5 Best Business Security Systems 2021

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Which Business Security System Is Right for You?

Whether you’re starting a new business, expanding your operations, or just making sure that your offices are secure, a business security system is something that you’ll need at some point.

But there are so many choices out there that it can be tough to determine which system best meets your business’s needs. That’s why we put together a list of the most common business security systems available, as well as five of the best for different scenarios.

Business Fire Alarm

A business fire alarm system is the most essential component of any business security plan. An alarm system remains operational even if a power outage or other outage occurs, so it’s a valuable investment.

Most such systems will detect fire, smoke and CO2, and will alert you or your security team. A wireless system will allow you to have a portable alarm system system and know that it’s active wherever you go. Now why would you need to know where your security system is? Just think that a fire in your business can mean the loss of all your livelihood. It’s crucial that you ensure that your business has a fire alarm system and that everyone who enters your business knows that they’re putting themselves in danger.

Question 1

What are the Recommended Features of a Home Security System?

The fact that you’re interested in investing in a home security system makes you a great candidate for our reviews today. There are all sorts of things that have to be considered when thinking about the security features of a home security system. Fortunately, with the vast range of home security systems available in the market today, you have literally hundreds of options to choose from.

Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you already. We have given you a quick rundown of 5 best home security systems that you can invest in today. And once these devices are set up and operating efficiently, you can rest assured that you are all set to secure your home and family.

Home Security System Features

First and foremost, please realize that your home security system’s main purpose is to provide you with peace of mind and safety. The security features are the most important aspects of a home security system. Without the ability to effectively detect, record, and disarm intruders, you may never feel safe in your own home.

Do you need a security system that can service multiple locations?

Whether or not you’re moving offices, it’s probably a good idea to purchase a security system that can protect multiple locations.

A traditional security system will only protect one location at a time. If you place one of these systems in each location where you want security, there is a greater chance of theft due to the lack of coverage.

Also, if you move your company or staff to a new location, you have to take the time and money to install a security system in the new location.

A multilocation security system offers more protection than a single location security system, and you can keep your existing systems in place when you move.

Question 2

What Is a Business Security System?

Business security systems are compulsory for most businesses nowadays. The reason behind this is that the human resources and intellectual capital of the businesses are attracting a lot of attention by criminals. To minimize this, business owners have to form a security team in their company. This team comprises of security guards, security cameras, and other tools in order to run the company safely.

Business security systems are not the real kind of security systems, but they are somewhat related to them. They are systems, but not the real kind of system. The main purpose of business security systems is to provide a safe place for the company’s staff and clients.

Business security systems are divided into the following types:

  • Access control systems
  • Audio surveillance systems
  • Automated locking systems
  • Biometric access control systems

Biometric access control systems are considered to be one of the most advanced systems in security systems. They are capable of determining the authenticity of the person by using various biometric tools. One of the most important things about these systems is that they can detect a fake password by comparing it with the real password. Additionally, the system can even sense the person’s body movements, face shape and the facial features to determine the individual’s authenticity.

What is your monthly budget for a security system?

Cost is definitely something to consider when considering a security system. Thankfully, you don't have to consider it the most important factor, because there are other things worth considering when looking for a business security system:

  • The size of your building and the number of people it serves
  • Security system features and/or equipment
  • Vulnerability factors such as light, signage, and glass
  • Staff training and knowledge

Cost is a factor, of course, but it shouldn't be the only factor. The right security system for your organization depends on the factors above, and how you balance them is something that only you can decide.

Question 3

What is the Best Business Security System?

First National Multifamily Office Security Systems was the best business security system out of the five we reviewed.

While you can get a better overall price at our second ranked system, we gave more points to First National because of its reliable customer service.

We ranked First National’s business security system first because they offer free consultations to figure out your specific security needs.

You can expect any other business security provider to offer these consultations as well, but many won’t.

Customers like First National’s ease of installation, reliable customer service, and a CCTV system that’s easy to use.

We also took into account the price of the system, how easy it is to install, the security features, and the technical support.

Is a contract-free security system a requirement for you?

Are you still using the old-school security system that has been around for years? The one that you’ve had for years without ever having a replacement? Perhaps because those systems were cheap to install or because they were a bargain at the time?

Be sure to check out the 5 best business security systems 2021.

It may have been some time since you last checked out the best business security system currently on the market. Although you might remember a few of them by name such as Ring vs. Email from ADT or the gadget-filled security system from Securifi, there’s a good chance you don’t know the details of what any of them actually do and how they work.

It’s a good idea to take a look at what your options are so that you are well-informed about the type of system you are going to end up using. Understanding what you can and can’t do with different systems will help you decide on the system that can best meet your business’s security needs.

How We Evaluated Small Business Security Systems

There are many types of small business security systems, each with their own mix of features and price. We consulted several security experts for help in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of each of these systems. Here were their top picks.

Generally, the experts recommended a small business security system that included: motion sensors, video monitoring, and custom software. Easy setup and customer service was also important, as was a good mobile app and a variety of price options. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to open the wallet and pay extra for a higher quality product, say security experts. A higher quality product guarantees that the security system will detect intruders quickly and efficiently.

With thousands of mobile apps to choose from, the experts had difficulty narrowing the field down to a smaller number of contenders. For starters, they eliminated the ones that weren’t available to small businesses and those that required an office for setup … both of which are cost prohibitive for startups.

They also attempted to find the ones that were user friendly and had little maintenance involved. However, some of the systems ideally built for larger businesses, like those with professional IT support staff, may be difficult for a small business to manage in the beginning.

Top 5 Business Security Systems Compared

The ability to secure your business is a necessity. With protecting yourself against the threats of exterior and interior threats being vital to the safety of you and your employees, investing in a business security system is a step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The purpose of a business security system isn’t to create false notions of protection. In fact, the purpose is to protect against real and present dangers, both interior and exterior. Being that the security system will be monitored by someone, regular maintenance is a must in order to ensure that the system is running smoothly and that nothing is causing malfunctions.

Although there are some security systems that are easy to install and don’t involve any type of maintenance, the best security system for your business is one that you can monitor and maintain on a regular basis.

To help you pick a business security system that’s right for you, we’re taking a closer look at five of the most popular options on the market today.

SimpliSafe: Best Overall Small Business Security System

Real-Time Monitoring: In addition to being user-friendly, the SimpliSafe home security system is packed full of great nifty features. For one, the SimpliSafe home security system provides a real-time monitoring service where you can monitor your home or office…all on your phone or desktop.

Free Mobile App: The SimpliSafe home security system is available from Apple and Android mobile devices as an android app and an iOS app. When you first set up the SimpliSafe home security system, the mobile app will guide you through the installation. Just follow the instructions and sign into your SimpliSafe account. After that, just sit back and enjoy the home alarm system.

Remote Switching: In case you have guests or just want to gran w the opportunity to see who’s at your front door when you’re away, the SimpliSafe home security system comes with the same remote alarm that you’ll find on your SimpliSafe keychain. This means that you will always have the ability to switch on or off SimpliSafe…all it takes is a quick touch of a button.

The SimpliSafe home security system is available in four different configurations. So go ahead and order the SimpliSafe home security system that best suits your needs.

SimpliSafe Pricing

SimpliSafe is a home security system that uses a cradle style sensor (resembling a small wireless phone charger). The cameras, monitor, siren and keypad are all wireless and can be placed anywhere in your home. As a monitoring service, you’ll be sent a monthly summary of all activity. Also, you can choose how much you want to pay for the service – SimpliSafe will contact you if they detect a break in.

Apart from the cost, SimpliSafe offers a 14-day free trial, a no-contract pricing plan, five-year monitoring plans that are very inexpensive and a refund guarantee. You also have the option to upgrade to the SimpliSafe Plus plan for extra monitoring services and equipment such as cameras, plate readers and thermostats.

Since SimpliSafe is a bit different from other home security systems, it’s important to be a bit picky to make sure that it’s the right home security system for you. The following are five features you should keep your eye out for and consider when evaluating SimpliSafe:

Monitoring and Customer Service

SimpliSafe Contract Terms

SimpliSafe is an automated home security system that uses a monitoring system, a 75 dB alarm siren, and a number of networked sensors to detect when a potential intruder is attempting to break into your home or business. In addition to its built-in sensors, this system can be armed manually by you or a SimpliSafe professional monitoring service to provide night vision that detects motion in its attached cameras, or that notifies you via your cell phone or email whenever someone tries to enter your home or business.

However, to keep the SimpliSafe system affordable and its monthly monitoring service efficiently priced for everyone, SimpliSafe offers their basic package for free. While this system does not include night vision, it does not require an ongoing monitoring plan so you can use it on a more flexible schedule. The company does not, however, recommend using their device on a more flexible schedule. Instead, they recommend using its included sensors whenever you sense a possible security issue, and updating your monitored status during regular 11pm-6am monitoring interval.

Another story is that SimpliSafe does not offer any app controls on their system. They have a smartphone app available for their professional monitoring services, but this app includes no controls.

For the full list of SimpliSafe product prices and household contract terms, check out our review.

SimpliSafe Features

SimpliSafe provides home security systems in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. It offers a range of products that are easy to use and offer a great value for money. The software application of SimpliSafe is available for app users. It helps users to remotely monitor and control incoming alarm activation, door locking and locking them in a panic mode.

SimpliSafe also offers its users several affordable options that are accessible online. It includes no contract or cancellation fees, no custom installation and setup charges while many of the other traditional home security systems have built it into the price. It also offers a 24/7 emergency response support available to support it’s users.

SimpliSafe was created by a father set out to create a more affordable and convenient approach to home security. The company’s approach focuses on providing customers with the home security system that works well with their lifestyle ensuring safety of their family and belongings. It offers several options for its users to choose from and their product range for home security systems meets the requirements, essential and requirements of the customer.

Vivint: Best Professionally-Installed Security System

The Vivint Smart Home System offers ultimate home security from keyless entry to advanced home automation, including an HD camera. It has a host of sensors, notifications and integration with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

Vivint’s professionally-installed, 24/7 alarm monitoring comes with 24/7/365 monitoring and a dedicated security professional. Because Vivint's focused on home security, it has many sensors that help prevent home invasions and burglaries. The NVR and Custom Sensor offer HD live video feed and sophisticated motion detection. SMART sensors detect smoke, CO, motion and open doors and windows. Cloud Smart Features include video sharing, event and zone monitoring, and remote access.

The Vivint Smart Home Security System currently comes in two different home security systems: a basic DIY security system and a professionally installed security system.

The DIY system allows you to control the system from your smartphone, and however you set up the system – there’s a lot more flexibility than you may realize. There are some compromises, however, such as a lack of security sensors and no accidental activation. The DIY system can also be expanded upon using the add-on sensors and mobile tools.

Vivint Pricing

If you’re looking for the best security system on the market, look no further than Vivint. The company offers services for both businesses and residential homes, with a strong smart home component.

The all-inclusive business and residential packages mean that you don’t have to worry about adding on extra fees or buying extra equipment. It also means that the installation, maintenance and contractors are all included, with no extra fees charged for these services.

Vivint offers monthly monitoring plans for business and residential customers. This allows you to set a monthly budget for your system and know that you’ll only be charged for the hours your system is active.

The security systems offer a wide range of sensors, a high-definition camera and a number of other installed devices to keep your business and home safe. To learn more, check out our Vivint review here.

While you can install your security system yourself, it’s imperative that you trust and hire a professional to install and upgrade your system. For a full list of the best security companies in 2021, check out our Business Security Review.

Vivint Contract Terms


Update October 2019

This post is primarily for businesses, but there are a few tips and suggestions that may help homeowners too!

Below is the most current information about our smart home security products.

Vivint Features

Vivint is a business security provider with a powerful suite of home automation products. The company’s lineup of smart home security features is sleek, versatile and flexible, and is designed for any type of home or business owner. The entire suite of Vivint features can be purchased as a single package or individually. This approach allows you to select the features you need and customize the package accordingly.

You can also choose between two business security plans: Local Security Monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring. The Local Security Monitoring option is offered through several retail partners, included at select Best Buy locations. The 24/7 professional monitoring plan will keep you connected to a professional security team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The company’s round-the-clock professional security team will work with you and your security equipment to ensure your security system continues to provide home and business owners with peace of mind.

The company’s products are ideal for business owners or small offices who want to implement a complete security system. The Vivint Alarm System – the company’s key offering – is a fully wireless security system which allows you to fully manage your home security online. The powerful suite of features of the system includes:

Wyze: Best Budget Surveillance System

Wyze Labs has developed a successful Kickstarter product named WyzeCam which basically acts like a 360-degree remote camera. Similar to other remote cameras on the market, WyzeCam can be placed anywhere and is triggered remotely. However, it brings a unique features not found on most competitors…monitoring.

Besides wired and WiFi-connected video monitoring solutions, Wyze also offers a cloud-based surveillance system that brings a level of flexibility in managing the security of your property not offered by other solutions.

Featuring more than 300 cameras, the Wyze App gives you a full view of various areas inside or outside your house. It’s practical with a customizable interface that monitors every area with a swipe or slide.

Thanks to the built-in WiFi, once the system is connected to your WiFi network, you can use the mobile app to upload live feed as well as set up scheduled checking. Also, you don’t need to worry about the extreme weather doing damage. The app lets you monitor the footage in real time and create automatic alarms if any motion is detected.

If you have an office or a warehouse or a structure that has many walls to hide your cameras, Wyze’s security system can be tuned by utilizing LAN over IP, allowing you to access your system from almost any device.

Wyze Pricing

All Wyze cameras can connect to your phone via the Wyze app. This means you can use both of the cameras for video recording or you can use one of them for video recording and the other one for watching the live feed on an ipad or phone.

There are all kinds of things you can do this way. You can watch one camera on your phone from a distance or have one of your cameras on the app ready if you get a knock at the door while you are away.

Wyze cameras are really great for people who want to check in on their home security. A lot of them will use them for home monitoring too. This means they can alert you if there is movement at a location where either your phone or one of the cameras are connected.

The way this works is you set up a notification, where you can choose if you want it to be for any movement or vehicle. For home monitoring, this is better than using a monitored security system because you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to have someone come out and check on things.

If there are any incidents, you will still have a record of it from the Wyze app. It’s also an option to record video and store it in the cloud.

Wyze Contract Terms

It is not a violation of any applicable local law for you to use Wyze not as designed or as intended or with components not specifically authorized for that purpose (a) with most screen-mirroring software and applications, including but not limited to screen-mirroring programs found in web browsers and other screen-mirroring software applications, (b) to view, "mirror" or otherwise copy any material displayed on a mobile device, touchscreen display or other electro-magnetic display screen with a Web based app or other software, including but not limited to videos, animations, zooming and scrolling, and (c) to use third party screen-mirroring and web-mirroring tools. Under no circumstances will Wyze, Inc. or its affiliates assume any liability arising out of the use of any information contained on the Wyze Website (including any third party sites within the Wyze Website) or the use of, or inability to use, any such information, software, services, products, or Materials, including, without limitation, (a) any loss or damage to any data, including lost profits; (b) any loss or damage which may be incurred as a result of all or any part of the information or material, products or services being delivered, displayed or performed through Wyze, or (c) any loss or damage to information or data in your computer.

Wyze Features

And Tech:

This device is a great choice for a DIY smart home security kit. It has a free Android or iOS app meaning you can view your camera wherever you are. There are two way audio and motion alerts. It comes with a motion sensor and an alarm hub located inside the camera. If the alarm is triggered the loud klaxon will sound to alert your neighbours. It comes with dual charging docks and you can charge your Wyze camera via the docks or a micro USB cable. It has night vision and a 120 degree lens. It comes with a glass lens and a magnetic base. The camera comes with a one week free trial of the app.

The Wyze camera has night vision and a 120 degree lens. The camera comes with a 1 week free trial of the app.

It is built to work with Alexa so you can control it through voice command. You can also set up the Wyze device to send push notifications to your phone when motion is detected.

This device is also compatible with Samsung smartthings hub and Nexia Home Intelligence App.

Read more information below and know why this product is an excellent value in the smart home security market.

For customisable packages for your home, Duravit has a diverse range of options that you can choose from. There are a huge amount of designer options where you can choose the colour and type of glass you want to use.

Nest: For High-Quality Video Surveillance & Smart Devices

Nest: For High-Quality Video Surveillance & Smart Devices

The technology is advancing at a ridiculous pace, and it’s hard to keep up. And when your security cameras keep getting replaced by more updated versions, you can quickly find yourself drowning in a sea of incompatible devices.

When you don’t know where to start, it’s tempting to just purchase the technological equivalent of an ice cream sandwich. The trouble is, you’ll be able to taste the chocolate and the vanilla but you won’t be able to tell the difference. Most people agree that having a lot of fancy-schmancy technology is en vogue but not having the simpler things that increase your surveillance effectiveness.

Nest is a more modern approach to security cameras, and it’s an industry trend-setter. Nest is a microphone-free, HD security camera that contains a 1080p camera, night vision with infrared LEDs, motion and audio sensors, and a built-in speaker. It is weatherproof, which extends its capabilities to any environment (including the great outdoors) and provides four hours of continuous power. In addition to using your home Wi-Fi to give you the best streaming and recording experience, Nest includes a quarter-mile range Wi-Fi extender so you can bring the outdoors in.

Nest Pricing

Nest Contract Terms

A Nest security system has a Wi-Fi enabled intercom, the security system consists of a camera with motion sensor, the Nest Protect smoke detector and the Nest thermostat. It’s important to know that Nest security term contract is not as simple as you think. The different terms and conditions of different Nest security contract can change from time to time.

Overall, Nest security term contract has three main terms: 1) Payment Term 2) Service Type and 3) Expansion Term.

Nest Features

Nest is a smart home security and home automation devices created by Nest Labs, a subsidiary of Google, Inc. Nest was launched in 2011 and includes monitoring systems, dimming lights, locks, thermostats and smoke/CO alarm. Nest is a really good example of the coming of age. We used to think that all these automated devices will steal a chunk out of our privacy, violate our freedom of choice by enslaving us to power hungry companies. But Nest is the perfect example of how over the years robots and appliances will actually help us live a better life.

The whole idea behind the Nest is fair-sharing. Nest is a smart home security system that you can control from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. The best part is that it works without the need for any wires, routers, or WiFi. Even though some people have raised concerns regarding the privacy issues of the Nest, there is no doubt that Nest is one of the best smart home security systems around right now.

ADT: Best Commercial Security System

If you are looking for a good business security system provider, ADT is worth considering.

First of all, it is one of the biggest and established names in the industry and has a reputation that precedes it. Secondly, it is highly rated and trusted by homeowners, business owners and business managers. Thirdly, it conducts an annual inspection of its equipment to assure a high level of performance. Last, it has a wide range of security solutions, which can easily be customised to suit the exact requirements of a facility. There is a good variety of packages ranging from the basic alarm systems to highly sophisticated key card access, web, CCTV, access control and panic buttons solutions.

The prices for individual packages range from nearly nothing (such as the basic system) to the very reasonable. ADT also delivers multi-pack packages that save you money. It even offers free installation and service on top of all this. And all of that, without compromising on the performance levels you need.

Although ADT is an expensive option, its biggest plus is its track record and reputation. So, if you want a high level of trust and reliability, it is definitely an option worth considering.

ADT Pricing

If you are looking for the best security system for your home, the ADT Pulse system is for you. If you have been comparing different security systems, this one has a lot of great features that are not found with others. Check out these benefits and details to see if this best business security system is right for you.

Best Business Security System: ADT Pulse

The Pulse system gives you the perfect package of home security, video surveillance, and cellular monitoring. You get to choose which features you want, so it’s truly your choice. The Pulse system is wireless, so you don’t have to worry about running wire everywhere. The monitoring and wireless technology do away with all of the issues of contract security systems, so there are no pesky fees that you would have to pay with a contract system. When you compare the costs of the Pulse system with other systems, this one is cheaper and offers more features.

Best Business Security System: ADT Pulse Professional Package

ADT Contract Terms

(c) Our company delivers the product and services required under the contract, including installation, monitoring, customer support, and maintenance at the location agreed upon by the parties during the scope of the sale.

(d) We may also deliver the product and services required under the contract for a location other than the one agreed upon by the parties if you authorize us to do so in writing.

(e) If you select services other than monitoring, the amount you pay immediately upon receipt of the Confirmation of Contract will include all taxes and fees associated with those services.

(f) All installments of the contract fee are applied against the contract total price. If you order a one-time contract, the contract fee is applied against the future payments.

(g) If you fail to pay your installments according to the terms of the Contract, we will charge you a finance charge of one and one-half percent (1% – 1.5%) per month on the unpaid balance. The finance charge will be applied to all unpaid balances.

(h) If you purchase insurance for your system, you agree to pay us all the fees to our insurance carrier, as our agents, in connection with the relevant insurance.

(i) We may require you to participate in other third party services in addition to the products and services required under the contract.

ADT Features

Home security systems are now a necessity for most people, and businesses are no exception. While it’s true that businesses can benefit from the extra security features that are offered by systems like ADT, these systems can also take care of more professional needs.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a business security system.

Better Fire and Gas Protection

Burglars will break a window to gain access to your business, and of course they will plan accordingly. Burglar alarms are unable to give off an alert until an actual break-in has taken place.

And if the burglar alarm is on a lower level of the building, a malicious burglar can activate that alarm before climbing to the main level. That’s why a business security system offers better fire and gas protection.

IT Control

Business-grade security systems usually offer a web-based management system with easy access control for setting up new users and changing passwords. If you need to change the security camera configuration, control a keypad entry, or lock or unlock a door, you can simply access a web-based interface.

The system will give you data on whether a door is open or closed, if a backup battery is functioning, and whether a hidden camera is recording.

Bottom Line

To maintain your business for longer, proper security system is a must. With so many silent security cameras cameras available on the market, there’s a new system for almost any business. The security cameras are hugely popular among many small businesses, as they can keep an eye on the business premises. Besides; the small and economically-friendly security cameras can be purchased at a very affordable price in the market.

In the following article, we have tried to check out the top 5 best business security systems of year 2021.