BBB Accreditation: What It Is & Why It Matters to Your Business

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How BBB Accreditation Works

BBB accreditation demonstrates that a business meets the highest standards in business practices and customer service, and they meet our rigorous demands for honesty and integrity in the marketplace. Before we can add our logo to a B2B business, they must attend a thorough and comprehensive evaluation that looks at many aspects of their business, sales practices, marketing techniques and much more. BBB accreditation is an invaluable commitment to our service to you, evidence of our commitment to high standards of business conduct and profitability.

BBB accreditation by business standards mutually agreed between the business and BBB. The website also displays our BBB accreditation seal logo.

What is BBB Accreditation?

BBB Accreditation is one of the most widely recognized symbols of a business’s commitment to customer satisfaction. BBB Accredited businesses meet BBB’s standards regarding customer service, complaint handling, character of business, addition of new reviewers, timeliness of responses, and amount of information provided to customers.

BBB’s Accredited Business Seal indicates that the business meets BBB’s accreditation standards, that it pays an annual fee for BBB’s complaint resolving services, and that it agrees to resolve any complaints.

BBB Accreditation Cost

We’ve all heard of bbb accreditation and it’s quite apparent that it matters and it seems to be at the top of the list for most businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the things that BBB will check for if you decide you want to pursue bbb accreditation and then we will go into the actual cost of getting it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with bbb accreditation, they sound like they pressurize the business. But the truth is, they actually pressurized the customer to make sure that you are doing business the right way.

For example, if BBB mails a customer with a complaint they found against a business, most of the time the business will pay closer attention to that complaint immediately because they have been pressed to receive it.

It is a measure of effective business for the consumer and it makes sure you don’t get away with your little slip ups. They will have a review, their website, and a facebook page to make sure you do things the right way consistently.

BBB Accreditation Fees for Boston by Company Size

BBB is a non-profit organization that is recognized worldwide for its service as a business watchdog. As a non-commerical business, BBB voluntarily refers businesses to the Consumer Affairs Division for accreditation review, providing a service to the public that we believe has no equal.

as it helps consumers make decisions about who to do business with and protects companies that make accurate claims.

BBB’s primary mission is to work with businesses to help resolve consumer issues. BBB is a neutral third-party organization. BBB accreditation is a process where BBB evaluates a business; determines its business practices, procedures, and/or policies; and provides a rating to help consumers make an informed decision when choosing a business. The accreditation gives businesses the opportunity to share how they meet a minimum standard for honest and ethical business practices. In evaluating a business, BBB reviews information provided by the business, including its advertising, media material, public relations, warranties, financial information, and other sources of information in its possession. BBB does not review all information about a business. BBB does not review a business if it is in bankruptcy or otherwise insolvent.

As a business watchdog, we strive to vindicate the public interest and encourage honest, trustworthy, and candid behavior. When in doubt, the better approach is always to do the right thing.

How to Get BBB Accredited in 5 Steps

BBB Accredited Businesses are considered to be those of the highest quality, and having that accreditation is considered one of the most desirable business distinctions a business can receive. To become an Accredited Business, Businesses must first accredit with the BBB and be in business for at least twelve months. They must have experienced customer satisfaction, a commitment to ethical business practices and conduct, and have an ongoing positive BBB rating. Once a Business is Accredited for ten years and has a three-year customer satisfaction rating by the BBB with no complaints, they are eligible to receive the Gold Accreditation. Businesses that receive the Gold Accreditation achieve the ultimate distinction as a Synergy. Only a handful of local businesses in the US have achieved this distinction.

Doing Business with BBB Accredited Businesses

There are many ways a business can benefit from the added visibility of BBB Accreditation. In addition to the heightened positive reputation, a Business receives the added benefit of an on-site BBB file, and a Complaints Reference Guide, which are invaluable in helping that Business solve its customers’ complaints. BBB is also able to refer its Accredited Businesses to its other Business Councils, which serve as referral sources for other local businesses, as well as for organizations such as hospitals, schools, and community councils.

Verify That Your Business Meets All the BBB Requirements

BBB’s accreditation program sets the industry’s highest standards for how member businesses should operate. All businesses in good standing are granted the BBB Business Review Trustmark – the BBB’s seal of accreditation” or its logo, which, once used, cannot be removed by a business without BBB approval.

BBB’s accreditation program is a comprehensive, multi-step, annual evaluation process that includes BBB’s on-site inspection of member businesses.

In addition to the evaluation, you must also update your BBB business profile annually by submitting a complete profile of yourself and your business, and you must meet additional advertising, consumer affairs and marketing guidelines, which are based on the BBB Code for Businesses and the BBB Code of Advertising and Marketing Practices.

Consumers have an expectation of honesty and fair dealings. Only companies and businesses with a history of goodwill are accredited.

Establishing accreditation demonstrates your commitment to the highest business standards and compliance with all applicable law and communicating with consumers honestly.

BBB’s accreditation program provides assurance to both consumers and businesses that BBB stands behind the program’s voluntary, self-regulatory approach to promoting honesty and integrity in the marketplace.

Fill Out BBB Accreditation Application

If you are looking for a BBB Accredited Company, BBB Business Review gives you the opportunity to research and analyze businesses and businesses on the web. You can give them your trust and believe they are not just a business to the public or any company to work with.

Protect Consumer Interest

When looking for a BBB Accredited Company, it is worth knowing the benefits that the BBB have that are not offered by any other company and help your business if you are interested.

Wait for BBB Application Evaluation

Successful accreditation under BBB accreditation is a very time-consuming and resource-intensive process. In order to start the accreditation process, the Bureau of Business Standards in New York City evaluates the application information and officially establishes the length of the accreditation process. It is only after the BBB process is considered complete, that Accredited Business Listing is issued.

According to the BBB accreditation process, the BBB–s designated third party – a New York City business registry – provides an onsite evaluation of an accruing company’s business practices and procedures to ensure the company has met all BBB accreditation requirements. This evaluation includes our signatory onsite review.

You can expect an average accreditation process of one to two years, from the time you initially apply for BBB accreditation. While the accreditation process can be lengthy, it could be a tremendous advantage when dealing with federal or state agencies, since it helps demonstrate the organization’s commitment to fairness, accuracy and accountability.

Earn Accreditation & Pay the Fee

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating trustworthy opportunities for people to find businesses that provide the best value to its members.

Accreditation is provided through an independent survey which evaluates businesses in five major business categories … Chambers of commerce and organizations serving business, BBB Accreditation helps ensure businesses deliver on their promises to back their customers.

Accreditation offers tangible benefits including; exposure in print, public relations benefits and increased business growth.

Earning Accreditation is a fact-finding process that involves an in-depth analysis of the business and its business practices. Throughout Accreditation, businesses can expect a thorough review of company records, operations, and to undergo periodic site visits, to include interviews of the supervisors and managers.

It’s important for businesses to note the accreditation process is independent of business size.

Following the process, businesses can receive their official Accredited status and earn the distinctive Accreditation Mark.

Your business does not need to be a member of BBB in order to apply for Accreditation.

Start Building Your Presence With BBB Tools

If you’re serious about growing your business, then you definitely should check out all the resources provided by the websites and other agencies that are supported by the primary mission of the Better Business Bureau: to assist the public in having a better and more informed buying experience.

You’ll find all sorts of information and resources for helping your business thrive. Join the marketing community at Better Business Bureau and start building your presence within the BBB community. Lots of your peers are right here, and they are actively engaged in supporting their memberships and business growth. You can do the same by joining in on the following.

Get Your Business Reviewed and Rated

You’ll want to read reviews about what customers think about your business on your BBB page. This will help you know what’s working well in your business and what isn’t. With a solid profile and rating system in place, you’ll be able to market effectively or confidently to your consumers.

Join Social Media Resources

Membership in the Better Business Bureau gives you access to new social media marketing and outreach tools that will help you grow your business. You can connect with customers and prospects around the world. For a comprehensive overview of BBB social media resources, take a look at the resources section in the Marketing tab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BBB Accreditation?

A BBB Accredited Business has proven itself to be ethical, responsible and improve the services offered to the public or the community it serves.

Does the BBB Accreditation meeting with the Standards for Good Business Standing, not like the BBB Accreditation meetings, but why?

No, the BBB Accredited Business's accreditation is not subjected to the Standards for Good Business Standing. BBB Accredited Businesses do not have to document or disclose claims to BBB in order to apply for Standard accreditation.

Accreditation does not necessarily ensure services, products or work that rises to the bar of the maximum Standard for Good Business Standing. Appeal is available to Evaluation and Standard membership. However, in contrast to Good Business Standing, there is no rebuttable presumption of status afforded by all levels of Standard and Accreditation.

Accreditation does not denote the quality of products of service available to the public or the community the business serves.

Does the process of being accreditation during the accreditation process involve a review of company policies or procedures?

Yes, the accreditation team will evaluate the business based on how they see their business. It is up to the business to show they are operating acurately to be accredited.

What are the benefits of being accredited by the BBB?

What Are the Advantages of Being BBB Accredited?

When consumers buy a product or service from a business with a BBB Accredited Business Seal, they can trust that businesses and individuals are in good standing with BBB.

Consumers can take advantage of a number of advantages which are available to BBB Accredited businesses.

How Is a Customer Complaint Handled on the BBB?

Anytime a consumer has a complaint about a business, it’s our duty to look into it and do the necessary investigations. After we’ve conducted an inquiry, there will be one of three possible outcomes for the complaint:

Solution, dismissal, and public posting of a consumer complaint.

We will open the investigating process by contacting the business and requesting additional information. We will also begin gathering information from other sources, such as credit bureaus, employment bureaus, etc. We will compare the information collected with the case to see if the complaint was resolved. If the complaint was not resolved, the business may request a private inquiry. The business will receive a letter in the mail from the BBB that will let them know we’re conducting an inquiry about their consumer complaint.

If a business chooses to, they have the right to have a private inquiry. In this scenario, the business will send their own staff to investigate the complaint. They will also begin gathering their own information and all communications will be kept confidential. The BBB will be notified of the results of both the BBB and the business’s investigations and copies of all materials gathered by the business and BBB are provided on the website.

What Determines a Company’s BBB Rating?

BBB Business Reviews (BBB) is an organization that verifies the legitimacy of businesses before they can advertise on the BBB website. The BBB's goal is to protect the public from business scams and potential fraud by allowing consumers to determine how reputable a business is (or is not).

The BBB's report cards provide consumers with a wide array of details about the company’s financial standing and history of past advertising complaints. This is done by completing a self-evaluation where the business details the recurring and one-time expenses that it has each year. It also provides a summary of prior complaints against the company.

BBB Business Reviews is a valuable resource to consumers because it tries to protect them from misleading and fraudulent advertising. It also allows these companies to show consumers the financial information that they would like the public to view.

The BBB has a system to decide which companies are put on its website through the rating that they receive. It is also a secondary security measure to help the public make a judgment about the business’s credibility.

The website holds public records containing the information provided by every business within its database. The ratings on its website are intended to help consumers decide which businesses to use and which ones shouldn’t.

The BBB’s rating system is a great resource, but it’s not perfect.

Bottom Line – BBB Accredited Businesses

What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Just about every company wants to be seen as reputable and trustworthy. In order to prove that you are one of those businesses, you frequently need to get an accreditation. One of the most common accreditations is the BBB accreditation.

The Better Business Bureau Accreditation is an objective measure of a business’s commitment to delivery consistent quality customer service, which stands the test of time and experience. This accreditation is associated with several different levels of membership or accreditation, each with its own set of criteria and benefits that are based on the strength of the business’s commitment against a set of defined criteria.

Accreditation isn’t optional; if you want to place your business’s name, logo and/or address on a business card or website, you need the accreditation that accompanies the membership level your company is accredited for.

Accreditation is a significant commitment that requires a great deal of time and effort to be successful. The BBB accreditation requires that part of that commitment is your willingness to provide regular, on-site reviews to ensure that your business meets and exceeds the BBB accreditation standards. Although this is certainly a heavy responsibility, it is one of the best methods that exist for businesses to prove that they are run ethically and deliver high-quality products and services.