AppFolio vs Yardi: Price, Features & What’s Best

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When to Use AppFolio

Vs Yardi?

AppFolio and Yardi are the two biggest players when it comes to real estate lead generation apps. And with equal application fee, they both seem to be a valuable solution for low budget and budget driven property investors. Some may chose to use them as their main CRM and it’s hard to tell either which has the edge since they are both powerful apps with a myriad of tools. Both apps have an app for business owners and the agent that are looking for a new app. In this article we’ll help you make a decision on which one is right for you and why you should choose one or the other.

Appfolio Features

Omni’s platform is built using Appfolio’s powerful application technology, which offers fine-grained analytics, automated leads, and a calendar for space tours as well as agent leads. Appfolio’s flexible toolset allows users to track leads inside their property listings, and the system allows for lead distribution automatically. Also, the customizable calendar allows users to offer tours at predefined times. Appfolio’s toolset includes a property address recognition engine, online property listing functions, and agent onboarding to welcome new business.

When to Use Yardi

Vs. AppFolio

AppFolio and Yardi are in the same industry. Yardi has been around since 2014, while AppFolio officially launched in 2016. So, it’s safe to say AppFolio and Yardi are direct competitors.

Both Yardi and AppFolio use an extensive online marketing system to reach website owners, which include search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing and display advertising. However, they use different methods to acquire website owners depending on the type of business each one is in.

AppFolio uses website owners but not developers. Yardi does engage with website developers but mostly engages with website owners.

If you find a website owner through AppFolio, you’ll have to have the correct name of the website owner and password in order to log in and manage the site. Yardi has a –searched website owner” feature, where website owners can be found based on how they’ve performed on Yardi’s website. If you do follow the instructions and what they’re asking for, the website owner or developer will be able to access the website.

When to Use Buildium as an Alternative

Buildium is an app that allows you to build a map using pins where you can develop applications. The possibilities are endless. You can build a location and then assign that location to businesses, schools, gyms, stores, and any other destinations you can think of.

We have even covered this app in-depth in the past here:

Our first app using buildium, Path Finder, is still generating revenue every month. You can check out a review of Path Finder …

The bottom line: AppFolio for Business App allows businesses to create immersive experiences for consumers, using custom paths and maps across iOS and Android devices.

AppFolio was recently acquired by Yardi, a real estate database, which allows their user to build custom maps with ease. Their technical team has built for Google over the years. Yardi has many different features, but we will focus on the technical side.

Yardi has full drag/drop capabilities and allows you as a user to create your own custom map integrations for businesses. They include options such as business profiles, integrations with maps, social graphs, media and video, to name a few.

Yardi has powerful marketing analytics that help you understand how well your businesses are performing and opportunities to improve your marketing strategy.

AppFolio vs Yardi at a Glance

The AppFolio and Yardi comparison is going to help you decide the right software to start your business online. Both the AppFolio and Yardi software provide templates, analytics, and marketing functions that can assist you in building your online business.

Both tools allow you to create landing pages, but each platform offers different templates. There are several templates available on the AppFolio platform, but Yardi users get more marketing templates.

ROI for entrepreneurs is one of the most important factors. The AppFolio and Yardi systems offer different returns for your investments. To be more exact, the AppFolio ROI is about 11 percent. Yardi on the other hand offers a greater ROI of about 24 percent, which will help you get a better return for your business.

Another problem many entrepreneurs face is when they just don’t have time to market or manage their online business. AppFolio has initiated their automated system that automatically collects, organizes, and manages your leads. With the right amount of marketing and management, the AppFolio service can get you the Facebook fans and Twitter followers you need. Their automated system is available for subscription fee, but there are other methods of getting a sizable following.

AppFolio vs Yardi: Pricing & Features

The AppFolio vs Yardi comparison is a fairly straightforward comparison. Because Yardi is a privately held company, the prices and details can’t be found online. However, this close examination of the two online real estate portals is useful in helping buyers overcome one of the biggest challenges of the modern era … comparing enterprise-level solutions.

In this Yardi vs AppFolio chart, the pricing and features are compared in an attempt to help readers get a better feel for which of the two online real estate platforms might best suit their needs. For the sake of simplicity, a Yardi quote is given for the Web Experience and Desktop Experience.

The first chart lists AppFolio’s basic services. The Web Experience is the part of the platform that allows users with internet access to upload and display properties for sale on their websites.

The desktop experience is for users who use the desktop version of AppFolio. This allows users to upload property data, as well as search and display property, and prepare reports from their computers.

The second chart lists the pricing and features for the Yardi platform. The price structure for both the Web Experience and the Desktop Experience is listed, as well as both rental properties and commercial properties.

AppFolio Pricing & Features

Appfolio pricing is based upon a number of configurations of the same range of modules, from which you can choose a price. If you are interested in a custom solution, they can combine or customize your requirements to meet your needs.

Appfolio charges for a stand-alone solution, or you can elect a packaged pricing plan or to use Appfolio as an extension of your existing property management software.

Teams with Appfolio can manage multiple properties at the same time and assign multiple maintenance teams in ERP systems such as Maximo. You can also assign employees for each specific task.

Appfolio offers Appfolio Online, Appfolio RMS Online, Appfolio RMS Plus, and Appfolio RMS Enterprise. All function on traditional desktop or laptop PCs, mobile devices, or a smartphone or tablet. The diagram below shows a sample of the Appfolio RMS Online License.

Apfolio Online Starter is a free version of Appfolio’s Property Management Software that is intended for small and medium-sized properties. The Starter version can manage a maximum of 10 properties and does not allow users to logon from an IP address other than that of the web host.

It also has a limit of 2.5GB of email storage, and it is limited to only three users.

Yardi Pricing & Features

Yardi is one of the major players in the property management industry, providing a powerful property management suite as well as electronic deed management services. The suite consists of integrated online property management systems, rental property management software, electronic deeds and titles management along with practice support. With Yardi, you can manage your rental properties in one place from one integrated platform. They offer a free trial to their suite as well to get a better idea of how it works. Here’s a bit on the pricing and features from Yardi’s own website.

The Main Features of Yardi Are Listed Below

¦ Integrated Online Property Management: Manage and track your rental properties from one single platform with the help of Yardi

¦ Electronic Deeds & Titles: Includes a module for deeds, various surveys and maps for your property as well as search options

¦ Tenant Referencing: Make Zestiback RTA compliance efficient with property management software by Yardi. This software offers tenant referencing, rental balances, reporting, payment collection and more.

¦ Rental Property Management: Property management with Yardi for maximum efficiency and usability. Yardi’s software handles rental payments, tenant referencing, rental balances, reporting, mailing, payment collection, property management notes, open-house management with auctions, chart of accounts and more.

AppFolio vs Yardi: Ease of Use

The first place to start when comparing AppFolio and Yardi is reviewing the user interface. This is an important consideration since it plays a major role in helping you develop your marketing strategies and brand on the platform. Making a smooth transition on your marketing strategy is all about ease of use. If there are hiccups in the flow of the marketing strategy, it would hamper income.

AppFolio Score: 4/5

Yardi Score: 4/5

As a leader in the field of digital asset management (DAM), AppFolio is certainly one of the most complex DAM platforms. You can use it to manage vendors, inventory, vendors and customers among other things. One of its most impressive feature is the ability for multiple members of the same company to work on a single account. Most governments (Australia, for example) use AppFolio to manage their VAM (Vendor Asset Management) and VIDS (Vendor Invoice Deferment System).

The software can also help you manage the tax benefits in your company. The value of your inventory will be calculated on a daily and monthly bases and it can also help you manage the discount percentages that you give to your customers. AppFolio is definitely one of the most complex DAM platforms.

AppFolio Ease of Use

AppFolio has been around for some time and has rapidly become a leader in real estate CRM.

The tool is very easy to use interface which allows you to easily add properties, contacts and manage your leads. AppFolio offers a lot of features and integrations.

Some of the other features AppFolio offers is Lead Retrieval, Lead Targeting, Web Forms, Mobile Forms and much more.

What’s Great about AppFolio? …

  • Fully functional CRM tool with no added monthly fees. … Minimal learning curve.
  • Full functionality for free.
  • 100% customizable.
  • Easy to add properties, contacts and leads. … Easy to manage leads. … Lead Retrieval. … Lead Targeting. … Web Forms. … Mobile Forms. … More


Yardi is a real estate CRM that has gained popularity over the past few years due to its amazing time and cost effective options.

Yardi Ease of Use

Yardi’s ease of use is what differentiates it from AppFolio. Any multi-family property manager, in any industry, will only want to use one software in their business. And the one they use should be easy to use … with Yardi Coupons has reduced the hassle and time associated with entering, printing and submitting Coupons. This system allows you to upload Coupons to a Yardi account in real time.

The Yardi Ease of Use is more focused for the non-professional users, such as apartment and house management companies, real estate management companies, and self-managing properties. This comes at the cost of limited data accuracy and accuracy. However, Yardi does have tools that bring the necessary amounts of accuracy to the system, such as a Digital Aerial Photography (DAP) and GPS building footprint mapping.

Although Yardi is easier to use for the non-professionals, it takes a lot of time to enter large amounts of data. This software doesn’t make the process any easier. Perhaps this is why Yardi was not designed with professional users in mind. Because of this, it’s the perfect solution for self-managing apartment and house management companies like move-ins, self-managing properties, and janitorial services.

AppFolio vs Yardi: Customer Service

We have recently written extensively on AppFolio vs Yardi. For years we struggled to keep a handle on how to manage all the different AppFolio review content that was piling up in the site. That is why we are very happy to have found an AppFolio alternative called Yardi to take over AppFolio review duties.

The articles below compare AppFolio vs Yardi. Let’s take a closer look at AppFolio vs Yardi customer service and pricing.

AppFolio vs Yardi: Customer Service

Both Yardi and AppFolio provide support for their customers, and both boast quite impressive reputations. In a recent AppFolio review, a reader reported that their customer service experience was good. That is why in our recent AppFolio versus Yardi comparison, we chose customer service as a key aspect of our AppFolio vs Yardi comparison.

AppFolio’s customer service is available 24 hours a day via phone and email. In addition to the support you get through your sales rep, you can also contact customer service if you are having a problem with the software or an issue with arranging your commission payments.

AppFolio Customer Service

AppFolio’s customer service is pretty good. I haven’t used the company’s support much, but the few times I have called, the customer service reps have been friendly and helpful.

AppFolio has a very low refund policy

AppFolio’s 38-day return policy is pretty good. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you have 38 days to to cancel your order and get a full refund.

AppFolio has paid support, instead of an online chat support

This is the only bad thing I can say about AppFolio’s customer service. It’s easy to contact customer service over the phone or by email, and the customer support representatives are usually very helpful. But you can’t contact support through an in-app chat like you can with an app like Yardi.

AppFolio is not for small business

Yardi Customer Service

Is You Call Support Number for Yardi?

You can find using the online trial version with the free Yardi Excel Income Tax Software. You can download the trial version here.

Some of the tabs to take the better look into the program are given below.

The Start Screen

This shows the last activity with the company and also shows the homepage of the program.

The dashboard can be opened by clicking on the dashboard tab.

The dashboard will show the profit and loss, and tax return, and quarterly report, and also the financial information. The dashboard will also show the information like the financial statement sheet, and the P&L statement, and the quarterly financial statement.

The financial statement sheets are divided into company information, and business activities, and tax items, and tax date, and personal information, and worksheet.

The company information has the name of the company, the taxpayer, the address, and the phone number of the taxpayer.

The business activities are divided into the business organization, and the business dates and activities. It can show the number of years the the taxpayer has been in business. It can also show that how many personal activities the business organizes, and how many employees are in the organization.

AppFolio vs Yardi: Customer Reviews

Product Features, Pricing, and Fees.

The number of mobile applications used in today’s business world is increasing every day, making it difficult for businesses to grow. AppFolio is one of the top 100 most visited websites in the United States. The company has now introduced a new tool to help companies. It is a data analytics tool that helps businesses access their apps’ public usage data on the web. This allows companies to study the different apps’ user behavior and make important business decisions based on this data.

The following are the features and benefits that the company has explained about the product.

Product Features

AppFolio’s new tool also helps companies to choose the right apps’ providers. It provides users with a clear analysis of their app’s performance and users’ behavior on the providers’ websites.

The tool helps professionals, companies, and users to locate their apps on the web among the thousands of apps. Companies’ information is automatically entered into the tool, and it automatically accesses the information stored in the apps’ providers’ databases.

AppFolio Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for AppFolio make it a clear winner.

AppFolio received a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over 4,000 verified purchasers.

More than 75% of the reviewers stated it was easy to navigate through, and most said they had a positive experience.

The service productivity tools were also well-received, with a range of powerful features and tools.

For such a low cost, the service productivity tools are amazing ….

A High Level of Functionality Features that Are Packed in the Software Makes It a Great Investment

Although AppFolio is pretty easy and pretty simple to use, and has a good range of tools to use for managing and developing your business, it’s generally considered a low-cost marketing tool. Nonetheless, the analytics are off the charts! AppFolio does cost less than many other marketing tools on the market, and it’s got a great variety of features and tools to offer. More importantly, you get what you pay for!

The features are endless, ranging from credit card payment options to dedicated customer service departments that can provide you with support if you need it! But with the service and support you receive, you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth.

Yardi Customer Reviews

Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to manage your business growth and sales?

A large number of businesses ask themselves this question every day.. How can they gain access to a high quality business management system that is right for their needs.

It’s important to consider many factors when you’re looking to select a program. You’ll need to get a reliable tool that will streamline your oil and gas business and provide you with a step by step plan to reach your goals and maximize your profits.

Well now there’s no need to spend hours surfing the web trying to find the perfect system that’s right for you..

AppFolio is a comprehensive software that allows you to manage your business. Yardi’s AppFolio is a business management system that’s trusted by companies like Sonoco, Wrigley Foods and countless others. With the help of this robust tool, you can manage it all, just a few clicks away!

Bottom Line

Why AppFolio is Exceptional

Traditional real estate portals and lead tracking services provide a one-size-fits-all solution. The data is standardized; it’s not separated by features, price, market, or other filters, so the user gets the same results. With AppFolio, it’s different. AppFolio pulls in active MLS listings, so you get the updated data on what’s being sold when you need it “ not mere listings that are outdated but the latest, most up-to-date listings. In turn, you get the necessary market-sensitive data to tailor your marketing and sales strategies to your target market.

Without AppFolio, the user is forced to rely on a local MLS search engine, which inevitably causes certain items to disappear. AppFolio has the ability to filter by price, by market, and by feature. AppFolio also has great mapping and analytics tools to help you analyze customer behavior. It helps you target your marketing more precisely, so you use your marketing dollars more efficiently. You can target your marketing to specific neighborhoods or schools and so forth.

But most importantly, AppFolio allows user teams to customize what feeds into their databases. This means you can customize your marketing and sales approach to whatever that database will support.