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How We Evaluated Mobile Business Phone Plans & Services

It’s safe to say that mobile phones have caught on big with business and residents. Even though the percentage of mobile phone owners using their phones for business is still very small, it is increasing every day …and for good reason.

Cell phones offer great connectivity, productivity, input, output, and learning potential thanks to their mobile internet access. By connecting to the web, you can send, receive, and store business documents, contact a client, stay in touch while you’re working, and much, much more. Just like with anything else, businesses are using cell phones for business in unique ways.

Initially, the cost of setting up a business phone plan was prohibitive, and few business owners considered it. No longer! In fact, small and medium-sized businesses are quickly realizing that a traditional dedicated voice and data line is costing them money. In addition to the costs associated with the service, there is a surcharge for every phone line you use, even if it’s just your cell phone.

The result is that many businesses are going wireless to save money and make work-from-home a possibility. This shift to wireless has been fueled by less expensive and convenient options available from major wireless carriers.

RingCentral: Best Overall Business Cell Phone Plan

RingCentral offers a comprehensive business cell phone plan that�s centered on unlimited calling and low monthly fees. RingCentral’s Cell-by-Cell account gives you free minutes, texts and data, which avoid costly overages. Each month, RingCentral will automatically update your monthly data allotment and you can adjust your bandwidth usage as needed. If you choose the unlimited calling option, RingCentral will also cover any international calling standards, including those to Canada, China and Mexico.

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral Features

& Benefits:

RingCentral offers cloud-based communications for businesses and has been around since 1999. It’s an all-in-one solution for your business that offers you everything you need – including a free line of service – and nothing you don’t. They have wonderful features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Great customer service
  • A watertight plan that doesn’t abuse overages

Grasshopper: Best No-frills Business Cell Phone Number for Solopreneurs

Right from the start, Grasshopper, the live business-oriented SIM, is going to have better-than-average phone number options to suit your (or your company’s) needs.

Customer Service

The customer service team is going to be responsive to help you dial out and send texts, with no visual voicemail or required text replies to interact.

  • Call per minute pricing is going to be cheaper than for cellular numbers. It would also be cheaper to pay for 10/130 megabytes of data usage per month than it would be to pay for 1 GB of data for your cellular phone.
  • Asides from text messaging, you can also send instant messaging (IM) to other Grasshopper participants on the various social media platforms that support these features.
  • You can even record chats (either voice calls or text conversations), email them to yourself, or export the chat as a TXT file.

You can also write a text message to yourself and have it appear on your mobile screen for easy data entry.

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper is a cell phone plan that is available only through Project Fi. As you can imagine, you can expect these plans to run much more expensively than most plans. The good news is they are still worth it – they just have a higher up front cost, higher recurring cost and higher equipment cost.

This pricing structure means that you pay for the service, and you pay in full at the beginning. The bad news is that you will pay FIOS, instead of the service provider. However, you can trade FiOS connections (higher speed, better price) in for voice and data services.

Several reasons to sign up for a FiOS agreement with Windstream:

Grasshopper Features

AT&T: Best Business Cell Phone Plan With Free VPN

AT&T has a good lineup of business plans for your cell phone or tablet, including the best unlimited plan with no restrictions.   Best Unlimited Plan for Business: AT&T Unlimited Plan without VPNs

AT&T Pricing

AT&T offers a variety of data plans, each with varying amounts of data. How much data you need depends on how mobile you are, which can vary greatly. For people who are on the go all the time, a low-end plan is likely sufficient. Conversely, for people who work from home but have a high-demand job, they may need the data included in a higher-end plan.

As you know, AT&T has the most extensive network of any carrier, so you’ll be able to get a signal anywhere in the United States. Additionally, you’ll be able to use your phone as a hotspot if you’re on a high-end data plan – the only data restriction will apply when you hit the limit on your data plan.

Data plans from AT&T are rather straightforward. You only need to be aware of two things: the speed of the plan (which is measured in megabits per second, or Mbps) and how much data comes with the plan. Here’s a look at the breakdowns for AT&T`s plans:

AT&T Features

AT&T is one of the leading national telecom carrier for voice and data in the United States with a long tradition of investing on network technology to enhance its services. Actually, AT&T was founded in 1885 as an exchange company to provide telegraph service between railroad offices. In the 90–s, it became the first company to offer mobile wireless service, then the market leader in wireless.

AT&T is currently the largest provider of wireline and wireless telecommunication services (based on historical number of wireless subscribers). AT&T now has more than 240 million people in its wireline and wireless footprint.

Today AT&T offers several mobile service plans for consumers as well as businesses: Consumer plans include AT&T Mobile Share, AT&T Mobile Access, and AT&T PREPAID. Business plans include AT&T Business and AT&T PREPAID. All these plans come with a variety of calling features, including special features for certain groups and family plans.

AT&T’s network is available in more than 250 markets across 42 states, with the largest number of subscribers in the United States. The company owns and operates its network, providing its customers with total control over their wireless service.

Verizon: Best Business Cell Phone Plan for Available Handset Selection

For me, Verizon is the best cell phone plan. They allow interchangeable accessories to be thrown into the plan … a nice feature when you own your own business and need a new phone every few months. Their plan is the perfect example of how to have a standard plan of the same amount allowed per month and allow for growth or decreasing costs. Of course, 4G wireless broadband is included.

If you want phone upgrades every few months, need fancy handsets, need a secure plan that protects your data, and want it all wrapped up in a manageable corporate plan that meets the FCC requirements, then Verizon is your best bet.


T-Mobile: Best Deals for Business Cell Phone Plan Buyers

T-Mobile is great for anyone who needs a friendly, accommodating plan. They update their plans monthly to offer what they have in what they offer, and they’ve had fantastic success getting phone subsidies that are usable for everyone to take advantage of.

Verizon Pricing

Verizon has a few cell phone plans to choose from and no matter what, you’ll get a great phone.

Their variety of great smartphone plans make sure that everyone is able to use a phone to the best of its capabilities. Surprisingly, this includes plans for the old 2G networks.

You can choose from two tiers; the 2 GB and the 3 GB data plans and you can also mix and match your data and minutes. If you’re looking for a more personal plan, you can also choose one of the tiered plans.

The tiered options are for higher volumes (such as couples or families) and in general, adding a higher volume to an existing plan benefits you as well. It’s pretty simple; you just make arrangements with your existing plan’s provider. So if you wanted a plan that is piggy-backed on your existing plan, you can just pick a tier and make adjustments.

This is one of the best cell phone plans because it has value and even the limited plans cover a lot, and all plans are unlimited 4G LTE.

Verizon Features

The Verzion® family of wireless network providers in the USA are all members of the same family, and this translates into a similar range of unlimited cell phone plans. Overall, Verizon is considered to be the most reliable network provider in the nation, and for good reason. They offer unlimited data plans, and these plans are affordable with the network provider offering the most appealing features.

Although Verizon has a reputation for offering its unlimited plans with the most appealing features, their main advantage over its competitors is actually found in the list of additional options that they do offer. You can check out the full list of options here.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most popular plans that will help you consider all your options and decide if you need to spend more of your time managing your cell phone bills or if you need to spend even more of your time focusing on your business.

T-Mobile: Best Business Cell Phone Plan With Multinumber Support

T-Mobile Pricing

T-Mobile offers some of the best cell phone plans. While their data plans have become more expensive over the past couple of years, they have updated their monthly plans. Let’s take a closer look at T-Mobile’s best business plans.

T-Mobile Features

T-Mobile is the best prepaid cell phone company for budget-conscious consumers thanks to its amazing no contract cell phone plans. Rely on T-Mobile to keep your smartphone, smartphone features and smartphone data in check with the best cell phone plans.

T-Mobile has recently announced that it has introduced its largest 4G LTE network coverage in all the top US markets. This increased the company’s overall LTE coverage to well over 385 million people across the country. T-Mobile Equipment Installations, Inc (TMEI) will start by offering its fixed 4G wireless broadband service in Ft Worth, TX by year’s end. According to Wells Fargo, 31% of America’s estimated 600 million people are covered by T-Mobile’s LTE service.

In the prepaid cell phone industry, T-Mobile is the pioneer of no contracts service plans that allow you to upgrade, change, or cancel your plan at anytime without penalties. In addition to its competitive prices, T-Mobile’s no contract plans have a great array of options, so you can shuffle through plans easily.

Chiefly, prepaid cell phone plans offered by T-Mobile are represented through the following categories.

Google Voice: Best Free, No-frills Option

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, just check out Google Voice. The service makes calls from your Google-owned phone number, which you can use anywhere you have a cell phone coverage.

However, it’s not actually a fully functional phone, unlike most of the other plans. You have to buy a cell phone to make Google Voice calls, and they don’t work on every Sprint or Verizon phone. You won’t even get English instructions, though you can use the Web interface to navigate.

To make and receive calls with Google Voice, you need a cell phone that’s compatible with your Google account. There are four such phones:

One is the Motorola RAZR, which is by far the best Google Voice phone.

You can also use a GSM phone (one that uses SIM cards) as your Google Voice phone. Sprint is generally the best carrier, since it offers the best rates on postpaid plans.

New GSM phones are also able to make and receive SMS messages for Google Voice. If you need a cell phone for your work, you should find a GSM phone that’s compatible with Google Voice.

Google Voice Pricing

Google’s Voice Price Plan with discounts, Features and more information ?

The new Google Voice is an excellent service for people who do not want to be tied down to recurring monthly bills. It allows you to make calls using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, but can also record and directly dial numbers from your address book.

Google Voice is available for a variety of smartphones and plans to suit your budget and needs. The service is free for Google Voice users, but you are limited to 150 calls per month before a fee is incurred.

Voice has both a free and a paid options. The free option is limited to 150 voice calls per month, and results in tracking your calls and receiving a monthly subscription statement for calls made and received. There is also a monthly fee for unlimited calls, which therefore may be out of a certain users financial range.

Because it is free to use, Google Voice can become a handy tool for businesses. You can even use Voice to pick up inbound callers for your landline or computer while you are not at your desk.

If you’re looking to stay in touch with friends and family with a little privacy, Google Voice can provide a way for you to send and receive calls from multiple numbers. However, this feature is only available to US residents.

Customer Support For Google Voice :

Google Voice Features

Google Voice allows you to manage all your Google Voice related information through one place …in GV itself! You can store all your contacts, SMS and mails from your mobile carrier, and email accounts here. It also provides voicemail transcription.

If you have a smartphone and are using Google Voice, doesn’t it make sense to set your Google account to autodial for your GV number? The feature is called Smart Dialing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a cell phone plan required for working from home?

The following are questions I answer frequently:

… …

I have heard that you can work anywhere with an internet connection for some time now. That said, cell phone service is the number one way employers screen their potential employees.

Thus the employer should not provide you with a working space, unless there is a cell phone service provided somewhere close by.

Several reasons why a cell phone service is needed:

{1}. Cell phone service made by a parent/employer. Working from home is more to detoxify than any other purpose of work. It is needed and not many villages have this facility so people have to go to towns or the city to work from home or from the office.
{2}. If the parent/employer has a set of guidelines then all employees need to follow them.
{3}. As an employee of a company, instructions and compliance to them is really very necessary. This can be done via a cellphone.
{4}. As a worker in an office you’ll be many computers and other electronic appliances in your room. Electronic data and information is stored in these computers and you have to understand the working of all of these machines and in an office environment, you are always with your cell phone and can read all the instructions on it.

Can I bring my own device to a wireless plan?

To begin with, ensure that your device supports the wireless technology that the carrier offers. This is imperative in ensuring that your device functions properly with the carrier network. If you do not know if your device will work with the network, check to see if it is covered with your provider’s service.

Each carrier network has towers and the tower required for successful connection to the network differs from each carrier. Cell phone carriers are the ones that build and own these towers.

The 3G network is a good example of a carrier and device compatibility problem. In this case, the carriers that build these networks do not always fully patch up the devices to ensure that they work properly with the network. Thus, if you happen to have a 3G capable device that was released after 2007 and does not use a full device, as can be a carrier issue, you may have problems making calls.

The other reason why you need to verify compatibility among the carrier networks is because the networks require different frequencies for their different services.

This is one reason why even if you have got a device that works perfectly with the GSM network and the feature phone on the 2G network, you still may not be able to use them with the CDMA network (popular in Verizon and Sprint).

There are devices that can be networked with more than one carrier network at a time. However, there are also devices that are incompatible with any carrier network.

Are there volume discounts available for wireless plans?

Yes, we have wireless phone plans and data plans with volume limits.

Since volume limits can be snapped efficiently for a fixed period of time, they become a great promotional tool.

With these plans, you get discounts on the base price of plans whenever you reach a certain amount of minutes/data. This allows you to reward customers, attract new subscribers, and increase customer loyalty.

Moreover, special rates are available for long-term customers.

In fact, here’s a 6-month promotion you might also want to check out.

Are there any other discounts I can receive?

Bottom Line

What is the Best Cell Phone Plan for Business?

Cell phone plans used to be simple. But trends are changing. Simple or not, they all included a data plan. And that was enough.

Now cell phone plans pretty much have a super-trump card. Do they include a data plan, even for business? Do they include a smartphone? That’s the question, and with so many options to choose from.

A better question is: What are your wants and needs? What do you need a cellular phone for in the office, and what are you willing to trade for that? Do you want coverage in the United States, or just to call and receive calls in the U.S. and Canada? Do you need a data plan that allows you to use your phone as a cellular hotspot?

At the core, we see the cell phone as either a business used just for business or even exclusively for business calls, or a personal device that also has business applications. The same phone may be used to talk to customers or colleagues, employees or even the boss. And we’re willing to pay for that versatility and choice.