4 Best Credit Card Readers 2022

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Question 1

What are the 4 best credit card readers and which are the recommended readers?

Best credit card readers are an important element in the payment process. There are various credit card readers on the market, and if you claim to be a successful merchant, having these readers in place is essential.

There are many types of credit card readers, and you’ll have to consider many factors when deciding which one to buy.

Types of Credit Card Readers

These credit card readers usually accept most credit cards belonging to the major brands and types, and they are available in many different forms:

  • Stand-alone devices
  • Embedded terminal
  • Smartchip cards
  • Credit card swipe devices

The different types of readers can accommodate various types of cards, and you should know if your customers take the following types of credit cards at your business:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners club
  • Additional Payments

The readers support cash as well, and there are some that also support mobile wallet payments as well. Additional payments include subscription payments, utility payments, and even toll payments.

If you accept more than one type of card, it is essential that you have multiple readers in order to support the necessary cards.

What is your estimated monthly credit and debit card sales?

Cash isn’t fun, and cards and debit and credit cards are a lot more convenient. Not only can you use them to purchase products, but you can also use them to make purchases online and in stores. You can even use them to pay your bills with credit cards.

Of course, there is a cost associated with using credit cards, but for a lot of small business owners, it is well worth the investment.

There are four different types of credit card and debit card scanners:

RFID Readers RFID (radio-frequency identification) readers are used to check credit cards for validity and card numbers. Since an RFID reader is a wireless device, you can check your cards at a distance. RFID card readers take a snapshot of the information on the card and they store it either on the reader or on the card.

Magnetic Stripe Readers Magnetic card readers are a more traditional method of reading credit cards and debit cards. They are much more accurate than non digital credit card readers. A magnetic card reader can be paired with a handset or a keyboard. It also comes in various options such as: keypad only, handset only or a combination of both.

Question 2

What is the needed minimum size of for adding EMV Chip Terminal to a new POS system?

Answer 2. The minimum size is 75mm x 100mm.

For adding EMV Chip Terminal to new POS system is open architecture POS. It supports the EMV chip terminal and can be upgraded with the EMV card software support.

Sometimes, the company will require some extra size of the chip terminal, such as adding the display module or adding the plastic keypad. The extra space can also be used to embed some other EMV functions like Bluetooth.

POS terminals which are widely accepted by the market are the open architecture POS. On the other hand, closed POS system only support one type of chip terminal. If your company need, you may also choose the closed POS system.

We can also provide the solutions to your open architecture POS project requirements in many countries.

How much does a customer typically spend in one visit?

Question 3

What is a Credit Card Reader?

A credit card reader is a device that you insert into the outside of the cash register, to accept credit cards.

It works by making electrical contact with the chip inside the credit card (this is the real magic of the whole process) and storing that chip number.

Signature reading credit card machines are typically used in places like pizza parlors, gas stations, hotels, car rental businesses, and other areas that don’t typically take debit cards.

Debit card readers are typically used in places like grocery stores, department stores, fast food joints, restaurants, smaller businesses, and larger businesses.

Other POS (Point of Sale) equipment that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with includes receipt printers, credit/debit slot turners, decal printers and receipt dispensers … don’t forget, these are just a small sampling of what will be necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

Are chargeback support and customer service a priority for you?

If a product is under-delivering on its promises and your customer service is terrible, you’ll find that a lot of merchants will simply choose to ignore you and let your business walk away. By removing this problem from your business, you can offer your customers the security of knowing they’re protected and supported should they encounter a billing or shipping problem. It might not matter to you if a merchant doesn’t have customer service and chargeback support, but your customer might feel differently.

So as a merchant who wants to focus on offering great product and service, you’ll want to find the best credit card readers and take precautions to minimize customer complaints.

Question 4

What are the Four Best Credit Readers in 2022?

Then before the world of credit cards was, there were these shiny metal tokens that you would swipe to pay for things back in the day. Whether it was for a candy bar or a five and dime, it was all done by waving this token along a credit card reader. All that swiping was all in the past, and today you have plastic credit cards just like your wallet.

To some people, the credit card is the only way to pay for things these days. It’s what groceries, gas, coffee, clothing, electronics, and pretty much everything else costs. Your credit ID is a 30-digit number that probably you know by heart. Your credit card is usually the only form of payment accepted for the card you use.

Unfortunately, not everyone can always pay for things with plastic. Some people are limited to what cards they can use, and others are just looking to protect themselves from identity theft and fraud. Luckily, there are plenty of credit card readers that can still keep all your information protected but allow you to do much more.

In this buying guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best options for payment card readers in 2016 and then compare their specifications and pros and cons to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Do you sell products or services online?

If yes, here is our complete review for you who are considering setting up your own online shop or are looking for an online inventory management software.

You can watch the video on how to insert credit card details to complete your order. It is a wizard based wizard and easy to be used.

Need to sell gifts and products on your website?

If you are selling anything on your website, apart from digital products, you might have to get yourself a payment gateway. Payment gateways are software that allows you to sell anything without worrying about people’s credit cards.

The 3 best credit card readers for your website are Cayan, The SIP Vendor and Gazelle. All these credit card readers are user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated with your website.

But before you start using any service, read for your own convenience our review for each tool before you look for a credit card reader for your own website.

Cayan credit card reader:

  • Most popular among online sellers
  • Simple installation and easy to work

Can be merged with an already available payment system without any problem.

Done with credit card details.

Takes longer to process the purchase order than some of its competitors.

Live chat support can sometimes be very slow – take up a couple of hours before you get an answer through.

Download your transaction history from your website.

How We Evaluated Credit Card Readers

The task of evaluating credit card swipers was one of the most time consuming parts of compiling our list of the best credit card readers.

The cost of choosing the wrong reader could be significant given that many of these are impulse purchases. Sometimes it is difficult to identify a suitable reader without being able to reply operationally. Swipers have a variety of different functions, often with features other than the ones being considered by the user.

Simply put, there are just too many factors to consider which is why credit card readers aren’t something you should trust to a quick run-through on Amazon’s website.

So, we have done extensive research to find the best credit card readers available this year and in the process, we also found a few that we should have put in our best credit card readers of 2019 list.

We evaluated all credit card readers based on the following factors:

  • Ease of Use
  • Types of Processing
  • Security Features
  • Reputation

Luckily this year a number of the readers are not large, complex machines, but tiny devices that fit easily into the palm of your hand. It is important that you are comfortable with a device before you start swiping your debit or credit card.

Credit Card Reader Pricing Comparison

Electronic payments are among the best means to take payments for a person or the company. But for this purpose, the technology of electronic payments becomes necessary.

Credit card reader is one of the electronic devices that have been used for the purpose of credit card payments. This device is very helpful for a person when he is making payments via a credit card.

This is the device used for the purpose of taking the payments from the credit card. But there are many credit card reader available in the market that is capable of taking payments in all 50 states.

But there are few things that are necessary for these devices like these devices have to be compatible with different types of even. For this purpose, the same reader can be used for multiple type of payments.

Also, it is required that these credit card readers should be reliable and secure. There are many types of credit card reader available in the market that helps to take payments easily.

The options available in the market are different range of sizes, standard and swiping readers etc that are capable of taking payments.

These types of options are available in the market that can support the charging the devices, swiping through the lanes, collection and payments etc.

The main purpose of the credit card reader devices is used for the payment process that can be done in the credit card machines or in the cashier machines.

Square: Best Overall Credit Card Reader for Small Businesses

There are some major advantages to using a Square system. For starters, it’s the least expensive option available. Even the most basic package comes with a free iPad stand and you don’t have to pay a separate subscription for the software. If you run your business out of your home, the Square system is lightweight and can easily be set up and moved between locations. Square will also provide you with customer support and they’ve already set up an account for you that seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks.

Another big advantage of using Square is its versatility. You can use the system to accept credit card payments for your online business or for selling products in person. There’s also an option to allow customers to pay you via Square Cash, which makes it easier to process payments and get paid. Square is definitely the best credit card reader for smaller businesses.

The downfalls of the Square system are that it’s not compatible with Apple products and it’s not compatible with every POS system. Plus, Square charges a monthly fee. If you plan to use your iPad stand at your business location frequently, you’ll need to pay for the Square stand subscription.

Square Pricing

The card reader is connected using a proprietary USB cord that’s also included. When users are ready to start offering credit card acceptance at their business, they just plug it into their own register. This type of card reader is an excellent choice for independent retailers who want a solution that’s easy to implement and manage.

The devices used are all cost-effective options incorporating a simple allcard swiping system that’s very affordable. Square Card Readers also come with an optional receipt printer and a square reader loyalty card.

Square Reader Cash Drawer

The Cash Drawer is the simplest and most basic of all the options. This device makes accepting payments via credit card effortless.

The Cash Drawer has a locking mechanism that’s somewhat similar to a cash register. The drawer keeps the cash in place with the use of a spring release button. The device also comes with a receipt printing ability and some devices even include a square reader loyalty card.

The Cash Drawer’s square readers are read to accept chip and magnetic card transactions. They’re not quite as durable but they’re suitable for basic applications.

Square Card Reader Features

There are many features that make the Square card reader one of the best credit card reader for businesses and consumers. The Square hardware is easy to use for customers and can be integrated with a number of different software applications. The cost is also much lower compared to other credit card readers. The following are some of the key features that make the Square Card reader the best at what it does.

The Square hardware is easy for both customers and businesses to use.

The Square hardware is very easy to use. The Square software is very simple to use, and it works on mobile devices. For businesses, it’s easy to integrate into their website if they want, and they can create customized codes that the customers will use. The process is also intuitive. When the customer taps the credit card reader on the Square app, the app automatically sends the information to the software. The software then has an easy process to swipe the credit card, take the total, and process a credit. The whole process is very simple for both customers and businesses.

It can be integrated with a number of software applications.

PayAnywhere: Best for Vendors With Small Transactions (under $25)

This is a great card reader for large transactions. It accepts credit cards and can get you upto 2% cash back.

This is another awesome card reader. It is perfect for single owners and small shops who want to accept credit cards. This card reader has multiple functions. It clears payments easily and securely.

The New Release of this card reader is the PayAnywhere Plus which has the following benefits:

PayAnywhere Pricing

Unlimited card readers are included in the price, so you do not need to pay any extra for each device. PayAnywhere offers a monthly subscription fee that must be renewed each year. The second major pricing difference that separates PayAnywhere from other point-of-sale software vendors is that PayAnywhere charges higher transaction fees than most other vendors. The higher transaction fees combined with PayAnywhere’s low unlimited transactions per month, leaves you with no flexibility should you require more than 100 transactions per month. The other downside of PayAnywhere’s pricing is that if for any reason you exit your contract before it’s up, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee until the end of the month.

Supported Devices The POS software that PayAnywhere uses, Verive, can be used on devices manufactured by a variety of POS system manufacturers, including the following:

In addition to Verive, software options include:

As of March 2019, PayAnywhere supports the following POS hardware manufacturers:

PayAnywhere supports a wide range of POS terminals, including traditional barcode scanners. The supported terminal types are as follows:

PayAnywhere Point of Sale Sales Support

PayAnywhere Card Reader Features

Shopify: Best Credit Card Reader for In-Store & Online Sales

There are countless payment gateways to choose from that can help you accept credit and debit card payments from your Shopify store. Each payment gateway is different, however, in what it allows or disallows in regards to credit and debit card transactions.

Some payment gateways allow you to accept credit cards with all three or four payment methods, while others may allow only one or two. Most gateways, though, allow you to accept a credit or debit card payment for the exact amount that you had set in your Shopify settings for the credit card fee. This is a great feature because you don’t need to worry about your customers’ payment method. Shopify will charge the customer’s credit or debit card for your entire order… and you won’t have to worry about credit card fees or costs.

When you make a sale from your Shopify store using a credit card reader, the credit card information will be captured by the credit card reader and sent to Shopify. Shopify will then process the payment and then send the customer’s information from the sale back to the credit card company. Credit card processing companies like Shopify let you accept credit cards without needing to put any extra money towards processing fees.

Shopify Pricing

Digital payments are becoming prominent in every industry. This payment method has had the greatest impact on the business world. With the advanced payment methods, now anyone can enjoy this facility without much hassle. One of the advanced payment methods is by using credit card machine. Credit card machines have simplified the payment process almost to 100%. An advanced credit card machine is a gateway to taking payments.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform in the web world. Shopify builds eCommerce business for anyone. Shopify offers a wide range of apps with Payment integration. The Payment app of Shopify has credit card machines at affordable prices.

The credit card machine of Shopify can be used for any type of business like retail stores, restaurants, beauty salons, and more. Shopify has a comprehensive setup guide for credit card machines. Shopify is a smart platform for eCommerce business. This platform is where you can build and sell it with ease. The best credit card reader with Shopify is a Shopify credit card machine.

Shopify Card Reader Features

NFC, MIFARE, and QR barcode options.

Cloud Based Customer Support and Libraries

Due to their speed, efficiency, and affordability, card readers have become an integral part of just about every retail business model. However, having a long history and varied uses, there are a few different types of card readers you should be aware of when choosing a card reader for your transactional business.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most popular card readers, their features, and some of the pros and cons.

We’ll discuss the various types of card readers, the technology behind them, and how they perform from a technical perspective. And lastly, we’ll discuss some of the top brands in the industry and the top credit card reader options if you happen to be shopping for a new card reader.

Dharma: Best for Businesses Processing Over $20,000 Monthly

BMO: Lowest Cost Card Reader With Magnetic Stripe

Insignia: Best Self-Service Card Reader

Dharma Pricing

The original credit card transaction ticket pricing system was developed by Dharma Products, for use in factory shipped cars. In terms of ownership, this system is still used in factory delivered cars and by other OEMs as well. The system is much more flexible than the previous systems and still remains in operation.

Staff can directly build total due from accounts that have the target credit card transaction and expense transactions. Removing the need for bookkeeping and accounting.

System detects the last 12 occurrences of a card for a specific store or group and prints out a list containing the credit card transaction date, balance, expense transactions and amount as well as the cash transactions.

The POS system connects to the file server and saves all credit card transactions to a database and use templates for posting to the general ledger, helping to reduce bookkeeping and accounting.


The POS system can be customized and tailored to any specific business environment. From sales, labor, personnel, and purchasing. The system can also be customized to provide extended reporting and information.

The restaurant/food industry can benefit from utilizing the system as it assists in scheduling employees for hourly labor and setup. The server/cashier in a retail establishment can be used to print and gather the appropriate paperwork on sales receipts. The system can also be used in labor for payroll.

Dharma Card Reader Features

● Supported Platforms: Windows or Mac OS

● Dimensions: 8.5cm × 5cm x 1cm

● Powered by USB 2.0

● Compatible with Any POS System that Supports the ActiveX Web Service

● Conforms to the Open Authentication Protocol (OAP 1.0)

● Supports OID 1.1

● Multi-Terminal Transactions Supported during Authentication

● Support for MIFARE 1K, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Desfire, and MIFARE Classic 1K tags.

Bottom Line

Top 4 Best Credit Card Readers of 2022

With the credit card being a necessity for most people, Amazon has several credit card readers listed which are compatible with all the major types of credit cards.

The things to look for in a credit card reader is the CF types, swiping speed, compatibility and types of devices they are compatible with.