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Top 6 Business Expense Tracker Apps 2019

Keeping track of your business expenses is an important part of managing your career, whether you’re just starting out or you’re running a big company. To make sure you stay on top of your finances, it’s crucial that you have a tool to help you stay organized. And no, pen and paper will not do the trick. There is a laundry list of expenses to keep track of, and you can easily forget to make a note of all of them. That’s why you need a dedicated expense tracker.

In this post, we’re going to review some of the best business expense tracker apps available. These apps provide a simple way to track your expenses and stay on top of them as you work on your business.

As you probably already have guessed, I’m passionate about keeping things simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Let’s dive in!

When to Use QuickBooks Online

One of the greatest time saving features of QuickBooks is its mobile mobile app. The program integrates with both Apple and Android devices to allow you to view the company’s financial information, access handy graphs, and crunch numbers from anywhere.

If you need to track the expenses associated with your current projects or if you have a few bills coming up and want to make sure you’re not leaving anything out, check out this list of the best business expense tracker apps.

How We Evaluated Small Business Expense Tracking Apps

In today’s competitive business environment, directors are pushed to stay on top of the latest trends in order to deliver the best quality. A perfect way to stay ahead of the competition and outclass others is to track your business expenses.

Among other things, small business expense tracking software helps you track business expenditures (like office supplies, travel expenses and office repairs), while at the same time offering other powerful features like budgeting, sales forecasting and flexible time tracking. With such powerful expense apps to choose from, how can you make the right choice? Don’t worry! This article has those answers.

Expert Senior Editor Danny King shares his expertise in the areas of expense tracking software. Taking up the challenge to evaluate the latest small business expense tracking apps, he carefully analyzed over 100 different apps to recommend which ones have the most earning potential and should be featured in our top picks list. He also talks about why you should (or perhaps should not) choose certain expense tracking software.

Small Business Expense Tracker Apps Evaluation Results”

Zoho Expense : Best Overall Business Expense Tracker App

Microsoft Excel is the same way that Microsoft Word is. Just because you've been around for a long time doesn't mean you're slow.In fact, you're slower. Excel can't do calendars, everything has to be specified from A to Z for something to differentiate between past and present.

When you create a work plan in the worksheet, let's say to send out a letter to a customer, it may not have been mentioned in the last work plan. To differentiate between the two steps, you'd have to create a new row at the bottom.

Naturally, this is tedious and takes a lot of time. Zoho Expense has everything you would need as far as spreadsheets go, and with its pin-based timeline feature, it simple and easy to add new or amplify existing tasks.

The app also comes with a neat forecast feature which helps you look forward at the expense coming up in the next few months. It has all the basic features you would expect from a good expense tracker app.

However, what makes Zoho Expense the best overall business expense tracker app is its design. It has an excellent design, very intuitive and user-friendly and has an eye for detail. It is also very easy to navigate and navigate through its app. I would like to give it a rating of 9.5/10.

Zoho Expense Pricing & Features

Zoho Expense Tiered Features

Zoho Expense is supposed to be a really easy to use expense and accounting app for your phone or tablet. Zoho Expense is a cross-platform tool that also works well with a laptop. It is also simple to learn and its basic features are free.


Wave is a simple yet very well designed app that you can use for tracking expenses and for keeping an eye on your bank account. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

The app provides basic features like reporting of expenses, real time debit and credit transactions, view of cash flow and statement analysis.


Checkbook is a personal finance application that allows you to connect all your bank accounts and other financial tools. It is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms.

Checkbook features include creating and managing expenses, viewing transactions, statements, finances and cash flow, among other useful tools. It also allows you to export your account data to a CSV file if you wish to sort it at another app.


Plum is a free expense tracking app available on iOS and Android. You can use Plum to create and manage expenses, track outstanding payment and add new transactions. It also offers you tax reports and an ability to export your transactions to a CSV file.

What Zoho Expense Is Missing

In this article, we have highlighted the 5 most important features of the Zoho Expense application that busy business travelers, who have to share expenses with accountants and bookkeepers, will find most useful.

Consolidated view of all your expenses

First of all, the most important feature of the Zoho Expense application is that it allows you to manage all your expenses on one application. You can track your bills, you can add your bank accounts, and you can see all your expenses in one place.

If you aren’t satisfied with the costs of each expense that you add to the application, you can simply fix the amount. With the Zoho Expense application, you don’t have to be constantly looking for the best price for something that you spent money on.

Sending expense report directly from your phone

The second most important feature of the Zoho Expense application is that it allows you to send expense report directly from your phone. You have to first create an expense report on your computer and then you can generate the printable version of the report. You can then send the Zoho Expense app to your accountant via email or in a PDF file.

Auto-logging mode for expense report automatically

Zoho Expense User Reviews

Zoho Expense is an online expense report management application which you can use to manage all your expenses on-the-go. You can easily create your categorization for each expense using the pre-set categories, categories or you can create a custom name field to use. Once you submit an expense report, you’ll be notified via SMS alert. You can also view the expense reports of your employees.


  • Allows you to manage your expenses from your mobile device
  • You can categorize expenses using pre-set categories
  • You can create and customize categories to suit your needs
  • Great platform to transfer expenses to your tax consultant
  • Refer this to your team members if your business involves team work
  • Highly customizable with flexible report sharing and collaboration
  • Allows you to import and export GPX files effortlessly
  • Allows you to print your reports via Google Cloud Print

QUICK TAKE: Zoho Expense is an all-in-one expense report application that works well with small businesses. If you have a small business or a start-up, it’s the kind of expense report tool you should consider.

Expensify : Best Business Expense Tracker App as Alternative to Zoho Expense

Expensify is most certainly the best business expense tracker application available in the market. Expensify (formerly known is Scan and Go) assists businesses and freelancers to track expenses and time again.

Expensify can easily be used by freelancers working from their home and by employees tagging along with their employers for their business travels. It is also available in the cloud without the need for downloads.

Notable features of Expensify include including the speed, ease, and reliability in which all traveling and expenses are tallied and stored. The existing expense reports are intuitive and cater for numerous different tax expense reports.

Highlighted are real-time reports, the speed of which can be employed to fill out paper expense reports. Taking into consideration the signature features of a top-notch business expense tracker, Expensify easily fits the bill as one of the best tracking applications available.

Expensify User Interface

Expensify comes packed with a user-friendly app which is simple and easy to use. Individual users can use the application on a daily basis, with no prior knowledge or training needed. In addition to these requirements, the app provides a high level of ease and functionality.

The users can easily sort out expenses by selecting the general categories to which they belong. A simple drop-down menu is used to learn how to best use the app.

Expensify Pricing & Features

Expensify’s concierge desk lets you store and check your receipts for travel, entertainment, office, and any other category you want to track. With the mobile app, you can take pictures of your receipts instead of entering them manually into the software.


Mobile scanner software for scanning receipts, notes, and other documents

Expensify’s pre-tax organizer helps you track income, expenses, taxes, and more.

Scan and store receipts, phone calls, flights, events, and other items as digital files on your computer.

Scan your queries and add notes on your mobile app.

Easily organize and edit your expense reports.

Invoiced, Expenses, Reports, and more.

No sign up required. Start creating your reports immediately.

Sync your data on your mobile devices to locally store, sync, and keep your data secure.

Transfer of your data to other computers and mobile devices.

Protect your information by using your password when signing in to the software.

Expensify Tiered Features

The most important feature required before buying an expense tracking software is the ability to both import the expense claims as well as store them for future use. Expensify has two distinct options for this which are as follows:

In addition to giving you the ability to import expense records the software additionally gives you the option of directly syncing with external services to pre-populate expense records in the software.

The first tier of features, the basic one, as well as the PRO, tier both give you this ability. However, this is not offered by the Enterprise Edition. Expensify provides tiered features based on the size of the business you are dealing with. According to Expensify’s website, the plan can be configured depending on the number of users, shared devices and the amount of data required to be stored.

The Basic Tier is the cheapest which costs US$ 30 a month and provides you with basic expenses tracking capabilities. This includes the ability to search through your expenses and scan in the receipt images so you can attach them to your expense claims. It also allows you to export your claims to other leading accounts management software including Quicken. In addition, this also gives you the opportunity to share and collaborate with multiple users.

With the Professional Tier the monthly price is US$ 100 a month. A case study performed by Business News Daily gives an idea of what one of the leading professionals can get with the Pro tier.

What Expensify Is Missing

With the already present in the business world, the organization and control of business expenses are managed efficiently, ensuring that the right amount is being spent at the right time. Three apps that I would like you to look at are those from Expensify, Xero and Zoho Books. They all work in the same manner of recording the expense items. All three of these apps will not show you a passbook. Expensify is an expense tracker tool that is used for recording expenses, like for business expenses and trip expenses. Expensify is a must have tool if you are a business owner where you always need to apportion the money spent on your business expenses and also you want to have an electricity management system for the business, using all 4 of these apps.

Expensify is the ideal choice if you are looking for a flexible easy to implement system, that can be customized to work with the way that you want your business to operate. The expense tracking system is way more advanced.

Expensify User Reviews

Expensify combines the convenience and functionality of an online expense report, expense tracking, and expense management system into one easy-to-use solution. And with over 28 million free receipts provided each month by Expensify users, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of your receipts.

Expensify’s expense report templates have been customized to fit the needs of small businesses, hobby businesses, and even freelancers. These templates can be tweaked and customized to fit the unique business requirements and financialsituations that you deal with on a daily basis. With the file and image editing tools included in the expense report templates, you can also take add, remove and manipulate images and artwork that you’ll use to customize and streamline your expense reports.

Expensify also offers a mobile app that simplifies the expense report-handling process. Once you’ve used the app to create an expense report, Expensify will automatically feed it to your computer, so you can easily upload it to your expense management system or dropbox account.

SAP Concur : Best Business Expense Tracker App With a Large Ecosystem of Retailers

The SAP Concur Expense Management Business app is used by more than 2.5 million businesses and SaaS merchants. Installation and setup are simple and intuitive. The business app comes with an integrated onboarding onboarding that makes it easy for users to update their transactions on their mobile devices and tablets. Plus, SAP Concur Expense Management Business offers a complete solution for the mobile lifestyle. Users can update their transactions on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. SAP Concur Expense Management Business recently launched the mobile app and has created a unified experience on the go.

The mobile app has an easy-to-use interface that integrates directly with your existing SAP Concur Concur Web login account and supports multiple user logins. It also offers a simple way to access transactions from your logins on mobile devices and tablets.

For all your expense program needs, SAP Concur Expense Management Business provides the best integrated platform for managing the different business processes related to customer onboarding, request processing, vendor management, and commercial term execution.

SAP Concur Pricing & Features

In this post we will discuss the SAP Concur pricing, features, support, and services from a user’s perspective. Let’s take a look at SAP Concur pricing and help you integrate SAP Concur along with necessary maintenance and support services.

SAP Concur Price Comparison

The SAP Concur price comparison feature lets you compare SAP Concur pricing for the services available to you in the country you choose. By selecting the country in which you are a citizen, you can compare the most popular SAP Concur pricing plans from different SAP Concur vendors in that country.

The SAP Concur Price and Service Comparison page handles all the bookkeeping for you and picks the best combination of price (lowest to highest) and service level (high to low) based on your requirements. Additionally, the Support Plan comparison enables you to compare prices and service levels for the most popular SAP Concur services. These service levels are as follows:

  • SAP Concur Price
  • Zonal Gantry (ZGP) Support
  • Standard Support
  • Premium Support
  • Post- Contract Support and Maintenance
  • SAP Concur Maintenance Service and Support

SAP Concur Tiered Features

To access matrix, go to Expense Home > Expense Matrix Tab and click "Add a New Row".

· To add a new account, type in the account number or select from the drop-down. · To find an account in the selection dialog, you can start typing the name of the company, the account number, or the primary key of the expense item.

In the Expense Matrix list, you can view the number of sub-transactions, the overall number of transactions, the number of expense elements that have been designated as matrix.

You can view readily available data for each row from the "Expense Details" window. And you can sort the data in the matrix list by clicking on the column headings.

You can define the matrix to store the following information: ·Action Type ·Reference Number ·Application Program (User ID) ·Expense Item

By using matrix feature, you can multiply the value of the expenditure and performance.

From performance perspective, if you want to consider only the actual transactions of the expense item in your calculation, you can use matrix.

If you want to get the total amount of expenditure for the month, it makes sense to use matrix feature. · Expense Matrix in InSAP Concur solution is mainly used for multiple Payroll Companies

What SAP Concur Is Missing

We all are aware of SAP Concur. SAP Concur manages travel expenses on a centralized platform across your travel organization. SAP Concur has been helping companies send and manage travel documents and reimburse travel expenses quickly and securely.

SAP Concur is provided by SAP as a cloud based application platform. SAP Concur is a cost management service for companies with a centralized travel department. The main features of SAP Concur are:

Providing applications for company employees, travelers and travel agencies by middleware integrations with ERP applications, such as SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Microsoft Dynamics.

Providing a centralized data layer for company travel transactions. It is easy to store, share and search data across organizations.

Simplifying the travel process, by consolidating long and laborious processes that take place before a traveler leaves for an international client.

Its usability is one of the key reasons for the popularity of SAP Concur.

The Following Are the Essential Features of SAP Concur that Are Not Available in SAP Concur by Default

Leveraging the SAP HANA platform to streamline the expense management process.

The ability to track travel expenses and reimbursements to another users in a centralized way.

Cost allocation, which is based on virtual rules determined by a corporate.

Tracking expenses by using text and numbers like vcard.

SAP Concur User Reviews

If your business encounters a lot of international travel, then you probably use Concur. The process of purchasing travel arrangements can be tedious, especially if you have to deal with multiple processes. So when your staff makes travel arrangements, it helps to have an app that can streamline this process. A popular Concur app is SAP Concur. It helps your employees to navigate the international travel tracking process while they are abroad, giving them access to all the information they need to complete the process.

Before your employee travels, they’ll do their trip research to check for travel costs. This allows them to know what they can spend and allows your employees to calculate the total costs, which they’ll save in the app.

Once your employee arrives at the destination, they will use the app to fill out the required paperwork, which is linked to the flight confirmations. The app will also detect language in the forms so your team members can fill out the information in the language they’re most comfortable with.

If your employee changes their plans after he or she arrives at the destination, the app makes it easy for them to make the changes. When it’s time to pay, the app integrates with the Concur company credit card, meaning you don’t have to pay separately with your card on the day.

TriNet Expense : Best Business Expense Tracker App as Another Good Option

TriNet Expense : Solutions, We Try to Provide.

Use your smartphone to organize and store tax documents such as health, dental or life insurance statements, mileage logs and expensed purchases with TriNet Expense.

The app is not free, but they offer a full refund if you don’t like it after you’ve downloaded it. And if you need help, you can contact them directly by phone, email and live chat. They also have an entire community of advisors for you to tap into to give you answers in the instant.

TriNet Expense is available for iPhone as well as for Android phones.

TriNet Pricing & Features

TriNet makes an online accounting solution that lets you manage your business expenses, get done-for-you tax credit tracking and billing, and connect your inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll databases so you can support your businesses growth.

In addition to being able to print and send expense reports, it also has built-in invoicing services, as well as a mobile app for taking pictures of receipts.

TriNet Tiered Features

With the ability to track almost every aspect of your business’s finances, the impressive-looking TriNet ExpensePlus can do a lot of things for you. For starters, the software offers advanced features such as a fully-customizable reporting system, support for multiple currencies, and the potential to calculate tax liability. So if you’re looking for something that can handle your entire business, ExpensePlus is probably your best bet.

Additionally, the software is designed to help you save time. Since ExpensePlus comes with an online and mobile app, you can easily track your expenses wherever you go. The app is available for both the iPhone and Android devices, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility.

ExpensePlus can be purchased at a monthly subscription, which would obviously depend on the amount of hours you use the system. But it’s important to note that because ExpensePlus is somewhat more comprehensive, it does tend to take a little more of your time to learn, so make sure you’re comfortable with the learning curve before purchasing.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something a little more simple and affordable, try Osmo. Although its functions are often relegated to the basics, Osmo is reliable and a great way to get started with your expenses tracking.

What TriNet Is Missing

Despite being Released 3 Years Ago, It’s Not Creditable.

Many people like to use a spreadsheet program to track business expenses, but tracking business expenses can be a real drag. We have seen such programs being developed before, from Quick Books to Excel and what not, they just lack the power, functionality, and overall architecture ability to stay and maintain their position in the market.

For the longest time we have been using the excel sheet for our business expense tracking, but with some limitations such as the inability to track multi-location business, which was frustrating to say the least. But luckily for my recent review of TriNet Method Expense Tracker, we were able to assess their software in a way that