7 Best Background Check Companies in 2022

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Top 7 Employment Background Check Companies

Checking people’s backgrounds whenever you hire them or having their background conveniently checked before they start an important position could mean the difference between life and death. Many companies, including some of the top shipping, financial, and government agencies around the world, rely on background check companies to help them survive and thrive. There are many different types of background check companies, each with a slightly different focus, but with the following seven background check companies you can rest assured that you’ll get the job done.

How We Evaluated Employee Background Check Companies

Employee background check companies help protect employers from hiring employees who might pose problems. Employers can potentially cut down on the costs related to order number 5042 – theft of trade secrets.

Employees can misuse company information to steal trade secrets and potentially harm the company. That’s why employers routinely conduct employee background checks. However, these background check companies will send you more than you’ll need. There’s a lot of useless information that you wouldn’t need. So, if you want to ensure that the information you get is useful, consider conducting a one-on-one personalized interview.

We evaluated the following Employee Background Check Companies based on the following criteria:

Customer Service Level

Customer service is critical because you want a dedicated team that’s responsive and will help you find the best information.


There will be some costs that will arise during the hiring process. However, these costs will be minimal compared to the benefits that you will get.

Information Provided

Depending on the background check companies that you use, they might provide some inaccurate or outdated information. Thus, we focused on validation and completeness of the information.

Privacy Protections

Which Employment Background Check Provider Is Right for You?

In 2018, nearly 2,400 people were left paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries caused by workers with criminal records. It’s a scary statistic for companies, but it’s also a sobering reality as businesses are facing greater risks as they look to fill jobs.

Traditionally, human resource professionals conduct pre-employment background checks and look for the best candidates for a position. But, what if those human resource professionals are the ones looking to obtain that position?

In some instances, companies have busted individuals with histories of criminal offenses, including domestic violence, battery and drug convictions, among others. In fact, 40% of jobs in the U.S. require a background check, which means you can’t afford to make the mistakes that negligent hiring decisions can cause.

GoodHire: Best Overall Employment Background Check Company

Although we are only in the second half of 2019, there are good chances the best background check company for 2022 will also be announced this year. One choice that is widely popular is GoodHire. GoodHire has built a reputation as a go-to background check company that’s never failed a candidate in the past. The company specializes in employment background checks, and their services are available to homeowners, employers, and business owners.

In addition to selecting reliable background check companies, it is also essential to know which background check company you can rely on to provide quality services at a reasonable price. GoodHire gives you a price guarantee, and their services are affordable. It’s also easy to get updates on your background check and shared results through email.

Therefore, GoodHire provides you with accurate background check services along with affordable rates to make it easy to hire top talent.

GoodHire Pricing

Rating: 9.8/10

CheckCards Features

Rating: 8.5/10

CareersMatch Features

Rating: 8.1/10

Verified Background Check Services Features

Rating: 9.0/10

US Searchlight Features

Rating: 8.4/10

ResumeBuilder Ratings

Rating: 8.4/10

GoodHire Features

Background checks are a fairly common business practice in today’s day and age. Especially today, there are a lot of factors that can affect the image, credibility, and suitability of certain people being hired for different office jobs or internships.

It is the case for the government, companies, and individual companies. It is important to determine how sensitive the task is, what information is involved, and how sensitive and hard the task is to be completed by the employees. The background check can also be used to assess and know the general integrity of the employees, which is very important to avoid employment disputes arising out of bribes and misconduct.

What GoodHire Is Missing

About Background Check Companies?

There are many background check companies in 2022. They can provide a few branches away from different locations.

George Bustos’ tip for finding a good background Checker company is to research how big their company is and how long they’ve been around.

The next step is to evaluate which background check company has the lowest price. Mortgage companies or banks often will have a cheaper price for background check services.

Once you decide a company is trustworthy and reliable, then you also must have enough time to wait for the background Checker to do their job.

There are many steps that a background Checker can take. First they will look over your credit score or background history. They will then use the information they found to run a check on your identity. The background company can use this data before verifying your identity.

After this is completed, the background Checker can pass you a passing grade. How long this process takes depends on how busy the background check company is.

One benefit of using a background check company is it will have the ability to help you investigate your employer. They can look into your previous boss’s history and you will be able to see if there were complaints filed with the Department of Labor. Most background check companies will check if the employer is financially sound, especially since there are instances where employers do not file the correct paperwork.

Intellicorp: Best Background Check Company for Healthcare and Nonprofits

The leading provider of background screening solutions to companies, corporations, and organizations around the USA.

Background Checks

Is the industry-leading provider of advanced background screening solutions. Common Sense provides access to a national network of hundreds of trusted, world-class professionals with the experience and expertise to accurately conduct a wide range of background checks.

Consider Common Sense as a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to your background screening needs. Established in 2004, Common Sense is proud to to be among the most trusted and widely used background screening agencies in the U.S.

Common Sense Background Checks is committed to customer satisfaction. We put our clients’ best interests first by offering comprehensive background screening services – from criminal background checks to credit reports, to employee screening and pre-employment checks, among other areas.

We’re equipped to conduct comprehensive background checks to suit your needs. Keeping abreast of how we conduct background checks, we at Common Sense are dedicated to accurate, timely and reliable results.

Intellicorp Pricing

As technology has evolved, the need for accurate and instant background checks has grown. The fact is, technology has provided us with the tools to conduct accurate and thorough background checks at a much lower cost than ever before.

Companies such as Intellicorp are now offering instant online background checks using high-tech pulse computers, which is now much faster than pen and paper.

The background check used to cost a lot of money and time. Now a background check can be completed in less than five minutes online, and the results are available instantaneously. In most instances, these instant background checks are so effective that you can prevent a person from doing well at a job or worse, whether they can be hired at all.

Besides and background check cost, remember that they also take a lot of time to complete. It used to be that you had to travel to a distant location to conduct a background check on a person. It took couple of days to weeks to get background check. Now background checks can be conveniently conducted online. All you need is a computer and very few minutes and you have the results you need ready in minutes or less.

Intellicorp Features

What Intellicorp Is Missing

Hiring quality employees has always been a daunting task for many businesses. Interviewing for a job is only one challenge in itself. However, to ensure the best possible working environment for the company and its employees, conducting a background check will help you make the best decision.

You will need to consider a number of factors before you start your background check. It will be necessary for you to understand the kinds of articles that can be featured in your article. There are a number of people whose articles can be featured for different reasons. Additionally, it will be important for you to understand those who have been interviewed because you will need to assess the merits of the work done.

Among the articles that you will opt for, you will need to know about the articles that will help you in sourcing data. You will need to understand what kind of information can be garnered from the information and need to know which sources can help you to get that required information.

If you need to engage in social media platforms, you will need to know about the discussions that have been created. It will be necessary for you to know about those who have been in the discussion as you will need to know how reliable they are in their work.

Additionally, it will be necessary for you to keep in mind that you will be needing to assess your candidates personally. You will need to understand the credit rating of different people and understand their repayment history.

AGoodEmployee.com: Best Background Services for Heavily Regulated States

0% Fee Online Employer Verification

We checked and searched tons of site for background companies and web sites, and we think AGoodEmployee is the best you get. This company has years of experience doing background checks to comply with the employment verification requirements of the following states:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California (excluding Sacramento), Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C.

AGoodEmployee.com Pricing

When you purchase a background check from a third-party provider, the cost can vary widely depending on what you get. If you have a company looking for a new hire, or a customer looking for a contractor, you probably want to cover the bases and check them out as thoroughly as possible. You want to be sure that they’re not going to operate out of their parent’s basement, or will turn your home into a meth lab and not pay you for the work.

If you want to get an even more comprehensive check, the cost will be a bit higher. There’s no doubt about the extra cost, but it protects you; it’s a good investment.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive background check, you’ll have to order a few tests – like a criminal background check and a social security number verification. If you order a lot of tests, you can potentially find some very good deals.

When you order a background check, it’s important to order a good test. A lot of scam companies take advantage of vulnerable people by placing your order, then refusing to deliver them or taking forever to deliver a test you requested.

AGoodEmployee.com Features

Employee background checks can help you keep your organization safe by screening out bad employees or drastically reducing the risks.

Employee background checks can help you get rid of dishonest employees, eliminate non-credible job applicants, and uncover crazy coworkers.

An organization’s reputation is important, and background checks can evaluate an applicant’s character and value the trust that company has spent years earning with its customers.

By using background check services, organizations can fight against employee dishonesty and discover risks and suspicious activity before they contribute to your bottom line.

What AGoodEmployee.com Is Missing

A Background Check should be a list of questions that would be standard in any business industry. Most online Background Check companies simply want to have the check information up a few hours later. The company gets the money. They don’t care if their check is good or not. They shouldn’t anyway.

We think a Background Check should be a call to action that not only collects the information of a criminal record but also has to the appropriate questions that would actually accomplish what you are looking for.

We’re not the only one, but we’re the only company that lets you view who is checking you and when.

Our questions make our checks easier and faster. They are more authentic. And they’re designed to demonstrate that a Background Check is more than just a police record check. It’s a process of finding out as much as you can about the person that is conducting the Background Check.

We think that a Background Check is an important online service and is used by companies to determine whether or not to hire the person and it should have the results that are most beneficial to the company.

HireRight: Best Background Check Company for HR Teams

HireRight is among the most well-known and established background check companies. The background checks are conducted in more than 80 countries and in over 20 languages. If you want businesses to learn more about their candidates without breaking their budget, HireRight is the ideal company to hire. HireRight doesn’t charge their clients to use the service, and the background check prices are affordable. Another great thing about HireRight is that the staff is among the best in the business. Certified process monitors and co-process monitors are always on call if you need any help, and there are also customer service representatives on hand to offer any assistance that you need. In case you find yourself in need of a background check quickly and for free, HireRight is also a great option to consider.

HireRight Pricing

HireRight is the most expensive background check service in our comparison, because it offers the best price and also has an extensive database of criminal cases.

You'll also get the complete criminal record, including any previous misdemeanor or felony charges, speeding tickets, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, and court appearances, along with the number of confinement and imposed punishments you face (depending on whether you’ve pleaded guilty or guilty).

HireRight is a fairly reliable and accurate company. It has never been a victim of fraud.

Though it's a bit older than the others, it provides a lot of value for the price.

HireRight uses the same reports and documents that most other check services use, which can help speed the hiring process. The background check won't give you any new information that isn't already on the public record.

Plus, HireRight allows you to schedule your check immediately after you purchase it, which can save you time (and maybe money) by not having to wait for your results to be processed by the other services.

HireRight Features

HireRight (HRI) is a global leader in employee and candidate background screening services. With more than 2 million background screenings performed last year, the organization serves many of the world’s largest companies. HireRight pioneered the industry and established best practices that are available to others through its website. Our data shows how HireRight compares to the industry leaders in job-screening services.

We selected seven of the largest background screening companies as representatives of the field. Each company was scored based on our evaluation of its functionality and user experience as a consumer. We also considered the size, and depth of its data set in order to provide candidates and employers with a more comprehensive set of information.

If you’re interested in hiring employees with criminal records, or securing the right to work in hundreds – if not thousands – of markets, our recommendations are the best representatives in our benchmark study.

Company Current Grade Average Score Number of Profiles Number of Categories Charting Capability Integration with Social Media Services Pay/Incentive Program Reviews

Employment History All 50 50 8 Score 8.7 – Excellent High/Low Scoring Capability No/Yes History Reviewer Ranking Ability to archive and search Yes/No Pay/Incentive Compensation No/Yes Employee Retention

What HireRight Is Missing

AccurateNow: Alternative Background Check Company for Professional Firms

AccurateNow is an alternative background check company that serves both business firms and law enforcement agencies. Businesses look for background check companies that allow them to conduct background checks in a limited timeframe. They especially look for businesses that are willing to conduct background checks as inexpensively as possible. AccurateNow is known for doing so. They are the only check company known to offer federal, state and local databases in one search. The company was also one of the few that is able to deliver tens of thousands of records for a fair price. They can’t deliver access to FBI background checks. But they make up for it by providing high quality, accurate information regarding employment positions, credit checks, and other inquiries.

Law Enforcement agencies also look for background check companies that don’t charge them too much for background check requests. They look for background check companies that are less expensive than other background check companies. AccurateNow is known for offering a fair price for hiring local police officers.

Some background check companies don’t offer you that much for your money. They just want to make a quick buck. Others don’t offer you access to their databases. AccurateNow offers you access to many different information sources.

AccurateNow Pricing

AccurateNow Features

It is a niche check company, which works with many leading background check companies. Accurate Now is a popular name of the company. This is a simple tool that is used for voluntary background checks on candidates.

It is make a better choice as it ensures a suitable match. This makes sure that a desirable employee is at hand.

In this post, we will provide you with the best Accuratenow companies in 2022.

AccurateNow is one of the biggest names among the background check companies in the modern market.

Guaranteed on the verification process and licensing?

There are many companies that claim about being one of the best company available in the market. It is not proper to rely on them. Although some people may use them, they cannot provide you with the good service that they promise.

To make sure that AccurateNow is the best person for the job, people need to check their license and background also.

You can also check the customer reviews from the credible sources on the internet.

AccurateNow background check service is very fast, but the problem is that the response time is not very much. If you need a help as soon as possible, you should check out the ID verification service. As the name, it is an ID verification service, so you may need a little more time.

What AccurateNow Is Missing

There is no company that is not looking to add some to their offer of their category. AccurateNow belong to the cyber security industry, however they are not the first in this category. If you find only one provider, you need to check whether they are efficient with their services. In that case, is AccurateNow efficient, in terms of time as well as the processes used by them.

And this is the case for AccurateNow, they are particular about quality and costs. If you find out that AccurateNow not so useful for you in terms of the quality of services they offer, you need to seek other companies.

Also you need to check whether AccurateNow use reliable options to protect data. That is the matter of speed or reliability. If you are looking for American based option, then you need an American free and assured connected services.

The providers that offer such service are few, however they are efficient in that category. At the same time, you can find a lot of those security firms in Europe or Scandinavian countries.

So next time, when your business wants company that has wide range of expertise in this industry, check out AccurateNow as they are reputable and trustworthy. They are also affordable and keep the level of security at the same time.

InfoMart: Best Background Check Company for Enterprise Firms

InfoMart Background Check has been in the industry for several years and has succeeded in establishing itself as a market leader. InfoMart has been able to provide complete and accurate background check services to a wide range of clients including numerous Fortune 500 companies and schools in the UK.

InfoMart is committed to providing high-quality services with its background check results being 100% accurate. With the core mission of providing better security to businesses and organizations beyond standard criminal record and criminal history, InfoMart has successfully revised its services to offer vulnerability and fraud monitoring solutions.

InfoMart’s Top 3 Features

Live Support

InfoMart provides a Live Support feature where clients can get in touch with a dedicated customer care team with all of their queries. This provides clients with the latest updates on any revisions to InfoMart’s background check services.

InfoMart receives an average of 500 calls a day from clients and an average of 50 callers are brought to the team for explanation and clarification per day.

Advantages of InfoMart’s Background Check

InfoMart provides a wide range of background check services including employment screening, commercial due diligence, credit reporting and education screening.

InfoMart Pricing

Since its inception, InfoMart has grown at a rapid pace, creating industry defining technology in the background check industry. In 2010, InfoMart acquired a company called ScreenLogix, which in previous years, had been referred to as one of the industry leading background check companies.

With ScreenLogix’s history of redefining background check technology, the combined lines of technology have made InfoMart a frontrunner in background check companies. InfoMart has helped millions of people find out about their past quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

InfoMart Features


The importance of using the best company or service when you are searching for your next employee or a work from home job: You want more than a one time background check. That’s why you should consider using a service like InfoMart, which offers 24/7 instant and highly accurate background checks, 365 days a year. InfoMart is a hand-picked and reliable service that lets you research the background of your new employee or close any open gaps in your current staff.

For a background check that has been checked and vetted by a team of professional researchers and that come packed with all the details you need, we recommend you to use the services of InfoMart.

What InfoMart Is Missing

What comes to your mind when someone says to you, "Background check" and you automatically think of a criminal background check? Actually, people who you know or meet, employers, relatives, landlords, colleges, universities, rental companies or even the government and law enforcement agencies use this information to screen individuals for certain positions, jobs or resources. Therefore, background checks are a very important factor in conducting any transaction or transaction between parties. Background checks are not only used to ascertain whether the person in front of you is trustworthy or not, it's also used to check if this person has any criminal record or not.

What types of checking methods are used in a background check?

A criminal record check is one of the most common ways that your history can be checked. If you have anything that shows that you have broken any law, then you are going to be excluded from the position you are applying for because you have a criminal record. Employers have also stopped hiring in the process of preventing criminal activities or crimes.

CV/ Resume check is another available option, if you have a history of criminal activities or crimes, that can be checked as well. Colleges and universities usually ask graduates to send in their resumes to check for any history of criminal activities. This is because they check the background of students to make sure that the applicant is a safe, law abiding citizen who can be a part of the community by maintaining the standards set by the college or university.

ShareAble for Hires: Best Background Check Company for Financial Firms

ShareAble provides background checks, drug screenings, polygraphs, and other specialist services. ShareAble is a trusted provider of background checks, which means that it will meet or exceed the top 3.9% of background check agencies to help financial firms achieve high-quality hiring results.

ShareAble’s proprietary software, the ShareAble platform, helps financial professionals who rely on its processing services to manage their hiring needs. With ShareAble, financial firms can eliminate the need for multiple call-to-action forms and workflows. In addition, it helps firms gear up for compliance and risk management while providing business owners with a fast, uniformed order processing experience through the lens of a solution-focused business process.

In addition to its background check services, ShareAble also provides strength-based hiring feedback and a variety of educational and coaching solutions to financial firms.

ShareAble’s Background Check Services:

  • Business Background Check
  • Individual Background Check
  • Drug screening
  • Criminal Background Check – Criminal case search.
  • Personal History – Criminal record search, child abuse and neglect, and pre-employment.
  • Behavioral Screen

ShareAble for Hires Pricing

Key Information.

ShareAble’s pricing is good for single person or a small staff. However, if you grow and want 5+ people to join your team, you will want use the search tool and find the prices of all the other platforms.

ShareAble platforms are great for startups, startups with tight budgets, small teams, and solo consultants. It is also a good fit for entrepreneur who want to work with their personal recruiter.

Best known as a HireVue based platform. ShareAble has a lot of stronger features than HireVue which you can find mentioned in the HireVue review. ShareAble has a cool way to find the most qualified candidates that is the most competitive in the HireVue space. The setup is smooth and didn’t get any negative feedback. The user interface is mobile compatible which has some strong advantages. While as a single person it is not that good for sharing your workload. For a small team, you can be a member of 3 companies and you can receive the same emails from all three companies with one inbox.

How it Works:

ShareAble for Hires Features

One of the strategies is to set boundaries and limits, if you know what is happening in the background. This is very critical, especially for companies to consider when hiring Hires. There are many strategies that can be used to check in on the background is found and their own potential.

In the case of the hiring company to follow, this is a very good thing to do because it will ensure that the work is done. There may be a cloud that may be over the situation of the company.

The best way to see the background is to have the company that the hire is being done from. This is the company that you can be sure that the data and information will be true. There are companies that focuses on finding the right method for background and checking it is true. This will allow you to use the data and information to help the company in many ways.

The employees have found that the companies are trying to find a method to help them in every way possible. This is the easiest way to be sure that the responsibility will be done perfectly. The tools that are used to help the employees will allow them to follow a few methods.

What ShareAble for Hires Is Missing

Are you looking for a company that can provide you with superior background check solutions? Do you want to provide clientele with the ability to choose who they want to hire when given the power to decide? ShareAble for Hires can help. We all know background checks are valuable and necessary, but we don’t feel like taking the time to do them ourselves. When services like our service can help, the cost for accuracy is minimal compared to the economic value of the ability to trust the services we provide.

Our main claim to fame is providing a service that leads directly in to your business. Our background check services are provided to clients who have hired employees or small business owners. The need for background checks such as employment checks or lifestyle checks are especially prevalent in growing companies hiring to scale. Small business owners face an issue that larger companies don’t always have to face during growing pains of scaling into the future: a need for more staff and the desire to scale quickly.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs find it especially useful to be able to have a person they have known and trusted when hiring for a company. Shareable for hires allows for the ability to go to local, established businesses, and conduct checks with familiar people who are known to you from past experiences. For in-depth checks there are no others like us!

Alternative Background Check Companies

A Background check is a verification process to determine the consistency of personal history of an individual. In other words, it assesses an individual’s actual history. Background checks can be used for a variety of purposes, including verification of employment records, criminal history, locating a runaway, verifying hazardous materials handling experience, and more.

There are a number of individuals and organizations that offer background check services. The benefits of choosing a background check company are numerous, and they vary based on the costs involved and the individual’s requirements. Hence, it is prudent to consider a number of factors before choosing the right background check company. Some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration are the type of background check required, the cost involved, and the time taken.

The type of background check required should be considered based on the type of position you require for, and also the requirements and guidelines set by your organization. If you are looking for a background check company to update your personal profile, this may involve minimal work.

If however, you are looking for a reliable background check company to verify an applicant’s employment history, this option should be a better choice. You will also have the chance to check the reliability and credibility of the background check results provided by the given background check company.

Bottom Line

Background checks have become commonplace in society, used to screen employees as well as potential business partners. The more popular background checks require the submission of personal information of the individual, and some companies would like to have your Social Security Number (SSN) or information to both verify your information and conduct a secret search for your background and history. If you’re considering offering yourself for employment or doing business with another company, you may want to consider checking out these seven background check companies, each of which will give you a bit more information on how they secure your information.

Since most background check information is submitted anonymously, you can rest assured that your information will remain protected. And although each of these companies does more than just provide background check services, they will also provide you with more detailed information on how they conduct their background checks. If you’re searching for a company to conduct a background check for you, any of these companies will do a good job. But upon doing more research on each company, you and your potential employer will have more information to work with.