6 Best CRMs for Mac Users for 2021

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Top 6 CRMs for Mac Users in 2021

Cozy is a CRM software that is developed for managing sales, marketing, and customer operations for small and mid-size businesses.

Cozy is the world’s first cloud app designed specifically for Mac users, which means it brings all of the power of a CRM software to your Mac.

Cozy puts the focus on the single customer, which is the first step in a customer journey. Various Cozy products cater to different segments of the customers’ journey.

For sales, Cozy Introduce helps users manage online lead generation, nurturing, purchases and follow-up. Cozy Labels allows users to manage online event registrations, responses. Being a cloud app, Cozy is available on a desktop and mobile devices.

For marketing, Cozy Mail Merge is an App that allows users, to send personalized PDF and email marketing materials. Through Cozy Connect, users can engage with customers via webinars, phone, and SMS.

Cozy’s success depends entirely on its customers and its growing community.

The number of users has grown over the years, from inspiring to the world’s fastest growing dark app.

How We Evaluated CRMs for Mac Users

Last year, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM as a term has become more and more widespread over time. Many different types of software are now being labeled as CRM, but the only common feature of these programs is that they have the ability to manage and organize customer information. There are a wide variety of CRM solutions available that are suited to different businesses and different needs; One of the best and most popular MS CRM software is the Office 365 CRM. Many businesses, however, like to stay a step ahead of the curve and utilize third party CRM systems.

Our evaluation criteria for CRM systems were based on the most common criteria used in predicting the performance of CRM systems. This criteria consisted of User adoption, ROI, and Support. With this criteria in mind we looked at six of the best CRM software solutions that are already available for Mac OS X To help you understand our evaluation criteria and comparisons we rank the CRM systems based on their performance in each of the following areas.

User Adoption – We look at the ease of use of the user interface of a CRM system and whether it is suitable for a business.

ROI – We look at the return on investment (ROI) for companies, which is the relationship between the costs of the program and the benefits or company growth.

Daylite : Best Overall Small Business CRM for Mac Users

After reviewing over 150 CRMs and testing 30 hands on, we feel that Daylite is the best suited to help you manage small businesses. Their ecosystem has matured to offer a range of services for both existing and potential clients, which is a rare accomplishment for a startup company. Daylite’s competitor Base CRM is also an admirable product, but we feel Daylite’s integration and automation tools far outshine that product. Daylite offers multiple integrations with other products and can easily translate customer service and marketing dashboards to make operations seamless. Users can even create mass campaigns to send emails to multiple contacts in a matter of minutes.In other CRMs, integration can take days of effort to make, and it can be tedious to get those integrations up and running.

The few downsides that we find are that it can be difficult for new users to set up for the first time, and creating email templates can take an unnecessary amount of time. For this reason Daylite is not a great option for already established businesses that have existing clients.

Daylite Pricing

Dayslite is available for Mac users as well as for PC users. The way they've set up their pricing model keeps the CRM of Dayslite simple and easy on its users.

There are two ways in which you can start to use Dayslite for your business. For a standalone plan, which is charged on a per user per month (PPM) basis, there is a base plan for business users (small to medium) and a higher plan for higher level of users (large scale). For example, the Business Plan will provide users with the CRM platform, but you'll still have to purchase modules beyond the base plan.

For the subscription model, there is no PPM charge so instead of being charged per month, you will have to pay for the software with the number of users or seats you plan to buy.

Each plan comes with a certain number of seats. Based on the type of your business, the number of seats will vary.

Paying for the software per seat is useful if you do not plan to make a substantial spend on the software or if you're not sure how many customers you'll have.

It does come with its disadvantages, though. Once you are paying per number of seats, there is no way that you can scale up cost effectively and can end up paying a lot of money in the long run if you're a growing business.

Daylite Features

As a result of the sort of programs most likely to require CRM help, most business and government customers are increasingly becoming Mac users.

Here's a telling fact: a government survey clearly showed that more organizations wish to exchange information and documents with their federal government customers while the shifting to the Mac platform is proving to be a very important differentiator.

Among the most well-known of the IBM Cognos CRM solutions for the Mac is the Daylite Edition. This edition is largely based on the Legacy Edition of Cognos.

The Daylite edition contains the Daylite module, which offers a great scope of features and it also lets the company leverage the achievement of the success of the Common Database based models.

Daylite supports a variety of macros and is quite stable and user friendly.

Data warehousing is done with a Cognos Data Mining solution.

It provides a number of processes for data mining and thus brings a wide range of benefits to the company.

The best part about this CRM is that it can be used to service any business environment and thus can be deployed by most business users.

It lets companies enhance the efficiency and productivity within their businesses and thus it's a clear advantage for any organization.

Pipedrive : Best CRM for Mac With Highly Visual Pipeline Views

Pipedrive CRM for Mac is one of the most richly-featured CRMs I have come across for Mac users. Its user interface is extremely addictive and you wouldn’t be able to switch away from it. Perhaps because it is developed with the latest macOS in mind, it looks snappy and user�s experience is great.

The best feature about the CRM is its intuitive pipeline views. They are incredibly useful and aesthetically pleasing as well. And that’s not all. Thanks to Wunderlist integration, it is possible to remove and modify task names automatically as you add them to the pipeline. This feature alone is worth a shot. Also, there are live links from emails and inboxes that connect with any task in your pipeline.

In comparison to its Windows counterpart, I feel the app looks better than the Windows desktop version. Therefore, it is highly recommended for Mac users.

Some of the better features:

  • Real-time tracking update from pipeline
  • Real-time pipeline updates from emails and inboxes
  • Integration with other Mac applications
  • User-friendly and intuitive pipeline views

I have used it for a while, and I could take away only great aspects of the app. For example I really like the way the pipelines look and how it has highly visual features. I also loved its detailed task view.

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive Features:

Pipedrive is the leading CRM which enables managers and business owners to plan, manage, and measure customer success. Working with prospects, clients, and partners, it makes managing all aspects of the customer relationship easy.

Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRMs in the market with over 3 million users. It’s not surprising that millions of businesses use this CRM to get the best out of their sales, marketing, and customer support teams. Why? Because it’s a simple and versatile CRM that’s user-friendly and easy to install.

Don’t be fooled by it’s lack of bells and whistles … this CRM is a powerful tool that’s benefited many business owners and managers over the years.

Gro : Best Apple CRM With Call-center Integration

Gro Pricing

What is CRM – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are computer programs that help organizations manage their customers. CRM is a useful tool for organizations because it allows them to establish a relationship with their customers. CRM systems keep track of customer communication and offers a database of customer information. Besides its usefulness to help businesses manage their customers, CRM is also used to automate a lot of business functions and, therefore, reduce their costs over time. Complete CRM solutions are used by organizations are the most effective way to do business. Organizations can apply CRMs intelligently and effectively. CRM software optimizes time and resources and helps companies make the most out of their activities. CRM solutions are a prominent part of every business; they are a tool that helps organizations to grow their business as well as achieve their goals.

Gro Features

{1}. One-stop web task management
{2}. Powerful CRM tool for marketers
{3}. Collaboration and communication
{4}. Easy customizable plug-in
{5}. Works under all browser
{6}. Product Pricing
{7}. First
{8}. Productorama
{9}. Tracker
{10}. Buddycloud
{11}. Bigcommerce

Insightly : Best CRM for Mac With Project Management Integration

Visitors to a website generally have different intentions. Some come just to look at the site, while others may want to sign up for a product. For people who only want to browse on your site, you need an effective sitemap and a solid content and SEO strategy. If you’re after a more long-term customer, though, you might go beyond the standard website – you might even want to run product demos in your online store.

But all these features add up to more complexity in your websites and content management systems. And this is where CRMs are a good option for small businesses to cut the complexity, save time and handle things better.

CRMs are Software as a Service applications that help you close more sales with less effort. You can manage sales, quotes, lead, feedback and other customer interactions in a single record. You can also consolidate your contacts effectively to build a strong database of your customers and increase overall revenue. If you’ve ever heard about these CRM Software, like Trifacta, Zoho CRM or SalesForce CRM, then you will agree with me that these are the best CRMs for Mac Users.

Insightly Pricing

While you would think that choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool for Mac users would be a fairly straightforward procedure. Unfortunately, truth be told, the choice of the best CRM for Mac users isn’t always that easy.

The sheer volume of CRM solutions for both Mac and Windows users (read on to see the top 9 popular CRMs) can make choosing the best CRM on Mac so complicated that you’re put off the idea of using one altogether.

The good news is that us Mac users have a better chance of choosing the best CRM for Mac users than our counterparts on PC.

Why? Well, the top CRMs for Mac are all built specifically to meet the needs of Mac users. So there’s no need to go through the pain of adapting to a Windows version or have to shell out extra money for compatibility’s sake.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing one of the top CRMs for Mac users is that most of them integrate seamlessly with Apple’s software offerings. So you can get even more out of your Apple hardware and software looking at CRM and workflow solutions than you can looking at Windows alternatives.

Insightly Features

This tool not only has an easy to use design, but also solves difficult CRM problems. As for file sharing, Insightly has a built-in tool that makes it easy to share your information with CMSs that it can work with like Pardot, BatchBook, and ClickFunnels.

PROS: The learning curve is a little heavy, but it is easy to get used to. Though designed for small business owners, it is also great for freelancers and large organizations.

The free version also contains all the features of the paid version.

This CRM tool is easy to use and user friendly. You only need to provide the information that it requires you to enter to be able to send and receive messages.

This CRM is highly customizable and has tools that allow you to add and edit multiple phone numbers and email addresses with ease.

It has a free trial so you can test it out before purchasing a full version.

This CRM tool is free on both the web and mobile. Both platforms are sprinkled with a lot of add-ons and tools that make using the application extremely convenient. You have access to an easy to use email editor and an extensive calendar, but these are not included in the free version.

You can use Insightly to track your contacts and emails.

The Outlook Plugin allows you to connect your Outlook with the application.

Zoho CRM : Best CRM for Mac With Social Integration

It is the leading CRM software available for Mac users. A combination of business management tools especially designed for small and mid-sized companies. This CRM is a fully functional and user friendly tool right out of the box.

It has most of the features you need in a CRM Software. You can be up and running within 10 minutes with the help of video tutorial.

For Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management, Zoho CRM maintains a balance between simplicity and features and its wide variety of customization options make it easy for you. Zoho CRM has made it even easier for small businesses to maintain a professional and personal approach with their customer.

You can also use the great feature in Zoho CRM and import any of the other few word files in a very easy and simple way.

Note: This feature is not available with ZohoCRM 14.3, which will be fully available in September 2019.

Among all available CRMs for Mac, this is the one I like the most. I feel at home with this Interface

You can easily extend the functionality of Zoho CRM to help you get more from it than what it already has to offer. It has wide range of snippets, forms and document templates that help you to design better reports, manage the field operations and find the right contact faster.

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho CRM Features

Zoho CRM 18 has been improved in terms of data security and user experience. It provides you with an unmatched customer service experience with its Lead management, Contact management, Lead filtering and Phone App features. These features are amazing for phone sales and for calling back customers on your processes.

It provides a fast and easy contact management which helps the user to save their time. It allows the users to manage their sales and marketing activities.

Zoho CRM 18 possesses all the features of the previous versions. It is highly customizable, and you can change it according to your requirements. You can create multiple themes to set the looks and feel similar to your business. It allows you to give your users access to your CRM from anywhere. This facility is available to you regardless of the size of your business.

Zoho CRM 18 has been made the complete package for business users as it has a complete analytical capability in the form of reports and insights. You can analyze the sales pipeline of your business and the sales trends. You can also get insights into the client’s behavior.

Zoho CRM 18 facilitates you to manage your marketing content. You can send promotional messages to the customers and increase sales through social media. You can also access your social media feeds and analyze them with your CRM software.

HubSpot : Best No-frills CRM for Mac Users

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot prices vary based on your number of users, the number of concurrent users, and the number of questions you’re asking at a time. The more active users and/or questions you’ve got the lower you can ask your price to be and vice versa.

HubSpot charges based on the number of leads you generate for them (whether they are leads you generate through inbound marketing and digital marketing or other means).

You can take another look at their pricing here, or you can get a free quote from HubSpot with this link.

CRM Pricing

CTR, or Contact Relationship Manager software tries to take all the pain out of managing your contacts and managing marketing campaigns.

It helps you manage the times you’ve contacted your clients, expand your customer base, and manage your contacts. These are just some of the features that are offered by the most common CRMs.

The best thing is that you’re not going to need to spend any money. These are freemium CRMs, meaning that you can use it for free until you get the features you want and need.

If you already have an accounting system or a database to manage your contacts and customers, you can use your existing resources to manage your contacts even without a CRM.

HubSpot Features:

CRMs allow businesses to keep track of all the important marketing information in one central location. These software tools focus on marketing operations so that you can get a clear picture of your current situation. The following blog post also includes five features of the HubSpot CRM that can help you increase productivity and efficiency.

To help small and medium sized businesses manage their marketing operations more efficiently, HubSpot developed a CRM for Mac. This software helps businesses streamline all their marketing efforts, giving them the resources necessary to better reach their clients. The HubSpot CRM comes with features like lead scoring, visitor tracking, email marketing reports, and marketing automation, all of which can help SMBs manage their marketing operations more efficiently.

With the HubSpot CRM, it’s easy to track and manage marketing campaigns in one central location, giving you a clear picture of how you’re progressing toward your marketing goals.

Organize Your Marketing Efforts

The HubSpot CRM allows users to perform basic CRM tasks quickly and easily. Users can view all the tasks in one dashboard, which will help them stay organized.

To begin, add contacts, lists, emails, and documents to make the most of the HubSpot CRM for Mac.

Bottom Line

There are many best CRM systems on the market. With all these options, how do you choose the best one?

In this review, you will have a list of 6 top CRMS for Mac users for 2019. All the profiles have clear user interface and easy content search. The ratings include design, ease of use, and security.

The above best CRM solutions are with lower price point and highly rated for Mac users. You can get more useful information from this top CRM reviews.

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