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HBCU Connect

Job Vacancies

HBCU Connect: Job Vacancies is a platform focused on connecting employers and job seekers with the highest quality opportunities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Created by the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), this job portal is dedicated towards sharing job postings, latest news, and targeted content from HBCUs. Recently, the portal launched its first venture into an innovative platform which connects employers and job seekers in a targeted manner based on industry, location and experience. Employers interested in postings – public or private – are encouraged to post jobs to VOKAL (Vocational Online Job and Lead Uploader) in order to reach HBCU Career Acceleration participants. VOKAL is a suite of products and services focused on career management. HBCU Connect: Job Vacancies will launch VOKAL postings in the near future.

Membership to HBCU Connect: Job Vacancies is available at a reduced fee to HBCU Career Acceleration. HBCU Career Acceleration is a collaboration of the US Department of Education, Corporation for National and Community Service, and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The following members are part of this initiative:

  • Top Black Web Sites
  • Blacks in Consumer Finance
  • Blacks in Law Enforcement
  • Blacks in Social Work
  • Blacks in Sports and Athletics
  • Blacks in Technology
  • HBCU Stars

HBCU Pricing & Features

Free Job Board for HBCU Students and Recent Grads. It is the only site where you can post a job/employment opportunity and advertise job and career opportunities to HBCU students. We offer a job board where employers can post their job openings to attract the best candidate pool from HBCUs and recent college graduates. Only HBCU students and alumni from your university can view these offerings and apply for an available job.

The Best HBCU Job Boards for Employers:

  • Top Ten HBCU Job Boards:
  • Top 5 Job Boards for Employers:
  • Top 5 Companies for Recruiting and Hiring HBCU Students:
  • Top Ten HBCU Job Boards (also featuring marketing companies, online degree programs HBCUs, umpiring schools, coaching programs and modeling schools):
  • Top 10 Jobs That Employers Seek:
  • Top 10 HBCU JOB MARKETPLACE Pricing & Features

The Black Perspective

The Black Perspective Online is a blog that discusses entrepreneurship and business and was created by S. Craig Watkins. It was published under "The Black Perspective in Higher Education" (BPHE) and is designed as a resource for African-American entrepreneurs.

Watkins retired in January 2012 after serving 17 years as President of Missouri State University, the first African-American to achieve that position. Prior to Missouri State, Watkins served as Chancellor of the University of South Florida, the largest institution in the comprehensive system of state universities in Florida. Watkins also served as Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Education.

The Black Perspective Online provides articles, news and insight on topics related to black entrepreneurship.

The Black Perspective Pricing & Features

The Black Perspective is the first job board of its kind to allow black professionals to post resumes for free. It’s a goldmine for black professionals looking for jobs.

Due to the diversity of the job opportunities, you’ll see jobs in virtually every career field. While most of the jobs are full-time, there are also many entry-level positions.

If you’re looking for another job board that will be more focused on helping black professionals, The Black Perspective might not be the best choice for you. However, if you’re looking for jobs that are suitable for both black professionals and employers, there’s no better place to search than The Black Perspective.


Jopwell is a job search and career engagement platform that connects job seekers with employers across different job sites. Its database of over 3.5 million job seekers and more than 7 million employers make Jopwell an effective tool for connecting employers with employees.

Jopwell was founded by a group of African American alumni from Columbia Business School in New York. The founders recognized that there are many skilled African Americans in various professions around the world who were looking for work. Their idea was to help African Americans take advantage of a global talent market. The site focuses heavily on the national origin, ethnic origin, and demographics of job-seekers. Hence, users have the ability to find jobs in their specific field…or that’s close to their home address.

The site is free for employers and job-seekers. Employers can post jobs and have access to applicants’ resumes. There are also various tools on the site for employers and job-seekers to search job opportunities and get in touch with each other.

TNT Jobs

TNT Jobs started in 2013 and is now the largest African American job board on the internet. TNT Jobs started as a place to share job opportunities and help African Americans make a career change. The website has job listings in more than 500 professions at the time of writing this post.

Jopwell Pricing & Features

Jopwell gives employers up to 45% more candidates. With our unique candidate discovery tool, job seekers tap into their network, employer’s influence and get hired fast. Job seekers also have the power to choose where they want to work. With our algorithm, we source the best candidates to get HIRED.

Concerned about the face that African Americans are 46% of the U.S. workforce but only make up 2% of IT and engineering companies?

Jopwell was created to address the disconnect between job seekers and employers.

Jopwell is not your typical job board. We're not your typical job search engine.

We use machine learning & big data to source job opportunities for you.

Our job board enables you to connect with African American professionals like yourself.

We match you to employers who are ready to join in and hire your next employee.

As an employer, you get 45% more candidates and a more streamlined applicant screening process.

Jopwell is the only job board that gives you a platform to screen and hire from African American professionals.

As an employer, you get more candidates from a more diverse set of job seekers.

Black Career Network

The Black Career Network is the premier job board for career job seekers. B-Net helps people looking for employment find the latest career opportunities and career advice.

The Black Career Network is the number one career site for African American job seekers.

The website has job listings from some of the top companies in the nation.

The site was established to serve African Americans pursuing careers in the real estate, hospitality and healthcare industries.

The site also includes local job listings across the country, career tips, and wealth building resources that help its members get ahead in their career.

Because of its unique focus, the site is the only one of its kind that allows African American job seekers to search for career opportunities and connect with top employers and recruiters in a truly comprehensive way.

Black Professional Network

Another great resource for job seekers is the Black Professional Network, which was founded in 2002 to help stimulate the development of the African American community through networking and information resources. The job board of the company boasts a database of thousands of job listings.

Many companies conduct national job searches on this website, and they also have an active membership program that provides members with free job postings, online forums, and other services like resume assistance and interview coaching. Don’t forget, the membership program specifically focuses on African American members.

Black Career Network Pricing & Features

The Black Career Network is the premier employment site for progressive employers and job seekers of color. Top employers look to the Black Career Network for access to a talented and diverse workforce, and job seekers use the site to connect with employers who understand that diverse talent is good business.

The Black Career Network offers job-seekers a pay-as-you-go advertising platform that supports social advertising, job alerts, advanced job search tools, personalized employer search, and more.

The exclusive job posting service in the network is provided by a network partner, so you can be confident that our job posting services are going to help you build the best possible employer site.

The Black Career Network is affiliated with the SBA 9(a) program, so you can advertise and recruit throughout the entire federal contracting community, as well as private employers within the United States who are grantees of federal grants and contracts.

Unmatched Flexibility

The Black Career Network offers job-seekers a pay-as-you-go advertising platform, which means you can start advertising as soon as you sign up at no cost. These ad services include custom job alerts, job searches, social job advertising and more!

Black Tech Jobs

The term "black tech" has become a popular term in the tech industry to designate African-American computer programmers. It's called "Black Tech" because some of the startups came up with their founders who look like the color, Black. However the term also pulls influence from the African heritage that is referred to as "Black" as a broad term concerning nationality, race, culture and ethnicity.

According to a study done by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, according to a study done by the African-American community in the United States, the term "tech" has been used subtly over the years to describe something one may not fully understand, specifically the use of the term as synonymous with tech jobs.

So, how's this different than the traditional term?

"'Tech' is a term that's widely recognized by everybody," said Christine Alexis, president of the Black Women's Technology Coalition. "Everybody uses 'tech.' 'Tech' is rather broad and that's one of the reasons why we wanted to use 'black tech' to keep that broad-based term but it also gives the opportunity for people to remember that, hey this is a good thing to do."

Companies have been using the term "tech" in a broader way as well, which opened the door for companies to utilize more of their African-American workers. More and more companies have been using the term as a selling point.

Black Tech Jobs Pricing & Features

This is the best place that I've come to for looking for a job. I'm glad that at our age, that we are given an opportunity to look for any job or position that we'd like. I am pleased to see that we are given an opportunity of skills such as coding, graphics and many more. I love this blog, I feel at peace after reading your post, I hope that this site will continue to grow and be a success and the employment opportunities here will continue to be as many as possible!

IM Diversity

To find the best candidate for your company, IM Diversity is the perfect resource.

Discover our wide range of candidates including:

  • Black job seekers
  • Seeking work on Construction or Warehousing projects
  • Looking to work on a Benefit Fund or Fundraiser
  • Looking to work in a bilingual role
  • Native English speakers
  • Seeking work in the US or Canada
  • Seeking work in the IT sector

To complement our database, we operate an online recruitment scheme whereby candidates can search for jobs both on our website and in other job boards. Once you have found your ideal candidate, simply give us the go ahead and we will match them to your company’s vacancy.

IM Diversity Pricing & Features

This system will allow you to implement a form & content submission to your Website. The system will work for Online, Offline submissions.

Once your online submission is made it can be viewed on a mobile device or desktop.

You will be able to track submissions and generate PDFs of previously submitted actives for easy access.

User Management

We allow you to manage who can sign up for your service and who is restricted from using your service. This helps to control how much fraud liability you are exposed to.


There is Web based administration for a full User Signup, Signoff, and Actives.

There is an email notification of customers who sign up so you can monitor actives.

Generate Reports

View Pending Requests and Send them to Clients.

There is an Architectonic view of the Company with the following :

  • Invoice
  • Reconcile
  • Pay
  • View User Records
  • New Actives are sent to Clients
  • Online Form/Content Submission
  • Plugins
  • OOB Config Variables
  • Link to your Website

Refer User to Free Registration.

We assist you in redirecting Visitors to your site with the following.

People of Color in Tech (POCIT)

People of Color in Tech (POCIT) is a group of diverse entrepreneurs, engineers, and tech industry professionals. Founded in 2015, POCIT began as a group of people of color working within the tech industry who were frustrated with the lack of opportunities.

Currently, POCIT’s members are employed in all sorts of tech-related industries including data science, engineering, operations, customer support, finance, enterprise sales, and so on. Networking and communication are the two main focus areas of POCIT’s activities. They organize tech-based social events and monthly gatherings in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and other major cities.

Through their gatherings and education events, POCIT focuses on expanding its network and serving the needs of its community. They also hold workshops to provide education and training for help with the tech industry to the masses.

When beginning your online or online job search, you should consider looking at sites that are geared toward people of color. By looking at these types of sites, you’ll be able to increase your outreach of interested parties and increase your chances of securing an interview. Additionally, by looking at People of Color in Tech sites, you’ll also be able to increase your chances of finding an employer that is interested in the culture and demographics of this demographic of candidates.

People of Color in Tech Pricing & Features

"For people of color in tech there are often startup perks that can be hard to find in other tech companies. Diversity initiatives can be lacking in other companies, but are a no-brainer in others:

"Some startups offer 401(k)s, some offer free lunches, and some offer vacation time or paid time off. The paid time off is particularly impressive to a software engineer or a designer who is working for years on a small, ambitious startup. Offering better benefits can make a startup more attractive to prospective employees of color.

"Candidates who are looking for awesome perks are also likely to look for startups led by people of color. Incubator Y Combinator, which is well known for its support of diversity, often hires people of color. About 30 percent of Y Combinator’s batch startups are led by white founders who have a background in engineering, compared to about 10 percent of its founders that are people of color.

Bottom Line

Top African American Job Sites for Employers

I have taken the position that in order to be able to find the best candidate, it is best to understand who the African American market really is and what they really expect. I have tried to take the guess work out of the equation for those who are looking. Also, I do not have a background in African American outreach, but rather in marketing as it pertains to other demographic groups, which is why I teamed up with a partner to discuss this formula. The networking and references I have consulted with, suggest the same direction for this discussion. I have tried to truly understand the market and provide relevant resources for those who are looking to find the best candidates among this huge market.

The first criteria that needs to be understood is that most employers do not understand the market they are working with. They do not know how to find the best candidates or what their demographic trends are. There is a torrent of information and resources, but most of it is not organized or prioritized correctly for this audience. When an employer attempts to find the best candidate, they are often working with the wrong resources, or resources that have not been updated in many cases.