6 Best CRMs for Mac Users for 2022

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Top 6 CRMs for Mac Users in 2022

Cozy is a CRM software that is developed for managing sales, marketing, and customer operations for small and mid-size businesses.

Cozy is the world’s first cloud app designed specifically for Mac users, which means it brings all of the power of a CRM software to your Mac.

Cozy puts the focus on the single customer, which is the first step in a customer journey. Various Cozy products cater to different segments of the customers’ journey.

For sales, Cozy Introduce helps users manage online lead generation, nurturing, purchases and follow-up. Cozy Labels allows users to manage online event registrations, responses. Being a cloud app, Cozy is available on a desktop and mobile devices.

For marketing, Cozy Mail Merge is an App that allows users, to send personalized PDF and email marketing materials. Through Cozy Connect, users can engage with customers via webinars, phone, and SMS.

Cozy’s success depends entirely on its customers and its growing community.

The number of users has grown over the years, from inspiring to the world’s fastest growing dark app.

How We Evaluated CRMs for Mac Users

Last year, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM as a term has become more and more widespread over time. Many different types of software are now being labeled as CRM,