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Description: Create awesome business card in 3 steps!

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Most Popular: Business Card with QR Code

Description: Use this QR Code Business Card Design to showcase your Brand

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Real Estate Agent Business Card Template

Child Care Business Card

Graphic Designer Business Card

The business card has come a long way in about the last few decades, and it’s not unusual to see one on someone’s desk at the office. However, it is still a widely used form of identity recognition as well as a platform to promoting a business.

Business cards have a very special place in the marketing world today. Every single business card should have a very special style and design to set it apart from every other business card.

When you are designing a business card, you can use your own style, use a particular template and template for specific style or design or you can pick and choose from a huge collection of templates.

The business card templates here should be able to cater for all the needs, whether you want a template that is edgy and modern or alternatively if you need a template that is more traditional but still with the modern touch.

Last but not the least, if you are stuck and looking for a cool business card template then buzz2bizgraphics is your best bet, it is a place for free business card templates.

Don’t Forget to Put Your Logo on Your Business Card

In the age of the internet, business cards have now become a supplemental marketing tool rather than a ensure the day. However, it is still important for a business card to contain as much market strategy as possible.

So, how do you make your business card stand out from the rest?

Simple. Just add a logo.

Logos, or brands, represent your company’s belief and guarantee your loyal customer a consistent experience with your brand. It enables your customer to easily identify your business from the crowd.

While you do not want to over-utilize your logo, business cards provide ample space for it. A prominent logo is a good way to go about solidifying your brand for both your business and your customers.

If you want to distinguish your business card, you’ll have to think outside of the average marketing box.

Taking a closer look at the types of business cards will help you create the business cards that best suit your company’s needs.

Barber Business Card Template


Spy Business Card Template


Shoe Business Card Template


Elegant Bookcase Business Card Template


Lounge Business Card Template


Stone Business Card Template


Simple White Business Card Template


Barber Business Card Template 2


Black Business Card Template


Greek Key Business Card Template


Bird Business Card Template


Floral Business Card Template


Abstract Business Card Template


Plaid Business Card Template


Elegant Island Business Card Template


Japanese Business Card Template


Game Night Business Card Template


Economy Card Template


Caterer Business Card

The biggest question regarding printable business cards is … where do I find business cards templates? Realistic business card templates are a wonderful addition to your business card designs! When browsing through online business card template designs, you will realize that some templates are free and offered by designers while some others are paid. There are free designer business card templates that come bundled with a collection of graphic templates. Check out which 32 best business card designs by top designers.

{1}. Ultimate Corporate Business Card Template
{2}. Professional Business Card
{3}. Personalized Business Card – Free Business Cards
{4}. 3D Business Cards – Photoshop Template
{5}. Business Card Template
{6}. Business Card Bundle (Amazing Business Card Design)
{7}. Black Flexible Business Card Block Templates
{8}. Business Card Template
{9}. Flyer Business Card Template
{10}. Free Download Of Business Card Template
{11}. Corporate Business Card Template
{12}. Printable Business Card Template
{13}. 3D Business Cards – Photoshop Template
{14}. Business Card Template
{15}. Creative Business Card Design Bundle
{16}. Beautiful 3D Text Business Card Template
{17}. Business Card
{18}. Business Cards – A4 Business Plan Template Bundle
{19}. Small Business Card Template
{20}. Business Card Design
{21}. Business Card Template

Restaurant Business Card

There are thousands of unique designs for your creative business card. Here we share some of the best business card designs for designers as a collection of business card templates and free business card templates.

{1}. The Varsity
{2}. The Portfolio
{3}. The Vault
{4}. The Urban
{5}. The Venture
{6}. The Underground
{7}. The Vanguard
{8}. The VIP
{9}. The Visage
{10}. The Vogue
{11}. The Visual
{12}. The Vigy
{13}. The Vibe
{14}. The Varsity Business Card Template
{15}. The Vision
{16}. The Visionary
{17}. The Vocate
{18}. The Vertical
{19}. The Vintage
{20}. The Visions
{21}. The Voice
{22}. The Vocare
{23}. The Vocis
{24}. The Workstation
{25}. The Vogue Business Card
{26}. The Wayne
{27}. The Vine
{28}. The Village
{29}. The Vol.2
{30}. The Volume
{31}. The Vulture
{32}. The Voyage

Photographer Business Card

Business card templates can be made for anyone from street photographers to wedding photographers to corporate or commercial photographers. However, the card designs should be interpreted differently depending on the photographer’s type of work.

Street photographers usually build their business card designs around themselves and use their images as an appeal. Plenty of photographers shoot their work from their everyday life and might want their photography business card template to showcase this. You can incorporate a little humor, wittiness, or originality into your photographer business cards if you are a street photographer.

Portrait and wedding photographers probably want to use their images as much as possible in their card designs. Providing a clean, professional, and modern look are key for typical wedding photography business cards.

Corporate and commercial photographers want their designs to show their professionalism and corporate image. This is how their marketable value improves. They might want to use their images in the design of their photography business cards but for a more restrained look.

Handyman Business Card Template

Contractor Business Card

Card Concept: Business Cards are very essential for every business, so you can design in such a way that the card is reflected in the mood of your business, it can reflect your designer, and it is also a kind of compact company, which can be carried around.

Design: The designer has used a photography background and has tried to integrate different objects on it, such as documents attached to each other, a clock, pieces of paper etc. The message on the card states the name of the company, address and telephone no. In this way, the information can be edited if necessary.

Card Layout: The template can be printed with high resolution, which makes the card look detailed and clean. Also, the designer has used a different color for each object on the background. It is an innovative perspective, which can be an advantage for the designer.

Variation: Since the designer has used papers, a piece of industrial/industrial material can be added to it. All in all, it is an original design, which can be provided quickly if needed.

Hairstylist Business Card

Are you tired of designing these boring hairstylist cards?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

I have gathered a list of the most creative and stylish hairstylist business card designs and templates you can find on the Internet.

So if you want to stand out from the rest, but also want to have a minimal and clean design that works well with your logo, I have compiled these awesome hairstylist business card templates for you.

Surprise yourself and your clients with these practical hairstylist business card designs!

Year of release: 2009 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 8350

Year of release: 2009 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 4898

Year of release: 2008 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 3270

Year of release: 2008 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 1763

Year of release: 2008 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 1452

Year of release: 2008 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 988

Year of release: 2007 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 677

Year of release: 2007 | Type: Hairstylist Cards | Downloads: 468

Massage and Spa Business Card

A business card is your first impression of your business – it is the one chance to take a look at your company and decide if you want to work with it. Many people will go so far as to not pick up the phone or visit a web site if the business card looks second rate.

But no matter how much you spend on business cards, the definition of what makes a successful business card design is pretty vague. Over the years, though, there have been a handful of general rules that have become established by both graphic designers and business owners that have worked in the promotional business.

The most important thing a business card designer needs to understand is that a business card should be an extension of the information on the web site. If you can't find all the same information on a business card as you can on the web site, you are just wasting the time of your business card designer. You should remove anything extra from the card, such as text and information about social media accounts and blogs. All the information and images should be directly related to the business, and all of the business card designers we spoke with said that a good business card design is simple and easy to read.

Dentist Business Card

A business card is an important tool for every successful professional. From real estate agents to CEOs, business cards play a vital role in attracting new clients. As a small business owner, you have a few options for creating attractive business cards. You can either commission a professional graphic designer, look for a website featuring free business card templates, or even consider printing your own. But whether you’re ordering custom furniture online or clubbing for an event, having the proper business cards is essential.

While a website is a good place to start for printing business cards, you have other options as well. Just like business card templates, templates for icon cards, folding cards, and flash cards all feature a clean design that’s easy to print. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the best business card templates. Any of these templates is sure to impress your new and old clients, so start browsing today and find the perfect business card for your small business.

Get Your Business Cards Professionally Printed

There’s no feeling like showing off your brand with a well designed business card. It should be clean, clear, easy to read, and user friendly.

Anyone who receives one of your business cards should be able to tell what your business does just from the business card alone. Visually clean and sharp business cards with professional templates are easy ways to achieve this goal.

Business cards play a big role in building your personal brand, and with the right business card you will be in great shape to succeed.

Florist Business Card

This is an elegant floral pattern card this is a very creative and eye-catching design, the design is really well done and very creative. The colors and layout of the card are very good and it looks very nice, the usage of the card looks really nice.

You can use the card in many ways, it is a good idea to use it with a bunch of flowers and other interior design elements lets look at the card find important elements and key information which make it look really classy:

1- First look at the whole card, the picture of the flower is nice and the colors of the flower are perfect for the card, this design is a nice one the colors are very nice and the layout is very good, and the key information looks very important

2- When looking at the photo at the back you can see the important elements of the card really well, the design looks really good and it looks really stylish and elegant.

3- The whole color of the card looks very nice this is a very promising card and the colors look really nice, the key information is well done, the placement of the photo and the color scheme looks very good.

Car Salesperson Business Card

For convenience, businessmen and salespeople whose companies employ them usually carry their business cards in their pockets. Business cards represent the first impression they leave on clients. Car salespeople spend a great deal of time talking to customers to help them find the car they want, and their card can be a great tool in helping them close the deal.

Many people keep a stack of business cards in their car. Most business cards are about five inches by two inches. For the average car interior, a business card will fit perfectly within easy reach on the passenger side of the dashboard.

A standard-sized business card, no more than one-fourth of an inch thick and two and a half inches square.

Business cards are most often printed on coated card stock that creates a matte finish that won’t reflect light, and is typically 75% to 94% white. When folded and fitted into an inside pocket or hand-held, a business card’s thickness may be a bit noticeable, but it’s the only way to ensure an inside business card stays flat.

Art Gallery Business Card

Distinctive and professional, this business card design features a minimalistic combination of horizontal and vertical lines.

Corporate Business Card

The best business card template allows you to have an easy and fast way of designing your professional business cards.

It is necessary to have your business card to show your clients so that they can get a idea about your company and you to get a chance to choose the job done well.

Why Do You Need a Corporate Business Card Template

Many companies are going to use your business cards, your company cards are an impression that you give to your clients as well as potential clients that will be put in the first stage so that if they are not satisfied with the design, they would not have the motivation to contact you.

Moreover, the corporate both card template is developed will help you coming up with the right corporate design at a minimal cost. Thus, here, within our corporate business card templates you are going to get the suitable concepts to make the best business card.

Use Our Corporate Business Card Template

It is easy to use

This is the thing that you need to have a good design that takes no time to design as well as not complicated to edit it. So you need to have a template that helps you in turn out your idea into a perfect corporate template.

See How to Use It

Easy in handling

From ordering to downloading to editing a template it is a lot easier to use the templates.

Moving Company Business Card

This basic design is a great starting point for any moving company business card. It’s clean, stylish and easy to customize for your moving company.

Public Speaker Business Card

A good public speaker business card should be like your personal website, where you give your clients a snapshot of you and your services. Using a pro card template is the best way to get it done right and still keep it affordable.

Fashion Retail Business Card

You will find this interesting layout here. It is a good way to express your feeling like a fashion designer. Try it now.

Personal Trainer Business Card

A business card is one of the best way to promote yourself and your business. We have a collection of 48+ business card designs that you can customize and print at your own expense.

These Business Card Designs are unique and will help you to build a good name in a short period of time within your target market! These business card designs can be of any kind of business including, Advertising Agency, Fitness Rn, Graphic Designer, Book Designer, Photographer, Web Designer, Modeling Agent, Fashion Designer, Nail Technologist, Lawyer, Social Media Marketer, Accountant, Interior Designer, Coach, Interior Decorator, Horse Back Riding, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Beauty Consultant, Financial Advisor, SEO and Internet Marketer, Photographer, Writer, Health & Fitness Specialist, Realtor, Ecommerce, Travel Blogger, Print Media, Internet Marketing & SEO, as well as many more.

Designer and easy to customize in PSD format. If you need a simple business card design, this is one of the best in the market! we added a PSD file with the customization of the text, you just have to overwrite the text and images with your own text and images. You can download the PSD and all font attributes.

If you need a business card for any kind of business, signifying or advertising any kind of service, this is the best you can get!

Professional Driver Business Card

Business cards have numerous design and layout possibilities—literally thousands of them, in fact. While the styles of various cards will more than likely be similar, the more creative, original and professional they are, the better they'll read. Here are some of the best business card design examples for different card types.

IT Business Card

An IT business card template goes with almost every kind of business, technology or not. They are flexible so that you can place the information most relevant to you.

Here are a few responsive premium business card designs with a clean and creative layout. All these templates are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements and it wouldn’t take you too much time to set them up.

Makeup Artist Business Card

An essential piece of the makeup artist’s kit, whether you’re working in a high-end salon, training with a fashion brand, or building your own business. Download this professional, ready-to-use 256-color pack that includes business card templates for your portfolio, website, and social media as well as pricing and client contact info.

Pricing info templates, you can use these templates to create pricing sheets and business cards for your clients. You can also use them to create quote sheets, rates, and estimates.

Your design can be as simple or as creative as you want. You can use your personal photos or use one of the templates in this kit to create your own custom printed business cards. You can also use the business card templates to create flyers and brochures.

You can use these to make business cards, flyers, coloring sheets, price sheets, quote sheets, and so much more.

The business cards in this kit are for the whole range of careers for beauty, including those who maintain, set up, and clean beauty products.

The business card templates are available in a total of 22 different card types, each available in a number of different color options. These card templates can be easily customized and personalized to suit your business.

Housekeeper Business Card

Need a new card design for your housekeeper business? Download free housecleaner business card templates and customizable housekeeper business card mockup templates on GraphicBurger.

Or, you can design your housekeeper business card by combining two different card templates. For example, combine a housekeeper contact card with a basic business card template.

To get more design options, browse through our selection of our most popular business card designs.

You can also use our business card editor to design your own business card completely customized with your own logo, image, and text.

Need a housekeeper business card template? Browse through our collection of business card templates for a template that matches your own business card requirements. You can also make your own housekeeper business card with our business card editor. Or, you can use our business card templates as a starting point to create your own housekeeper business card.

Whether you need housekeeper business cards or other business cards such as a house cleaner business card template or a window cleaner business card template, you will find quite a few choices, including high quality business card templates that you can use as a blueprint for customizing your own design.

Mandala Designed Business Cards

Talking about business card design templates, there is nothing better than the awesome mandala. There are many types of mandala designs that your mind can easily get lost into the endless possibilities. The cool thing about this design is that it’s not just an interesting design, but it’s also very effective when it comes to attractiveness.

If you’re looking for a new business card for your company, team, organization or even as a personalized gift, you’ll definitely want to incorporate this mandala design style. It’s pretty simple to create a great looking mandala business card.

Textured Business Card

Textured business cards are great for giving your business card a unique, eye-catching touch that’s more visually appealing and memorable than the typical, traditional business card. Although it can be challenging to produce textured business cards, there are some tried and true methods that can help you achieve the results you’re after.

The first thing to consider when dealing with textured business cards is what you want to achieve with the textured surface. Are you looking to give your business card an abstract look combined with other unique printing methods or would you like your business card to be more straightforward and traditional?

There are a number of methods for printing textured business cards:

“Low Textured” Printing Method ”

To achieve a low textured business card, you will need to use a printing process that allows the ink to lie close to the paper for maximum texturing. This will involve laying the card stock down, inking it and then allowing it to dry. Advantages to using this method are that you’ll be able to create a business card that’s free of registration lines. But, one drawback is that it takes longer to complete the printing process.

Spot UV-Coated Business Card Design

Spot UV-coated business cards are high-quality, professional cards that can incorporate spot UV-coated designs to stand out from the crowd. Even so, they are fairly affordable, making them a good option if you want to attract new business.

It’s important to note that spot UV does not darken the ink, but instead adds a shiny and reflective appearance to the client’s address and company information. This way, the ink can be seen through, making the cards brighter.

When you drop these cards into your business mail-out, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. Also, when friends and colleagues pick up your cards, they will be able to see your contact details without having to open the envelope.

As a plus, UV-coated cards resist stains and smudges, which is quite useful for keeping up your business image. If they do become smudged or stained, you’ll be able to clean the cards with a damp cloth.

Business Cards

25 of the Best and most diverse Business Card Designs, Templates, and Mockups on the web.

Black Business Cards

Black Business Cards are often the best business cards to use. Here are 32 of the best Black Business Cards available online.

Die-Cut Business Cards

The miniature business card is a great option for gifts, invitations, and plain old advertising. With their smooth, fun style, they're an effective, affordable way to promote yourself. If you're looking for the best deal, you'll want to make the most of your custom stations. In this sales kit, you'll get 18 pieces, one of every die-cut business card style we offer.

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What are the Best WordPress Business Card Templates?

Having a business card has recently become a necessity. Displaying your branding is expected from a business person's side. The business card can make the first impression of your business. You should pay an attention to the design of your business card. This is how you can present a professional image to the world.

Designing Templates for Business Cards is so easy that you can do it yourself with the online designer software. If you need to use a template for your business cards or you need to design your business card. Then you are at the right place. We have collected here the Top 32 Best Business Card Design Templates. Save time and money with the templates that come in ready-made design.

Business card template is a vital tool for your business. Many supporters are available for your business. So How to make a business card becomes simple with different templates.

Here are the list of Top 32 Best WordPress Business Card Templates. We have segregated into different categories and you can find a need template for your business under any category.