRich LLC is a leading web-based CRM solutions provider 100% focused on improving the happiness of our customers. The primary product we provide is the LiteRich Customer Portal Solution which enables companies to provide a single point of access for their customers to view their order, create accounts, edit their information, manage their subscriptions, access their invoices, request a credit, contact the company, and engage in social selling. We have provided hundreds of various applications and solutions to numerous companies around the world, and this concept is why we are avid, loyal supporters of pricing transparency. Many of us are supporters because we do not want the the cost of our product or service to exceed our competiveness. Because of this philosophy, you can be confident that we will never charge you for a feature you don’t need, and we will never over charge you for a feature you do. This is not only our business philosophy, but it is our culture. For this reason, we are proud to take all of the risk and responsibility for our pricing so that we can assure you that LiteRich’s pricing is your best price! Sincerely, Jeff Kotchey


Businesses of various kinds need a lot of data to run smoothly in the present day. Because of this need, customer relationship management (CRM) systems have become integral parts of a business’s day-to-day operations. Nowadays, CRM systems are available with a lot of different features and functions, but all of them should allow customers to have a seamless and easy experience during the business’s offerings in order to retain them.

A professional, easy to use and complete CRM system will let your business have a positive relationship with customers. Your customers trust you to deliver a product or service that will help them achieve their goals. By doing so, you will build a brand and gain new customers from existing customers. Since more knowledge is available nowadays, you can use customer relationship management software for marketing and communication.

Customer relationship management software is a good tool for controlling your business, and it can be very useful, but it also requires a lot of time and effort from the user. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are selecting a software that will work the best for your needs. Below are the six best customer e-commerce software products that you should consider to help your business.

Basic Features of Customer Relationship Management Software

Mobile-responsive design.

What Zendesk Guide is Missing

In this guide, we will show you that there are some tools and features your customers need like mobile, electronic check-ins, and business intelligence.

A portal can be your customer’s customer relationship software. It keeps your customer customers’ contact with your company up-to-date and lets you know when they interact with your company.

It is your link between your company and your customer. It allows you to provide customer service with all the information your customer will need, anytime, anywhere.

A well-designed, smartly-built front office portal can help standardize your business and allow your administrators to understand the nuts and bolts of how your company supports your business.

While Zendesk is great with some of these tools, it falls short in others.

If you want to give your customers a better online experience, a professional front office portal is one of the easiest ways to do so. Here is a list of 6 best customer portals you can use to get the job done.


Invoiceera provides a professional front office portal for any business free of charge.

It features a mobile app that lets you take advantage of the latest technology and allows your customers to interact with your company.

It has a feature that allows your customers to book an appointment with your company using the knowledge of their existing schedule.

What Users Think About Zendesk Guide

Where to Find Zendesk Guide

Today, Zoom (previously known as Zopim), is one of the best-known customer communication platforms. It effortlessly allows companies of all shapes and sizes to connect with their customers and market effectively. There are plenty of new tools today, most of which are cloud-based, and with the help of the internet, their reach has never been greater.

However, the name Zoom (which is now owned by Zendesk) doesn’t appear in the top-ten of the most widely used customer portals today. This is not for the lack of trying. In past years, Zoom (as shown in the picture above) was one of the first applications used by businesses, agencies, and accountants. It is easy to use, and it has a very clear interface.

There is only one problem. And that is the price. Zoom was one of the first applications to establish a very clear pricing structure. While the application is free to download, it is not free, as the name implies, to use. It requires a monthly subscription fee and a surprisingly high-priced license for any additional platforms.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great applications which are very similar to Zoom, and even more applications which are free. Because Zoom is a popular application, it is now being replicated by hundreds of competitors. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good application with good support.

Zoho Desk : Best Portal Solution For Zoho Customers

Zoho Desk offers a complete customer portal solution that includes everything your customers need to get their jobs done. You can build a web or mobile based portal which integrates with your online store, database, CRM, and more.

The platform is the single place that gives you visibility into your customer’s journeys and helps you to make smarter decisions. With Zoho Desk, you can access all of your customer’s activity from your desktop or mobile app and start conversations about the customer experience. If you were looking for best customer portal solution for your business, or you want to build a responsive customer portal to enable customers to browse your products and share feedback from anywhere, this is a great choice.

Here is a round up of its latest features:

  • Real time chatter room can be used for customer satisfaction surveys and developer support
  • All your campaigns are automatically delivered to your customers via email according to their profile, behavior and purchase history
  • Admins can use the latest web and mobile based customer portals
  • Multiple themes available so you can easily design the look and feel of your customer portal
  • Granular access by departments for flexible permissions
  • Inbuilt analytics and full data export including activity logs, abandonment, feedback, purchases, customer satisfaction survey responses and more
  • Inbuilt campaign offering that lets you deliver personalized emails and offers and manage campaigns in one easily accessible place

Zoho Desk Pricing

To help find the right Customer Portal Software, you’ll need to understand what you need. Do you want a SaaS solution or do you want to own and manage the software? Does the software focus on sales or marketing?

Each software solution will make a different decision about which features are available.

For a SaaS solution, we’ll focus on the pricing. There are different pricing structures for each type of customer.

If you need a basic customer portal, the prices will differ depending on the plan you choose.

If you are firm on a partner who will handle technology and development, the pricing will be based on the services and monthly contract fees.

For a dedicated customer portal that requires the staff to manage and maintain the system on a regular basis, you’ll pay as a service based on the number of customer groups you have and the number of customers in that group.

This pricing structure shows how much the software will cost per group, if you have 100 or 10 thousand customers in your customer group.

Zoho Desk Tiered Features

Zoho Desk provides tiered plans giving a clear overview of pricing. You can see both standalone plans and the more flexible shared plans for a broad spectrum of users. After a user signs in, Zoho Desk displays the billing options for the user’s subscription plan, allowing them to select the best plan for them.

Unified Customer Database

Zoho Desk allows customer management with one single screen. The unified dashboard gives an overview of all customer’s information one place.

Lord Price Portal Explained

Zoho Desk has a custom built portal for their individual subscription plans and packages. In addition to this, they also integrate QuickBooks Online which allows them to take care of all the reporting needs of their customers.

Configuration Managed Apps

Zoho Desk allows you to configure all the apps you need on the portal. You can choose which apps to display and which apps to hide when you create a subscription plan.

Integrated CRM

Zoho Desk comes built with their own custom built CRM module. The customer can create an account and from there they can manage different products using the CRM.

What Zoho Desk Is Missing

Yes, Zoho Desk is one of the best customer portal software out there. The non-free version is good enough for the most of small to medium businesses. There are only couple of features missing that other customer portal software has.

So, what’s missing and how is the Zoho Desk customer portal still a good alternative to other customer portal software?

Customizable Customer Portal

This is the simplest feature that’s missing from Zoho Desk. You will need a customizable customer portal solution to meet all your business needs. If you are a struggling startup or medium sized business that has to juggle with multiple software tools, customized customer portal will be a great solution to improve your business’s performance. Other great customer portal software in the similar category are Hubspot CRM and Marketo.

Customizable customer portal solutions are an ideal option for SMBs with multiple service products or offer various different value-added offerings. Examples include consultants who offer online education services, or a financial advisor who offers insurance, real estate, and tax planning. Or perhaps you or your business sells commodity products or services; in that case, the customization will make it very easy for your customers to access the true value you are offering.

Customizable customer portal solution will even be a great option for larger businesses with big product lines and a broad customer base with unique and specific needs.

What Users Think About Zoho Desk

Where to Find Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a cloud based customer interface that allows you to create a powerful online customer communications dashboard to deal with all the customer communication tasks such as billing, lead scoring, CRM, call center management, agent history, knowledge base, social media management, FAQs management, cross selling & upselling, market research and many more. It is the first product of the Zoho ecosystem which is a cloud based suite of products. It allows you to launch a successful business using a combination of the products such as Zoho Books, CRM, Marketing Automation & Support and others.

If you want to learn how to build your own lead generation website that markets your other products and services, then take a look at my Marketing Automation Course.

osTicket : Best Self-Hosted System For Customer Portals

OSTicket is a popular self-hosted customer portal software system that’s a great choice if you are looking for a customizable and easy-to-implement system.

Customers in your organization can access the system using Outlook Web Access (OWA), an Internet browser or a third-party portal.

The point-and-click interface makes it easy for your people to create their own tickets, modify existing tickets and apply changes to tickets.

It’s worth mentioning that you can leverage the flexibility of oSTicket as a standalone system without using it as part of a larger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

OSTicket has good integration and integration capabilities with a number of services such as Cisco IronPort mail filters, Cisco Message Archiving & Message Retrieval (MART), Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft System Centre Service Manager and many more.

OSTicket is a popular solution that’s highly customizable. But you need to invest in time for customizable applications such as test data migrations, customization, and testing; as well as training for your employees.

Why Customer Experience Teams and Software are Needed?

a customer is not a roving-amotivational-device. They don’t walk into a store they need something, and then after your staff have sufficiently handled their emotional needs, they walk out and their need is satisfied. They will not come back and buy from you.The principles of good customer service are a science. A customer’s brain is like one of those newfangled automated grocery store checkout machines. Human bodies are becoming less and less reliant on the brain and more and more well-behaved robotic machines. That doesn’t mean we’re not emotional anymore, it just means that we’re less likely to exhibit unruly emotional behavior outside our ability to process it. More specifically, in a supermarket we use a much simpler shopping model. We walk in, we say what we want, we grab it and leave.

A customer service system isn’t only about information any more, it’s about emotions. It’s about being able to deal with an emotional customer.

osTicket Pricing

Founded in 2007, osTicket was initially developed as an alternative to the antiquated WebSphere MQ Server. Since the initial release, osTicket has expanded and grown substantially, providing enterprise level functionality to organizations of all sizes. osTicket, which is an open source solution, can be installed on Windows systems as well as Unix and Linux machines. osTicket empowers users to manage tickets, track updates to tickets, and access a variety of additional administrative tools. osTicket also provides detailed reports and statistics that provide users with all of the information that they could ever need. osTicket is a flexible and complete suite of tools that enables users to take control of their businesses. osTicket provides a customer facing system that alerts users to the status of tickets and encourages them to response to support requests within a timely manner. osTicket’s superior customer portal software is designed to empower customers and improve customer service. Finding your ClientOS customer portal software, you can manage tickets and track and manage customer service.

osTicket Tiered Features

Qubed is a leading software company in the field of Customer Support Software as a service (SaaS), which is the software that both enterprises and SMEs use in order to improve the quality of their customer support. Qubed enables businesses to enhance both their operational performance and their customers’ satisfaction. The company’s customers are mainly companies in the B2C and B2B segments.

One of Qubed’s top products is osTicket, a SaaS-based workflow management tool for Customer Support and Service Desk Agent industry. osTicket is highly customizable and scalable. It offers 150+ configuration options, integrated email-based workflows, and end-to-end automation solutions. oTicket comes with integrated User Management, Assignments Management and a Self-Service Portal. The essence of osTicket is the "using one tool for all."

A Qubed customer portal is a Qubed add-on which helps you spread all things related to your customers’ and agents’ online experience. A portal is a great way to offer customers an additional service that you can easily integrate into osTicket.

Here is a list of some of the best features of Qubed Collaboration Portal that can help you create a personal, customer-oriented solution for your customer portal.

What osTicket is Missing

OsTicket is a good software and it’s been around for a long time, but there are still many things that it is missing. One of the most painful part about osTicket is that the help and the FAQ are not going to cover your unique needs.

OsTicket doesn’t have a search engine, and it doesn’t even have simple category filters on the help section. One of the major advantages osTicket has is that it has a lot of different ticket types and you can change them as per your need. It has a advanced ticket system, but it doesn’t support as features as some of its competitors do, like its competitors like the following:

The following Customer portal software offer many more ticket types, advanced search/filters, ticket linking, incident management, audit trails, resource management and other features that make life much easier for the sales and support teams.

In this post, I have selected the Best Customer portal software for support and sales teams in the market today. These are several of the most popular choices available.

What Users Think About osTicket

OsTicket is one of the most stable and simple to use customer portal software solutions from iContact. Its versatile features make it suitable for all customer facing organizations. It supports multilingual websites and can be configured to support different levels of access to different sets of users. This way, all your users can go through the same system to submit tickets or ask questions.

It also allows your employees and customers to respond to customers’ questions and communicate directly with one another.

OsTicket offers an email and a phone call option to make it simple for your customers to reach you. In case you find that users are unable to submit their tickets or aren’t satisfied with the system, you can easily troubleshoot the issue. You can also make changes to the system’s configuration and help users overcome any difficulties they might face.

OsTicket’s mobile support makes it a user-friendly solution as well. You can quickly submit a ticket by pushing a button on your mobile device.

Customers that might be unable to submit their tickets on a phone call can also use the –Send a Message” feature and type it out to send it to you.

Where to Find osDesk

OsDesk is a customer portal software, that helps you manage your website and provide personalized content to your customers. More importantly, osDesk can help you optimize your website for search engines and increase conversions. osDesk’s features are:


OsDesk uses a CMS (Content Management System) to allow administrators and site owners to easily communicate with customers, provide customized content and manage their online presence.


OsDesk provides complete marketing controls to your website. You can track your marketing efforts and control how your surfers interact with your website.


OsDesk’s CRM capability makes managing your customer data easy and efficient. Click here to learn more about CRM features and what osDesk’s customer portal software can do for you.

No-Code Development

OsDesk minimize time and cost of development by providing quality, full featured and no-code customized features.


OsDesk provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to track and measure your marketing efforts. These tools provide you with more insight into your customers and make online marketing easier and cost-effective.

Bottom Line

With the increase of competition in electronic business, today it is highly difficult to manage your sales team or your inbound sales reps to meet their sales quotas. Many companies are facing the problem of low sales productivity and keeping their customers busy

To fully manage your customer relationship and your sales process, you must capture all customer inquiry, feedback, and the data available about your customers.

There are a number of forms and data that you regular use in your business. These forms are not just for your sales representatives to submit or capture the data about certain sales inquiries, but it also is for customer service representatives to evaluate the data correctly and develop customer contact strategy.

Many companies are not able to track all customer contact information accurately and they can’t implement a strategy to communicate with their customers in terms of collection, analysis and customer interaction.

To take full control of your customers and business, you need an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Portal and your Business Activity Monitoring system.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a strong position with your customers and can run CRM at a high level. However, CRM itself is not a strong enough tool for the average company, to communicate with its customers and manage the business growth.

When do you think you need CRM?

For example, in order to conduct customer research, when do you need CRM?