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How We Evaluated Call Center Phones

We researched the best call center phones and considered the following four factors: wireless range; network capabilities; sound quality; and supported features.

Before we break down the different models, it’s important to discuss why the selection of a call center phone is so important. Innovative companies have been using telephones to connect with customers for quite a long time. At the same time, customer experience has undergone a significant change as well.

Customers now expect more from the companies they work with. In recent years, telecommunication companies have started to understand, respond to, and embrace these changes. As a result, voice quality has improved, and companies have started using video conferencing technologies to better connect with customers. However, some customer experiences are still missing. Customers are still not able to follow up with their support team to determine the status of their customer service ticket.

We've seen multiple call center phone solutions that can solve this problem. From customer service, to sales, to technical support, new call center phones are making it easier for businesses to understand the needs of their customers. When selecting the best call center phone for your business, the following six factors are incredibly important:

Wireless Range

Cisco SPA303-G1: Best Overall Call Center Phone

The Cisco SPA303-G is the absolute best overall phone for small and midsize call centers. This GSM phone sports a modern design, has a bright screen, a customizable key pad and supports all the features you need to make it easy for your agents to respond to customer needs.

The Cisco SPA303-G1 is the premier phone for small to midsize call centers. It’s very reliable, has a robust feature set that allows you to track who is talking with whom, supports WebEx conferencing and far more.

It’s compatible with all major ID sets, offers four operation modes (recess, driven, multi-point, and group) and can hold up to 500 unique IDs.

Cisco SPA303-G1 – Best Call Center Phone for Small to Midsize Call Centers

Cisco SPA303-G1 is the premier phone for small to midsize call centers. It’s very reliable, has a robust feature set that allows you to track who is talking with whom, supports WebEx conferencing and far more.

Cisco SPA303-G1 Pricing

Cisco SPA303-G1 Features

Grandstream GXP1780: Best Call Center Phone for Advanced Options

Grandstream is a company that has made its name by making clearly marketed, reasonably priced VoIP phones. Grandstream continues this tradition with its GXP1780, a business-quality headset system that gives call center agents all the tools they need for a productive day of service.

The GXP1780’s specs are impressive. It’s got a 1.8 GHz processor, 512 MB of DDR3 RAM, and 256 MB of DDR3 NOR Flash. It has a full suite of business-grade features, including volume control, a dual-line display, customizable ring sounds, and the ability to transfer calls from one line to another. It can be expanded to seven lines and up to six users per line, giving call center agents the flexibility they need to multitask.

Like the rest of Grandstream’s phablet, the GXP1780 is lightweight, with a weight of only 1.6 pounds. The flexible neckband can be adjusted in seven different directions to accommodate the user’s individual head size, and the removable earbuds are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

While the GXP1780 isn’t as flashy as other phones, it offers the same solid quality with all the advanced features you need in a headset for a business environment.

Grandstream GXP1780 Pricing

The Grandstream GXP Series is the new innovative IP phone series with the loadable G.729A codec and SIP trunking for call quality improvement. The GXP'S best-in-class digital echo cancellation for G.729A and G.711A, improves call clarity while reducing bandwidth requirements. The two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch peer-to-peer configuration is especially useful for use in data centers, proximity switches and network ports.

With the GXP, you can have your choice Internet-based call control and digital network trunking to reduce your TCO. Grandstream’s GXP series IP phones support Web-based provisioning for easy deployment, simpler maintenance and lower costs. Your operations staff can access the phone system remotely via virtualization tools to deploy and manage the phone system.

Other features include:

Bridging for carrying analog, G.711 or G.729 calls

A2DP Stereo Audio Output

Integrated 2.5 inch hard drive for storage

Grandstream GXP1780 Features

And Specifications:

Model: GXP1780

Speaker Phone, G3 Solution, Expandable with G3-231 and G2-820.

Engineered to outperform other corded phones on the market, this advanced multimode GXP1780 extends your reach with high-quality, crystal-clear audio, superior voice quality and tri-color illumination, while delivering long battery life and up to 5 hours of talk time.

With Grandstream’s superior range and coverage, your team will experience what it’s like to work anywhere on the line.

Your team can take advantage of excellent sound quality with high-quality handset speakerphone maximizes voice reproduction and voice pick-up. Pronounced bass response and premium-grade audio components provide clean, crisp, accurate sound.

Grandstream’s exclusive Voice Guide technology uses voice control to guide the user through a range of applications and setting adjustments.

Configure your GXP1780 phone in a way that meets your business needs with additional configurations for caller ID display, three-way calling, speed calling, offline name and number storage, and long distance.

The USB Port for data storage and synchronizing allows your entire system to use a single power source and supports the USB-1201. This lets you maintain a system with reduced support costs and time to market.

Grandstream GXP2170: Best Call Center Phone for Heavy Call Volume

The Grandstream GXP2170 is the best telephone for call centers with heavy call volume. The phone boasts impressive features and one of the longest battery lives in its class.

The Grandstream GXP2170 has an array of impressive features to help productivity. Some of the call center features include voice response, ports for both analog and digital lines, 6-line touchscreen, up to 50 hours of talk time on a single charge, 2-way conferencing and much more.

The Grandstream GXP2170 offers long talk time with long lasting battery. It has a 6-line touchscreen and has a USB port to charge other devices. The GXP2170 is USB-powered and can support up to 50 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Aside from its impressive call features, it also has an expanded set of security options. A motion detector will help you manage employee access as well as view the room from a remote location. It also has a port for both analog and digital lines, and has a 2-way speakerphone.

Everyday callers may feel that this phone is too confining compared to other call center phones.

One of the shortcomings of the Grandstream GXP2170 is its relatively complex user interface.

Grandstream GXP2170 Pricing

The Grandstream GXP2167 is a dual port with 2 FXO, FXS ports offering a total of 4 analog ports. This switchboard can handle up to 30 calls with its call progress monitor and the GNXP2170 can translate between 8 languages. The Grandstream GXP2170 is capable of making calls from domestic landline and cellular connections.

The Grandstream GXP2170 is an over-the-phone business center with an EIA/TIA-607B interface. It features PCI express x1 card slot and PCI x1 slot. Compact, flexible the Grandstream GXP2170 is designed for the office or the home.

Grandstream GXP2170 Features

Grandstream GXP2170 is a brilliant solution to a wide variety of business needs. The Grandstream GXP2170 offers:

Expansion: Expandable to up to 60 Call Agents


Easy to Use: Log in via the web interface or through the device itself

Security: All-in-one Security Solution: Integrated with HD encryption (Triple DES)- Advanced firewall – Web security – Anti-spam security – Web application firewall – Password protection of configuration files

Multi-site supervision: SIP-to-SIP transfer from location to location (allows you to configure up to 20 locations).

Advanced Features: Voice-Activated Routing

Especially if you’re a contact center, a business that utilizes all of these functions, the Grandstream GXP2170 is an excellent choice for you. It offers: Expandable to up to 60 call agents

Log in via the Web Interface

Don’t be fooled by the affordability of this device … its capabilities are far more advanced than the typical corded phones.

Polycom VVX 311: Best Basic Call Center Phone

It is hard to beat a Polycom phone. The VVX 311 has a large display that allows the user to easily view their call history and other office information from the comfort of their chair.

The VVX 311 is very customizable and can be made easy to use for any user. In addition, it is very inexpensive when compared to other features and quality of polycom phones.

The Vertex provides excellent overall sound quality. There are several options to choose from to provide the best sound.

The VVX 311 is a great option for a basic, simple call center phone to provide a low cost option with high quality.

The VVX 311 is a great option for any medium to small sized business. It is simple to use and is relatively inexpensive.

The VVX 311 is a great choice for any medium to small sized business. It is simple to use and is relatively inexpensive.

The VVX 311 is a great option for any medium to small sized business. It is simple to use and is relatively inexpensive.

Polycom VVX 311 : The Best Basic Call Center Phone

The VVX 311 is a simple device with a lot of features worth trying, and you will not be disappointed with its price.

Polycom VVX 311 Pricing

The VVX 311 is loaded with features that make it easy for you to use in a business setting:

2-Line Intercom. The VVX 311 can connect two people on a conference call and can be used for instant messaging.

Supports up to 500 total headset users. The VVX 311 can support up to 500 total headset users, including incoming and outgoing calls.

Handset-based audio and FXS ports. The VVX 311 offers both handset-based audio and FXS ports. A headset can be connected to either of these ports for private listening or to a conference call.

Built-in DECT digital cordless phones. The VVX 311 can support up to six DECT digital cordless phones, which makes it easy to add inbound and outbound calling to your business setting.

Two-way speakerphone. The VVX 311 offers a speakerphone mode for receiving calls. It has a built-in loudspeaker for high-volume call handling.

Polycom VVX 311 Features

By optimizing the time of the users and providing an underlying improved administrative support, these top call recording phones are delivering high satisfaction to enterprise corporations. You can utilize these call recording feature phones to record the whole call in order to know about the entire vocal conversation being held between the customers and the employees.

In most businesses, the administrative boards acquire and maintain the whole collection of business related information verbally. These call recording feature phones are an excellent platform for them to record the entire conversation in call recordings. These Polycom VVX 311 phones are helpful in efficiently recording all the important verbal exchanges of the business information that is stored in call recordings system.

Polycom VVX 311 is one of the best call recording phones because of its promising features that help the administrators to quickly get through their daily tasks. With the help of these call recording feature phones, the industry professionals are now having less to do with their other administrative duties.

The Polycom VVX 311 is considered as a high performance feature phone with the most recent features that enable the users to record the entire call. Polycom VVX Pro 312 has been delivering higher user end satisfaction and deploy the great solutions for business companies. By the help of these 2800-series DECT Call Recording Feature Phones, the business professionals are able to deliver proficiency to their clients and get better results from their call recording system.

When you’re hiring a new crop of call center agents, there are many different features to choose from and a large selection of options to consider. The first item on the checklist has to be a quality, reliable and cost-effective phone system to provide the call centers with the best communication tools to ensure that agents are being heard and that the calls they take at call centers are as efficient as possible.

Yealink is a leading manufacturer of premium third-party VoIP phones for call centers and businesses, whether you’re looking for a new handset, a simple conferencephone or a more complicated and high-tech video conferencing system. The company’s analog and IP phones are of the highest quality available, and they ensure that every call center has the necessary tools to handle business efficiently.

The Yealink T49G is perhaps the most popular of Yelelink’s analog conferencephones, and it’s easily their best-selling option. The T49G offers amazing feature-set and value and is well-loved for its lightweight design, micro processing power, clear audio and intuitive design. The T49G is high on the list of best-sellers for a reason, and it should be at the top of your list of considerations when thinking about a brand-new call center phone.

Yealink T49G Pricing

The Yealink T49G is a great entry phone for small businesses or as a backup for your main phone. Yealink T49G is a service provider ISDN switch-based Unified Communications IP telephone with 3-way conferencing supporting voice, video chat, and instant messaging. It has a built-in 2-way conference room microphone/speaker and the latest visual button design for call centers and provides an attractive visual interface that supports color management and is easy to use.

And unlike other phones with a similar set of features, the Yealink T49G is compatible with your existing phone system, and comes with the required analog telephone adapter (ATA) and Yealink Access Manager software.

The Yealink T49G also comes with a user-friendly intuitive web interface that provides various functions and allows you to easily configure and adjust the phone features including speech, system and audio settings, etc. The Yealink T49G is a great toolkit for setting up a small to medium sized business telephony solution.

Yealink T49G is a multi-functional IP phone with a spacious 2.4” TFT LCD color display that is a treat to view even under harsh lighting conditions. The phone is equipped with a built-in power amplifier for superior and robust audio power.

Yealink T49G Features

The call center phones come with a new circuit design to deliver excellent sound quality along with improved efficiency, improved ergonomics, and enhanced durability.


The phone supports AT-TOVC connection software, which enables customers to use an external card reader to log into their accounts and access their web portals without having to enter their passwords manually. The phone supports cost-efficient G.711 audio codec that delivers crystal clear voice quality.

The phone supports Call Forwarding, Account Transfer, and extended Language Paging to handle incoming calls efficiently.


The Universal Power over Ethernet (802.3af) adapter included in the phone is capable of uninterrupted power supply and allows the use of whichever phone is plugged into it. The adapter provides 35 Watts of power to power the phone when AC power is disabled. The phone supports VoIP application software, which enables call center employees to place and receive calls in real time.


The phone can be easily carried to any remote location for use in the call room or the field. The phone features a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry in a pocket or a purse. Its convenient size makes it easy to install and replace in different locations as well.

RingCentral: Best Full-service Phone Solution

RingCentral is a full-service phone solution for your call center. They are ideal for growing businesses who need a complete set of robust call and web services to power their business.

RingCentral is One Single Solution for all your Business Needs:

RingCentral provides a fully featured, unified voice and web solution … all your company’s communication needs tied together in one platform. They’ll guarantee seamless integration of all your office communication systems and resource management.

RingCentral’s one point of contact provides protection from new regulations and compliance headaches. Their integration of web, voice, email and content creation will help your business keep it clean and ethical from start to finish.

RingCentral’s comprehensive compliance, surveillance and reporting tools make it an invaluable compliance program for your business. This includes automated account management and fraud protection tools that help your business avoid fines, charges, and punishment. Plus, with RingCentral’s security protocols, your business will never lose customer data or get their passwords stolen again.

RingCentral is designed for your business, so their intuitive, customizable application can be your company’s platform. You can set up your applications and reports in just minutes. RingCentral calls and tools include:

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral is available in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Singapore and the United States.

Limited and Shared RingCentral plans are available in the UK, France, Germany, and also in the United States.

Feature-for-feature pricing can be lower than live chat and some telephone companies that offer traditional call center capabilities. This can be due to the elimination of upfront hardware costs, or it can be a feature of the software provided, or it can be a combination of both.

It should be noted that RingCentral keeps their plans simple and that many customers in the UK and Saudi Arabia often use the phone service as a replacement for a traditional helpline, and not for intensive technical support. RingCentral assumes that people who rely on their technical support are knowledgeable enough to find help themselves, and don’t want or need 24/7 service.

RingCentral can be intuitive to use for subscribers with no previous work experience with traditional PBX technology. When compared to other traditional phone options, RingCentral is a popular solution and, in most cases, can be a safe bet for people looking for business telecommunications options.

RingCentral Features

RingCentral is an award-winning cloud-based professional telephone system which is easy to use, incredibly functional, and superior to the other cloud-based phone systems on the market.

One of the greatest things about RingCentral is the fact that you have 100% control over your phone system. You can add your own extensions, customize your menus, and even set up teleconferencing. The company also offers a highly intuitive online portal which allows you to keep track of all of your calls, extensions, and calls being received.

There is no contract to sign up with RingCentral and you don’t have to pay for hardware or software. RingCentral is made available through a monthly subscription fee that varies based on the number of extensions you add to the system.

RingCentral works over the cloud, therefore saving you money and resources by eliminating the need for on-premises server room or other hardware.

RingCentral is a solid choice for small business and large institutions alike.

The company’s basic plan offers unlimited channels, up to five minutes of recording, and a maximum of ten calls a day.

Advanced plan subscribers can add ten channels. Assigned seating and hands-free options are also available.

Additionally, you can add the premium plan which allows you to add unlimited channels. You will also gain a dedicated support staff and priority service provided by RingCentral.

Bottom Line

Is – What Type Of Phones Do Your Agents Need?

The administrators are always first in line in regard for business and the need of new technologies. With zero cost alternatives, every penny saved helps, same goes for the right choice of telephones.

As far as call center phones are concerned, the choices aren’t just endless, but they are also not easy. There are too many features and specifications that one should keep in mind before zeroing down on any type of phone.

Your answer depends exclusively on the type of agents that you’ll have, when will they start using the phones and location of the call center. Some of the basic considerations of call center phones include ease of use, durability, security, and compatibility with switches, routers, computers.

The most important decision for both administrators and agents to make is whether you’ll have a corded or cordless phone system. If the answer is cordless, you can immediately move on to the next question, what will it be, and why not the both of them?