6 Best Analog Telephone Adapters

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Top 6 Analog Telephone Adapters for 2019

One of the most important and used telecommunication device is that of analog phone. These do not require physical installation in order to be utilized. These devices have the advantage of durability and possible implementation of any dial in the set up. Analog phones are of great help especially in areas of mountainous terrain, where most of the land based telecommunication infrastructure is not available and much inaccessible.

The advent of those analog phones has greatly impacted the lives of many, in developing as well as developed countries. These devices are easily available in various forms and shapes, in terms of shape, sizes, functions, availability, prices, and even personal preferences.

However, when it comes to the performance of analog phone adapters, it largely depends on their actual function and compatibility. Analog phone adapters that are of superior design and quality are the ones that are capable of performing the duties efficiently. In addition, there are also analog phone adapters that can only be used in specific types of phones. In such a case, people will have to understand the difference between those analog phone adapters that can be respectively used on most phones and the others that are only capable of performing their tasks on their respective counterparts.

In the given article, we are presenting you the best analog phone adapters of 2019 that can be bought in the market. In addition, we have also discussed their respective specifications and key features.

How We Evaluated Analog Telephone Adapters

Most of us rely on analog phone calls these days since the spotty and vulnerable cell signal varies from area to area. Its evolved from the original version, which was made possible for us due to analog phone adapters. The world is no longer a digital world and it has become a mix of both for us. Different devices are tailored for analog and digital areas. Analog calls can be made through standard 35 mm film. Before telephones could be used efficiently in our everyday lives, the term analog rang a bell. The first telephone systems were all analog. Phones were replaced with digital communication originally but now they are used for transmitting both analog and digital information. This has made the world become digital and analog both. The best analog phone adapters have made our everyday life simpler and easier.

How We Evaluated 6 of the Best Analog Telephone Adapters

The reason why we took this step is to give you an honest, unbiased view on different analog telephone adapters. We used a well-known matrix to evaluate each adapter.

The matrix includes a rating of 10 for the best adapter. You can also use our comparison chart or pick the right adapter from the table to find out the right one for you.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll through the below table for detailed analysis on 6 of the best analog telephone adapters. Also, you can read a detailed overview of the best analog adapters for your phone.

Best Overall Analog Telephone Adapter for Small Businesses: Cisco-SPA112

The Cisco SPA112 Analog Telephone Adapter is the best analog adapter for small businesses. It is a fully compatible Cisco SPA112 analog telephone adapter that is supported by both 48-port and 24-port digital PBX systems. It also has a range of 10,000 feet, providing you with a great amount of mobility within your office. The Cisco SPA112 Analog Telephone Adapter makes it easy to add voice conversion and interoperability to your legacy analog phone system, saving you the hassle of changing to a digital PBX or a system that can deliver a much better experience. The Digital Telephone Adapter also provides single unit day and night operation, as well as hot standby support, ensuring that you are able to continue to take calls as long as your business and system load allows you to. At the end of the day, the Cisco SPA112 Analog Telephone Adapter is one of the best analog adapters for small businesses, and if your business is steadily growing, it’s certainly going to be one of the best analog adapters for you down the road as well.

Cisco-SPA112 Pricing

As an extremely affordable model, this unit supports fax, voice, fax answering machine, FXS, and ISDN. It supports FXS connections and comes in a single or a double port configuration.

Most customers are pleased with its ease of installation. Many customers report that it works well and isn’t too bulky.

The attractive price tag is the main selling point of this model. It’s incredibly cheap, so there’s really no reason to be disappointed.

Another plus is the shipping and packaging. They’re efficient and very reliable, so don’t have to worry about anything getting lost in transit.

Cisco-SPA112 Features

The Cisco SPA112 two-line Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is ideal for voice communication for smaller configurations that don’t require the higher sensing of a three-line ATA. The SPA112 aggregates up to two analog lines into a single IP connection for easy and affordable connectivity. The SPA112 comes with a plug-and-play installation that requires only a single LAN IP address for its configuration. It’s easy to install and has a default user interface that’s optimized for ease of use. This Cisco-SPA112 two line Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) has the following features:

  • Ideal for Smaller Configurations.
  • Coalgebrity of 2 Lines.
  • Plug-and-Play Installation.
  • Single LAN IP Address for its Configuration.
  • Ease of Installation.
  • Default User Interface for Ease of Use.
  • Interfaces 2 Lines.
  • Number of Co-Residency: 2 Lines.
  • Maximum Voice Channels: 2 Lines.
  • Physical Line Resolution: 8 Bits.
  • Automatic Digit Dectection.
  • Mechanical Accuracy: 1.3/4 kHz.
  • Extends Filter Time.
  • Allows Deshabilization.
  • Digital and Analog Choices.

What Cisco-SPA112 Is Missing

If you're looking for a good analog phone adapter for your Cisco SPA112 or SPA114, you'll have to look further. At the end of this article , we will compare some of the best analog phone adapters for the Cisco SPA112 and SPA114 range.

But at first, let's review the SPA112 and SPA114 and their related stuff.

Cisco SPA112 and SPA114: These are digital VoIP phones that use the Session Initiation Protocol standard for establishing voice connections with a Cisco network. It's often compared to SIP-based IP phones, and both alternatives are supported by Cisco SIP Phones. Compared to IP phones, SPA112 and SPA114 have added features such as CODECs (Compression, Output, and Digital-to-Analog Codecs) to improve audio quality.

SPA112 is easy to configure and install. It has a 2.0" color display and supports four auxiliary device ports. The integrated display lets you invoke a phone number, and the navigation key lets you navigate through phonebook entries and the website in an easy way, and also saves the time during busy work days.

SPA114 is a newer version of the SPA112 model. It can manage four phonebook and feature management with more convenient button navigation and a 2.0" color display with 360-degree LCD that supports viewing around the device.

What Users Think About Cisco-SPA112

Best Single Port Analog Telephone Adapter: Grandstream HT801

Grandstream’s HT801 brings all you need for making your office, home or blackberry a better place. The unit delivers a decent calling and on-hold quality and also supports a variety of dialing options such as speed dial, direct dial, speed dial pre-sets and busy line waiting.

The HT801 supports additional voice quality features such as noise reduction and echo cancellation. Unlike most telephone adapters, this one allows you to connect two analog phones to its port. The Grandstream HT801 supports three different connector types – RJ11, RJ12 and RJ21 – so it can be used in most environments.

The device is relatively lightweight and has a sleek design. You can easily attach the USB powered adapter to the back of your computer using the included velcro strap. The Grandstream HT801 supports both PC and Mac platforms and is priced affordably, so you’re sure to find this a great all-around solution for making voice calls and gaining access to other technology options.

The product is highly recommended for users who are looking for a device that connects phone and computer in a single cable. With it you can make calls or gain access to your Blackberry at your office or home.

Inside the box, we have a lot of goodies:

1x USB 2.0 to RS-232 Serial Converter

Grandstream HT801 Pricing

The Grandstream HT801 analog telephone adapter is not the most powerful device in our guide, but it is affordable, lightweight, and can work with just about any device in your house that has a standard analog phone jack. It’s one of the few second line units in our guide, which means you can install it on your secondary line and use it with your landline phone. And the key reason why we think it is a good analog planer is because it is designed to work with all appliances and other devices that have a standard analog phone jack. These include household items as well as cell phones and laptops. So you can use it with your home phone and newer devices. It’s also compatible with standard analog business phones.

Any device with a computer-like interface can access the Grandstream HT801, so you can even connect it to your landline through your router or your computer via an Ethernet cable. It’s not a cheap device, but you will get what you pay for. As a result of its simple design, it will go unnoticed and work flawlessly with your phone line and your other devices. You will also receive excellent call quality and functioning at a fair price. But bear in mind that this is a digital device, so you can expect to hear some distortion when making calls.

Grandstream HT801 Features

Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5

Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5

The second product from Grandstream, the HT801 Analog Telephone Adapter provides you with all the basic features you need. It …

Provides you with a software compatible built.

Offers the ability to assign individual extensions.

Offers you SIP proxy, client and server.

Has a caller-ID display.


Compatible with many different types of VoIP applications.

Compatible with many different types of VoIP applications.

Works with many different analog and digital telephone systems.

Works with many different analog and digital telephone systems.

Offers trouble-free installation and administration.

What Grandstream HT801 Is Missing

There are four major attributes of a good analog telephone adapter: Signal quality, call quality, ease of use, and capability.

The Signal Quality

You get one with technical specifications that are off the charts for any device. These type of gadgets are also super long lasting as there is almost no characteristic wear and tear on them.

The Call Quality

You get crisp and clear calls. You also get an 8 ounce device. This means that it won’t get knocked off the table with a simple phone call.

The Ease of Use

You get a user manual that explains the numerous features as well as the versatility of the device. It is also highly adaptable to your needs.

The Capability

You are not tied down to only one size or shape. You can use this device even after having moved to a new address.

Importance of Analog Telephone Adapter

If you have a digital cordless phone you need 2.4 GHz Adapter and a 3.5 mm Analog Telephone Adapter for your analog phones connectivity.

Nowadays most of the telephone systems are digital so you need an adaptor that can convert the digital to analog. Analog phone adapters are available in different styles and is compatible with most of the analog phones today. The topmost storage Analog Telephone Adapter is one of the best analog telephone adapter among other Analog Telephone Adapters.

What Users Think About Grandstream HT801

Users have found this solution to be a good-quality analog telephone adapter. It has a sturdy design, easy-to-use menu interface, and the flexibility to use one cordless phone or several. Users with limited access to the internet have said this model allows them to maintain connectivity while saving money on internet services.

Users with sound issues have said this phone works well on a variety of different analog lines. Some said they received clear sound from send and receive lines. Others said music or audio voice transferred from the source device to the receiver device with no noticeable delay.

One user said they didn’t have any issues moving call from their cordless phone to this device, but wanted to be able to detect and isolate problems with contact of parties involved in communication. Another user has said calls transferred between the voice and data lines without any issues. This user said this model transferred voice and data well without the need to restart it. Some users have said their experiences have been largely positive and this is one of a couple of analog phone adapters they have used with no noticeable issue.

Best Multi-Port Analog Telephone Adapter: Cisco SPA8000-G1

This phone adapter is a great solution if you’re looking to switch over to VoIP but want to retain your existing analog line with a phone. This device comes equipped with 6 ports of analog telephone support, 4 which support up to 9 simultaneous phone lines each, making it the ideal device for businesses. It’s also can be optimized with Cisco’s Phone Capacity Manager software, which allows you to overlay metrics on the the device to make it more effective and efficient. This includes things like the device’s utilization rate and call quality statistics. The SPA-8000-G1-K9 is a premised device, which means it’s not hosted by the cloud. You’ll have to provide it with a connection to your network or phone system. For optimal performance, it’s recommended to connect it to a switched network.

It’s a fantastic device for businesses that require multiple phone lines and an analog connection on an existing phone system. At this price point, it’s more than capable of providing all the features you could possibly ask from it.

Cisco® SPA-8000-G1-K9 Basic Phone Adapter: Best General Purpose Telephone Adapter

Cisco SPA8000-G1 Pricing

Cisco SPA8000-G1 Telephone Adapter Features:

  • Cisco SPA8000-G1 Telephone Adapter
  • 9.8 kbps
  • 1x FXS port.
  • Supports Cisco 7960, 7940, 7920, 7910, and 7902 Series.
  • Voice, data and fax over IP capabilities.
  • All-in-One – PBX, PSTN, Voice, Data and Fax over IP
  • 6 FXS ports.
  • 2 FXO ports.
  • SIP Replies.
  • IP Based Telephony
  • VoIP based Telephony

The Cisco SPA8000-G1 telephone adapter is installed and configured on an existing Cisco IOS router or Catalyst 2800 Series, IOS Switch or IOS Express (Cisco Catalyst Switch 4900), or the 6500 series. An Ethernet switch is needed for all the voice traffic that is created and destined to other telephone users.

Cisco SPA8000-G1 Telephone Adapter Specifications:

  • Number of FXS ports – 6
  • Number of FXO Ports – 2
  • Data Rates – FXS- voice – 9.8 kpbs, FXO- data – 56 kbps
  • Audio Codecs Supported – G.711's
  • Voice Grade copper cards.

Cisco SPA8000-G1 Features

The Cisco SPA8000-G1 Analog Telephone Adapter allows you to connect analog telephones to Cisco TelePresence PCoIP. Providing a secure, reliable, and robust interface between analog telephony equipment and the PCoIP network, the SPA8000-G1 gives you the ability to manage two lines of analog telephone with a single adapter while consolidating the bandwidth for high quality IP telephony. It also gives you exceptional integration with the Cisco Unified Phone System (CUP) by allowing the Cisco SPA8x0 Analog Baseboard to make and receive calls directly over the phone network without the need for an analog PSTN gateway. Following these principles for superior self-service, the adapter lets users configure, monitor and maintain analog telephony endpoints and POTS trunks on the PCoIP network remotely.

Existing analog telephony subscribers don’t need to make any significant changes to their Post Office Protocol (POP) settings or place additional calls to changes their existing telephone numbers to work on the PCoIP network. The Cisco SPA8000-G1 also enables call routing and the provisioning of voice routes for incoming and outgoing calls.

What Cisco SPA8000-G1 Is Missing

Cisco SPA8000-G1 has been increasing in popularity, even as its older sibling, SPA8000, is already at the end of its product lifecycle.

It’s a little bit more expensive than its older sibling because its capabilities are a little bit stronger.

Some people would say that Cisco SPA8000-G1 is a little bit more expensive than Cisco SPA8000 because it has a couple of more useful features, and you can even get a free lifetime phone support and a CD with it.

It’s nice to know that you can contact the manufacturer via email or telephone just in case you have some problems with your new Cisco SPA8000-G1.

For comparing the two devices, few users have pointed out that Cisco SPA8000-G1 doesn’t have an emergency call ability. And it’s true that Cisco SPA8000-G1 doesn’t have emergency call feature, but this doesn’t mean that Cisco SPA8000-G1 cannot do that, it’s just that going to another level than Cisco SPA8000 is much more complicated.

What Users Think About Cisco SPA8000-G1

Best Portable VoIP Phone Adapter With Telephone Service: magicJack GO

MagicJack is one of the best available telephone adapter that provides functionality similar to that of a conventional analog phone and Internet access. It can be used for telephone, VoIP (voice over IP) and GSM/GPRS/EDGE calls.

But it doesn’t have a cord, which means that it does not require a physical telephone connection. It’s completely portable and can be used anywhere, eliminating the need for traditional stationary phone service.

With the magicJack FREECALL service, calls to other magicJack users are free. If you have a magicJack 1 and magicJack 2 account, both your numbers are bundled together in one account, allowing you to make calls from either phone using the same number. Fees for calls outside the magicJack network are a fraction of what traditional land-line phone companies charge.

If you are looking for an excellent choice for your own land-line free VoIP calling needs, you can’t go wrong with magicJack. In my 3 years experience with this product, I have been really happy with it. It is fast, works reliably and has all the features you need. I use it for my landline, small business fax machine, VoIP and even for a cellular hot spot.

magicJack GO Pricing

Review, Features, Technical Specification, and More.

MagicJackGO is the latest addition to the magicJack family, and comes with added features like internet integration, and a patented advanced quad-stream voice technology, delivering a seamless high definition call experience that many users are likely to use.

MagicJackGO (also known as just magicJack) is an Internet-connected device that can be plugged into any home or office telephone. And hence you can make both regular and internet based phone calls at home with the use of this tiny device.

In addition to being connected via Wi-Fi, it supports all routes of iPhone, iPad, and Android applications for both PC and Mac users. The magicJackGO also gives you the option of connecting directly to the Internet via Ethernet and even supports cellular networks.

Its simple plug and play installation, along with the ability of a single switch to connect and disconnect your purchased number, make it one of the easiest telephony devices on the market. The magicJackGO device also includes a power adapter, allowing you to use the power adapter of your existing telephone, and hence it eliminates the need for you to buy one.

Furthermore, unlike other set–top boxes, magicJackGO doesn’t require a separate computer or software to operate. To receive calls, you just have to plug this device into your landline or router, and then have it ring.

magicJack GO Features

The magicJack GO is the latest version of the magicJack which comes with the features of easy installation, portability, and security. This device has the flexibility to let you connect up to three computers or other devices simultaneously with its portability feature. Moreover, it has a long standby time which will make you use magicJack GO for longer and more efficient.

Another interesting feature of magicJack GO is its option to control your household appliances and electronics with its dedicated MagicControl app. For instance, the timer in your home could be scheduled to work based on set dates. It could also be enabled to control the security system of your home remotely.

If you are looking for easy portability, durability, and convenient use of electricity at home, magicJack is the perfect phone service you are looking for.

What magicJack GO Is Missing

MagicJack GO was obviously designed to be a low-cost alternative to the traditional magicJack. Even so, in many ways, magicJack GO does a remarkably good job of fulfilling this quest. First, the app that comes with the device is very intuitive and easy to use, despite the fact that the device lacks a physical keypad.

The customer service and technical support are also very good. Although there are instances in which you may encounter a problem you can’t solve by going through the usual magicJack means of contacting customer support, most issues can be solved without any trouble in either category.

Consequently, if you’re a magicJack user who still has basic setup related questions, magicJack GO may be the best edition to your calling arsenal.

What magicJack GO Is Good For

These all-around good qualities of magicJack GO mean that it truly is a good option for most users. It does, however, have a few shortcomings as well. The foremost is that it does not support half of the calling targets magicJack does. Furthermore, call quality on magicJack GO can be subpar.

What Users Think About magicJack GO

It is a new type of analog telephone adapter. It can work as an independent phone or as a digital answering machine which can be connected to your existing analog phone. When connected to the internet, you can get a lot of features such as free phone calls to Magic Jack phones, free long distance calls, unlimited nights, free phone calls to Canada, and many other things.

Magic Jack Plus – Is a great option if you have a space limitation in your home. If you are looking for an option that works as a digital answering machine, only for getting long distance calls for free, the device is not really appropriate for you.

Audio-Technica AT2020 – If you are a professional voice over artist and prefer to record your voice, Audio-Technica AT2020 is a great choice. The device’s transformer Internet a great option.

Rolodex Voice Changer – One among the best analog telephone adapter. It can be available in many colors. You can hear good echo on the receiver end. The device is a great option for your home.

Best Analog Telephone Adapter With a Built-In Router: Grandstream HT812

Grandstream HT812 Pricing

Specifications and Reviews.

Grandstream makes a wide range of business telephone solutions for small and office based organizations. One of the most popular options is the Grandstream HT8xx series. The HT812 is an analog telephone adapter for PSTN connectivity. It supports standard voice calls as well as voice over IP (Voip) calls. The product itself is compact enough to be installed anywhere, whether it be in your home office, business office, conference room, or your hotel room.

Connecting it to the broadband modem that you have installed is simple. You can use the standard async and async + sync RJ-11 connectors. By default, the computer requires the hardware serial port to be in access mode. You can switch it to install mode by choosing the serial port installation mode option from the serial port setup window.

As with most analog adapters, the HT812 runs on the FXS port of the computer. The modem and the phone port should be set to the same port. If the computer requires the port number to be reconfigured, you can do that from the modem connection utility. The HT8xx series is not compatible with the dial down or dial up method of connection as well.

Grandstream HT812 Features

Grandstream HT812 is an analog telephone adapter that gives your computer the ability to use an old analog phone line for telephony, faxing, and internet. The adapter is full of features that make it easy to use and enjoy such as an analog modem management feature, compatibility with Asterisk PBX, and an IP PBX interface.

This sound card analog telephone adapter also has an integrated speakerphone and earphone and supports the following HD Voice codecs: G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729a, G.732, and G.711u. Other features include *8 ports, two 4-pole combo jack ports that connect to the computer, and two 4-pole RJ9 ports that connect to the phone line.

The powers on automatically when you boot your computer, provides dialtone, and recovers from power loss. What’s even better is that the modem uses a high-performance MCU that provides error-free fax reception and transmission. The adapter also supports the use of SIP IP phones and provides compression through G.729, G.711, and G.726. In addition, it has a simple VPN solution as well.

What Grandstream HT812 Is Missing

Despite being the latest Grandstream product, the HT812 is a very old one that was launched in 2011. But that’s not a problem: the older the product, generally the better the quality.

So, what does it do so that makes it so popular among users?

The Grandstream HT812 comes with 8-channel analog / SIP trunking PSTN interfaces that you can connect to different types of phones, enabling you to expand your existing systems and thus reduce the total costs.

It consists of separate units for analog and SIP trunks and you can add as many as you get the need. The units can be mounted however, you like.

Each of the 8 PSTN channels has a switch at the back side for 4-way phone selection allowing you to choose which of the phones you wish to be connected.

Furthermore, there are 5 FXO ports, which can be connected to analog telephones, and 2 FXS ports, which can be connected to analog and digital phones. The phone port selection is very handy, but those of you with digital phones, they will not be connected using FXO interface, but using the FXS one. You will have to use an FXO to FXS adapter. The H.323 / MGCP gateway supports up to 128 voice calls in a single session.

What Users Think About Grandstream HT812

The Grandstream HT812 USB office phone adapter provides all the essential functionality required for office communications. The phone adapter works with both analog and digital phones and incorporates voice quality echo cancellation to reduce extraneous noise. Furthermore, it features SIP technology to support a variety of voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions. Most importantly, the connector can provide 6 cat-c headsets.

What Users Think about Olympus USB Phone Adapter

The Olympus USB phone adapter is a basic analog phone adapter. The adapter is lightweight and also provides a USB cable for convenient connectivity. It allows for 4 to 6 headsets. I

N addition, the adapter does not require any software to operate and is plug and play enabled.

What Normal Users Think about Samsung Sidekick SL-C3100

The Sidekick SL-C3100 offers a simple solution that has a corded hook design for simple flotation and traction. It also has a microphone-in and microphone-out feature for convenient voice communication through the phone.

What Users Think about GoCNC USB Desktop Phone Adapter

The GoCNC USB desktop phone adapter is a phone plug audio adapter. This adapter allows you to connect up to two analog phones or four headsets. Additionally, this adapter provides a USB connection, making it simple to use with any computer.

Best VoIP Phone Adapter With Google Voice Integration: OBi202

There are two types of VOIP providers: IP-based and SIP-based. OBi is an IP based service from RiverOaks. OBi is the most popular IP based VOIP service in US and UK. It is compatible with any router or FCC certified WiFi hotspot. Plus, the OBi service has the best support all around the world for the last 4 years.

Best Google Voice Integration Adapter: oBi202

A little known fact of this adapter is it’s Google Voice integration which saves a lot of trouble for those who use Google Voice for VoIP. If you don’t know how to set up Google Voice, it’s very simple to follow the user’s guide provided by the company.

OBi supports GV Set/Unset commands to disable/enable Google Voice for the device. If you make a test call with this adapter to your oBi, you can see the CallerID display name of the number given as an additional option on top of the CallerID displayed by Google.

Overall, its call quality on this device is loud and clear. Call transfers are easy and reliable when using this device. To view Google Voice options for the device, you must go through "Settings -> Account Options" > VoIP tab -> Voice Options.

Best Google Voice Gateway: AsteriskNOW

OBi202 Pricing

As Telephony Cogeco and others continue to discontinue their analog phone systems, the OBi is the first truly cordless analog system that provides superior voice quality and the flexibility to use it any way you want. If you are looking for the most reliable, easy to use cordless phone adapter, you should take a serious look at the OBi wireless phone adapter.

With the OBi, you can easily replace your existing analog phone or add it to your existing home or business telephone system with plug-and-play ease. It’s a true plug-and-play product that requires no additional wiring, plugs, or power cords. As with all OBi products, it is simple to set up and requires no software or configuration. The OBi is a powerful VoIP analog phone on your home network. It will not provide any 911 or 411-type service.

At present, there are 5 OBi models available (1, 3, 5 and 7), with the 1 and 3 sizes having a single line. The 5 and 7 models have multiple lines and are perfect for replacing your existing analog system. Of the 5 sizes, the 1 and 3 both require just a single phone line, while the 5 and 7 require 2 phone lines – which in most cases means replacing your existing analog PBX phone system.

Here are the specs of each OBi model:

OBi202 Features

The OBi202 is an Analog telephone adapter that enables you to use your standard analog telephone on voice-over-IP phone services (VoIP). The OBi202 connects to your router with an Ethernet cable, enabling all of your analog PBX phones to ring on the VoIP network instead of the traditional PBX phone system.

It is ideal for small offices, homes, hotels, and small business with up to four analog phones. The OBi202 uses quality voice modules to ensure simple, clear sound. The OBi202 also allows you to provide high definition (HD) voice services without needing expensive digital telephone infrastructure.

The OBi202 can be fitted with ATA or SIP trunking, to add on high-speed data, voice, and video services. The OBi202 can also be used to host your Asterisk PBX, license-free. All of this is accomplished without the need to purchase new PBX hardware, or an expensive software license.

The OBi202 has a clean, simple interface that can be operated by almost anyone to integrate voice mail system, fax, answering machine, room and zone acoustics control, remote offices, PBX, and fax. The OBi202 supports Asterisk 10 or later, the latest version of the leading open-source PBX available today.

What OBi202 Is Missing

That The Others Have?

Talking about analog telephone adapters (ATAs), every other company out there seems to offer the same solution ‟ basic dial tone, basic sound quality, basic range. The OBi202 Google Home product offers a lot more than that. While it doesn’t offer the ability to dial out (there are plans to make this possible, according to the CEO), there is a lot more that’s missing with the other products on the market.

First up, the OBi202 just doesn’t offer a standard analog sound quality experience. A lot of people are conditioned to using their phones with a certain ringtone. So what happens when you plug that same phone adapter into your Google Home and that same ringtone sounds on Google’s speaker? It’s a bit jarring. But if you’re willing to give it a chance, you may end up appreciating the sound quality of the OBi202. It does a good job of simulating the traditional sound quality that you’re accustomed to.

What Users Think About OBi202

OBi202-pro, OBi202-voice and OBi202-mini.

In this guide to analog telephone adapters, we look at the top six models currently available, and we examine their strengths, weaknesses and benefits. The devices we examine are all very similar in design, with the exception of a few technical and aesthetic differences.

All of the products listed here come with a basic call-in feature, which augments the earlier-generation PTC (Portable Telephony Device) plug adapter. The phone company uses PTC to conduct all call signaling, so these devices are necessary to allow the remote-to-remote call feature, the only function of all Voice over IP (VoIP) systems.

Although they’re two years old, these adapters still work for traditional land line telephone service, albeit with reduced efficiency. They can be used as adequate adapters, but they are not ideal for VoIP for several reasons.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a good phone system that can be easily expanded without a lot of work, the ATA may be just what you are looking for. With ATAs, you simply install the additional lines (dynamo and hybrid) and then you can switch the type of line in use with the touch of a button.

We did some tests comparing ATA to DECT using 6 analog phones, and the quality of conversation with the ATA is much more natural and clear. Even with with misdirected calls the brain does not continue to send audio in some confusing way so the mind stops processing the information, giving the user time to think and say what is necessary.

It does not get too busy like DECT lines, and because of this, it is far more pleasant and easier to use for general home use. For all of this, we recommend the Markel ATA to anyone looking for a solid and reliable phone system that is easy to expand.